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When Oliver looks at a building called "Smoak Technologies", he feels something isn't right. Suddenly, they are attacked by a mugger, who demands their valuables. Robert tries to calm him down, but Oliver, without hesitation, steps in front of Robert.

Just as the mugger is about to shoot Oliver, an arrow appears, and Green Arrow also appears and the mugger is taken by him. Oliver has more doubts about all of this. At the suspected location of Washington, Rene arrives late, since he didn't agree to be sped to the site with the Flash. Supergirl also drops in, but Rene disregards her. Inside the plant, Barry attempts to ask Rene about his problem, and Kara is also interested.

Rene reveals that he despises meta-humans and anyone with superpowers, thinking that superpowers are bad. He goes in alone, and is attacked by Washington.

At the mansion, Oliver's memory flashes become more frequent. He leaves for the police station. In the real world Rene fights Washington and is about to be hit, when Barry speeds him out of the way. He then begins speed punching her, and leaves her disoriented for Kara. Kara and Barry do a dual-strike by Kara throwing her, and Barry making a quick punch on her. Rory and Curtis are amazed and Rene thanks the two heroes, having now seen, that not everyone with superpowers are bad.

At the police station, Oliver has a hearty talk with Quentin, and when Oliver sees a familiar sketch made from the Hood, Oliver starts to have flashes about him actually being the Green Arrow, and discovers the elevator to the Arrowcave. Oliver tries to tell John about true things. John tells him to leave, which he does. In the rehearsal dinner for Laurel and Oliver's wedding, Sara meets with Ray. Parasites are ubiquitous and pervasive in marine systems, yet their role in marine invasions is relatively unexplored.

Biological invasions and ecosystem properties: can species make a difference? Slow invasions of epiphytes may also influence the successional development of epiphyte communities.

He further repeats the tired official lie that war veterans engineered the subsequent farm invasions. Biological invasions are a major environmental concern due to their negative impacts on biodiversity and economics.

The author takes a liberal view of land invasions and informal trading which is overly simplistic. However, the circumstances and the justifications of the invasions have varied greatly.

See all examples of invasion. Collocations with invasion. Click on a collocation to see more examples of it. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. See all collocations with invasion.

Translations of invasion in Chinese Traditional. To save this word, you'll need to log in. The people live under a constant threat of invasion. The town is gearing up for the annual tourist invasion. Minali Nigam And Dr. Candice Keller says she was asked to leave Gettysburg Visitor Center for refusing to wear mask," 2 July The Golden State Killer, believed to be responsible for at least 50 home- invasion rapes and a dozen murders, terrorized California during the s and s.

Send us feedback. See more words from the same century From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. On 'Caravan' and Words for People in Accessed 8 Aug.

The theory behind these spaced forts is that the invader cannot afford to bypass these defenses, and so must lay siege to the structures. In modern times, the notion of constructing large-scale static defenses to combat land-based threats has largely become obsolete.

The use of precision air campaigns and large-scale mechanization have made lighter, more mobile defenses desirable to military planners. The obsolescence of large fortifications was displayed by the failure of the Maginot Line in the beginning of World War Two. Nations defending against modern invasions normally use large population centers such as cities or towns as defensive points. The invader must capture these points to destroy the defender's ability to wage war.

The defender uses mobile armored and infantry divisions to protect these points, but the defenders are still very mobile and can normally retreat. A prominent example of the use of cities as fortifications can be seen in the Iraqi Army 's stands in the invasion of Iraq at Baghdad , Tikrit , and Basra in the major combat in the Iraq War.

A defender can also use these mobile assets to precipitate a counteroffensive like the Soviet Red Army at the Battle of Kursk or the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.

However, static emplacements remain useful in both defense against naval attacks and defense against air attacks. Naval mines is still an inexpensive but effective way to defend ports and choke off supply lines. Large static air defense systems that combine antiaircraft guns with missile launchers are still the best way to defend against air attacks.

Such systems were used effectively by the North Vietnamese around Hanoi. Also, the United States has invested considerable time and money into the construction of a National Missile Defense system, a static defense grid intended to intercept nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. Island nations , such as the United Kingdom or Japan , and continental states with extensive coasts , such as the United States, have utilized a significant naval presence to forestall an invasion of their country, rather than fortifying their border areas.

A successful naval defense, however, usually requires a preponderance of naval power and the ability to sustain and service that defense force.

In particularly large nations, the defending force may also retreat to facilitate a counterattack by drawing the invaders deeper into hostile territory.

One effect of this tactic is that the invading force becomes too spread out, making supply difficult and making the lines more susceptible to attack. This tactic, although costly, helped the Soviets stop the German advance at Stalingrad. There are many different methods by which an invasion can take place, each method having arguments both in their favour and against.

These include invasion by land, sea, or air, or any combination of these methods. Invasion over land is the straightforward entry of armed forces into an area using existing land connections, usually crossing borders or otherwise defined zones, such as a demilitarized zone , overwhelming defensive emplacements and structures.

Although this tactic often results in a quick victory, troop movements are relatively slow and subject to disruption by terrain and weather. Furthermore, it is hard to conceal plans for this method of invasion, as most geopolitical entities take defensive positions in areas that are most vulnerable to the methods mentioned above. In modern warfare, invasion by land often takes place after, or sometimes during, attacks on the target by other means.

Air strikes and cruise missiles launched from ships at sea are a common method of "softening" the target. Other, more subtle, preparations may involve secretly garnering popular support, assassinating potentially threatening political or military figures, and closing off supply lines where they cross into neighboring countries. In some cases, those other means of attack eliminate the need for ground assault; the atomic-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ultimately made it unnecessary for the Allies to invade the Japanese home islands with infantry troops.

In cases such as this, while some ground troops are still needed to occupy the conquered territory, they are allowed to enter under the terms of a treaty and as such are no longer invaders.

As unmanned, long-range combat evolves, the instances of basic overland invasion become fewer; often the conventional fighting is effectively over before the infantry arrives in the role of peacekeepers see " Applications regarding non-state combatants " in this article.

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There are no critic reviews yet for Attraction 2: Invasion. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! There are no featured audience reviews for Attraction 2: Invasion at this time. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers.

Certified Fresh Picks. Fargo: Season 3. The Flash: Season 6. Into The Dark: Season 2. Game of Thrones: Season 8. Killing Eve: Season 3. Orphan Black: Season 5. Watchmen: Season 1. The Mandalorian: Season 1. Black Mirror: Season 5.

The D-Day invasion was a concerted exercise by the armed forces of Britain, the US and Canada. The ancient Britons inhabited these parts of England before the Roman invasion. Thousands of troops have massed along the border in preparation for an invasion. British troops spearheaded the invasion.

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    Jan 01,  · Directed by Fedor Bondarchuk. With Oleg Badyu, Konstantin Bogomolov, Yuriy Borisov, Sergey Garmash. With the fall of the alien ship Julia's life changed, now three years later mankind is about to experience new encounter/10(K).
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    Invade definition is - to enter for conquest or plunder. How to use invade in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of invade.
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    Welcome to the official channel of the Rabbids Invasion! We don't know where they came from. We don't know how they got here. But we do know this: they're h.
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    Feb 25,  · Invasion: Modern Empire is an online war-themed MMO game that challenges you to conquer and battle your way to world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse. Prepare yourself for stunning 3D graphics and exhilarating, real-time MMO battles!/5(K).
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    Invasion (The Falling Empires Series Book 3) Book 3 of 5: The Second American Civil War | by James Rosone and Miranda Watson | Nov 24, out of 5 stars Kindle $ $ 0. Free with Kindle Unlimited membership Learn More Or $ to buy.
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    Normandy Invasion, also called Operation Overlord or D-Day, during World War II, the Allied invasion of western Europe, which was launched on June 6, (the most celebrated D-Day of the war), with the simultaneous landing of U.S., British, and Canadian forces on .
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    invasion Oncology The penetration of a basement membrane and extension into the stroma by a neoplasm which usually, but not invariably, implies a malignancy with metastatic potential. See Bulldozing invasion, Lymph node inclusions, Metastasis, Perineural invasion, Pseudoinvasion, Stabbing invasion, Vascular invasion. in·va·sion (in-vā'zhŭn).
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    Aug 22,  · Following the success of Lost, Invasion was one of numerous sci-fi-themed shows that debuted in the fall of But unlike Threshold and Surface, Invasion had the distinct advantage of airing in ABC's slot right after Lost, at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays/5().

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