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In Your Soul (Wonderland Deeper Dub (Deep Dish Edit)) - Latino Circus - In Your Soul (Cevin Fisher Remixes + Original / Unreleased Mixes) (Vinyl)

15.09.2019 Narn 8 Comments

Prosper, Stabfinger - Baby Baby Please Deela - 7 Nights a Week Kibosh - Blowin' that Sound B-Side - Cali Mix Flevans - 12 Apostles The Fundamentals - Thing Bully Edit Morlack - Smokin 'n' Drinkin Hebegebe, Brian Carson - Grand Skunk J-Roc - Piano Skank Featurecast - Take It Down Low J-Roc - Keep It Gangsta The many different sounds that fuse here have two things in common: They're all straight-up House, and they all want to have one epic party.

Angel Heredia - Technorubina Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream with this Prog House mix. Robsounds - Zweig Guy J - Quincy - In Balance Rodriguez Jr. Monkey Safari - Oxy Miss Monique - Bombay Gabriel West, Ricardo Piedra - Devon Terr - Burn the Past Cornet - Totally Sick Klunsh - Imaona Mike P.

Reblok - Reckless Superskank Remix Filthy Rich - Arumba Nora En Pure - Traverso The Bongo Man - Tropic Magic La Fleur - Fish Truck Terr - Don't Look Around Mastra - Rokocin Paolo M. Chris M - Ambiano A chill Deep Progressive mix that finds a funk groove and builds to a full-on Prog House synthfest. Marsh - Face to Face Nora En Pure - Aurelia Beckers, D-Nox - Mondays Lily Pita - Hold Me Nico Parisi - Caress Inkfish Remix Matan Caspi, Roy Lebens - Klubnichka Tim Mason - Switcher Paul Thomas - Ohanya Sunset Horns, squelchy bass lines, strong vocals, callbacks to classic tracks -- this is my kind of funk mix all the way.

I hope it's yours, too! Giman - Sea Funky Alfa Flite - Framed TBC - Clap and Stomp Discotron - Back in the Days Morlack - Save the Funk Remix Simioli - Shaft Original Club Mix Manu Zain - Run 55 La Fleur - Vervain Ben Bohmer - Schachmatt Terr - Misantropicalia Kinree - Phobos AudioStorm - The Passenger Simioli - Sodade Main Version Remastered Kevin Holdeen - My Own Paradise An ultimately uplifting year-end mix that covers a lot of range within the very broad genre of Progressive House.

Bill Laswell - Mary-Jake Dream 1 acapella Anthony Collins - Usefull Info The Scumfrog - Just Before Dawn Analog Effect - Fighters Game Shantel Honeygan - Speak poem Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert - Aokighara Filterheadz - Rubicon Hayley Parsons - Mako Enviado Vida - His Love in Memoirs A Deep House core bookended by a textured, atmospheric opening, and an extended, feel-good ending sequence of chill Progressive House.

Carsten Jost - Love Matan Caspi - Like a Fox Murat Ugurlu - Vantablack Steve McGrath - Native Loui - Keep with the Beat Hauswerks Remix Budakid - Invisible Violet When 5AM - Red Embliss, Manu Zain - Worthwhile Easygoing, sax-heavy, jazz-flavored funk recorded live at the Borderlands 20th Anniversary Party Parov Stelar - My Man feat.

Kotelett, Zadak - Got To Ministry of Funk - Funky Saxer Giman - Up and Down Ministry Of Funk - Galactic Funk Parov Stelar - Diamonds Brocko-Delachaux - Wild Gold Massimo Vanoni - Nameless Beat Stex - Forever Funk N3t1x Remix Morlack - Anything U Do is Ugly Massimo Vanoni - 16bit Cosmo Mix The Funk Fury - That's the Funk Guy Gerber - Full Circle Guy Gerber - Secret Encounters Jepe - Virtual Umbra Carlos Francisco - Tikuna Eskuche - The Voices Hauswerks Remix Dousk - French Sauce Darko De Jan - Reflections Airwave - Batignolles Blues Subtara Remix M'Ocean - Deep Hours An intensifying mix of funky, dark, and primal Tech House.

Kaiserdisco - Jet Stream H. Eskuche - The Voices Egas - They Know Matan Caspi - Exodus Synaptic - Switch On Layton Giordani - Tigerlilly Tony Thomas - Push Pagano - Gypsy Queen Pagano - Pure Groove This Progressive House mix starts off like a Drone mix and builds to a monster peak.

Super Flu, Andhim - Mr. Bass La Fleur Remix F3d - That Way Hayley Parsons - Shutdown Dehasse - Get Ignited Loquito - Shaft Aggresivnes, The Brainkiller - Mad Girl An unusual and emotional mix featuring an ambient intro and interweaving of some well-known melodies. Ken Nordine - Film Fest Trailer narration Puremusic - Twilight Ken Nordine - Infinite O'Clock spoken word Union Jack - Submerge Manu Zain - Anything A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.

Morlack - Touched It Prosper, Stabfinger - You're Wonderful Flow Dynamics - Live in the Mix D-Funk - Dope Jam Ministry of Funk - Gonna Get Up Pecoe - Dance Sucka Morlack - Who's the Hoe Ministry of Funk - Dancin A seriously funky mix of insane tracks and classic shoutouts from an outstanding lineup.

Featurecast - Funky Introduction Master Funk - Crazy Baby Soopasoul - Hustlin' BadboE - Shine Like a Halo Flow Dynamics - Better On Stage D-Funk - Super Clap Hands Discotron - Don't Go C-Jay - BackSlider Part 1 System 7 - Alphawave System 7 Remix Vice, Sideform - Photon Mario Bezjak - The Beatz Second Sine - Immoral Dickster - Little World Seventy minutes of lulling, hypnotic, alpha-state-inducing Progressive House from a wide range of talented artists.

Super Flu - Skorr Reinier Zonneveld - Invocation Kostas Maskalides - Beatcraft Soularchive Remix A Tech House mix that combines head-tripping synth leads with hip-shaking house grooves. Tony Thomas - Critters Tony Thomas - Forward Reversal Kaiserdisco - Chordalia Matt Akita - Salitre Man Matan Caspi - Primavera Estate Oliver Lang - The Lying Piano Feel the love in this huge mix of new and classic Progressive House and Trance.

Emran Badalov - Ambience Dawid Web - D. Acapella Mix Guy J - MDQ Art of Trance - Chung Kuo Remastered Chris M - Flying Angels Airwave - Tigris and Euphrates Robot, L. Harmony, Asso, Fun Fun, Amnesie. Various Artists Kylie Minogue Vs. Bucketheads, Britney Spears Vs.

Chemical Brothers, Scissor Sisters Vs. Featurecast - Listen to the Horns Original Mix Wood, Ben Bohmer - Reflection Blue Cell - Omegain Soulkeys Remix Matan Caspi - Rhythm Original Mix Laion - Mandeep AkizzBeatzz - I'm an African Mr.

Star Neo - It's Time Bedouin - Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Gheist - Last Night in Paris Orquesm - Xerow Dio S - Byzantine Call Yotto - Crosswalk Emilie Nana - I Rise Instrumental Take as needed. Edit Mix Stex - Funky Brother Funky Brothers - Old Guitars Pecoe - Kick It Fresh Pecoe - Get in the Groove Pecoe - That's the Funk Skillz - Money Banger Gramophonedzie, Gilberto Fufu - Groove Batteria Stabfinger - Disc Jockey Sonale - Snafu Tosses - To the River Matt Keyl - Where Is Jack!

Matan Caspi - Just Let Go Oliver Lang - Creshgo Chantola Remix Fiord - Scarab Matan Caspi Remix Angel Heredia - Jerico Original mix Mikado Koko - Ryukyu Kingdom Less Hate - Youcandoit Alyne - Village People Chaim - Your Mulana The Scumfrog - The Woods Monkey Safari - Obscura Simon Berry, Luke Brancaccio - Pukwudgie Sia - Buttons Bart Hendrix Remix Mikah - Loneliness F-Act - Disruption Kris O'Neil, Flynthe - Oddity Whadda ya waitin for?

DJ Funk Tool Celebrate 13 years of Groovelectric with a massive, wide-ranging, something-for-everyone mix! T'Pain - Waze Directions A - Bozeman Original Mix Sonic Future - Palm Mutes Angel Heredia - Give Us Time Morlack - Thunder Banger Original Mix Jay W - Believe Again Etherwood - Away With Me Maduk - Avalon Etherwood - Revive Accapella Hybrid Minds - Why Fourward Remix Maduk - Never Give Up Aphrodite - Spice 7th Heaven Remix Mooqee, Herbgrinder, Greg Blackman - Rain This eclectic mix expresses a lot of my feelings about having to step away from Groovelectric for a while.

It's pretty moody at first, but the sun comes out eventually. Despite its even tone and mission to put you in the Zone, this mix covers a range of emotions, and has a few surprises. Afterlife - National Dobro Adrian Hour - Spaced Out Max Ruby - Awaiting Danny Lloyd - Arapaima Angel Heredia - Legacy Derek Howell - Come Again Daniel Hecke - Looking Back Cheshire - The Crocodile Morlack - Semi Mash V2 Pecoe - Everybody Get Down Pecoe - Soul Power Gee Funky Brothers - Time Machine Sammy Senior - Fish Taco Morlack - Keep that Funk Lack Jemmon - Whos Serious Thank you for your support while I was away, and Happy New Year!

Ben Bohmer - Dysphorie A - Depesche Kellerkind - Shakti Pan Angel Heredia - XxxX Meat Katie, Dopamine - Dolls Airwave - Forget the Past Facto - Amsterdam Herman Crantz - Rush Daniel Hecke - Gin Toxic This funk mix was my going-away party when I had to take a break from Groovelectric.

I'm back, but the party's still going on. Have fun! Ministry of Funk - Rolling Stone Le Visiteur - Let the Sunshine Ministry of Funk - Black Soul Pecoe - Full Tilt Ministry of Funk - The Bag DJ Dan - Squissh Scott Zimmo - Groove Nation Manu Zain - Beyond Timboletti - Mistake in Luxor Baru Remix Kuppo - Zambezi Lemon Jelly - In the Bath Mikado Koko - The Old Capital Kolsch - Liath A big thick slice of the core of dance music: House, in all its versatile, danceable glory.

Luca Debonaire, Sharapov - Funk Junky Chantola - Luv 2 Dance Scott Zimmo - Shake It Up Angel Heredia, Tom Tronic - Cactus Franky Rizardo - Call Upon Me Superchumbo - Revolution acapella Roland Clark - Resist acapella Superlover - Love Machine Andruss, Andrew Rai - The Sign Groovenerd - Body Rock Mario Savio - The Operation of the Machine Le Visiteur - Let the Rhythm Dub Dirty South - Let It Go acapella Massimo Vanoni - Hey!

The Change Funky Destination - Down to the Music Extended Gangaguru - Annihilating Rhythm acapella Kotelett, Zadak - Take Me Back Edward R. Nearly two hours of epic, cosmic, trance-inducing, and really fun Progressive House. Walkabout - Cerebral Dub Kreiss, GFP - Undermarket Tony Thomas - The Wilderbeast Mambo Brothers - Control Extended Mix Cass - Mind Rewind Michael Lanning - Ancient Eyes Lily Pita - Carbon Angel Heredia - Psycomental Mikado Koko - Spiritual Journey Deela - Voom Alvaro Vildosola - Exchange George FitzGerald - Burns Anden - Retrograde Extended Mix Airwave - Rain Upon My Skin Joe T Vannelli - Moon Shine Airdraw, Jo.

Ben Bohmer - Submission This ferociously upbeat mix of styles gets down with its bad self while aiming for the sky. Project - Funk Forever The Cube Guys - Sax Delivery Absolut Groovers - Apollo 1 Groovenerd Remix The Funk is real. The Funk is here. The Funk is banging on your door. Obey the Funk. Prosper, Stabfinger - Baby Baby Please Deela - 7 Nights a Week Kibosh - Blowin' that Sound B-Side - Cali Mix Flevans - 12 Apostles The Fundamentals - Thing Bully Edit Morlack - Smokin 'n' Drinkin Pimpsoul - Set It Off Hebegebe, Brian Carson - Grand Skunk J-Roc - Piano Skank Featurecast - Take It Down Low J-Roc - Keep It Gangsta The many different sounds that fuse here have two things in common: They're all straight-up House, and they all want to have one epic party.

Parov Stelar - Monster Angel Heredia - Technorubina Robsounds - Zweig Guy J - Quincy - In Balance Rodriguez Jr. It's a full two hours long and I have a Part 2 almost ready to record that's equally as long — there's just too much great deep house out there not to share it! Please share this podcast on social media if you enjoy it. I'd love to be able to play this sound out live more in the future! Remix , David Guetta feat. It's recently come to my attention that a certain group of my friends didn't feel that they could play many of my recent podcasts in certain house party and mixed birthday situations because they've been too circuit-esque in the first hour or so.

Moreover, I've wanted to make a pop podcast for a while now. Hence — Pop Muzik! Perfect for the background of your next birthday soiree. Oh and that new deep house podcast is still on its way! I'm so excited about the bookings that I'm starting to line up for the spring and summer.

I continue to feel so much love from the city of New Orleans, where I'll be headlining the Saturday night of their Pride weekend in June at the legendary Oz nightclub, along with Halloween night alongside the incomparably talented Joe Gauthreaux. In the meantime, please enjoy this guilty pleasure of sugary pop confection. Magic Vs. Love Is In The Air. I almost titled this latest Podcast "Brrrr, it's cold in here…. I'm back from my whirlwind tour of ski resorts — I've been on the road for the past 5 weekends from Aspen to Park City to Whistler to Tahoe — and I finally had some time to get my latest Podcast recorded.

It's definitely my most circuit sounding 'cast to date, although it ends with a classic house sound that I love so much. I'll have another Podcast that I'm very excited about! Hope to see many of you in front of me on the dance floor having a Kiki! Steve Stewart "Finally," Mikalis vs. Hello Fellow Music Lovers, It's that time of year again — the holidays. It can be an amazing time to be with family and loved ones, but for many, it can also be a very depressing and trying time of year. I hope that every one of you can use the power of music to try to make it through any tough times you may be experiencing.

And also, use music's inherent joy as a tool for celebration. I'm excited that my podcast has finally started to take off — since November 1st it's had over 10, downloads! DJing can be a very lonely road that requires a lot of sacrifice. To anyone listening or actually reading this , your support is what's getting me through. I recorded this latest podcast about 4 times before finalizing on this tracklisting.

I have 30 more tracks that I wanted to include in this month's. I wanted it be perfect. Of course, it's not. There's no way anything can be perfect. There's one transition here that makes my own ears bleed. But I did the best job I could do and I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to playing for you much more in ! Mix , Danny Mart Vs. Gobble Gobble!

Daylight Saving Time is over and the days are getting shorter. The holiday decorations are coming out way too quickly, the turkeys are running for their lives and everyone's cuddling up a little closer with that person they want to spend winter huddled indoors with. Again, maybe not in LA! And the beats keep droppin' with dance music stayin' alive and well! From established singers like Gwen and J-Hud, to new artists like Ella's Henderson and Eyre, there's great music to be found all around.

This might just be my track of the year… "We've all been played, we all get hurt Just take that pain and let the motherfucker burn And you know that in time you will find that They'll always come back, yeah they'll always come back" - Ella Eyre, "Comeback" If you heard me play at all over Halloween, you heard a lot of these tracks in my sets. George and I's "Black Widow" got such great reaction -- we were truly humbled by the response to it on the dance floor.

And be sure to check out George's incredible new original production -- "I Run This" -- exclusively first here. This track is a banger and I'm so proud of him for his work on it! Upcoming Gigs: Nov. Deep Autumn House Vol. I love the feeling of listening to deep house music as the weather gets cooler. There's something about the cozy feeling of the oncoming winter that just puts me in the best mood.

OK, well maybe not so much in LA, but it's nice to think that it's fall most places! I made my first deep house podcast last January, and I've been meaning to make my second one ever since. If I had my druthers, I'd be playing deep at a lot more gigs — I absolutely love this sound so much. It's what I listen to when I'm at home or when I'm feeling meditative when stuck in the car for long rides.

Some of these songs are mainstream and some are more underground. I picked each one for how it flowed into the overall mix. Just pop this baby on, and let your pain fade away…. My apologies. I know it sucks, but I'm really proud of the rest of the podcast and I don't think it's worth scrapping the whole thing for these four bad seconds.

Upcoming gigs: Oct. Happy October Everyone! I'm honored and thrilled to be a playing the legendary Halloween New Orleans weekend this year, taking place from Oct. You can catch me Friday night, Oct. Hood, K. Meaker Ft. Alexander, Hakim Murphy Not Another Bootleg Vol. Heller, B. Chi Ft. Breaking New Soil Vol. I:cube, Jimi Bazzouka.. Captain Comatose Shake Off Incl. Paul Mac Vs. Klock, F. Michelle Weeks Take Me Higher d.

Boozoo Bajou Ft. Rich Vibes Feat. Marlene D. Cassegrain, A. Smoke, Perc.. Milky Disco But this album? More daft than funky, alas. It starts with a bang as well, has 1 1 monumentally banging, man-the-barricades tracks in the middle, and ends as bangingly as it commenced, if not more so. So are Barry Ashworth and his crew capable of anything else other than giving it large for and on the dancefloor, as their vinyl persona would suggest?

In other words, it all sounds quite the same. They sorely want you to dance, and dance you will - but less bullying and more teasing would make the trek to the dancefloor much smoother. To do this, a debutante will normally stuff his album full of big- name producers and guest cameos to sustain interest, but not Canibus. The real star, for once, is the lyricist.

At times, Canibus' barrelling rhyme deluge is head-spinning. All the more reason to go back and check it again. It's poetry in motion. The project is the creation of Itaal Shur, an originator of the Groove Collective and a talented back-room bod who has worked with Maxwell, Vertical Hold and Carleen Anderson. In the same way that Dr Bob Jones considers music on Paper to be contemporary soul music, Itaal has a similar outlook.

Seems like we all need some Big Muffin our lives. A riotous celebratory garage groove that rightly established Charles Dockins as a potential one-man MAW for the future. A red-eyed, sweat-soaked, no-sleep-for-five-days kind of fucked.

And somehow, it manages to end up as a serious contender for album of the year. Taking the funk out of the Seventies and hip hop from the Eighties, Common Ground have mixed up a big old cure for the Nineties lack of soul. More heroes, please. At one point in the not-too- distant past, Norman Cook went bankrupt, almost losing the four walls that housed his beloved vinyl collection.

And to make matters worse, those pesky Housemartins started shifting serious units under a different name without him. Thankfully, Norm decided to follow suit, with one slight difference - why have one pseudonym when you can have seven? Glad to report that the second Fatboy Slim album is the real sound of the beautiful south.

It's what the Beastie Boys would sound like if they'd been brought up on a strict diet of Duff beer while being forced to live in a certain scout hut by the sea for the last three years. And that's just how he likes it. The proof? He needn't worry about the mortgage just yet. Big beat's sell-by date has just been extended for a few months. Half the album sounds like Road Runner and Jabba's cantina band with drum machines going berzerk on the Blue Note back catalogue, while the rest is thankfully less intense.

With his position as unofficial leader of the Anglo-Asian music underground including the driving force behind the groundbreaking Anokha club night , Singh's debut was always going to have a lot riding on it.

Would this marriage of Western tech and Indian classicism prove to be nothing more than a flash in a pan? Or would it herald the mainstream emergence of a vibrant musical force? On the evidence of "OK", the latter most definitely seems to be the case.

All of which makes this the umpteenth sequel to a movie which was only moderately pod in the first place. A rare breed indeed, and likely to spawn further fascinating sonic mutations. Nowt wrong with that - done well it can be an anthem in the making. Done badly and you end up with a limp-wristed collection which sounds like M-People and Brand New Heavies on a less inspired day.

As effective as a night on the piss on Kaliber. Its detractors complain about the lack of melody and over-use of electro rhythms. However, if you still want to be challenged, provoked and even shocked, then at least half of this triple-vinyl suffices. A righteous holy racket. Co-produced with jungle whizzkid Optical, this double album opus is a blistering debut.

Available on limited edition extended double CD box and supaheavyweight 4-piece vinyl box set. If this sounds like an album of a somewhat perfunctory construction, that because it is. Yeah, you guessed right. More proof that Weatherall's a maverick, then. Spielberg world music? Like a modern-day Fela Kuti, Guillaume taps into his tribal roots and cross-pdlinates them with a fertile breed of live garage. Peter Gabriel, uncross your legs, stand up and eat yer heart out.

The new. His Seventies hits were a series of loose jams that still sound revolutionary today but in 1 must have sounded like they were made on Mars. And in the process, he made the whole history of dance music possible. All of which leaves only one question. Yet despite its status, decent jungle collections have been rarer than Derek Dahlarge refusing a drink.

Rest assured that each tune here has had its case argued right down to a tee. It's also an album for novices and aficionados alike - notonly saving you the expense of shelling out for a stack oftwelves but an invaluable historical document too. Come put your faith in the bass. Two CD compilation rounding up the best and worst of current big beat fodder.

Dorado offshoot label's tight grip on the nuts of alternative and funky electronic music. Exclusives from many of the Filterstable's old nags. Elvis never meant shit to me either, but like his burgers Filter like their tunes full fat, no cheese and you can't get them anywhere else. Missy Elliot produces the star-encrusted soundtrack to the Halle Berry-starring dark romantic comedy. Missy and top producer Timbaland in full effect.

Chuck out your preconceptions about cash-in soundtracks. Until the next Missy album, you need this record. Plenty of Mondo music. That's to say samba, bossa nova and other riddims mixed up with contemporary house, disco and hip hop beats. Broad minds will welcome this into their home with open arms and a glass of sherry.

A right mixed bag then. The hip-wigglin' breakbeats save the mix from descending into yet another helping of trance stupor - a slot down at Tyrant seems inevitable. Double CD celebration of Laurent Garnier's label's 1 00th release, with stacks of live or rare material from their roster.

Gamier himself. Bien sur! They may have been eclipsed by Daft Punk, Air et al recently, but F Comm have put up a finer rearguard comeback than the Resistance themselves. A comprehensive round-up of defining J early hip hop and electro blueprints from 1 to 1 Any head worth their salt should own nearly all of these classics already , but if you haven't, then this could well be the lesson you need to learn.

Dunno about you, but I was expecting a diet of Abba and The Bee Gees, so this comes as a pleasant surprise. Discotastic, in the best possible sense of the word. Champion London big and breakbeat indie label mix up their catalogue in a dub stylee.

Loads of screamy, shouty Latin American batucada-types banging maracas while boasting of being proud Puerto Ricans overtougher-than-tough NY rhythms. Of course not. Jazz Bopper Russ Dewbury has spied a hole in our retrospective collections and compiled a fmity bag of Seventies Afro-funk to fill it. Even serious trainspotters would have trouble excavating some of these rare gems, so it is indeed a great pleasure to have all the work done for you on one essential record. Second in the series of hard pumping anthems from the Truelove stables inspired by the old school hoover bassline.

You could end up falling head over heels. Enough toweringly inventive soulful grooves to rival even the great Spiritual Life. Which is saying something. Hotter than July, cooler than a frozen polar bear. Darn near essential. A double CD showboating two totally different styles. This week, Matthew, we're mostly going to be listening to trance and downtempo beats.

An unusual concept to say the least, which perhaps misses something in the execution. Nice try though. Give or take the odd self-consciously retro rave swirl, yes, if a tad samey on occasion. Anyone with more than a passing interest in underground garage and two-step can, espedally now, sense that the vital interface between the styles has made for some pulse-radng innovation. Hence the brilliant concept of this two- CD mix.

On the first. You almost expect some Theophilous P Wildebeest hair-monster to gleam out at you from the cover, chest wig resplendent, gold medallion glistening off Macleans-white teeth. If s not, you see. The full spectrum of techno is represented. Swazyak's production is so simple and haunting, if II make Kleenex a fortune. Know techno Know electronic bliss. Know what I mean? More a snapshot report than a statement.

Manchester's top toon shop returns with another collection of rare and exclusive past blasts. This 'ere is just some bloody good music. Monster beats-loving UK label celebrates its second birthday with mega highlights aplenty and no shortage of new cuts. Accessible rather than innovative and bludgeoningly clumsy with it. The mixing is pretty hot, too, misogynists may be shocked to know.

Dancefloor-friendly dubtronica. This one will sit nicely in almost any collection. By-the- book collection chronicling the short but riotous life of big beat in its myriad, definition-stretching forms. Thought not. Inaugural round-up from the widely-touted yet curiously non-prolific Fuel new skool breakbeat stable. So if it's being down the front at Primal Scream or screaming for one more tune at Cream then buy your ticket upfront and make sure you get in by calling our ever so useful ticket line.

Nice One. The lead cut, however, is more prime Norman Cook party fodder, irresistibly loveable with an impishly cheesy edge. No doubt hogging daytime airspace even as you read this. Good party music, though. Coarse as fuck, but does the business.

I could dance to it in a club. I could do some radical m cements to this though. I saw them in New York last week and they were just solid, doing what they do. They really deserved to win the Mercury Music Prize. Two cuts, both devastatingly simple, both titanium- plated floor-wreckers in that typical POT style. Li ke 'How come I have to get up to go to work in the morning? Hegrewupin loytonstonolistoningtoSocrotAffairand Tito Jam, learnt toplaytablas,wasrejectedbythetraditional Indian Glassicalpromoterssotookhispunkattitudeand experimentalwaysimoradlGallydifferentslrainsof music.

One minutehell belamming live with Squarepusher,the nextrecording inBombayorOkinawa. Stevia aka Susuma Yokota gets one track, Musica Nova two. Far-gone chill out business. Remixes come from Soul Grabber and Ian Pooley. They want to create what was going on 20 years ago. I like really mad electronic Black Dog productions and Stockhausen, things that are just a little bit more real.

I've heard this is a big radio tune but people think that if it's played a lot on the radio people must buy it. There are a lot of records which never get played on the radio but get bought by the thousand. Within three days we sold 6, I would even play that at Anokha, that is such an original bad groove. I wanna work with this man, get these guys in touch. I'm not into making things interesting just to sell records.

I think the voices comes over really strongly too. I really like the Scratch Perverts as well. Have you heard that Burger Ice stuff? I heard this sort of style so many years ago. Suitably widescreen remixes from Brothers In Rhythm accompany. Whatever the type of music, lean hear it. Kill to get this record. I heard them live and really liked theway they were speeding and slowing things like techno up and down into different styles.

This is getting too cheesy. Some Air tracks are really good, but not when they go Hammond organ. I like the B-side. Heavy, heavy monster sounds. Talvin: "Yeah, this is great for me, really wide sonically, very wide, well built upand well constructed. It has sounds in it like older jungle. Talvin: "Cheese with big holes in it and blue bits. I hate this handbag nonsense, I hate it.

If you only buy one hip hop single this year. Talvin: "Are these new tracks or old? Well, yeah, it's good. The production sounds 1 0 years old, not new sounds but still funky.

The rhythm is an Arabesque rhythm, quite a common Arabic rhythm which Peter Gabriel has used in the past I met Massive last week in New York and hung out with them after their show which was cool. Why are we doing that again? The Orb make such beautiful soundscapes and very good ethereal compositions. It took him four weeks to finish his mixes, and listening to this you can hear why. Both a deeply groovy jazz funk nodder and a lively uptempo party-starter, picking individual mixes is impossible, but the "Live Dubstrumental" and the "Old School Of Edits Dub" should keep everyone dancing from now until Christmas.

Guidance really are pushing our music forward.

Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life (accapella) MAXI Indigo - Save Your Life (Grant Nelson Mix) SWING CITY Cambis feat. Michelle Weeks - Lift Me Up EXCITED Georgie Porgie - Love's Gonna Save The Day VINYL SOUL Su Su Bobien - U Brought Me A Brighter Day (Da Lukas Main Mix) OXYD Donna Washington - We're Going Up (Pasta Boys RMX) DREAM BEAT.

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    I Love House EP (Vinyl 1) by SIMON, SILICONE SOUL, DEEP DISH Release Date: 22nd November Label: Blanco y Negro. Say Hello by DEEP DISH Release Date: 27th February Label: Building Records - Brazil. Come Back - EP by DEEP DISH Follow Deep Dish.
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    Deep In My Soul Lyrics: We've grown closer everyday / And deep down inside your heart / Do you feel the same since i met you baby / No one's ever more on my mind, yeah / All this love i have for you.
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    Listen to Deeper in Soul: Deep House + Deep Tech House + Tech House Mix feat. Synchronology by Deeper In Soul for free. Follow Deeper In Soul to never miss another show.
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    Soul music (often referred to simply as soul) is a popular music genre that originated in the African American community throughout the United States in the s and early s. It combines elements of African-American gospel music, rhythm and blues and clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfo music became popular for dancing and listening in the United States, where record labels such as Motown, Atlantic and Stax were.
  7. Moogujar says:
    Depeche Mode / Eminem, Remix By Deep Dish: Dish Of The Day Vol 3: Free Love / Nobody Listens To Techno: 03/20/ Simon Nedeczky Vs A-Studio: S.O.S. Same Man: 03/20/ Stanton Warriors / Claude Von Stroke: Unreleased Remixes Vol 1: Who's Afraid Of Detroit / Seeker: 03/20/ The Prodigy Vs. The Chemical Brothers, Remix By DJ LED: Voodoo.
  8. Yozshugal says:
    Jun 13,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Deep In Your Soul - Deep House Mix [Summer Selection Vol.2] YouTube Gentleman 'Deep' Radio - Deep House • ChillOut • Dub .

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