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Warp Drive - [PHYSICS] - Not Even Real (File)

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White and his colleagues don't just believe a real life warp drive is theoretically possible; they've already started the work to create one. When it comes to space exploration, we are still cavemen.

We got to the Moon and sent some badass robot to Mars. We also have those automatic doors that swoosh wide open when you get near them, but that's about it. It's cool, but we are far from being the space civilization we'll need to become to survive for millennia.

With our current propulsion technologies, interstellar flight is impossible. Even with experimental technology, like ion thrusters or a spaceship's aft pooping freaking nuclear explosions, it would require staggering amounts of fuel and mass to get to any nearby star.

And worse: it will require decades—centuries, even—to get there. The trip will be meaningless for those left behind. Only the ones going forward in search for a new star system would enjoy the result of the colossal effort. Video ]. Meanwhile, the starship itself would stay inside a bubble of flat space-time that wasn't being warped at all.

With this concept, the spacecraft would be able to achieve an effective speed of about 10 times the speed of light, all without breaking the cosmic speed limit. Because objects within the bubble are not moving locally faster than light, the mathematical formulation of the Alcubierre metric is consistent with the conventional claims of the laws of relativity namely, that an object with mass cannot attain or exceed the speed of light and conventional relativistic effects such as time dilation would not apply as they would with conventional motion at near-light speeds.

The Alcubierre drive, however, remains a hypothetical concept with seemingly difficult problems, though the amount of energy required is no longer thought to be unobtainably large.

Using the ADM formalism of general relativity , the spacetime is described by a foliation of space-like hypersurfaces of constant coordinate time t , with the metric taking the following general form:. The particular form that Alcubierre studied [4] is defined by:. Alcubierre's specific form of the metric can thus be written. With this particular form of the metric, it can be shown that the energy density measured by observers whose 4-velocity is normal to the hypersurfaces is given by.

Thus, because the energy density is negative, one needs exotic matter to travel faster than the speed of light. The astrophysicist Jamie Farnes from the University of Oxford has proposed a theory that unifies dark energy and dark matter into a single dark fluid , and which can be tested by new scientific instruments in circa Farnes' theory relies on negative masses that behave identically to the physics of the Alcubierre drive, providing a natural solution for the current "crisis in cosmology" due to a time-variable Hubble parameter.

As Farnes' theory allows a positive mass i. With regard to certain specific effects of special relativity, such as Lorentz contraction and time dilation , the Alcubierre metric has some apparently peculiar aspects. In particular, Alcubierre has shown that a ship using an Alcubierre drive travels on a free-fall geodesic even while the warp bubble is accelerating: its crew would be in free fall while accelerating without experiencing accelerational g-forces. Enormous tidal forces , however, would be present near the edges of the flat-space volume because of the large space curvature there, but suitable specification of the metric would keep them very small within the volume occupied by the ship.

The original warp-drive metric and simple variants of it happen to have the ADM form , which is often used in discussing the initial-value formulation of general relativity. This might explain the widespread misconception that this spacetime is a solution of the field equation of general relativity. Alcubierre interpreted his "warp bubble" in terms of a contraction of space ahead of the bubble and an expansion behind, but this interpretation could be misleading, [15] since the contraction and expansion actually refer to the relative motion of nearby members of the family of ADM observers.

In general relativity, one often first specifies a plausible distribution of matter and energy, and then finds the geometry of the spacetime associated with it; but it is also possible to run the Einstein field equations in the other direction, first specifying a metric and then finding the energy—momentum tensor associated with it, and this is what Alcubierre did in building his metric. This practice means that the solution can violate various energy conditions and require exotic matter.

The need for exotic matter raises questions about whether one can distribute the matter in an initial spacetime that lacks a warp bubble in such a way that the bubble is created at a later time, although some physicists have proposed models of dynamical warp-drive spacetimes in which a warp bubble is formed in a previously flat space.

Some suggested methods avoid the problem of tachyonic motion, but would probably generate a naked singularity at the front of the bubble.

It only means that the actions required to change the metric and create the bubble must be taken beforehand by some observer whose forward light cone contains the entire trajectory of the bubble.

The thing that all matter is connected with and how it is capable of reintegrating your consciousness on a grand scale, with a collective of sorts that sits far beyond the reaches of this tiny universe.

We take it for granted and are wrought with sin. God is connected with that of which God is made. Accessible to any who would align their self with the source where all knowledge may be found. I think it would be easier to hack into the programming code of the Universe and just modify your present location. Just make sure it has the right temperature and pressure, unless you could mod yourself?? Or call Keanu Reeves.. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the phenomenal clarity in your writing.

I will directly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Admirable work and much success in your business dealings! Fully agree. Space travel is not within the current realm of possibility. Assuming we even had the technology in present day to start the exploration, it would take hundreds, even thousands of years to perfect it as the unknowns are far too great for our measly human minds to comprehend. A lot of space travelers would die, and shortly thereafter, it would basically be a Banzai mission just to retrieve very minimal amounts of information on each trek.

Unfortunate, but reality. Humans today are just not mentally ready for space travel. Our priorities are also our restrictions. Everyone knows that real super-luminal space drives cannot be used in the vicinity of a gravity well.

Abstract: Electromagnetic metamaterials are capable of emulating many exotic space-time geometries, such as black holes, rotating cosmic strings, and the big bang singularity. Here we present a metamaterial-based model of the Alcubierre warp drive, and study its limitations due to available range of material parameters. Hold on a minute, emulating a black hole does not mean that it IS a balck hole. It is only emulating a property that is equivalent of a black hole.

As far as I know — from the paper mentioned above —, there is still no way to make physically relevant conclusions from this metamaterial approach to what happens around a real black hole. I comment on this above. The analysis is done from a particular frame where the body starts off at zero velocity.

By doing this the analysis does not appear to take into account the covariant transformation of the embedding spacetime. For this we would need at least experimental observations. For example the theory of relativity is supported by a lot of observations nowadays, and from the outset there have already been serious and promising suggestions for experiments.

For clarity let me emphasize: something allowing physically relevant conclusions from theory to reality. Do you know something about the point I made? Is there more than research in a cloud of formulae? The results are curious, for it implies a limiting velocity.

I think a more complete analysis would show that the limiting velocity is the speed of light. I will have to read the paper again. An observer on another frame with velocity u observes this object accelerate to. From a frame moving near the speed of light the Alcubierre warp drive can only approach the speed of light.

Then iterate this process by repeating again to find the Alcubierre WD accelerates to a velocity asymptoting to the speed of light. I remember reading this paper. There are similar papers which use optical metamaterials to emulate black holes, and some people are using Josephson junctions. This is though not the real thing as such. This solid state-optics analogue fall short of being spacetime physics, but is maybe a bit more than a CGI computer simulation.

This is why we have deflector dishes. If you were to approach a black hole, the object's gravity would dilate time, making things happen much more slowly than they would when compared to an outside observer. However, a black hole wouldn't make a good time machine if you wanted to make a return trip: After passing a certain point called the event horizon , you and anything you bring with you can never come back out.

Not even light hence the name black hole. The sun and Earth can also dilate time on noticeable scales. As a further example, if you were living on a high mountaintop, you'd actually be aging faster than your friends by the sea where the pull of gravity is stronger, meaning time runs slower. These emerging ideas are all related in some way to the physics goals for practical interstellar travel; controlling gravitational or inertial forces, traveling faster-than-light, and taking advantage of the energy in the space vacuum.

Even though the physics has not yet matured to where "space drives" or "warp drives" can be engineered, individuals throughout the aerospace community and across the globe have been tracking these and other emerging clues. Most of this work has been fueled purely from the enthusiasm, talent, and vision of these individuals, but on occasion, there has been small support from their parent organizations. This is a snap shot of how gravity and electromagnetism are known to be linked.

In the formalism of general relativity this coupling is described in terms of how mass warps the spacetime against which electromagnetism is measured. In simple terms this has the consequence that gravity appears to bend light, red-shift light the stretching squiggles , and slow time.

These observations and the general relativistic formalism that describes them are experimentally supported.

May 12,  · A NASA propulsion physicist has, he says, resolved a paradox in a hypothetical warp drive. The Alcubierre drive uses a huge amount of energy to make a .

8 thought on “Warp Drive - [PHYSICS] - Not Even Real (File)”

  1. Kigashakar says:
    Yes. A real warp drive, Scotty. When it comes to space exploration, we are still cavemen. We got to the Moon and sent some badass robot to clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfo also have those automatic doors that swoosh wide.
  2. Fausho says:
    Jun 11,  · Despite some bombastic reporting in other places, it’s not a “real-life” Enterprise — not yet — but the fact that news of warp drive research continues to grab headlines is an example of.
  3. Nemi says:
    Aug 10,  · It is not widely known, but the US government spent real money, tested hardware and employed some of the best minds in late s and early 60s .
  4. Sacage says:
    Jun 21,  · Well, just when you were getting excited ^_^ about the possibility of travelling to distant worlds with your warp drive [1], scientists uncovered a deep flaw with faster-than-light-speed travel ^o^. There actually appears to be a quantum limit on.
  5. Kajijora says:
    Sep 25,  · While the field is still in its infancy, there have been a number of recent developments that have helped. For example, the discovery of naturally occurring gravitational waves (GWSs) by LIGO scientists in , which both confirmed a prediction made by Einstein a century ago and proves that the basis for the warp drive exists in nature.. As Agnew indicated, this is perhaps the most.
  6. Tygozuru says:
    Em drive, the Cannae drive, are slight lift engines (unless you look real closely at what these new rockets sporting that electrogravity aurora behind them are doing; then they might not be slight lift engines; although I'm not saying the ARE electrogravity auroras per se, as the electric space drives do not give off a visible plasma exhaust.
  7. Yotaxe says:
    The Alcubierre drive, Alcubierre warp drive, or Alcubierre metric (referring to metric tensor) is a speculative idea based on a solution of Einstein's field equations in general relativity as proposed by theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre, by which a spacecraft could achieve apparent faster-than-light travel if a configurable energy-density field lower than that of vacuum (that is.
  8. Kazshura says:
    Sep 17,  · A warp drive would manipulate space-time itself to move a starship, taking advantage of a loophole in the laws of physics that prevent anything from moving faster than light. A concept for a real.

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