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Styrofoam People - Sponge (8) - Born Under A Bad Sponge (Vinyl, LP, Album)

25.10.2019 Nemi 9 Comments

Another great read, Sheila! Thanks for the digression on jump cuts, love it. Sam shoots Dean and struts to the end of the dock. On the whole, I find this a gorgeous-looking, often chilly and chilling episode.

Born under a cold sky. I also love how you bring up projection. In retrospect this episode has a vast, horrid emptiness running through it. What a relief when she stops pretending, right? She does an all right job, but it only works because we want it to work as much as Dean does. The whole first half of the episode has a repeated two-shot setup with Sam in the foreground that is just this motif of blankness, available for projection. In the background is Dean, who cannot look and must always look and does half the projecting work for us, enduring his own psychodrama as it plays out in the body of Sam.

For me, the whole point of the thing is to get to the M! S-Jo scenes. I find the first one genuinely upsetting and, in flashes, kinda sexy? He sprawls with his knees open speaking of , ha ha. He is chilling and entitled and predatory and then outright terrifying when she starts struggling. Dean jumps the couch and goes for Rebecca. It feels like sudden, real violence. Still, I would have liked a little more on the two of them before now, just to make this feel worse.

The second M! S-J scene is so freaking entertaining! His line deliveries are alternately hilarious and disturbing. Pretending to forget for a moment what he was taunting her over.

Popping up over shoulders like a devil. Scratching her hair with the knife instead of his own as apparently crazy serial killers all do. Anyway, praise our dear friends at Supernatural, because this and this are the same guy laughing, and thank god we finished with the latter. Not to mention Changing-Channels-afeared-of-g-g-ghosts Sam, lol!

Guys, how do we all feel about Meg after this one? Her joy at fucking with people is great fun to watch. I find it so difficult to see them ally with her later. Like, I love to hate her and I resent being asked to sympathise with her.

Same with Crowley, often, that evil sonofabitch. Okay, I have more feelings about echoes with current episodes and Speedwagon lyrics and Bobby and POVs and other potent stuff you raise but I should probably breathe first. Yeah, I sort of resent that as well. I find it harder to accept with Meg, than Crowley.

She seemed more…like a demon? I kinda liked having her hate their guts. And as much as I love it when they play in the grey areas, I feel like this question should be looked at on specific cases, within the framework the show has already created, and not as a fundamental question in an of itself.

Thanks, May and Heather! I think we are universal in our distaste for the pizza man — although I do have to say I kinda enjoyed his post-asylum solicitous attentions. Cas mark 21 or whichever that was. I think Crowley has committed many more unforgiveable crimes. On a rewatch of S8 atm, and, like, he is a tricksy, wicked and false mofo. Quite hateable. I really want his Sam-blood cure to still be a factor in his ongoing dramas. I feel like that could still be playing out.

Same thing for Castiel. I mean, what is a demon compared to the guy who started the Apocalypse, you know? And Miner brings something strangely human that I liked.

It took me a while to warm up to her — what a strange elocution! Shoulders AND ankles — too much! I appreciate the way she — the Rachel Miner rather than Aycox — muddies the waters, disrupts, and refuses to fit in. I appreciate the physical changes we see in her as time goes on — from elfin bringer of mayhem to something at times literally battered, bleached and bruised. She mirrors the Winchesters to a T — no friends to speak of and the people she has most in common with are her bitterest enemies.

She mirrors Dean in particular as burlesque performing survivor. She refuses to be dispensible. I do like that she has no place in the new world order. Her position in the narrative does make sense to me, and I appreciate your outline of her parallels with the Typhoid Maries. And yet my heart hurts to see them work with her I love that.

Maybe not. The whole blood-addiction arc, and the look of others regarding that problem was very trigger-y for me. All the more funny for me coming from a functional drunk! And Bobby! I love that he is such a paranoid motherfucker. I bet he has little bottle of holy water hidden in every drawer, on every shelf, etc. Always ready. What a sick fuck! I like YOU. Going to an interview.

Now I have to leave. Go into the real world. Mutecypher, Jessie: thanks! Another one today. Much more important. Still better than being paralyzed with fear. The fish motif — I think the fish in the hotel room are either salmon or trout. In Celtic mythology the salmon ate hazelnuts from trees that ringed the Well Of Wisdom and gained the knowledge of the world.

I think this is why a sagacious person is said to have the Wisdom of Salmon. All of the fish are drawn with only one eye: one-eyed creatures in Celtic myths are able to see beyond this world.

Perhaps the salmon are a hint to Dean that he needs wisdom beyond this world to see what is truly going on. The salmon has a dual nature, since it is able to live in both fresh and salt water.

In The White Goddess, Robert Graves posited a Celtic zodiac not accepted by most scholars which has been taken up by some neopagans. The signs are mostly associated with trees, but also having an animal spirit and god associated with each sign. The salmon spirit is associated with the hazel tree sign August 5 to September 1 — and the god Manannan Mac Lir a Sea God and a master of disguise.

Hints of Meg here as well. In the mythology of the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, the Salmon People promise to return to the shores and streams to be food for the humans as long as the humans throw their bones and other uneaten parts back into the water — allowing the Salmon People to be resurrected.

Hunters are well-aware of the importance of the proper handling of bones, so this would be like saying PEMDAS to a middle school math teacher.

The fish and bobbers are arranged in an interleaved quincunx pattern. So we know we are in a world of polysemy. Mercedes — I love that boomerang idea! If the fish are really trout and not salmon, then my analysis above is largely irrelevant. If they are trout, then I can only conclude with a poem. I want to leap, dance, shout. I want to let that slippery fellow out.

I will keep an eye out for eagles! Amazing piece of mythological lore. Reading through these comments each time is a gift. I left out the scary fact that the stars on the flag of the Salmon Islands are arranged in a quincunx.

It is amazing! I remember watching it the first time years ago. Never gets old. His choices of playing Sam hold back so much if you know what I mean that when he puts it out there it is a total shocker and a hook. For me, this is when I got hooked on that actor. He is a shapeshifter as an actor :.

Sam, and Demon! Dean similar to a shapeshifter! That is so destabilizing. They haee their own code of conduct, Sam is so important to Dean, that let the world burn, see if he cares! Dean as Mother. Wow, this is one very confusing relationship they got there. BUT: there are more then one. So tragic. Good luck there Huh. I love Jo. I alwys loved Jo. Take cute little Alona Tal and make her a badass? Furthermore, in Israel we all know her for a young-teens show… nothing badass at all.

At all. Especially in the last seasons : I miss that gritty feel of the Show. Does what it takes. Her dock march is beautiful, you put into wards my feelings about it, since EVER. I love the way you dissect the tount scene with Jo. Padalecki is better Meg then any other actress after Nicki. I remember when Meg! You really carry the torch for him! Additional thoughts will be added in the future : Thank you so much for your afforts, keep it up! Great recap, I loved reading it! Those kinds of details kill me.

Are those the kinds of choices that are usually left up to actors to make, or something that would be suggested by a director? This was the episode that made me change my mind about her during my first watch-through.

Definitely physically — when you look at her compared to Sam, the disparity of their sizes is shocking. It makes you remember and appreciate how gentle the real Sam is — that gentleness is such a part of him that you forget just what an unstoppable menace he would be if he used that massive size to threaten instead of protect.

But in spite of all of this, Jo shows some very hunter-like qualities during the whole horrific ordeal. She senses something is wrong with Sam from the beginning. Meg sees her as a way to get to Dean; Dean sees her as a way to get to Sam. But in spite of all of this, Jo responds like a hunter. She finds Dean, gets him back to the bar safely despite being like half his size, fishes out that bullet I love that scene.

Meg is going after hunters, so Dean assumes that next on the list is Bobby — again, completely disregarding Jo as a hunter, that she might merit a spot on the list. When she wants to help, he pretty much grounds her. But I love her response to this. In the first two seasons, we see plenty of the thanklessness of hunting — sometimes Sam and Dean will get a hug or a smile, but they never get paid, and more often than not they get run off the property or chased down by misguided law enforcement.

Here Jo is been beaten and threatened, and ventures out to save Dean anyway. So when she shows up again not until season 5! Oh, this episode.

I do so love it. Hey all! I am about to descend into the one-two punch of the Tribeca Film Festival and the Ebert Film Festival and have been super busy — but also so psyched to see all the comments.

I look forward to reading through them all! Just my 2 cents: Regarding the room divider: the name of the town is Twin Lakes, told in the beginning. It has to be a hotel for fishing people, in this case the divider makes more sense. The second thing, regarding the way the show avoids non-consensual sexuality… they have to. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The Sheila Variations. Skip to content. Directed by J. I love when the relationship is threatened. The conflict is so rich, emotionally. Good luck, Moose. Jump-Cut Back to the Re-cap The jump-cut jitters of Dean under the bridge sit side by side with the still quiet closeup of Sam in an undisclosed location, the camera slowly moving down to his blood-stained hand.

That is the scariest part of Sam not remembering anything. What is even more hysterical is picturing Sam at the check-in desk, looking like this. These closeups are COLD. And that is why I love the gas station attendant, played by Richard Kahan. The lighting … The Impala scenes are always very intense. Marilyn Monroe in every single frame of Niagara.

James Dean in the red leather jacket in Rebel Without a Cause. I mean, I am yawning just typing those sentences. How much fun did these two actors have, creating this scene? But still: gorgeous scene. Ponch and John never had such problems! They were static. They did not change. Open up. Best of all, though, he does not respond!

Just turns and continues on after Sam. A Hero does not have time to talk. Mad Men was lucky to have her. It is. Makes me think of a certain Grande Dame.

Aaaand scene. One of the most badass satisfying moments in the episode. We teeter on the edge of the Silly Plateau. We refuse to go over the side. Things are not back to normal. Well, not if Dean Winchester is your brother. These guys, man. Am I right? This entry was posted in Television and tagged Cathryn Humphris , J. Bookmark the permalink.

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