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Reach Out And Touch (Somebodys Hand) - Various - Motown: The Musical (Originals - The Classic Songs That Inspired The Broadway Show!) (CD)

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Named after Pope Gregory I, Gregorian chant originated in medieval times and is the root of Western classical music. Kip relied on his personal experiences growing up in the small town of Tifton, Georgia, to craft most of the songs on the album. The anthemic Drive Me Crazy is about troubled teens finding refuge in each other, while Crazy One More Time is about a powerful reunion with a lost love.

Reckless Growing Up is a semi-autobiographical take on his journey from Georgia to Nashville, and Faith When I Fall was penned the day after he was offered a record deal.

There are no fillers here on a varied album of classic ballads. LeAnn Rimes breathes new life into country classics. With a collection of love serenades, feelgood tunes and fun sing-along numbers, this is another classic Beccy Cole production. Since then they have set their sights on the US, moving to Nashville which they now call their second home.

Undeniably a feel-good album, each song is imbued with optimism and hope. I think it will show a new depth to our song writing. In the country music scene since the mid 50s, Kenny Rogers first taste of success came in the late 60s, when he joined First Edition as their lead singer. The band made several notable recordings in the late 60s and early 70s, the best of which are featured on this compilation. Also included is Elvira, a song that became a massive hit for the Oak Ridge Boys over a decade later.

Gina Jeffreys returns with a series of beautifully heartfilled tracks and a touching ode to the musical legends that influenced her.

Here, she sings a selection of the best. Now, Jana is lighting up country music with her self-titled debut album, produced by Nashville veteran Scott Hendricks. Its debut single, Why Ya Wanna, has already made a big impact with listeners, rapidly climbing the country charts. He shines on his own tracks and those penned by other stellar songwriters.

On this album, Kristin Chenoweth shows off her country music talent. What Would Dolly Do? The Punch Brothers , Bad Angel feat. Gracias for 35 years of great drummin and singin! Subject: Another year better!!

Happy belated Birthday Levon!! As long as you keep making music, I'll be buying tickets! You just keep sounding better with every year! God bless and stay well. Subject: Happy Birthday, Mr. I wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to the incomparable Mr. Levon Helm. May you stay forever young. I started listening to the Band about 3 years ago and I was hooked.

I bought all the cd's,dvd'd and videos and started learning guitar. Keep the great music coming! The sound, the playing, the atmosphere of that building - and that much talent has to be genetic.

To have TWO musical genius daughters! And the old boy can still play as well as ever. Jimmy- In the dream I seemed to be one of the other older kids who thought it was all a storm in a teacup and tried to calm it, but who ended up resenting the big bully. Besides being a great music doc, it really made me angry, which surprised me. The monumental fraud perpetrated on these musicians by Berry Gordy--which I was aware of-- makes just about every other scheme I've heard of sound like church bingo.

Without coming out and saying it, in fact by barely referencing it at all, the doc underlines the corporate malfeasance that denied these musicians their just due. Bottom line, Berry Gordy is a criminal. John D, thanks for your reviews this past week! Please pass on the sentiment that a live CD from Garth and Maud would be a dream come true I guess it's obvious, but it can't be stated enough!! It would be sad if some little technical gremlin prevented such a joy from coming to pass. After all, projects like Whispering Pines and many of Rick Danko's live releases have less-than-perfect sound quality I surely hope Garth and company can find a way to make this album happen.

And happy birthday, Levon! Subject: Levon Happy Birthday Levon! Coolest damn drummer I ever heard and saw!!!! That Ray Charles performance certainly was the real deal. I thought that Lyle Lovett did a pretty nice job too. Steven Tyler is not in the same league, but I thought that he did ok. I'm not so sure about Shania Twain. She appeared to be good on the surface, but her performance didn't leave a lasting impression.

Why not Zizou or Thierry Henry? They were in my dream A belated Happy Birthday may you have many more to Levon. I was not on line yesterday, but I thought of Levon while I was riding in a car for seven hours.

It was no doubt reminscent of many a drive between gigs for Levon and the others as they traversed the center of the country. We may have crossed some of the same ground.

I wonder if the Hawks argued about bathroom stops as much as my companions did. I was wondering though. Were you Ronaldo, Beckenbauer or the Big Kid with the ball? It was just kind of hard to tell. I personally think so many people wished Levon a Happy Birthday simply because they love him so much. He has given so much to so many people in this world and stayed true to the game throughout.

We all love you and I hope you can feel it. Hombres Rule! Brother Ray singing, reaching down so deep, indeed made Willie, as well as many others, weep. This was a powerful moment, truly a definition of soul, captured on film. Todd Atkinson mentioned the fine televised Willie Nelson birthday concert. For you youngsters, the song's title is a double pun in music on the Pulitzer Prize of journalism -- Wurlitzer being a brand name for both a line of jukeboxes and an electric piano.

Jones plays a Wurlitzer on her cover of "Bessie Smith" Ms. Jones also recorded a version of "Wurlitzer Prize This excellent album features a wide variety of artists performing some of the great songs that Mr.

Jennings made famous. Nelson, together, performing a show-stopping version of Mr. Russell's "A Song For You". Brother Ray continues to show how he can sing with more emotion than anyone alive, and what an awesome song! I love you for my life; you are a friend of mine.

And when my life is over, remember when we were together. Happy Birthday Levon. My sincere gratitude for the gift of all the great music.

Usually every great band has one or perhaps two geniuses if they are lucky. The Band had five. Look at the name: The Band. No more to say. For me there will never be a better Band. And a happy birthday Levon and live a long life. Subject: happy birthday to levon The song is getting some radio play on the few good stations I hear in my travels, but I agree that it should be getting more exposure.

The Amazon site has a great review of Hiatt's new album posted right now, written by a guy named Jerry McCulley. Here is a sample of that: " For me, the highlight was Clapton and Willie doing "Night Life. Norah Jones voice gives me chills. She and Willie did a tribute to the late Waylon Jennings, but I don't know what the name of the song was. That girl has more raw talent than anyone singing today. Sheryl Crow comes close. Happy Belated birthday Willie! Thanks for all the great music over the years.

I'm a huge fan. I love your singing voice. Take it easy and keep banging the skins! As we speak, Garth and Maud Mr. Brennan can help me out here had some problems with the dampers etc.

In other words to us the piano sounded great However; after saying that a few nights were recorded and depending on how they feel after hearing the tapes They are leaving this morning to go home; after a very successful week.

Safe journey home Hudson's. Most younger keyboard players would kill to see what a man of 65 can do with those fingers. I have never had the opportunity to sit that close to physically watch his fingers move and bend. He's truly blessed. Levon always said I would have sang Happy Birthday even if the big kid sat on the football and the other kids didn't jump in with glee.

Did he write that song? Peter: Funny how sometimes dreams come true, hm? Many happy returns, Mr. Lars, what happened in your dream was pretty similar to what happened in mine. You see in mine, this group of kids were in the park playing football. It was a good game. A bit rowdy sometimes especially after a goal was scored, as the kids tended to argue then. Then the referee had an inspired thought! And all the kids joined in all over the park.

It was odd because they admired Ronaldo and Beckenbauer just as much, but on their birthdays usually about ten or twelve people had sent cards, not thirty or forty. But now everyone was so relieved at getting their ball back that they started scrabbling over each other to sing Happy Birthday.

Subject: Levon Happy Birthday Levon. Robbie still rules. Hope to see you real soon Many happy returns.

Head on back this way, and bring those Hombres with you! In the old days you had red sparkle Gretch drums and you gave them to Kirk Shear he replaced me after I left the Hawk. Ron told me you used Kotex on the bottom head of your snare on the recording of Forty Days what a great sound. Just finished reading "This Wheel's On Fire" and loved every minute of it except the part about you guys breaking up of course. I missed you when you came to Decatur recently because I was out of town but I plan to catch you next time you're down south.

To say I'm obsessed by the music is probably a reasonable statement. I just love you and the rest of the guys and am so thankful I have this music in my life. Thank you and Happy Birthday!! Stanley: I'm surprised by both reviews, actually I expected nothing short of Oh well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion I've seen the Hudsons times now Maybe the critics will catch up when the CD comes out Also, next time somebody sees Elvis Costello I'll throw in for sure Subject: Levon Levon- Happy Birthday!

Wherever I see you it's always the best show. Thanks for all the hospitality you show your fans. Love when you and Amy touch fingers during the song in the Barn Burner set. Please play alongside Randy Ciarlante soon- your smiles brighten our days. Hear there's a new Sheriff in Dodge, and a new mayor in New Paltz, so stay young and keep an eye on Dener!!!

Subject: Viney, is that you? Somehow I think somebody is using Viney's name on that last post. Doesn't read like the restrained English gentleman I am used to. Garth and Maud. I had the great honour and pleasure to catch both sets Friday night at the Senator. A truly memorable experience. I saw Garth, Maud and the Cromatix last year in Toronto, and I have to say, much as I enjoyed that one, last night was even more amazing. You got a glimpse of the real people, and wonderful people they seem to be.

Garth displayed his incredible virtuosity on the piano and accordion and was dazzling as usual, but for me the big surprise was Maud. She is a magnificent singer and the two of them are a great team. The reviewer, one Derek Raymaker, completely missed the point. Anyway, Elvis Costello and Diana Krall were there for the first set and most of the second and they seemed to be having a pretty good time. Today I was delighted to see another much more favourable review in the Globe and you can reach it by clicking above.

He's watching an empty computer screen that used to be the Band guestbook. He wishes above all else that the guestbook would come back on line, and that everyone could agree on everything.

He wishes people could be in harmony and there would be no opposing viewpoints. Observe as he crosses over into a new guestbook. Everyone is in agreement. Everyone says the same thing.

Band Fan, you've gotten your wish He writes out a nasty letter to Levon as a test, actually he admires Levon and after hitting the "submit" button, it says only "Happy Birthday, Levon.

In a panic, he picks up the Brown album and every credit reads "L. In a panic, Mr. Bandfan looks back at the new guestbook. It's a post from Roz We love you. God Bless Robbie! Speaking of Dylan, I think it was David Powell who mentioned an interesting new CD called "Blues on Blonde on Blonde" that presents twelve blues versions of songs from the landmark Dylan album from The record label--Telarc--obviously didn't know the release date for "Blonde on Blonde," though, as the package says this disc comes "nearly thirty years after the debut" of that album.

Dylan was always ahead of his time, so I guess it is hard to believe that the original record was released 37 years ago. Cyril Neville, C. Chenier, Sue Foley and Duke Robillard are among the artists involved and the only ones of whom I'd heard. It's certainly worth a listen for blues fans or Dylan followers--and it might even become a favorite among those who fit both categories.

For laughs, there is even a great "Slingblade" bit at the start of the disc. I'm not sure exactly why, but for some reason it works Your legend is ever expanding. For questions about free listings, call , ext. For questions about paid calendar listings, please call , ext. George and La Capilla de Santa Maria. Held at St. George's Episcopal Church, 1 School Road. The N. Apple Festival will be held from Friday, Aug. Festivities include food, arts and craft vendors, live entertainment and the King Apple Parade.

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For example, North Carolina ranks third among the 50 states in revenues and 48th in per capita consumption. It is a model that facilitates the deliberate, responsible consumption of alcohol. And not all suppliers are willing to fill special orders — or to fill them quickly.

Brooks of Top of the Monk. If I am required to order a minimum amount of something to get it, I should get all of what I ordered, because you gave me that requirement. You tell me that if I follow these rules, then I will be able to get what I ordered, but that is not the case. Photo by Cindy Kunst. If you drive to South Carolina, just over.

And they are also a control state. Why is that not just an order? Why are these ABC employees not trained to sell boutique items? On Hollywood, The Puppini Sisters pay homage to the music of the silver screen in their inimitably stylish manner. This is truly wonderful! Heartland is their stunning new compilation album.

From fiddle, harp and tin whistle, to full symphony orchestras and voices clear as a mountain stream, Timeless Music Of Ireland contains over four hours of enchanting Irish tunes.

Daddy Cool Daddy Who? Daddy Cool! Blue Sky 20 tracks. George Michael , Through The Storm feat. Worth Nights, Cadillac Cowboy 20 tracks. Alison Krauss 14 tracks.

Pink Greatest Hits: So Far! The Sound Of Insanity 18 tracks. Aaron Neville , Somewhere Out There feat. James Ingram 23 tracks. Into The Night feat. Chad Kroeger , Smooth feat. Tina Turner 18 tracks. Seal Hits This is music at its smoothest. Kenny Chesney 16 tracks. Paul McCartney , Lately 21 tracks. Darn Ya! AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International.

Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Friends Reunited: Music of the Year []. Groovy Gals of the 60's []. In Japan! Lazy Afternoon []. Let's Get Away []. Lifetime of Romance: Christmas []. More Best of the 60's []. Motown Delights: Soft Centered Soul []. Motown Magic []. Motown Number 1's []. Pop Divas [St. Clair Box Set] [].

Soul Legends [Madacy 1] []. Soulful Sixties []. Summer of Motown []. The 1's [] []. The Best of the Girl Groups [Delta] []. The Magic of Motown [Motown] []. The Trip: Created by Saint Etienne [].

This Is the Modern World [Universal] []. Time Music of Our Lives []. Ultimate Broken Hearted Collection []. Ultimate Rarities Collection, Vol. Un Paso Adelante [].

Best of Soul 60s []. Eternity [K-Tel UK] []. Fall in Love [Babygap Exclusive] []. From Broadway to Hollywood []. Great Women of Soul []. Greatest Hits [Brilliant] []. Love Songs We Used to Share []. Motown Greatest Hits []. Motown Mod Fave Raves, Vol. New Hooked on Number Ones Experience []. Phil's Spectre: A Wall of Soundalikes []. Respect: The Soul Generation Soundtrack []. Sixties [UK Box Set] []. Soul Bands []. Soul Tribute to the Beatles []. The 1's []. The Incredible Soul Collection [].

The Love Songs of Motown []. The Motown Story, Vol. The Ultimate Soul Collection, Vol. Top Hits of the Sixties: Amazing Hits []. Tunesmith: The Songs of Jimmy Webb []. Uncovered [EMI] []. Back to Back []. Brigitte Soul for Dinner [].

Hits [KRB] []. Let's Hear It for the Girls Again []. Mama Tried []. Motown Salutes Bacharach []. Nothing But Number 1 Love Songs []. Nothing but Number 1's of the 60s [].

Pure 60's: The 1 Hits []. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree []. Sixties Jukebox Classics []. Soul Spectacular! Soul: The Very Best of Motown []. Sounds of the Sixties: [].

The '70s Anthology []. The Sound of Motortown Detroit []. The Supremes [Time Music] []. A Motown Christmas, Vol.

A Year in Your Life: , Vol. Anthology [] []. At Their Very Best []. Best Album []. Body and Soul: Christmas []. Christmas Celebrations []. Diamonds Are Forever []. Drive Time Rock: Convertible Classics []. Drive Time Rock: Road Warriors []. Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits []. Favorite Hits of Christmas []. Fourever []. Girl Group Greats []. Glory Days of Rock 'n' Roll: No. Greatest Number 1's Ever []. In Crowd: Ultimate Collection []. Keep on Dancing: 20 Smashes of the Seventies [].

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The Love Songs Collection []. The Supreme Florence Ballard []. The Ultimate Jukebox Hits of the '60s, Vols. Ultimate Christmas Album Vol. Extreme Hits of the Sixties, Vol. Hard to Find Classics, Vol. Live at the Paradise Garage []. Millennium Pop Hits, Vol. Millennium Soul Party []. Motown History, Vol. Motown: The Classic Years []. Music of the Year: []. New Millennium Party []. Number One Motown []. Oldies But Goodies, Vol. Potterybarn: Sounds of Soul []. Reach Out, I'll Be There [].

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One Woman: The Ultimate Collection []. Simply Supreme []. The Ultimate Christmas Album, Vol. The Ultimate Collection []. The Very Best of Harry Secombe []. This Is Northern Soul! Disco Fever: 18 Disco Stompin' Greats []. Funkology, Vol. Soul Dreamers [].

Stand by Your Man [Nic at Night] []. Ultimate Christmas Album, Vol. A Motown Christmas Carol []. Best Sixties Album in the World Ever []. Billboard Top Pop Hits: []. Christmas Hits Back to Back []. Christmas Time with Motown [].

Cruzin' to Motown []. Motown Christmas Gift []. Motown Classic Hits, Vol. Motown Legends, Vol. Motown Legends: A Christmas Gift []. Motown Legends: Duets [].

Motown Legends: Girl Groups []. Motown Milestones: Motown Meets the Beatles []. Sweet Soul Music [K-Tel] []. You Got What It Takes []. Come Together: Motown Sings the Beatles []. Forrest Gump [Original Soundtrack] []. Forrest Gump [Special Edition] []. Motown: The Hits Collection, Vol. Music from the Wonder Years, Vol. My Girl 2 []. Classic Rock: []. Come See About Me [].

"To reach out, touch and help the kids in the streets, the kids on drugs, the mothers on crack, or mothers who are experiencing domestic violence, it is my dream to help them." So far, Green has enlisted Kelly Price and her mother for the organization, and plans to reach out to the mothers of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Ced the Entertainer, Chris Tucker.

9 thought on “Reach Out And Touch (Somebodys Hand) - Various - Motown: The Musical (Originals - The Classic Songs That Inspired The Broadway Show!) (CD)”

  1. Gardagore says:
    May 06,  · There are some songs that you don't truly appreciate until another artist takes it on and makes it their own. Oftentimes the newer version draws out the original's complexities in .
  2. Vozragore says:
    As you'd guess from the title, the 11CD set features every single Motown track that ever hit #1 on the charts – almost classic songs, running from the early 60s right up through the 90s – with work by The Temptations, Four Tops, Diana Ross, Boyz II Men, The Contours, Rockwell, The Originals, Marvin Gaye, The Marvelettes, Stevie Wonder.
  3. Zolokasa says:
    Miami (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) Minor Variation Movin Out (Anthonys Song) My Life New York State Of Mind Only The Good Die Young Piano Man Rosalindas Eyes Say Goodbye To Hollywood Scenes From An Italian Restaurant Shes Always A Woman Shes Got A Way Stiletto Tell Her About It The Ballad Of Billy The Kid The Entertainer The.
  4. Arashill says:
    Their last Columbia session was This 2-CD "Foggy Mountain Gospel" set presents material recorded between Besides a number of songs originally released as singles, this 2-CD set draws material from many classic LPs, most heavily from Songs of Glory (Columbia CL) and When the Saints go Marching In (Columbia CS).
  5. Zule says:
    History Of Rock Music(Compiled By Prodigy)
  6. JoJozragore says:
    Lnhs student council.. Gervaso ma nowy model ducati monster new ray scale die-cast toy collection motorcycle model.
  7. Misho says:
    “It takes more than just a song and a dance ” The Summer of was an exceptionally busy season for The Supremes, as not one but two albums (The Return Of The Magnificent Seven and Touch) hit store shelves in June and new single “Nathan Jones” peaked at #16 on the Billboard Hot While the group managed a packed schedule of live engagements and promotional appearances, producers.
  8. Mezizshura says:
    Oct 26,  · Hi Bret, I look forward to hearing O C Smiths track, yes i have to agree with you about Reach Out For Me, Roy's version will always be my favourite, Dionne made other stuff nobody else could touch.
  9. Kim says:
    Jul 29,  · Record Store Wednesdays: “Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)” Cassette Posted on July 29, by Paul Because these days we’re so focused on collecting either Diana Ross vinyl (the best cover art) or Diana Ross CDs (the best sound), it’s easy to forget that Motown once produced some really wild collections on cassette tape.

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