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Pastilan, Kanimo No. 1!

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Maayong mga timaan sa Sugbo. By Leo Lastimosa August 7, - am. Gawas nga di na mabugalbugalan ang Sugbo nga epicenter sa COVID sa Pilipinas, niay duha ka maayong kalamboan sa kampanya pagbadlong sa lapad ug paspas nga tinakdanay dinhi sa ato:. Freeman Cebu Entertainment. Despite many offers, safety first for Kuya Dick.

By Ricky Calderon August 7, - am. By Ricky Calderon August 5, - am. How Paulo Avelino spends his quarantine. By Ricky Calderon July 31, - am. Cable TV industry next? By Ricky Calderon July 28, - am. While the entertainment industry has not recovered from the shock wave brought about by the shutdown of ABS-CBN, the cable TV industry seems to be the next target of some lawmakers based on their Zoom exchange last Another measure was the creation of the position of Public Defender to help poor litigants in their court suits.

Commonwealth Act No. It was by virtue of this law that the Buenavista estate was acquired by the Commonwealth Government. Quezon also launched a cooperative system of agriculture among the owners of the subdivided estates in order to alleviate their situation and to provide them greater earnings. In all these, Quezon showed an earnest desire to follow the constitutional mandate on the promotion of social justice. Upon the creation of the Commonwealth, the economic condition of the nation was stable and promising.

Exports crops were generally good and, with the exception of tobacco, they were all in high demand in foreign trade markets.

Indeed, the value of the Philippine exports reached an all high of ,, pesos, the highest since Additionally, government revenues amounted to 76,, pesos in , as compared with the revenue of 65,, pesos. Even the government companies, with the exception of the Manila Railroad , managed to earn profits.

Notwithstanding this prosperous situation, [9] the government had to meet certain economic problems besetting the country. For this purpose, the National Economic Council was created. This body advised the government in economic and financial questions, including promotion of industries, diversification of crops and enterprises, tariffs , taxation, and formulation of an economic program in the preparation for the future independent Republic of the Philippines.

Upon the recommendation of the National Economic Council, agricultural colonies were established in the country, especially in Koronadal, Malig, and other appropriate sites in Mindanao. The government, moreover, offered facilities of every sort to encourage migration and settlement in those places. These steps and measures held much promise for improved economic welfare. The major flaw of this law was that it could be used only when the majority of municipal councils in a province petitioned for it.

Therefore, Quezon ordered that the act be mandatory in all Central Luzon provinces. By simply refusing to renew their contract, landlords were able to eject tenants. As a result, peasant organizations clamored in vain for a law that would make the contract automatically renewable for as long as the tenants fulfilled their obligations. In , this Act was amended to get rid of its loophole, but the landlords made its application relative and not absolute.

Consequently, it was never carried out in spite of its good intentions. In fact, by , thousands of peasants in Central Luzon were being threatened with wholesale eviction. The desire of Quezon to placate both landlords and tenants pleased neither. By the early s, thousands of tenants in Central Luzon were ejected from their farmlands and the rural conflict was more acute than ever. Indeed, during the Commonwealth period, agrarian problems persisted.

Dictated by the social justice program of the government, expropriation of landed estates and other landholdings commenced. At the outbreak of the Second World War, major settlement areas containing more than 65, hectares were already established.

Turning his attention to the matter of education in the country, President Quezon by virtue of Executive Order No. Indeed, by this time there were already 6, primary schools; 1, intermediate schools; secondary and special schools; and five junior colleges.

The total number of pupils enrolled was 1,,, who were placed under the charge of 28, schools teachers. That year's appropriation for public education amounted to 14,, pesos. To implement the pertinent constitutional provision, the Office of Adult Education was also created. President Quezon initiated women's suffrage in the Philippines during the Commonwealth Era. If no less than , of them were to affirmatively vote in favor of the grant within two years, it would be deemed granted the country's women.

Complying with this mandate, the government ordered a plebiscite to be held for the purpose on 3 April Following a rather vigorous campaign, on the day of the plebiscite, the turnout of female voters was impressive. The affirmative votes numbered ,, as against 44, who opposed the grant. Another constitutional provision to be implemented by President Quezon's administration dealt with the question of The Philippines' national language. Following a year's study, the Institute of the National Language — established in — recommended that Tagalog be adopted as the basis for the national language.

The proposal was well received, considering that the Director — the first to be appointed — at the time, Jaime C. In December , Quezon issued a proclamation approving the constitution made by the Institute and declaring that the adoption of the national language would take place two years hence.

With the presidential approval, the Institute of National Language started to work on a grammar and dictionary of the language. The elections for the Second National Assembly were held on 8 November , under a new law that allowed block voting [20] which favored the governing Nacionalista Party.

As expected, all the 98 seats of the National Assembly went to the Nacionalistas. The Second National Assembly embarked on passing legislation strengthening the economy. Unfortunately, the cloud of the Second World War loomed over the horizon. Certain laws passed by the First National Assembly were modified or repealed to meet existing realities. Since the law bordered on foreign relations it required the approval of the U.

President which was nevertheless obtained. When the result of the census was published, the National Assembly updated the apportionment of legislative districts, which became the basis for the elections. Because the new law required an amendment of the Ordinance appended to the Constitution, a plebiscite was held on 24 August The amendment was carried by 1,, votes against 49, The national language was compulsorily taught in schools for the academic year.

The National Assembly later enacted Law No. Coincident with the local elections for the , another plebiscite was held this time to ratify the proposed amendments to the Constitution regarding the restoration of the bicameral legislature, the presidential term, which was to be fixed at four years with one re-election; and the establishment of an independent Commission on Elections.

With the Nacionalista Party , which had proposed said amendment in their convention, working hard under the leadership of its party president, Speaker Jose Yulo , the amendments were overwhelmingly ratified by the electorate. Roosevelt 's approval, which was given on 2 December Two days later President Quezon proclaimed the amendments. Quezon had originally been barred by the Philippine constitution from seeking re-election.

However, in , constitutional amendments were ratified allowing him to seek re-election for a fresh term ending in The outbreak of World War II and the Japanese invasion resulted in periodic and drastic changes to the government structure.

Executive Order , 22 December abolished the Department of the Interior and established a new line of succession. Executive Order , 24 December further reorganized and grouped the cabinet, with the functions of Secretary of Justice assigned to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. McNutt , facilitated the entry into the Philippines of Jewish refugees fleeing fascist regimes in Europe while taking on critics who were convinced by fascist propaganda that Jewish settlement was a threat to the country.

The land would house homeless refugees in Marikina Hall, dedicated on 23 April After the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during World War II, [29] he evacuated to Corregidor , where he was formally inaugurated for his second term, then the Visayas and Mindanao.

Upon the invitation of the US government, [30] he was further evacuated to Australia, [31] and then to the United States, where he established the Commonwealth government in exile with headquarters in Washington, D. To carry on the government duties in exile, President Quezon hired an entire floor of one wing of the Shoreham Hotel to accommodate his family and his office.

The offices of the government were established at the quarters of the Philippine Resident Commissioner, Joaquin Elizalde. The latter was made a member of the President's wartime Cabinet. Others likewise appointed were Brigadier-General Carlos P. On 2 June , President Quezon addressed the United States House of Representatives , impressing upon them the vital necessity of relieving the Philippine front.

Before the Senate, later, the Philippine President reiterated the same message and urged the senators to adopt the slogan "Remember Bataan ". Despite his precarious state of health, President Quezon roamed the States to deliver timely and rousing speeches calculated to keep the Philippine war uppermost in the minds of the American nation. On the occasion of his first birthday celebration in the United States, Manuel Quezon broadcast a radio message to the Philippine residents in Hawaii, who contributed to the celebration by purchasing four million pesos worth of World War II bonds.

Army a Philippine infantry regiment, which was authorized by the U. Department of War to train in California. He also had the Philippine government acquire Elizalde's yacht, which, renamed Bataan and totally manned by the Philippine officers and crew, was donated to the United States for use in the war.

Early in November , Quezon held conferences with President Roosevelt to work out a plan for the creation of a joint commission to study the economic conditions of post-war Philippines. Eighteen months later, the United States Congress would pass an Act creating the Philippine Rehabilitation Commission as an outcome of such talks between the two Presidents. By , the Philippine government-in-exile was faced with a serious crisis. It may have been a car he was thinking about buying or one that the speaker was selling John.

In 2, the speaker may or may not know the specifics about the car in question. Sa and og can both be used for the roles of the genitive case, but only sa can be used for the actor or agent case. Og is used for adverbs as well.

Adding the prefix ka- before and the suffix -an can pluralize a noun the suffix -han is used if the root word ends with a vowel. This word treatment is used to group what are considered identical objects as one entity.

Examples are:. Although it is tolerable in some cases, the use of mga before a noun applied with ka- -an is not necessary anymore. An example is:. There is this very rare case of which an adjective can be pluralized and the noun it described can be, but not necessarily, omitted.

Example: the word gamay 'small' can be changed to gagmay 'small ones' in which "g" was inserted in between. The same can be applied to dako which means 'big', changing it to dagko big ones. Other examples are:. As a rule, Cebuano does not categorize nouns by gender. Natural gender are found in Spanish loans. Adjectives do not inflect for the plural. In comparing two similar items, the comparative form indicates that one has a higher degree or lower degree of the quality expressed by the root, e.

The comparative superlative indicates the maximum degree of the quality expressed in comparison to other items. In Cebuano this degree can be expressed by a prefix, pinaka- or by the use of the particle labi most. The prefix and suffix kina- and -an can also be used together. The absolute superlative is the form used in exclamations, for example, " How pretty you are!

It is formed by prefixing pagka- or ka- short form to the root. The subject follows in the oblique. Examples of such relationships are adjective - noun , clause -noun, adverb - verb , adverb-adjective and noun-noun. Without the intervening linker, juxtaposition of modifier and head can constitute, not a phrase, but a sentence unto itself.

Unlike Tagalog , nga is not used with numbers; ka below is used instead. The linker ka is used to link a number and the phrase it modifies. Buok whole is sometimes used with ka. Asa and ha-in —both mean where —have distinct uses in formal Cebuano usage.

In spoken Cebuano, however, asa is commonly used to replace ha-in. In fact, ha-in , except by older generations, is rarely used. A verb root is the simplest version of a verb that conveys its overall meaning or lemma and cannot be broken down any further excluding morphological processes and colloquial speech. Sometimes, the verb stem is identical to the verb root. A commonly known verb stem affix is the prefix pa- , added to the beginning of a verb root and sometimes, other verb stems in order to convey the meaning of to cause.

For example, padala is a verb stem that has the meaning of to send , while dala is its own verb root and verb stem, meaning to bring. Concluding that padala could literally mean to cause to bring. Cebuano verbs conjugate accordingly through the use of affixes on the verb stem. There are three moods that the verbal affixes may pertain to in the Cebuano language. The three moods are:.

This is the default mood of verbs in which the action is most commonly described. This mood does have imperative aspects in only some certain forms. This is the mood where the action is unexpected or unintended.

There is no imperative aspect for this mood. This mood is used differently in Cebuano than its usual use, see Mirative Mood. Some may describe this mood as Dubitative or Subjunctive. This is the mood where the action is able to happen or allowed to happen.

This mood may also be used to convey a statement or general possibility. There are four forms that the verbal affixes may pertain to in the Cebuano language. The four forms are:. This is the form where the action was, is, or will be instantly completed. This form is also the form where the action may just be a statement. This is the form where the action takes place over a duration of time. See Durative Aspect.

Usually, verbs that express this mood cannot take in direct objects unless the prefix hi- is added to the original verb stem , creating a new verb stem that allows direct objects to be taken in.

Cebuano generally does not use tense , rather it uses aspect. Cebuano verbs conjugate according to a voice , a mood , a form , and an aspect. They claim that Cebuano verbs feature the aspects of inception ; that is whether the action has been initiated or not. The nasugdan aspect is the aspect where the action had already started in the past, while the pagasugda n aspect is the aspect where the action has not started yet.

Basically, past and present actions are in the nasugdan aspect while future actions and habitual actions are in the pagasugdan aspect. Although habitual actions started in the past, they have yet to start again. Hence, they are in the pagasugdan aspect. In Cebuano, verbs may also conjugate for or to agree with negatibo negative sentences.

However, the verb itself is not negative, it just agrees with the negative words wala and dili through the negatibo verbal affixes. Wala is used for the nasugdan aspect and dili is used for the pagasugdan aspect. Ayaw is used as the negative imperative, see Prohibitive mood. The verbal affixes that feature altogether the voice, mood, form, and aspect may overlap. Some of these affixes are shortened in speech and in informal writing.

Not all groups of affixes can be used for some verbs; some verbs may not make sense with certain groups of affixes. Sa edad nga 53 anyos, sayo pa man tuod ang pagpanaw ni Labrada, apan ang iyang mga maayong gawi ug mithi magpabiling handumanan ngadto sa iyang pamilya ug mga kahigalaan.

Adiyos kanimo, higala, VidLabs. SunStar website welcomes friendly debate, but comments posted on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of the SunStar management and its affiliates. SunStar reserves the right to delete, reproduce or modify comments posted here without notice. Posts that are inappropriate will automatically be deleted. Do not use obscenity. Some words have been banned. Stick to the topic. Do not veer away from the discussion.

Cebuano grammar encompasses the rules that defines the Cebuano language, the most widely spoken of all the languages in the Visayan Group of languages, spoken in Cebu, Bohol, Siquijor, part of Leyte island, part of Samar island, Negros Oriental, especially in Dumaguete, and the majority of cities and provinces of Mindanao.. Cebuano has eight basic parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs.

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    Pastilan Kanamit, Banga, South Cotabato. likes. A native Maguindanaon delicacy with a twist of ilonggo flavor. This recipe is also a delicious combination of diverse culture.

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