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Not My Choice - Various - Orange Countys Punk Vs. Ska: Round 2 (CD, Album)

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Speak about them. In fact different people can succeed in politics. Find all the facts that can prove your answer. By Kenneth L. In fact, Pius XII was neither silent nor inactive. The document was secretly brought to Germany and read in the Roman Catholic churches.

In his Christmas message the Pope became the first person of international stature to condemn the Holocaust. The Nazis understood the Pope too well. In February , Protestant and Catholic leaders in Holland occupied by the Nazis condemned death camps. I think we are naive if we think one more hero could stop it. Travelling has always been an exciting experience. What information helps you to understand it?

Everything was perfect. I am so happy. Jess: Are you? But, what makes you so happy? You know a lot about the country you visited. Did you like their English? I understood them Is that all.

Lady Kate? Kate: Stop it. Know anything about their capital? Jess: Yes, I do know about it. I know that their lawmakers moved there in Kate: Well, have you ever heard about the mysterious echo in the National Statuary Hall?

In a hall? Kate: No! There were times when Representatives met there to discuss political problems. Jess: You must be joking. He surprised everyone when he seemed to guess what the other side was going to do before they did it. Kate: Yes, I agree. I saw so many interesting things: I saw the Senate and the House of Representatives in action while they were in session. It was terrific. Kate: Oh Jess, you must see it to understand how great it was.

Yes, in fact, I did know about it. I've been told that In the Commons? There are many interesting things connected with the development of the Russian state system and its contacts with the Western countries. Ask if the tourist knows about something. Student 2 You are a foreign tourist who has come to Russia Say that you know about something. Of Express your surprise or admiration. There are dictionaries of surprising facts. Thomas More explains his idea of a perfect state. Do a project.

We have chosen the following political system We think it is more democratic than We want to take a closer look at Which system would you advise me us to choose? In my opinion view I believe How right you are. I absolutely agree.

I am with you there. I am of the same opinion. J I wonder if you agree with I am not sure in fact. No, I don't think that That is not the way I see it.

Do you really think that? New Zealand is a colony of Great Britain. The British monarch is the head of state in New Zealand. The Parliament represents the legislative branch. The Parliament has two houses. The Prime Minister appoints ministers. The Prime Minister is appointed by the Parliament. The Executive Council and the Cabinet represent the executive branch.

The governor-general is part of the legislative branch. The Constitution Act was adopted in For statements , decide which answer is correct. Circie the corresponding letter. Australia is a parliamentary democracy.

Australia is a monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet are elected directly. The representatives of the executive branch are responsible to the Queen. The representatives of the executive branch are responsible to the Federal Parliament. Now Australia is in the process of changing to a republic. Now Australia is in the process of becoming closer to the British Crown.

Australia is an independent country within the Commonwealth. Formally the British monarch is the head of state and has royal representatives in the country and in each of the six states. According to the Australian Constitution, that was adopted on January 1, , the legislative branch is represented by the Federal Parliament.

The parliament is made up of two houses: the Senate with 76 senators and the House of Representatives with members. The lawmakers are elected by the people.

Australian citizens can vote by mail. The party or a coalition of parties with the majority of seats in the House of Representatives forms the Cabinet and its leader becomes Prime Minister. Like in Great Britain they come from the Federal Parliament and are responsible to it for government decisions. The main political parties are the Liberal Party and the National Party. Normally they act in coalition. There is a question whether Australia should become a republic with an Australian head of state.

The debate on the problem started several years ago. Everybody in Australia understands that a change to a republic needs the assent of the Australian people at a referendum. Give a 2-minute talk about the common features and the differences between the Russian and US political systems. You begin the conversation. Remember to write the letter in the correct way. But Tony Blair has a pragmatic and conservationist view of the monarchy.

The C. Parliament 3. For statements 1 -I letter. In the USA 4. In the USA 6. In the USA 7. In Great Britain a 8. In the USA decide which answer is correct. Circle the corresponding a the Prime Minister is the head of state. Administration c Congress Your score 8 6 4 3 Your mark 5 4 3 2 69 7. CNJ 70 8. Young people have a particular relationship with the whole world. They want to express their individuality. How do you think they do it? Most young people follow some kind of youth culture.

Read the descriptions of different groups and members of the groups, and find the names of these subcultures in the box. Why are these young people placed here? It seems to me they Besides they Young people like to express themselves. Choose from the ideas.

Do you agree with these opinions? I think that the values of environmentalists are to help nature, to change the world for the best. They do not protest against their parents but they protest against organisations that pollute nature. They wear certain badges. They are very useful. I think skinheads are extremely nationalistic. They are aggressive. They don't conform to society standards. They reject everything. I think it is dangerous when teenagers are aggressive.

I nai 5 wny iney They also What would you write in support of or against something? AB Unit 3, ex. These members are thought to But the attitude towards Give your reasons. These young people choose different ways to express their identity. Some people call me a hacker. I like my computer and I can do many things with its help. Now we can use computers at our English lessons. I like listening to reggae music. I also study at art school where I can express myself in my paintings.

What are their characteristics? Describe the members of some grouping. What are their aims? Music festivals are the events in the youth culture, which are remembered. R Unit 3, ex. His dad hoped his son would become as famous as Buddy Holly. Now Buddy was In the group. His dad worked hard to find them work and he even got a gig at a pub in a nearby town for a Teddy Boys reunion evening. By the time they arrived, the pub was packed with Teddy Boys all dressed up for an evening out.

The second group was just coming to the end of their performance and the noise in the pub was incredible. Nobody seemed to be listening to the music; instead, there was a lot of pushing and shouting, and a feeling of violence in the air. Most of the Teddy Boys were old and fat and looked terrible with their big stomachs under their jackets. Buddy was surprised, though, to see quite a number of young people about his age.

They seemed to be the ones who were causing most of the trouble, shoving each other around and looking as if all they wanted to do was fight. When the second group finished, they quickly set up their equipment on the tiny stage in the corner. Buddy Clark. Then, louder than the group, came the sound of the original version of the song by Little Richard. There was a movement in the crowd as people looked round at the juke-box, then back at the group.

Then Buddy saw his dad moving towards the juke-box, his face determined and angry. He bent down and pulled the plug out of the socket. The record stopped and the fight started. One of the young boys pushed his dad aside to try to get to the plug, his dad pushed back and the next moment there was the sound of smashing glass as the people dropped their beers and crashed into each other.

Are the following causes true or false? Find evidence in the story. Most of the visitors were too old. The stage was very small and uncomfortable. Some visitors wanted to fight and looked for the cause to begin the fight. Sometimes you can guess the meaning of unknown words by the context.

Alternative, rap and country are losing commercial momentum. It will be great? Which particles do they go with in the story? Add this informa-tion in exercise 2, Activity Book. Which one? I think he belonged to He knew people who Their appearance was the following And their behaviour was Ask your parents.

Take notes. Do you know how to make a fashionable thing by yourself? The life of teenagers is not the same during different periods of history. According to the report of the Centre of Social Researches of Moscow University, the most trendy young person of the year Reads a lot. Plays football. Listens to rock or techno like young people in many countries.

Is very friendly. Appreciates not only mutual understanding but also trust. Falls in love very rarely. Besides the teenager is sure that the most important thing in life is health, freedom and the ability to adapt. Choose the sentences you think are true. Russian teens, like British teens, listen to techno music. Russian teens think about love as teens all over the world do.

When young Russians are bored being alone they choose a group with the same interests as all teenagers do. One of them is the Federation of Children Organisations of Russia. The main aim is to protect rights and interests of children and young people, to organise their free time, to help them develop various skills useful in their future life.

Different subcultures exist in Russia as they do in other countries, jigsaw reading 1 What common features can you find in the corresponding subcultures in Russia and in other countries? Use exercise 4, Unit 3 in the Reader. Officially it was founded on May 31, But the core of it appeared in the early 80s. The grandfather got it from the USA by lend-lease.

Working as guards is classical pastime of bikers. The club is so famous not only in Russia but also all over the world that the first Russian Bike Show, which took place in attracted a lot of guests from abroad.

But besides a real biker has his own values and beliefs as bikers of the USA have. Some people consider bikers aggressive. The more you write, the more you realize that.

I remember how the first keyboardist was upset that a song wasn't turning out the way he'd planned and I said that this particular song was much more interesting than he could ever had dreamed it would be. He was new at the game, but soon learned that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. But next thing we knew, we'd created a new species. That never bothered me in the least. What bothered me was how long it took the "musicians" to get a song down to the point where they felt comfortable doing a song live.

I listen to many styles of music and probably only skim the surface of some genres, but try to understand what makes a good song so brilliant. We didn't want to come off as a wanna-be band. Art is a two- way street. The New York Citizens were a bit of a hodge- podge of musical ideas and I suppose my theory that a band should have multiple influences may confuse the audience, but I liked how the crowd didn't really know what was coming next.

A bit more musically schizophrenic than even Legalgender, but that's what you get when you have members coming and going every couple of years. I think it would be safe to say that we were a Rock band rather than a Ska band just like The Clash would've been best described as a great Rock band rather than a Punk band. I wanted to be more than just another scene band, but the scene was very good to us. Some threw stones at us from day one, but I never minded, since these were, no doubt, the same people who heard "London Calling" for the first time and cried "Sellout!

I wanted to be influential and feel I succeeded in that my old friends and fans - Billie Joe and Mike from a young band out of the Bay Area - came backstage, partied with me and told me of Billie Joe's idea for a Rock Opera.

When he told me how his band had just changed its name from Sweet Children to Green Day, I thought it was a better name. He said he didn't know what he'd say to a huge audience and how to handle an important interview, I just said: "Well, I don't wanna be an American Idiot.

Hence the character "Tunny" was developed for the album and Broadway musical. I said "Oh, and you could even have a title track, which was a sort of "Cheech and Chong" impersonation of sorts. I could go on about the titles I suggested for the "American Idiot" release such as "Holiday" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," but you get the general idea.

These members of Green Day are among the best people I met in my years of making music. My sister heard them once and said "Hey, here's that guy who wants to sound like you.

When did you have the conversation with Billie Joe about the rock opera which became American Idiot? It was the tour after "Stranger Things They'd just changed their name from Sweet Children to Green Day and I thought it was a better name for them. They were really cool kids, maybe 18 years old at the time and we got along really well. It's a shame that people give them a bad rap because of their success. Like them or not, they were good guys. I actually said that I'd love to be their singer, but they said Billie was already their man.

They said they'd use some of my off the cuff ideas when they ran out of their own. I was pretty shocked when I heard they were made "American Idiot" into an album, including the 'Jesus of Suburbia' one. Could you describe the mid-to-late 80s NYC Ska scene for the benefit of those who didn't experience it?

Which were some of your favorite bands from that time? The New York scene was quite vibrant - the only scene in town, as far as I was concerned. There were bands forming every few months. I remember kids handing me demos when we were on stage. It was like "Hey Coconut, do something with this cassette, my hands are too pruney right now. There really were tons of decent NYC Ska groups.

I also liked the quirky bands that strayed from the obvious influences, like The Connotations. This was a fun band to gig with. Some bands I just liked to use as my personal whipping boys as you probably already know, but seriously I loved being known for the hidden mystique and controversy that was the New York Citizens. I enjoyed the controversy, the misquotes and even the cries of sellout from time to time.

I felt the whole scene needed a shaking and I loved rattling cages. I first met Chad on a lunch line at school when we were no older than 8. He liked professional wrestling and I told him I did as well. I said it was of course fake. But I said I told him I'd be his manager, if he did decide to go pro. We took that mentality into the music scene and some people just didn't get it. That's also the legacy of the New York Citizens - we did it and ran.

We didn't linger around after the party. We arrived fashionably late and left early, metaphorically speaking of course. There were a few great bands across the country as well. The Now from Washington, D. I just know I'm forgetting a few, but they know who they are. Can you share any unusual stories about any live shows in New York City that were particularly memorable during the early days of the band?

No, I cannot share those memories without incriminating ourselves and past deeds. We lived, loved, loathed and took photos on occasion. Those shows were a six-plus year blur and I wouldn't have it any other way. The stage brawls, insults to other bands and dressing room scuffles were all part of that tornado known as the NYCs. I enjoyed hearing the rumors far more than being bored with the truth.

I loved the idea of keeping the general public guessing about what would come next. What was it like working with Bucket in the studio? I don't know how many of our members had ever been in a recording studio before, but the energy was lower than the live show. Don't say this, don't do that It still turned out not to be the worst album put out that year. Half the songs on that LP were never re released and that's how I wanted it to be. It was a moment in time and will never be again.

Never give the game away and always leave them wanting more. Bucket was fine; we were the problem. We turned a two-song single into a four-song EP, and then eventually into an eight-song LP.

It may have been a rash move to release some of those songs, but I can and must live with it. I hope you enjoyed that debut LP, because will never return again. Do you think an American audience understood who they were in the context of British politics? It's not mine to speak down to an audience. So why not bring the ideas of anti- NF sentiments to an American audience. We're not going to bicker over semantics like that.

Are we? If so, I'm glad we broke up when we did. The Italian lyrics reveal that fascism and bigotry span the globe — through North and South America, into Europe and across the globe. To ignore the real problem and get caught up in semantics, you're missing the whole point. Perhaps I gave the general public too much credit. I always hoped the question would be asked: "Was Enoch right?

So now that I've been crucified for my lyrical content, we now have an Australian, New Zealand and French National Front as well as other organizations, including Al Qeada, Hamas, Hezbollah and a multitude of hate groups throughout the U.

Are you still concerned with little ol' me and my choice of words? The names have been changed, but the ideology remains the same. I believe the sentiments were there and the warning signs were not heeded. I suppose when baby boy Jesus comes back, we will make the same mistakes. We'll kill the prophet and refuse the message. Could you also give us some background on "Pounding the Pavement" and "Helltown"? What was going on that led you to write these songs?

I recall Frank Zappa talking about how hobos and winos became families living in cars, shelters, or on the streets. The music was taken from an earlier Legalgender work called "Summer. I tried not to get the other members involved, because they weren't responsible for the controversial lyrics and should not be forced to explain, or defend the lyrics, even if they could.

I remember a few members saying how they were asked about the meaning of various songs and I just said: "Well, tell them you're a musician and for them to figure the lyrics out for themselves. I was told by a certain keyboard player that the New York Citizens would only become anything of note if they rode the coattails of The Toasters.

I thought that funny and went home that night and invented Ska-Core. It had speed, sarcasm and a bouncy chorus to pogo to. Again, it was not without its controversial lyrics and fairly original music.

I guess what the lyrics were saying was that it doesn't matter where you come from; we all can feel as if we're running out of time in our own hometown.

Do you have any memories of that show and what are your thoughts about the album? That was the night we introduced a little ditty called "Ransom. I remember doing a sort of a "Ministry of Funny Walks" segment for him a week before. The vinyl release wasn't terrible at all. I know people were looking for a "Dance Craze" type of situation, but we should really have separated ourselves from that scene altogether.

I know it sounds harsh, but we needed more of our own identity. Most people probably just heard my strong tone and didn't realize that I was out for the good of the whole scene - whether it was for New York or the whole country. Each and every one of our bands would either make the entire scene look like pros or hacks.

I always feared the latter. The bands who succeeded in honing their craft whether famous or not made me proud to be a part of the scene and feel as if I weren't wasting my time. This may all sound foreign to most, but please, put yourself in my size elevens. No one would take my band seriously if they were turned off by their band. We were all connected and we were not just representing our respective bands, but the entire U.

Ska Scene. I never hated anyone in other bands. They were out for a good time as I was, but I also was striving for a certain immortality. In fact, I pity the fools who consider themselves my enemies. I'm a New York Yankee fan - I pity my enemies, of course. Our bands shared the stage at City Gardens in Trenton, N. What are your memories of that iconic club? I really do hope the Ska music audiences enjoyed that recording. It was very difficult to reproduce the fun on stage and in the crowd that night.

There were mic stands being knocked around as usual and the occasional squealing feedback from the PA system, so we played that song two or three times that night. The fact was that we aimed on making a live album and walked away with one solid track that never really worked very well in the recording studio.

Ian Brown of the Stone Roses once said "Shoot for the stars and you may just hit the ceiling. Green Day shared these sentiments and a love for that album. That really brought us together. I'm not a big fan of studio recorded blues progressions, so I thought a live recording with hundreds of shouting people would express the true feeling of the song.

I hope there were plenty of heavy drinkers in the crowd that night, because it sure sounded that way from my last listen. As for City Gardens, it was a great club to play or attend as a spectator. I'm a high school student looking for ways to make some money. I plan to wait until it fades more. How can I achieve the pink plum burgandy colour? I'm a library student currently reading about literature promotion. For this course I started an Instagram account where I read and…. I'm a medical student on self-isolation making daily study with me videos - Thought it might help with daily study motivation :.

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Or are there different grades of K2? Appreciate some insight pls! The main room itself is a good size with the stage places in one corner which allows a more floor room. There is raised area around the stage where people not wanting to have a dance can stand and get a good view of the stage but to be honest you can get a good view of the stage from most points on the floor. The only drawback is a huge pillar in the middle of the floor which can block your view.

That pillar is often used my bands to get the crowd to circle pit around it so it has a use other than holding the ceiling up. One thing that has always impressed me with the Underworld is how well run the nights are. You would imagine that trying to organise sometimes upto nine bands in a day would be besieged with problems.

Getting everyone on and off in their allotted time slots must be incredibly difficult. The soundmen have to make sure every member of the bands instrument is sounding exactly how they like it. Luckily most of the smaller bands would be easy to work with, if they come across as hard work venues will not want to work with them very often and word will spread of their difficultness.

Kudos to the staff for that. The Underworld is a fantastic venue and long may it continue to put on great gigs night after night.

This blog is more of a spotlight on rather than an introducing. Since forming the band has always had a rotating cast of musicians with lead singer and guitarist Ryan Young being the only constant. Young has stated in interviews before that this has been good for the band as it has prevented touring life becoming stale and different people and personalities coming in and out has kept things fresh.

Their style is often described as gruff punk rock and melodic hardcore. I also think that there is an element of pop punk in the music. For me he is the best lyricist not just in punk rock but in the whole world of music.

The night before I had had a terrible night and was feeling so low. It was like a night of therapy. I night of very loud, very sweaty therapy but I came out feeling like a tonne of weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

Almost every single one of their songs has some amazing lyrics in them. The song Their Own Medicine is about being bullied and having the courage to stand up for yourself. Being bullied can affect you for a long time and you dream of being able to get closure. The songs Clear The Air and Nightlife both serve as cries for help.

Finally I want to talk about the song Shirts. This is the song that inspired me to right this blog in the first place. Very recently I have been going through a difficult patch and have been seriously down. Whenever times get tough I can just pick out any one of their songs, crank my speakers up to eleven and shout along. I think not only are Off With Their Heads one of the best of the current group of punk bands but also one of the most important.

Labels: Introducing. Slam Dunk Festival is a punk and metal festival that happens every year on the second May bank holiday weekend.

It started out just in Leeds but over the years has expanded to Hatfield and Wolverhampton. The line up was one of the strongest I had ever seen at a UK festival. I wanted to see nineteen different acts this year. Obviously there was no way I could see all of those fantastic acts in one day so some hard decisions would have to be made. This was one of two bands I was especially excited to see as they split up before I got to see them the first time round and never expected to get the chance to see them live.

Moles, Scouse and Smurf all came with me to see them I have to say it had been a while since I had been so excited to see a band.

This was a fantastic start to the day. The second band of the day was the band I was the other band I was especially excited to see, it was Jesse James. Jesse James were one of the first underground bands I loved when I first began to properly get into punk and ska music and their first album Punk Soul Brothers is one of my all time favourites.

When they were announced as playing the festival I actually let out a little girly scream out of excitement. I had never even contemplated Jesse James playing any shows again. The time came but sadly the crowd was a bit small. I started a little skank on my own at the front as soon as Jesse James started playing. Eventually the boys decided they would go and see what else is happening throughout the festival. I looked around behind me to see a dozen or so people, mostly older people were also having a good skank and had massive grins on their face.

The song Shoes drew the biggest reaction from the crowd; the video for this song had received television play on the old p-rock channel. This was nostalgia at its finest, even if the rest of the day was a bust I as on cloud nine, I had just seen some of my childhood heroes. After Jesse James finished and briefly chatting to one of the other Jesse James skankees may have made that word up I went to find Moles and get some food.

I tried for a while to ring him but was hard to get through, when I did eventually get hold of him and try and arrange a meeting place I bumped into my friend Sam. I say bumped into what actually happened was I walked straight past her and stopped when I heard someone shout Colin.

Recorded as "Louis Louis" [24] []. Multiple versions. Shawnee Marching Band of Pride. Japan release. Shiny Gnomes. Recorded as "Louie Shleppy Louie". Recorded as "Surfin' Louie". Croatia release. Belgium release. AKA Frank E. Recorded as "Loui Loui" []. COVID confinement. Kingsmen drum and bass remix. Fire Records FIR [b]. Richard Simmons and the Sweatin' Band. Recorded as "Pharaoh Pharaoh". Recorded as "Pharaoh, Pharaoh". Live in Hamburg, Big Music tour.

Lisa Simpson and the Springfield Children's' Band. Recorded as "Louie Louie Get Inside". Russia release. Atlantic Records [b]. AKA Ian Whitcomb. Uruguay release.

Sisters of Mercy [c]. Possession [a]. Live August in Amsterdam, UK release Australia release Live November in Germany. Live June 6, in Maastricht, Netherlands. Live March at Leeds University. Sisters of Mercy [d]. Live June at Royal Albert Hall. Sixties Shakers [e]. Denmark release. Ireland release. Deep Like Space [a]. Recorded as "Lilly, Lilly". Smashing Pumpkins. Live at The Bottom Line , December 28, Released Live at The Roxy , January 30, Live at The Cellar Door.

Bicentenary Blues San Francisco [f]. Live at The Boarding House , February 15, Live at Columbia College Chicago. Song medley. UK Wales release. Recorded as "Lui Lui Blast". Recorded as "Buddy Buddy". Sweden release. Boom [a]. Sinderella [a]. Reformed group. With Matt Lukin and Jason Kertson. See King Midas. Recorded s, released Recorded as "Luigi Luigi". One More Time [a]. Hungary release.

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Mexico release. Bruce Springsteen [g]. Live at University of Notre Dame, September 9,

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    My fellow Big Apple ska blogger Steve Shafer (Duff Guide To Ska) and I get together every now and then to talk shop (Steve managed promotions for Moon Records during its heyday in the 80's and early 90's so he has a unique insiders view of the American ska scene).Inevitably our conversation turns to memories of the New York ska scene and all the bands who who have come and gone.
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    Browse top posts starting with the letter ‘H’ - Page Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interest-based communities.
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    The performance itself was not particularly spectacular - they played the pieces featured on the CD (Zorn conducting); though I can't remember whether they played track 2 exactly as it is on the CD. Another thing I remember - during rehearsal (which I attended) before the gig - is the comment of a Jewish musician who was sitting right behind me.
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    clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfo 12/7/ PM. Page 1. Volume a journal of feminist theory. Volume 22 Numbers 2±3 July±November Punk Anteriors: Genealogy, Theory, Performance CONTENTS.
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    This is by far one of my favorite albums of any form of music. This cd is probably only 20 minutes long and I have never heard anything that makes me feel that angry. This is a must have for any fan of blood for blood, death threat, punk or any pissed off human being on this earth. Band Bateman Album The Love And War EP Year

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