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Illuminations (Finally) - Famm Regal - The Bestseller (Cassette, Album)

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Tags: the illuminae files, asha grant, asha, gemina, illuminae, obsidio, amie kaufman, jay kristoff, books, bookish, bookish art, reading. Tags: illuminae, the illuminae files, quote, literary quote, book quote, books, bookish, bookworm, literary art, fan art, fandom, literature, ya, ya lit, typography, galaxy, space, outer space, watercolor. She is catalyst. She is chaos.

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Taylor Swift and the Mark of the Beast :. You can now pick up my hip hop conspiracy book that covers much of the importance behind the occult and the music industry particularly hip hop. For starters, Murmur is among the handful of sui generis statements from a rock band, and in some regards, the fact that Lifes Rich Pageant at times screams is a very good thing.

When we remember how much awful music was made in that decade, it becomes refreshing almost to the point of hero worship status that there is nary a synthesizer to be found. And just because a song like "Fall on Me" became anthemic doesn't mean it was necessarily written with an eye on radio play. This work caught on because it was too powerful and significant to be ignored. The band had not hit pay dirt yet, but it had, without question, arrived.

After the so-called jangle-guitar an oft-invoked but facile charge era, there is no question that R. Arguably, this was the first major advance, stylistically and sonically. On "Begin the Begin" the urgent, almost menacing tone of Buck's guitar dispenses with all pleasantries: this joint is rocking from jump-street. And then there is the moment that Berry's drums crash in: the ethereal, occasionally unintelligible quirkiness of the earlier work has been supplanted in favor of a crystalline sound and booming back end.

This is a direct, and very confident, call to arms. There are several songs that illustrate how much Stipe is growing as a singer; the earlier mumblings were delightful even addictive in their way, but one senses he means -- and believes -- what he is saying now.

Indeed, the social consciousness is in full effect, as evidenced by two stunning tracks. The first, "Cuyahoga" is equal parts history lesson, lament, and rallying cry. The second, which is on the short list of songs that have been played into the ground, is "Fall on Me". Even after so much exposure, little can take away from or tarnish the sublime harmonies some of Mike Mills' finest work and the poetic indictment of a careless or worse, uncaring society.

It is an incrimination that manages to sound vulnerable and very human. Finally, there are the two tracks that tend to defy description. First, the almost painfully raw yet gorgeous "Flowers of Guatemala": this is, in many ways, the apotheosis of everything R. Where later songs of this sort tended toward preciousness or self-conscious sermonizing, the band members -- perhaps because of where and who they were at this time -- are able to balance earnestness and elegance.

It is straightforward yet surreal; disorienting yet deliriously familiar, like a smell or sound prompting a memory you can't quite place. It's an unequivocal embrace of the underdog, a position R. It remains a bit ironic, yet oddly perfect, that this sensibility was fully explored on an album that saw the underground's favorite band forever leave the alternative scene.

Susanne Kord gets to the heart of the philosophical issues in Terry Gilliam's time-travel dystopia, 12 Monkeys.

Chicago's the Devonns pay tribute the soul heritage of their city with enough personality to not sound just like a replica. Jaye Jayle salvage the best materials from Iggy Pop and David Bowie's Berlin-era on Prisyn to construct a powerful and impressive engine all their own. Kathleen Edwards is back making music after a five-year break, and it was worth the wait. The songs on Total Freedom are lyrically delightful and melodically charming.

Laying the everyday experience of Black life in s America against Cthulhuian nightmares, Misha Green and Jordan Peele's Lovecraft Country suggests intriguing parallels that are often lost in its narrative dead-ends. On their first album in five years, Norway's Jaga Jazzist create a smooth but intricate pastiche of styles with Pyramid.

On everything from climate change to gender identity, archaeologists offer vital insight into contemporary issues. We also all know that the current music industry is FULL of Illuminati symbology, metaphors, and blatant ceremonial magic. Perhaps this was the plan all along, to make the Illuminati a new age fad which ultimately desensitizes the masses to the true happenings behind the scenes. Art has become another form of mass manipulation.

It has everyone by the horns no pun intended , deluding people into believing false standards for beauty, sex, need for goods, and most critically it deludes people from the eternal truths of life. This list of music videos exposes the Illuminati in full blatant force. Now is the time to become aware and spread the truth. Music videos always tell a story, mainly through metaphors and symbols.

The other is the untainted Rihanna wearing a white dress. Also, the Rain Man mentioned in the song is an illusion to some sort of entity that the Illuminati worship. This entity is mentioned repeatedly in popular music.

He tries to keep his neighbors feeling secure despite the street's falling into greater disrepair, and a development company making everyone offers to buy their property to build something new. When Frank finds out that Ilse isn't quite whom she says she is, it threatens to debilitate Frank for good, as the betrayal opens old wounds and revives old hurts he had never quite gotten past. Other times it was more a question of keeping them in touch with their feelings until they wore them out—people clung to what was familiar, even when it was painful.

Joyce perfectly captures the mood of London in the late s, as the gulf between the haves and the have-nots grew ever wider. She also captures the passion of a true music lover, the beauty of friendship, and the walls we build around our heart to protect ourselves after we've been hurt too many times. As I learned from one of her earlier books, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry see my review , Joyce is a consummate storyteller who draws you in and makes you care about her characters.

One character in particular, Frank's employee Kit, felt strangely underdeveloped, and you never really understood him despite his key role in the plot. I did feel the story took a little too long to truly get going, and then dragged a bit toward its conclusion. But in the end, even if I wasn't surprised by the ending, the book really touched my heart, and the music lover in me savored every note.

See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria. Miriam Smith — Jun 05, It doesn't demand constant attention or keep you awake at night, it's just a lovely nostalgic story that makes you feel so happy when reading it, it's almost like you're floating through the pages though the ending did have me in emotional goosebumps.

Set in the story is about Frank who owns a music shop selling only vinyl records - don't mention Cd's!! He knows everything about music and always finds the right album the customers need. One day a mysterious woman walks into his life - German Ilse Brauchmann - and from then on everything in his world changes. There's some really wonderful characters in this fabulous story from the main protagonist Frank everyone needs a Frank in their life to Maud a tattooist who says so little but expresses so much.

I loved the developing relationship between Frank and Ilse and with Kit the endearing naive shop assistant added into the mix, things don't always go to plan. There's such a lovely community feel to Unity Street where the shop is located, with its multicultural residents and shop keepers living their simple and uncomplicated lives, where every event or change in routine is picked over and analysed in such a humorous and light hearted way.

Customers would go into Frank's shop lost and come out found, having discovered the right music for their troubles and feeling healed. I really enjoyed reading this book, there's nothing to not like about it - without a doubt it's made me feel differently about music and I will certainly be listening to it in a completely new way from now on.

Rachel Joyce is a very talented and established author and I look forward to reading more books by her. PattyMacDotComma — Jul 26, Do you want to listen to furniture polish? There are some people who have lived there for years, and there are some cheap rooms to let. It's a neighbourhood. Yes, it's run-down.

Yes the buildings are crumbling. But yes, these people need each other and their homes. He sorts his records by putting like with like. The thing is, only Frank know why one piece of music belongs with another, a symphony with an Aretha Franklin along with Johnny Cash or someone.

He might hand them a concerto and a pop song, send them into one of his listening booths converted wardrobes and watch their faces light up when they hear their just-right selections.

This reminds me of Mr. Penumbra's Hour Bookstore, with its peculiar collection of books and odd customers, but this is a unique story about some very particular music. He always call his mother by name. You see? Not yet. He was only six. Frank says she crashes through the boundaries like jazz musicians do. It was about what happened when you listened to the thing inside you.

The gaps and the cracks. Because that was where life really happened; when you were brave enough to free-fall. Is he doing all right? I think some readers have made lists of all the music mentioned, and I can see why. I didn't, but I will have to go listen to Miles Davis though. Miles Davis booked all the best players but they had hardly any idea what they were going to play. He gave them outlines, told them to improvise, and they played as if the music was sitting right with them in the studio.

And to think I was going to give away all of our old vinyl — yikes! Cheri — May 24, From the outside it looked like any shop, in any backstreet. It had no name above the door. No record display in the window. There was just a homemade poster stuck to the glass. There were two booths for listening with turntabl!! There were two booths for listening with turntables in between. And Frank, as much of a fixture as the records, felt it was best to keep the shop open late into the evening for those passing by in need of music.

You could find what you needed, as long as it was on vinyl. Stacks of classical, rock, blues, jazz, punk, heavy metal, he carried it all — as long as it was on vinyl. It would be a few notes, at the most, a strain. He began to tackle the things that needed tackling right away. Slowly, he began to make repairs, plastering walls, repairing pipes, fixing the roof, and replacing the windows.

Word spreads about his shop, and slowly, over time, he builds up a somewhat regular clientele. His customers are amazed that he always seems to know just the right music for them. He questioned her. Only no one gets hurt. Moved beyond vinyl to 8-track tapes, then cassette tapes, and then, by , came CDs. Shiny, eye-catching and new. But Frank remains steadfast in his determination to keep in the old and blocking the way for those new, shiny objects.

In this neighborhood, it feels as though time has marched on, but time seems to have forgotten this neighborhood, these people. Throughout this story are many quirky and endearing characters, but there is one character that really stands out from the rest: Ilse, a young woman who may wear her heart on her sleeve, but that sleeve is made of amour. He first meets her when she faints just outside the door to the music shop. And that difference is something they all seem to find intriguing.

Each character is uniquely charming, even grumpy Maud. There are also those that wander into the shop as a break in their day of wandering the streets.

There is a considerable amount of conversation about music, which should be obvious since it is a book that is based on the comings and goings of people in a music shop, but the range of eras and genres of music is fairly eclectic.

I loved this, the discussions which were less about music than about the feelings evoked, what the artist was trying to say, to convey to those listening. Frank owns a record store in the s, when records are beginning to be replaced by CDs. He holds fast to his beloved records, falls in love, and his favorite music becomes the soundtrack to his pursuit of the forbidden woman, interspersed with the memories of the music from his childhood, with his tempestuous, eccentric mother. Instead, she writes what I call "hand-holding fiction.

The prose is lovely but often overly precious, and everything is explained to you in great detail, as if the author doesn't trust the readers enough to let them figure it out for themselves.

We must always be told what a character is feeling, and why, instead of being allowed to infer that ourselves. Another thing that really galled me about this book is the manic pixie dreamgirl element.

Frank is lost, adrift, and it's the entrance of a tortured, quirkygirl that grounds him and gives him meaning. I hate the manic pixie dreamgirl trope, because in such stories the heroine becomes a means to an end: a reward to the male character for dutifully completing his character arc. As if that weren't enough, they're both pretentious AF. Frank gives her "music lessons" where he mansplains to her for hours about what musicians are good and what the records mean kindly eff off, Frank , and Ilse is flighty and mysterious and utterly flat, apart from having a fancy accent and fancy clothes.

If you ever wondered what the little shits in John Green novels would be like in middle age, pick up this book and satisfy your curiosity, because these characters are totally the little shits in John Green novels all grown up and in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

I received an ARC of this book for review. This was a lovely book spanning a twenty-one year period about a stretch of shops in London with the address of "Unity Street. There are twin brothers with a funeral parlor, a female tattoo artist, a Polish baker, a religious store run by an ex-priest, and the music shop. These business establishments face a row of apartments opposite that have seen This was a lovely book spanning a twenty-one year period about a stretch of shops in London with the address of "Unity Street.

These business establishments face a row of apartments opposite that have seen better times, along with a corner bomb site that was never redeveloped. The main character in the book is Frank, a staunch devotee of vinyl records with a knack of advising customers of what music they need. They might come into the shop thinking they want Chopin and walk out with Aretha Franklin instead Frank had a wealthy and eccentric mother named Peg and wanted to be called as such by Frank who relentlessly taught him a wide array of music along with the personal stories of their composers.

It was a fervent passion for Peg which she passed along to her son. Unfortunately, in her eccentricity she deprived Frank of a normal childhood and destroyed the most serious romantic relationship of his young life. These experiences reverberate through Frank over the years along with the music. Then one day an attractive young woman in a pea green coat peers into the music shop's window and everything changes for Frank.

A real estate development corporation is pressuring the shop owners to sell, the record company reps are coming down on Frank because he won't sell CDs or cassettes, and Frank is battling strong feelings for the mysterious German girl that wandered into his shop months ago. I once read another book by author Rachel Joyce called "Perfect" which I enjoyed very much

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    Read the Illuminati Archives online for free. Discover more about our beliefs, practices, history, and plans for the future of this planet.

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