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I Saw The Mothership Connection Over The Leaning Tower (Intro) - The Brother Green - No Country For Young Men (CD, Album)

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He said the woman worked nights, when there were less restrictions and supervision of employees. Police say there will be no charges against the inmate. A state correctional officer has resigned amid allegations that she had sex with a prisoner. The Department of Correction says the officer resigned February 2nd. She worked at the Bertie Correctional Institution, which is a men's prison. The allegations, according to state officials, is being investigated by Windsor police.

Sorry I don't have time tons fid others, maybe you can post a link of white women 'doing it too' Whistleblower: Yolanda Dickinson, who worked at Rikers Island prison in New York from to , has penned a novel about the alleged relations. Passion is certainly not on lock down at Rikers Island prison, if one ex guard is to be believed.

Yolanda Dickinson, who worked at the jail in New York from to , claims 'sex starved' female guards are having raunchy liaisons with the inmates they are paid to watch. There are 3, female officers to some 12, male prisoners and love can blossom, according to Dickinson who has just written a novel - Taboo - based on the jail's sex scene. They're working out. They're attractive,' Dickinson said. They study you all day. Dickinson, who claims she never had sex at work, does admit she fell for a prisoner during her time at Rikers.

He said he did the world a favour,' Dickinson said. Her crush developed further after the man stepped in and beat up another inmate after he groped her. Another ex - and the father of her year-old son - served 10 years in federal prison on drugs charges. In Dickinson was fired from Rikers for 'undue familiarity' after denying to officials she had received a phone call from an inmate. Love island: There are 3, female officers to some 12, male prisoners and passions can run high, according to Dickinson.

At least six female guards have been fired for undue familiarity with prisoners since Kimberly Hurd, 39, had an inmate's love child; Yolanda Turner-Goodwin, 44, was snapped hugging and kissing a prisoner; and Kadessha Mulgrav, 34, allegedly had a midnight liaison with Lee Woods - in for killing a police officer - in a shower room. Brotha RR:. As I always say to you young brotha Just cuz there are two parents in the same household doesn't mean the children are getting the best care.

I know two parent families where children are psychologically neglected and they feel abandoned I also know the opposite where both parents are in the home and the children are thriving. Yes their father was there but there are other outside influence that shape children as well. So it's not exclusive.

I stand ground on it. What are YOUR experience raising them? Did you come from a two-parent household? I did. My significant other did. Maybe that's where the miscommuication lies. Maybe you as a parent aren't there yet. Cuz if you were? You can either accept or not. Your choice. And since you're not accepting. That decision not to is totally on you. We will just have to agree to disagree. Sex-starved female officers?!!!!! I dunno. Something's REAL wrong with this picture.

First, they are NOT professional. And as humans where in the hell are the values and principles? What is the code that allows these women to do the unmentionable. I'm getting ill. To prey on the men. How sick!

And they are bringing children into this mess? Realllllllllllll sick. Evidently, believing in stereotypes is like believing in superstitions; you can't convince people that believe in stereotypes that they are not true, or at least are not true for all the people that have had a particular stereotype forced on them, anymore than you can convince a person that is superstitious that breaking a mirror does not mean seven years of bad luck. Exactly my sista! My point is that the mistakes of Black women are routinely given a pass by other Black women, yet actions of Black males are frequently dissed by those same Black women, i.

Single motherhood vs single fatherhood. You see, it would be a totally different tale if these women had a baby or two with a man that LATER became a murderer and convict. This is an extreme story, but details the mindset of many hoodrats, i. I don't need no man' or 'Black men aint spit'. From these hood people, you often get the detailed descriptions of the son of a single mother, as written in the article I posted.

I find it strange that so many women here were quick to dismiss the heartfelt feelings of a son that felt coerced into developing hatred for his father Adolf Hitler, G. Bush, and the Boston Bomber suspects all come from a two parent household and i'll say they simply F'ed up as parents!!! As for the article, all of the young and old black men I sent it too came back with two main sides: those that felt that the article hit the nail on the head and those that felt that he didn't go in hard enough.

All in the second camp came from a single mother household. One of my friends talked about how he couldn't understand why his mom didn't like any of his girlfriends and hated his new wife. From all the years i've known my friend, he always seems to pick nice women that were positive nad supportive girlfriends, but anyway, to his moms, she hated them all.

Basically, his mom didn't like any other woman taking up her son's time and focus. She basically was using her son as a surrogate boyfriend, i. As for me One thing is certain. Just look at what is happening to Dr. Conrad Murray and other individuals like him, who chose the wrong path to success, namely the criminal path to success, so much so that his license to practice medicine is revoked.

Was having sex with the prison inmates you are employed to monitor all worth it? I don't believe so, but to each his or her own. Now that was some expensive sex. Now this I can agree with. And the word to look for is "available" As I stated before two-parent household long term is very rare nowadays. They are out there. That's great news! I like that. Since you are probably old enough to be my "son, " I will share a bit of a wisdom from experience [married for over 30 plus years with several children in the household] regarding an evolving family life It works wonders for whatever obstacle in your path as parents.

And yes, with each child there will challenges but it's supposed to be. That's how they learn And then Now as for me? I can't WAIT to be a nana. It's party time. Revenge is sweet. Not mother and son. Not at all. I'm gonna watch it to get a better perspective.

And then I will come back to readdress what I have heard from actual men experiencing this phenomena. Let's not forget it was Oprah that after Don Imus' "Nappy headed h0es" comment and controversy, the first group she blamed were Black male rappers. Strangely, no one could ever find one rap lyric or rapper to use that term Oh well, so if Oprah is touching the topic, get ready for some bullspit!!! When my young son's teacher asked to see me, I reacted defensively.

I was a year-old girl thinking: "What had he done this time? What am I going to do with that boy? In that moment, as I explained our situation, the realization hit me like a ton of bricks: I am the mother of a fatherless son.

Listening to the corrective measures offered by the teacher, it became clear that I was training my son from my perspective as a woman. There were some things that I just didn't know—and others I had failed to realize.

When a boy doesn't have a father to show him the way, he can never be quite sure about the manhood things he needs to know. He's never really clear about how strong is strong enough, how soft is too soft, or how much doing and giving is enough, from a man's point of view. A boy needs a man to teach him how to push forward and when to pull back.

A man can demonstrate to a boy when to stand up—and for how long. When a boy doesn't have a father to guide him, he's not sure when to speak up or when to shut up. A man who did not have the input of a father is never quite sure about what other men will think about what he has to say. When a boy doesn't have a father to show him the way to being a man, he's never quite sure who a man is or what a man does. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions.

Rate This. Episode Guide. It's live, interactive and extra Added to Watchlist. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Hector Navarro Self - Host 27 episodes, Jessica Chobot Learn more More Like This. Stealing Harvard Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles CSS.

This is just a preview! Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. All News Daily Roundup. Album Reviews Song Reviews. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Add Comment. Get the embed code Parliament - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics 1.

Agony Of Defeet 2. All Your Goodies Are Gone 3. All Your Goodles Are Gone 4. Aqua Boogie A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop 5. Big Footin' 7. Body Language 8. Children Of Productions 9. As the giant mock-spaceship was slowly lowered, the band would play the title track to Mothership Connection, which transforms the dream of returning to the Motherland of Africa into a journey across the galaxy. Scholars have also discussed themes of unity that do not involve race.

In some cases, such in Vincent , Wright , and Friedman , these themes of universal unity are mentioned alongside statements saying that the music speaks of an all-black Utopia. The battle in his sci-fi universe was between funky and unfunky, not black and white.

Indeed, Clinton showed that his funk was not exclusively African-American. The band drew influences from bands such as MC5, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, and especially the Beatles—the idea to create Mothership Connection as a concept album was inspired by Sgt. The whole universe on the same pulse BlackSciFi The P-Funk clientele has always been a peculiar mix of ages, sexes, races, and nationalities, and faiths unified and collectively categorized by a common state of mind.

While themes of inclusion and unity among all races and Black National separatism may seem contradictory, all the themes discussed here invoke some sense of unity and uplift. Indeed, while Clinton states that his music contains Black Nationalist themes, his view of Black Nationalism is not limited to Black people.

It is my proposition that, through their science fiction themes, performances, costumes, album art, liner notes, and advertisements, Parliament provides mediated and decontextualized images of outer space or the bottom of the ocean Atlantis that, combined with other images and ideas about these unfamiliar spaces, can be contextualized within the mind of the listener.

This turns these inaccessible spaces into familiar places in which characters such as Starchild and Dr. Funkenstein reside, battling to unite the universe through the powers of The Funk. In this section, I intend to explain how Parliament provides images that promote the creation of mythscape. The next section will show how this mythscape is enacted to foster a sense of unity.

As mentioned above, Bennett notes that there is a three-step process in the transformation of a landscape into a mythscape. This process can be used to explain how Parliament transforms abstract space into familiarized place. First a landscape, which in this case is outer space, is subjected to audio-visual signifiers to become a mediascape.

Parliaments album covers, stories, advertisements, and concerts include many of these signifiers. For example, the Mothership Connection album art features a picture of George Clinton flying through space on the Mothership, theme lyrics describe stories taking place in places such as a black hole in the Chocolate Milky Way, comic books included with the albums Funkentelechy Vs.

The Placebo Syndrome and Gloryhallastoopid give pictorial depictions of these places as well as the characters that inhabit them. The many props and costumes that the band used in performances also provided images of outer space.

Likewise, the Motor Booty Affair album included a pop-up version of Atlantis complete with character cutouts and concert tours for that album involved aquatic-themed costumes and props.

Finally, in the third step, these images and bits of information delivered through the mediascape are recontextualized by listeners, creating new ways of imagining places. The fact that these places are notably different in the minds of these different authors is further evidence to their individual construction.

These differences are evident in the differing opinions of the authors, also discussed above, as to whether this place represents an all-Black utopia, a deliverance of all humanity, or some combination of the two. They are also evident in the differences in P-Funk mythology. While several of these differences are also mentioned above, in my general discussion of this mythology, there are a few more that I would like to call attention to.

The first is the differing views as to the purposes of the Mothership and the location of the future utopia brought about by the return of the Funk. Friedman , however, states that the landing of the Mothership signifies the return of the Thumpasorus peoples to earth and relates this return from space to a return to the Motherland of Africa, thus implying that this utopia is not in outer space, but on a refunkatized earth.

Another example would be differing ideas as to the origins of Funk. Thus the place-images disseminated by Parliament provide the means for listeners to create mythscapes. These places—complete with the many characters, themes, and plots that reside within them—are constructed by the individual based upon these images.

At least in the case of these particular authors, these constructions do have significant differences, but they all involve the same set of characters and they all depict utopias based in some sort of unity—be it universal or specifically Black. While these mythscapes provide the possibility of an idealized and unified world, they involve inaccessible places and also remain locked within the minds of their creators.

While they speak of unity they are not able to, in themselves, establish the unity that Clinton and others argue P-Funk strives to create. In the next section, I will show how, through devices in different songs and performances, Parliament tries to establish a communion between these mythscapes and reality to foster a sense of unity and create, if only for a short while, a unified place through performance.

Parliament uses several devices that allow listeners to connect the mythscapes they have created to their everyday lives. This enactment is preempted by concert advertisements. In one commercial, created by Casablanca records to announce the release of The Clones of Dr.

Funkenstein and the P-Funk Earth Tour, pictures from a prior concert featuring the band dancing in outrageous costume, the landing of the Mothership, the emergence of Dr. Funkenstein Harris, Gooch, and Suhs Funkenstein himself. Like an announcement that Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny will be visiting a local mall, these advertisements present the concert as a place to go to experience something fantastic—a place where fantasy can become reality.

Within the concert itself, the enactment of P-Funk myths further serve to bring myth and mythscape to life. Costumes play an important role is this process, creating within the performance space a sense of an alternate reality where anything is possible. For example, George Clinton often dressed as Dr. Funkenstein—usually either sporting an outfit similar to that on the Clones of Dr. Funkenstein album cover or bedecked in a fuzzy, all-white outfit featuring an oversized hat and a fuzzy white cane.

Supplementing the costumes were a large array of props, including pyramids; the Bop Gun, which was often brought onto the stage by Gary Shider, who, suspended by wires, flew it in above the crowd; and a giant flashlight used during the song of the same name Vincent , Arguably the most spectacular of these props—and definitely the one to get the most attention from scholars—is the Mothership.

Nov 18,  · the mothership connection live - music r&b. due to the volume of orders our shipping depots are processing and due to new social distancing practices they have implemented, we are experiencing shipping delays that are affecting our average ship times.

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    The "neutral ground" is a place where all types of young men from the neighborhood meet. Everyone puts aside their differences and accepts one another form an alliance - a Wes (Author) was playfully fighting with another student and threw him over his shoulder on to the ground. The student suffered a cut to his head. He was able to make.
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    Nov 03,  · With Hector Navarro, Jessica Chobot, Amy Vorpahl, Kyle Hill. The Mothership is a variety show that pulls together the personalities, topics and interests across Nerdist and Geek and Sundry into one glorious package! It's live, interactive and extra awesome because the community is a big part of the show!
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    Apr 08,  · Mothership Connection · George Duke George Duke Greatest Hits ℗ SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Drums: Dennis Chambers Composer, Lyricist: G. Clinton Bass, Vocal Arranger, Producer: Stanley.
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    Sep 03,  · Mothership Connection from September with DJ Maniak and DJ Perrit on the decks as well as local rappers Sleek The Elite and Case freestyling live in the studio. Addeddate
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    Mother Superior (2) ‎– The Mothership Has Landed Label: Velodrome Records ‎– , Rebel Rec. ‎– , SPV GmbH ‎–
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    Mothership Connection, from September Track ListYou Oughta Get Rushed by Overlord XStarting From Zero by Groove B ChillCriminal Minded (Live At Cuando.
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    Apr 09,  · This April Mothership Connection features live freestyles from Keelo, Loko 1, Fathom, & Ruffnecks.- Robert Sacchinelli.
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    Mothership Connection from September Track ListWickedest Man Alive by Naughty By NatureBody Rhymes (Protect Yourself) by MC OJ & Rhythm SlaveThe E by.

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