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Heavy Dance - SMS (4) - I Like The Way You Move (Vinyl)

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Fairfax said the woman sought him out after the encounter, saying she wanted to go to New York City to meet with him and introduce him to her mother. The Post could not find anyone who could corroborate either version. Fairfax is a public official who may well rise to the position of governor.

He began the morning by issuing a statement regarding allegations against him, making specific representations about Post reporting that had not resulted in publication. We then had an obligation to clarify the nature of both the allegations and our reporting. Justin Fairfax by spreading lies to reporters and state leaders in an attempt to quell support for the Lt.

He then made his comment that it was not a coincidence that the allegation was coming out now. Scharf, on whom Big League Politics hung its initial post, said in an email to The Times-Dispatch that she did not supply the site with a copy of a conversation on her phone featuring the allegation. The longest-serving woman in the House, Del. Vivian Watts, D-Fairfax, who has pressed for a stronger sexual harassment policy in the legislature, declined to comment on the Fairfax allegation Monday night.

Lionell Spruill Sr. Where and when is the Pink Pu y Hat protest? Where do the feminist stand on this sexual assault? Your silence is deafening. How different the allegations are treated if you are a liberal Black, DemoRat. This is must watch TV This is going to be so good to see congressional testimony and I want the FBI to investigate Wooooooo Hoooooo This is better than Governor Mark Sandburg Breaking news This is going to be and get real good Sure is entertaining to watch the Dems trying to wriggle and squirm out of positions they've taken with others.

Have to believe the woman. Their standard. Your party, since being embarrassed in , has accused Trump of colluding with Putin, and after two long years, and still going,, they are still looking for "corroborated evidence" to back it up. It is sad that you might not become Governor, even if Northam goes down, at the hands of his own party ….. They can ill afford to allow a white Democrat's black face of 34 years ago to go free, since the use of the word "racism" is such a big part of their success in keeping black folks on the side of Socialism, and making the GOP appear different from themselves.

Hallelujah …. Wow, the Dems are really giving us a great choice of leaders in Va. Great comment Andrew, right on the point. Fairfax was treated well by the media, especially the WaPo, they certainly wouldn't have extended the benefit of the doubt to a Republican in Fairfax's position.

When Northam finally gets the boot, we need to have public hearings like we did with Bret Kavanaugh to determine whether of not Fairfax did in fact sexually assault a woman in , this is a MUST HAVE, so that Fairfax has the chance to clear his name, and to determine the validity of the charge.

The Democrats have many times made it crystal clear that any woman who claims sexual harassment or sexual assault MUST be heard, along with any other people that may have been involved, and now they need to show the public that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Actually, if you apply the Democrat standard, all it takes is an accusation.

One needs no corroboration. He admits to having sex. All the corroboration needed. Or, do the Democrats have two standards? Personally, I'm all for corroboration, presumption of innocence and that sort of thing.

However, Democrats set the political standard and should not try to wriggle and squirm out of it. Due process is a false construct of toxic masculinity. Certainly this is the case here right? Anything to the contrary exposes the progs as pathetic hypocrites. That is the essence of this. Did liberals and Democrats believe their moral attacks on Kavanaugh? Or were they disingenuous hypocrites whose beliefs on predicated totally on political desires?

Should a woman always be believed without evidence For the record, there are equally hypocritical conservatives Anonymous allegations are cowardly at best and suspect at worst. That said, Lt. Gov Fairfax doth protest too much. I can understand him being incensed but lying about what the WaPo concluded doesn't help his cause.

Evidence is not necessary. The allegation must be accepted as a fact. Here are a few pictures. Gary is in the magician career. The time for Gary's gig at the Performance Park arrived. Here he is arriving. Gary got a moodlet for making a mess of his performance. I thought he did okay but obviously it wasn't without incident. Poor Gary felt really bad about it for quite a while afterwards.

I don't know how Don got singed, but here he is autonomously making a snowman while being both singed and pregnant.

Much later, after Don had a shower, I found him playing tag with his first alien son, Martin. Unfortunately Don was stuck in this position and had to be reset.

Don decided he wanted to kiss Olivia, and since she was standing there all alone in the snow I let him do it. She was happy about getting a kiss from her husband. I added another basement room as I needed somewhere for Prue to fish. She's already got to level 10 in Cooking and Gardening. She just needs to get to level 10 in Fishing and she'll be ready to move out of the house with her fiance Chas - after they have a spectacular wedding of course.

I want that wedding for my video. The original reason for adding the extra basement room was Olivia wished to learn the inventing skill. I have been ignoring that wish in various sims but decided to grant her wish this time. I needed to make a space for the inventing table so initially this basement held only the inventing table and the all in one bathroom next to it in case of sims catching fire while inventing.

The idea to add the wishing well came later. I almost never add a fireplace to my houses. This is due to me living my life in the tropics or subtropics and never needing a fire place in real life. Since this house is fairly tightly built I decided not to upset things by forcing a fire place inside one of the existing rooms.

So I added a fireplace to this new basement that is not directly under any part of the existing build. Of course that has resulted in a chimney poking up out of the ground.

Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet. Here is Chas sitting in front of the fire place and Martin is mopping some water Prue splashed onto the floor and Prue working on her fishing skill. I added some extra bits and pieces to the basement. Some are things I moved from other parts of the house or from their household inventory, others are things I purchased from buy mode. Here is Trish's birthday in the new basement room. Trish had her birthday immediately after Owen.

But I think she technically didn't manage to age up on the same day as Owen as I noticed it was just after midnight when she blew out her candles. No wonder everyone was so tired. I took Owen into Stylist to give him new hair and clothes.

Of course I got Error 12 and couldn't save his new outfits so will have to do this bit again. I did manage to save after he and Trish had their birthdays so didn't lose that. Now I have to try to remember what outfits I gave him. I took note of his traits and lifetime wish and gave him some eccentric outfits and a new hair that is similar to the one he got from the game but is a hair I like better on him. It is CC hair of course. This is Owen in the everyday outfit he aged up into. I just changed his shoes and hair.

I probably gave him a second everyday outfit too. I'm not sure what this outfit is. But I got a pic so we might as well see it. That's it for now. I'm loading the game and will take Owen into stylist again now and then save and do Trish next and save.

Then I suspect I'll have to shut down and reload until I can reduce the number of sims in the household. I find when Error 12 starts happening there is a finite number of times I can save before getting the error. It seems to be consistently twice at the moment with an error 12 occurring on the third attempt to save after each reload of the game.

So after I've saved twice I'll just reload to avoid losing progress made in game. Happy Simming all. August 1. There will be more tomorrow but here is a Tuesday at university. Quinton and Cori got up first and by the time Cori was eating, Quinton was getting ready to do dishes.

Then I had Quinton talk to Cori as they are getting close to being friends now. I'm hoping they'll be friends real soon. Tuesday's are Ariana's outdoors class.

As you can see, it was raining so it wasn't the best day for a class outdoors. Quinton didn't have a class until 12pm so he did some sketches while the women were away. Cori had a lecture but since a Sim only needs to be on the lot, I had her work on science instead. She gained her 5th skill point in the skill and is now halfway done with it. Hopefully I can finish it by the time she graduates. Ariana had an opportunity to befriend Samantha Grey for celebrity points so I sent her over to work on that.

She was successful so I sent her home to eat her supper. I got lucky this time as all three of the Sims sat together for supper. This probably helped with Cori and Quinton becoming friends, at least I hope it did.

Quinton then played his guitar for the ladies so they would have some nice music to dance to. Everyone had a fun time but I had to send them to bed as classes start early on Wednesday mornings. Brandontaylor Got bad weather coming may be gone for a bit.

Gah, I miss this story Found photos. The twins became toddlers today! They kissed one more time before Florence climbed on the bus, away from Edward and life as she knew it. Author's Note : I never actually sent Florence to boarding school in my playthrough, but there really was a large gap of Gameplay in Florence's "teenage years" where she didn't really go on a date with Edward or do anything interesting until she aged up into a Young adult.

I figured sending her to finishing school would be a good way to explain that gap storywise. June 20 edited July Florence wrote to Edward every single day she was at finishing school.

He responded in turn, at least for the first few letters. After that, his responses became less frequent and by the time she graduated he'd long stopped writing back. She convinced herself he was just busy and focused on getting through a finishing school and breaking as many rules as she could along the way. Eventually, her two years at the school were over and she returned home. Her family even seemed happy to see her when she returned and threw her 19th birthday on the small beach by her house.

Still, even after she aged up and gained all the powers being a young adult granted her she still didn't hear from Edward. He didn't even call her even though many of her letters contained her graduation date and telephones were being used more frequently. Once more she convinced herself that he was just busy, although some annoying doubts did start to creep in, like fears that he was cheating on her.

She tried to brush the doubts off as ridiculous, but the none-the-less they lingered. The best she could do was distract herself long enough to stop dwelling on her doubts. Edward would call she just had to be patient. Three days passed since her return home and still, she hadn't heard anything from Edward. She was almost ready to admit that her doubts were true until she went to the beach near her house and spotted a very familiar man.

Like her, he'd matured and grown, but it was Edward, without thinking she ran over and embraced him. He stiffened at first, most likely because Florence had grabbed him so suddenly, but eventually he hugged her back and for a long time they just stood there in front of all of Roaring Heights just holding one another.

Edward broke away first and asked, "Doll, what are you doing here? Naturally, things were going to be a little awkward at first. Where have you been and why did you stop writing to me? You aren't in trouble are you?

He took a small step back from her. There were some days the police got real close, your dad included. It would have simply been unwise and unsafe for me to disclose my location to you.

I'm so sorry he gave you so much trouble," Florence said. June This is so great! Question though: How long is a decade in game? How do you figure that? June 22 edited June July 5 edited July While she and Edward were on a break he never called or even wrote and time seemed to drag on forever. However, since she wasn't seeing her beau she got along much better with her parents. It also gave Florence some time to think.

As her Young adult days continued to pass questions arose, like what she wanted to do with her life. At the time the answer seemed simple, she just wanted to be with Edward and she thought the only thing she needed to be happy was to spend more time with him.

With this in mind, she decided to call up Aunt Thelma and see what kind of wisdom she had up her sleeve that she could lend Florence. A few hours later the two of them met up in a nearby park.

After exchanging greetings and gossip Aunt Thelma turned the conversation toward a more serious topic. How did you know? Now, stop dodging the question; what is it that you really want to ask me? I also know that you are a juice runner yourself and I was hoping that perhaps your organization needed another member.

You could get in serious trouble. The combination on the lock is I am an artist. July 9 edited July Author's Note : Content Warning: this post contains a moment of dubious consent, nothing graphic, but it might bother someone, so read at your own risk.

The house Florence found was not the best. It was a tiny, old-fashioned eyesore and though she had a view of the ocean, it was a limited view and her yard constantly smelt like dead fish, but it was hers and her parents didn't need to know any of these things. Conveniently, she was also too busy for her parents to visit, especially her step-father who she feared would only want to come over to interrogate her about the place she worked.

Luckily, even if he managed to come over, she wouldn't have anything to tell him; Mr. Reeves and even her own beau made sure she had plausible deniability and told her little about anything beyond what was required for her work as a bartender, which had little to do with the organization's true purpose. Reeves also mislead her about her position. While other speakeasies in Roaring Heights did get large crowds every night, The Palm Tree was not one of them.

The bar had people who would stop by regularly, but it wasn't quite as popular as others. The clientele were mostly male day drinkers who constantly compared her to the girl who worked there previously.

Florence found herself relieved that most of the time the bar was quiet and nearly empty and she could drink as many of the bottom shelf drinks for free, which made her time there bearable.

To make matters worse she still didn't see Edward very often. He'd never stop by her house even when she invited him and only stopped by The Palm Tree every now and then before rushing off after a quick kiss and some excuse about how busy he was as a juice-runner.

It was during these moments that Florence would wonder if perhaps she'd be better without Edward, but then he'd send her an expensive gift or a beautiful letter and she'd forgive him immediately and believe whatever excuse he made that day. Her life went on just like that for months and she never expected it to change, until it did.

That day she had a bad customer, after bad customer who insulted her looks or touched her without getting her permission first. One customer even brought in a small dog that not only yapped the entire time he was in the bar but chewed on the furniture as well. When Florence confronted the customer he yelled at her and left without tipping her. The next day Florence called Edward to vent.

He actually listened and they talked an hour more after that. He even invited her to a party he was throwing later that night. See you there. July 16 edited July Not long after the party, the oddest thing started to happen, the smell of alcohol started to make Florence quite nauseous and her job unbearable. At first, she didn't think much of it and just assumed the heavy drinking she did at Edward's party turned her off of it and she simply avoided drinking any nectar, juice, or champagne.

Three weeks went by after that and she realized that she had skipped her monthlies the previous month and her avoidance of alcohol made complete sense. She was pregnant and Edward was the father. At the time she and Edward were seeing a great deal of each other, so without hesitation, she invited him to a nearby beach and told him the surprising, but good news. He seemed thrilled about the idea and asked to feel her stomach. She obliged. For while Edward spent any time he had with Florence and then three months before her due date they went out to a silent movie.

Although it was bold, at the end of the night Florence asked him if he wanted to move in with her. Edward hesitated a little but agreed to her proposal. He even fought a raccoon for his family. As a result the Smiths rested easy at night. Puddinroy Posts: 4, Member. September KNORear : Awesome start to your challenge. Aw, Ruth looks adorable as does Maggie-May and Emma. Yay for Hunter protecting the family. Puddinroy thanks. September edited September After the twins were born routine resumed as normal; Joseph cared for the land and Ruth took care of the house ane together they raised their three daughters.

However, around the time Minnie aged up to a kid and moved into the loft upstairs the weather turned colder. Her younger siblings became toddlers around the same time, starting with Maggie-May. Emma aged up a few minutes after her twin and Minnie spend a lot of free time getting to know them.

Her first step was to play peek-a-boo with Emma. Winter soon fell and Joseph's garden was no longer a viable option, so he decided to try his hand at inventing.

For the winter season, it would work, although it didn't make nearly as much money. Meanwhile, Ruth began teaching Maggie-May and Emma their basic life skills. Somehow, despite the cold the Smiths tried their very best to try and have some fun and Ruth even gave birth again. This time Minnie worried about her mother alongside her dad.

The worrying was for nothing though since Ruth once again gave birth to a healthy set of twin girls named Martha and Charlotte. October KNORear : Congrats on another set of twin girls. Pretty names Martha and Charlotte. Also Maggie-May looks adorable and so does Emma. Minnie looks adorable in her winter dress. Puddinroy thanks again. December edited December Wow, I fell behind with this in a big way I blame Dragon Quest XI, Pokemon Sheild and life being lifey , and I lost all my screenshots, so to summarize the most important events: - Joseph, Ruth and their family gave birth to another daughter named Rose and there were age-ups.

As a result of her mother constantly compares her to her more traditional twin, Emma. This wasn't planned, I basically forgot I set try for baby to autonomous - Minnie married the boy she fell in love with and moved out.

This upset Ruth immensely and they argued. Also, check the first post for an update to my version of the rules for both the s and the s aka WWI. New entry should be up soon. As mentioned Maggie-May and James had to move out do to Maggie-May and her mother having different views. Her mom argued, "What did you expect to come from reading and writing novels! Now, marry James to save what's left of your reputation and get out of my house! At first, things were great after she moved out her and James's mom even got along or so it seemed.

However, eventually, Mrs. Nolan too, showed Maggie-May her true colors when she blamed her for a random fire than started in the house. Everyone was physically fine, but from then on Maggie-May and Mrs. Nolan didn't get along. However, when James's mother made one passive-aggressive comment too many James called his mother out on it.

She gave the same arguments Maggie-May's mother had. Nolan argued. As for the house itself, it was a little ramshackle and run down, but through their combined efforts he and Maggie-May made it home. They even found inexpensive ways to have fun together.

By the time the two of them turned 19 their life was much the same, they just looked a little older, more mature. It was a simple story about a young woman finding her way in the world even though the odds were against her.

The book was practically an overnight success. Maggie-May's sister, Emma even asked when her next book would be out and personally requested a similar novel. The future looked bright, so they decided to start their family to celebrate. A few months later Maggie-May was pregnant and James couldn't be more excited. Author's Note : Apologies in advance for the occasional piece of furniture or outfit that isn't entirely historically accurate. The house and such is always a work in progress, not to mention a little limited by what I have in Sims 3, but I will try my best to make everything as period-appropriate as possible.

December edited July Just a few months before Maggie-May was expected to give birth some of James's co-workers went on strike for better wages.

Their demands weren't unreasonable and James was tempted to join them, but he still had an expecting wife and the initial popularity of book EMMELINE was starting to wane. Much to his surprise she agreed with the strike and actually encouraged him to join them. James did just that and even took the lead on planning what they would do, how to change their demands to make them more appealing to their boss.

Unfortunately, the only thing he accomplished was losing his job and their first child was mere weeks away from being born, at least that's what Maggie-May told him.

All seemed lost, how were they going to be able to support themselves, let alone a new baby? Little did he know that at the same time Maggie-May was taking some time to reconnect with her family; most wanted nothing to do with her, except her twin sister, Emma, who had recently married and was expecting a child of her own.

One day Emma came to visit while James was out searching all across Salmon Woods for a job. During the visit, Emma told Maggie-May that their younger sister, Martha had just married a politician who sympathized with men like James who just wanted fair wages. Better yet there was a podium polisher position open where the politician worked. As soon as James got home that day, long after Emma had returned home; Maggie-May told him about the job and James immediately starting to work on his charisma to make sure he landed the job.

After the interview, it took just a day and a half for James to receive word that he got the job. A couple more weeks passed and then Maggie-May's water broke in the middle of the night. James immediately started to panic and fell to his knees in prayer. Someone must have heard him because although Maggie-May's labor was long, they gave birth to a healthy son. They named him Clifford James Nolan and both loved him instantly. Author's Note : Gameplay-wise things went about how they did here, but Martha is actually James's boss in the political career, but since that isn't the least bit historically accurate we'll say it was her husband.

I know she's married to someone anyways, I just don't remember who since I really don't play with her that much. Also I once again apologize with some historically inaccurate clothing, I really hate how limited maternity clothes are. Time passed far too quickly and Clifford reached his one-year-old birthday. To celebrate the occasion Maggie-May invited her sister, Emma and her husband over. Not far into the celebration Clifford blew out his candles and became a toddler right before her and James's eyes.

Emma was pregnant again and despite being quite close to her due date her husband, Johnny couldn't stop saying how beautiful his wife. Maggie-May found them sweet, especially when they danced the waltz in the living room. It was wonderful to see that Emma found a husband that cared about her so much. With the pressure, their mother put on her and all her sisters to marry, Emma could have easily settled and not been nearly as happy as she was.

The years following Clifford's first birthday were a blur of promotions, book deals and above all raising Clifford to eventually be a man as great as his father, a man who even helped Maggie-May with their child. Their parenting must have worked because it became quite clear early on that Clifford was turning into a really sweet kid.

Years later Maggie-May would consider those early years a golden time in her life. An innocent time that slowly started to come to close not long after a family trip to the seaside when Clifford was about three or four. The family spent hours just enjoying the sea air and playing in the sand. By the time Clifford was a child, life seemed to be going well.

Clifford continued to prove he would be as gentlemanly as his father by helping around the house and he tried his best in school which would secure him a great future.

However, life would soon prove that sometimes happiness isn't meant to last. January 10 edited July The Troubles began when some Salmon Woods locals found themselves sick with a terrible disease known as Burning Sim; It was a small group of people at first so Maggie-May and her husband brushed it off as something that would pass. It truly felt like a golden time as Clifford continued to grow up in a time of peace and prosperity and even got to know his cousins since Emma visited often with her kids and vice versa.

They were even pregnant with baby number two at the same time. It wasn't long after that visit that Maggie-May and James's second son was born. It was an easy birth that both Maggie-May and her son came out of healthier than ever. She and James named the boy Henry Joseph Nolan.

Their fortune reversed mere weeks later when the disease closed in around the Nolans. Late that spring Maggie-May's mother was diagnosed with Burning Sim.

One day a letter arrived with a request enclosed. Ruth wanted to meet her grandchildren before she passed, something Maggie-May had neglected to do because of the bridges she burned between them. Despite the very real risk of Maggie-May or one of her children contracting Burning Sim she granted Ruth's final request.

On Ruth's last good day before she was completely bedridden, Maggie-May invited her mother over. She met the boys and Maggie-May made peace with her mother. Not long afterward Ruth was gone, and Clifford started to show symptoms of the disease. Baby Henry followed with the same symptoms.

Within a week Clifford was bedridden, Henry was not much better off. If they didn't find a cure of some sort Maggie-May and James would have to bury their two sons. She was passionate about the project but more than anything the Nolans but all their energy into prayer and the search for a cure.

During their search, mostly using gossip and James's political connections they found out about a doctor who swore up and down that he had the cure for Burning Sim, all it would cost was simoleons for each inoculation. They only had enough for one cure, so they took Clifford with them to the hospital since he was older than Henry and had a better chance of survival.

After he got the inoculation they returned home. At first, there seemed to be no change and James began making arrangements with a local funeral director just days before Henry's first birthday. It started out as a grim occasion with only a cake, half-hearted decorations, and no guests. Things looked grim, but for Henry's sake James and Maggie-May put on brave faces. If this was to be the last party they had as a family they'd try to make it a good one. However, just as Henry was blowing out his candles Clifford rushed down the stairs into the living room, a big smile on his face.

He'd even gotten dressed for the occasion. Relief washed over Maggie-May and Henry aged up to a toddler with his whole family around to celebrate with him. After that Clifford walked over to his little brother and gave him a big hug.

I'm gonna teach you a lot of really fun stuff and we're gonna be best friends! For Clifford's sake, Maggie-May held her tears back until she and James went to bed that night. The moment they closed their door she let her tears fall. His words rang hollow, but still, Maggie-May prayed. She bore her soul begging the Lord not to take her son yet, tears in her eyes.

Eventually, she cried herself to sleep. The next morning Maggie-May was roused by a light tapping on her door before the sun was all the way in the sky. Curious, she opened the bedroom door to see Clifford in the doorway. She walked into the bedroom her sons shared and picked up Henry.

To her surprise, his skin no longer blazed with heat and he was far less pale as if his fever had broken and the disease had subsided. She was too afraid to hope but told James everything. Immediately he called into work and the two of them headed to the doctor's office. A few tests later the doctor confirmed that Henry was on the road to recovery. Right then it was as if a weight had been lifted from Maggie-May's shoulders. She had to stop herself from falling to her knees right there to thank whoever had been looking after her family.

For now, it seemed as if she and James's misfortune had reversed. For the first time in a long time, the future once again looked bright. Also, I highly recommend trying out the Vector mod where I got the Buring Sim , especially if you're doing a challenge like this that is loosely based on history; illnesses were quite a common place before the medicine and such we have today.

Heck before the late s people didn't even know about germs. Anyways the Vector mod was a fun thing to try. Fair warning though if you don't want to use the Virologist how diseases caused by the Vector mod are cured , the diseases are really hard to get rid of, even the common ones like Influenza.

Happy Simming everyone! January 17 edited July Life seemed to return to normal, Besides the fact that the Nolans had slightly lighter wallets, not that they mentioned that to their boys. Instead, they focused on raising them right. James was not a candidate and he lost his job. He would have been blacklisted for any employment if it wasn't for the fact that many of his co-workers sympathized with his predicament since many of them had also lost loved ones to the epidemic.

They buried his crime as quickly as possible. None the less it took some time for him to find another job and even then the one he got was a simple clerical position that paid little.

To make matters worth the next book Maggie-May wrote, a semi-biographical book dedicated to her mother, flopped. Somehow through all of this, the family managed to hold on to their house and keep a good deal of it from Clifford, although he had questions both James and Maggie-May often had to dodge.

Then, one-day Maggie-May got a letter from a sister she hadn't heard from in ages, her oldest sister, Minnie. Their father had died peacefully in his sleep and he'd left Minnie and her husband a great deal of money since he never had a son live long enough to inherit and she wanted to spread the wealth around a little.

The amount she generously gave Maggie-May was enough to bring the Nolans from the brink of losing everything. James and Maggie-May's first priority was, of course, to pay back all their debts, but they had money left over even after they took care of them.

After a long discussion over what to do with the leftover money, they decided that their home was a little too small for their family, especially since both Henry and Clifford were getting bigger each day. They moved in just in time for Henry to age up into a child.

With life looking up once more they decided to add to their family. While it would still be a few weeks before Maggie-May knew for sure that she was pregnant, she still went on a nesting frenzy turning their new house into a home. Both Henry and Clifford adjusted to the new furnishings happily. Their favorite part was, of course, the large yards that they would play in for hours. Finally, a few weeks after Snowflake Day Maggie-May didn't get her monthlies, confirming that a new bundle of joy was on their way.

Author's Note: A Big thank you to theNumbersWoman for the rocking horse and the crib seen in the nursery and evi for the rug. Also in case my readers haven't noticed my modified rules for the s are now up.

Anyways Happy Simming everyone. January 23 edited July About nine months after Maggie-May found out she was pregnant winter came around again and just a few weeks before Snowflake Day, Salmon Woods got its first heavy snow fo the year. The boys immediately set out to make a snowman as soon as the snow stuck. They weren't alone in their enjoyment of the snow though, Maggie-May pulled them into a snowball fight after they finished their snowman.

It was a fun-filled day and after bowls of stu and warm baths, the family went to bed. A couple more weeks passed by and although Maggie-May was heavily pregnant with baby number three, the family decided to stop by the local winter festival.

Once there Henry and Clifford were immediately drawn to the frozen pond in the center of the festival grounds. Despite a couple of minor bumps and bruises, the boys had a great time skating on the ice together and even showed their parents a couple tricks. Not to be outdone James joined his boys on the ice.

Jun 06,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Body Rockers - I like the way you move YouTube; Ofenbach - Be Mine (Extended) - Duration: LeMister 46,, views. videos Play all Modern Rock Hits YouTube Music; Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You (Official Video) - Duration: Edwyn Collins.

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    May 01,  · Come on baby dance on the top of me. You so fine (you so fine) you so fine. You drive me outta my mind (my mind, outta my mind!) Oooh. (I like the way you move) I love the waay you move (Ooo you so sexy baaby!) (Whoo-o-o!) I love the waaay you move. I love the way, I love the way.
  7. Arashilabar says:
    I feel like y'all are definitely more creative than I am when it comes to storytelling. July 23 - A patch for The Sims 4 is ready for you to install it! Check the patch notes out here. The Sims Spark'd is here! - are you ready? Discuss episode 3 here! Sims 3 .
  8. Jugar says:
    Sep 19,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - I Like the Way you Move Line Dance YouTube OutKast - The Way You Move (Official Video) ft. Sleepy Brown - Duration: 4.
  9. Yozshukinos says:
    Jun 06,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Body Rockers - I like the way you move YouTube; Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Duration: Jet ,, views.

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