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Depression Maniatica - Rapturous Grief - Rapturous Grief (Vinyl)

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Gold vinyl pressing. Pressed on white and blue color vinyl. Originally starting out as a practical ska band with a heavy SoCal influence, they have created a sound combining soul, reggae, punk, and progressive rock. Brown aka "The Scientist". And with their T. They wrote and recorded the album themselves using an analog console, a microphone, and what few instruments they had; as the project developed, they were surprised to find that they had amassed several albums' worth of material, showcasing their unique combination of melodies and unexaggerated arrangements.

This reissue has been meticulously reconstructed, with new and expanded artwork, and packaged in a thick gatefold jacket. Includes four bonus tracks. This track, six-hour long Grateful Dead tribute album was created and curated by brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, and features over 60 artists from varied musical backgrounds.

Williams specialty was his rapid-fire jive rhyming delivery alongside his alter-ego Marcus who "ate chicken on Sundays". To date his career in radio spans four decades as newscaster and radio personality, 'Winston in Kingston' continues to excite listeners as the 'radio rhyme king' on Power FM.

His compositions and trumpeting suggest an Olympian majesty. There is a grace and eloquence, as well as a purity of sound and purpose.

They return with their fifth studio album, The Last Hero. Always a musical chameleon, Groth pays homage to his roots through emulating the analogue soundscapes of innovators like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Klaus Schulze, and the driving motorik Krautrock rhythms of Neu! In doing so he has created a vibrant, colorful 21st century palette on which to blend these classic influences from the Golden Age of electronic music.

Exit Popularity Contest demonstrates an admirable musical purity and sincerity, channeling the best of the past to forge a path into the future.

The set finds Rick returning to his musical roots, with a deeply resonant voice that soars over driving soul, reflective pop and gospel influences. Twelve tracks and ten years deep, Throwback To The Future is a proud amalgamation of place, spirituality, and time. Recorded in two continents, the LP features a dynamic guest list of acclaimed Brazilian musicians playing instruments including marimbas, cavaquinho, and flute. The George Cables Songbook illuminates his gifts as a composer as much as his skill at the keyboard.

Formed in , the band fuses elements of emo, post-hardcore, jazz fusion, progressive rock and screamo into their sound. Perhaps, it's a result of her classical piano training, the fact that her multi-ethnicity has been the catalyst for family visits across the globe, or a natural cleverness that's as striking as her dynamic vocal range.

It could just be due to the fact that this 17 year old singer and songwriter has always known what she wanted to do. She pays homage to the legacy of Stax by covering classic repertoire from its historic catalog. Wanting to be as respectful and true to the tradition as possible, Melissa made the pilgrimage to Memphis to record her new album in Willie Mitchell's historic Royal Studios.

Melissa also added some new lyrics of her own, as well as incorporated an assortment of iconic Stax samples in the production of the album. It races through d-beat, blast-beats, and closing slow crush with an agility and skillful riff-mongering that often eludes bands of this ilk.

In The Now is the second solo effort of Gibb's career and his first album of all new material since the Bee Gees final studio album in Barry proudly admits, "All of the feelings that I've ever had in life are all in this album. It creates a kind of musical ouroboros—an infinite cycle of reflection and rejuvenation, death and rebirth.

In a nutshell, that is what the record reflects. To us, music was more about what made you move rather than what type of music was playing. With this album we're able to explore all facets of music that we love, flip the script and bring everything together into one fluid album that we're really proud of.

The electric side features a backing band for the ages, consisting of Band members Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson plus Mike Bloomfield on piano and Charley Musselwhite, while the acoustic side is just Hammond on guitar. At that I was feeling—more acutely than I had ever felt before—wrenched apart by my responsibilities to my family and to my music. Forgetting, momentarily, that for me, each exists only with the other.

How could I forget? Though maybe my lapse was reasonable: I had just quit my job, the most recent and last, in a series of dead-end gigs stretching back 20 years, with the vow that my children would understand their father as a man in love with his world and the inventor of his own days.

They would be rare in that regard. And then—driven by monthly bills and pure fear— I left for another tour, carrying a load of guilt that I could just barely lift. But in that snowy hotel room I found the refrain that became my compass: I was a dreamer, babe, when I set out on the road; but did I say I could find my way home?

The album features jazz luminaries including her Blue Note labelmates -- saxophonist Wayne Shorter, organist Dr. I still played it, but was more inspired to write on guitar. I really loved playing piano on this record. Since the release of their Epitaph debut Never Hungover Again , guitarist and singer Barry Johnson has taught himself the meditation techniques championed by the Beatles and director David Lynch, and he found he was suddenly wide open.

Before, songs were labor; now they were revelations, appearing almost fully formed in his head before he had time to even catch them on a voicemail to himself. Purely visceral and pummeling workouts of krautrock and psychedelisch from these masters of the art, featuring an original Monster Magnet member and three of The Heads -- this is pedigree not to be overlooked.

Sebastian Kole is redefining the meaning of the triple-threat with his lyrical content, soulful vocals and instrumentation. Sebastian has been influenced by some of the greats throughout music history, from acts like Freddy Mercury and Kurt Cobain to Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. His music can resonate with even the most scrutinizing audience, the inspiration derived from his musical taste is apparent. He is a creator who is meticulous in the production process, reaching into the depths of his creativity towards self-expression.

On his fifth studio album, the aptly named Zigzagger , Kuroda darts between those wide-ranging interests with a funky swagger and an intensely swinging vigor.

The deeply infectious album finds the trumpeter snaking his way around the opposing poles of acoustic and electric, bristling grooves and blissed-out vibes, punchy brass and fluid synths, carving his own distinctive sonic path along the way. They take a no-nonsense approach to music: free of pretense, studio trickery and gimmicks.

The result is a collection of songs that is real and raw, addressing themes of anger, loss and desperation. Their sound is a mix of acoustic guitar, mixed media samples and Latin American-inspired drums. When we get down to brass tacks however, we find that it is simply great musicians making great music that strikes a chord within the blackened heart and darkened souls of the listener. Thunderous drums and low razor-riffs heralded the next stage of their career. Together we can make it through, we've got time.

In retrospect, reminiscing about these sessions done less than four months before he died, the moments seem even more magnified. Her rich sultry voice, combined with the rhythmic soulful feel that reflected her gospel background, ensured that she was one of the most distinctive stylists of her generation. It's been 10 years since he first appeared on the BBC as part of Jools Holland's Hootenanny , a legendary performance which turned him into a household name overnight with his debut solo album, Dog House Music.

It has been nothing short of a harrowing couple of years, full of beauty and sorrow. We got served an adult portion. We grew up. That's 98 nights without music. To work around this complicated botheration I came up with the name Elmo Buzz.

No bullshit The three core members of the band are Peggy Ghorbani on marimba, Sarah "Goat" Gautier on marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, organ, voice, mellotron and piano, and Harris on sundry percussion and wind instruments including some of his own devising. They are joined by Jeremy Barnes on accordion, drum, and mellotron; Heather Trost on violin, voice and marimba; John Dieterich on guitar, bass, castanets and special effects; and Raven on bone flute, and electronic sounds.

In , the Merritone label was founded as a subsidiary of Federal Records when the Ska beat was slowing down it's tempo to take a next musical form called rocksteady. From the sons of Ken Khouri, Paul and Richard, engineers at the Federal Records to even employees at their pressing plant -- everybody involved at the label followed the Merritone productions with passion.

Elsewhere, Xylouris White re-write their route map. Here are those that serve as a working definition of country music, and as an admonition to artists who try to get too wordy or try to lose themselves in minor keys.

In making his first electronic album, Younge took his cues from them, reminding a contemporary audience what a synthesizer, deep in its heart, really could be. New album from the Fort Collins, CO melodic death metal band. Bat barrel forth like filth hounds of Hades, pounding metal with violence and force. Sufer Girl was the first album by the Beach Boys for which Brian Wilson was given full production credit, a position Wilson would maintain for the next few years.

There were only a few opportunities for that. Very-limited edition color pressings. The recording, which marks a creative milestone for the veteran artist, features intimate, dynamic stripped-down instrumental arrangements of nine original compositions written or co-written by Ingram, as well as two songs Ingram found listening to demo tapes of some friends.

A true troubadour, Ingram tells stories, dedicates songs and has conversations with the musicians between the songs. Ingram's banter adds an extra level of intimacy to the record, almost like he's brought the listener right in the recording studio with him as the album was being cut live. As author Richie Unterberger writes in the liner notes, "When Bert Jansch's self-titled debut LP was issued in April , he was already a major figure on the British folk scene.

His synthesis of traditional British folk with blues and a bit of jazz was at the vanguard of a new generation of UK folk performers, well versed in past forms but unafraid to venture into new territory. His virtuosic guitar was complemented by a plaintive rough-hewn voice that didn't just document the on-the-road experience, but lived it. What the musical landscape needed was a revival, a movement that gathered up the fragments and gave meat to the poor in spirit.

The Brothers weren't just at the right place at the right time; they were from the right place. Blues, jazz, rock, gospel, country -- all made up the seamless garment of the Brothers' sound. The song has all the flair and refinement of pre-prog Limey. The Brothers rip through it with nonchalance, then transition into their own homegrown blues, "It's Not My Cross to Bear.

The listener has to decide right away if it's going to be Yorkshire pudding or grits with red-eye gravy. Once you get on this real blues train, there's no heading back to Piccadilly; swinging London gives way to muggy Macon.

It becomes immediately apparent that Gregg Allman, despite all his tabloid-cover goofiness, is one of the greatest blues vocalists of all time. Muddy Waters' "Trouble No More" sizzles with Duane "Skydog" Allman's legendary slide work, the first real taste of a medicine bottle gliding across steel strings.

But this is not merely grunged-up blues. The extended instrumental break -- the first of many from this band -- allows Duane Allman to wrap spiraling layers of slide around a tense but deliberate shuffle beat and Oakley's tastefully subdued bass work. It was on this track the Brothers distinguished themselves from that other infamous "jam" band -- the Grateful Dead.

Whereas the Brothers defined the musical "road" with long bends and detours that effortlessly but faithfully retraced themselves, the Dead were muddled and aimless.

The Brothers could always bring the listener back home, because there was always something worth coming back to. The Dead dropped you off in oblivion. Idlewild South was the Brothers second album. Their eighth full-length is a collection of ruthlessly melodic and irresistibly compelling progressive folk metal. The all-star tribute salutes Mitchell as a boundary-breaking artist highlighting her songs throughout her career.

On the heels of their latest studio album Weezer The Black Album the alt-rock band delivers a covers album. Leo Bud Welch, the deceased delta bluesman, spent his life honing his musical craft. The Mississippi native and year lumberjack performed as a gospel singer in his small hometown for years before he made his first record when he was in his 70s. The influence of the region he called home, his years of musicianship, and his well lived life blended together to create music that was as unique as he was.

The second of these shows was recorded and filmed. Available in Regular, Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions. Deluxe includes the newly remastered UK and US mixes along with a selection of bonus tracks. Super Deluxe adds unreleased live and studio recordings, music videos, concert footage, and a new interview with Whitesnake founder and lead singer, David Coverdale.

The Wild Reeds are a band led by women, and that matters. Not a sister band, not a girl group, but a band fronted by three women, all talented singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists in their own right. Cheers was born out of a strange and painful time, full of tough break-ups, family deaths, and discord within the band itself.

The 13 songs are snapshots from that upheaval, touching on illness, therapy, heartbreak and disconnection from three perspectives. ANWL revisit their classic debut album with a fresh recording using the original lyrics that caused the album to be banned upon its original release in Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account.

The sadest record I heard for a long time. Just listen and cry. Commitment to Complications by Youth Code. Pure energy If you like Necrotekk, you may also like:. For more about how we put together this list, read this letter from our editor-in-chief Puja Patel. All releases featured here are independently selected by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, however, Pitchfork may earn an affiliate commission. Had they been released earlier, they would have been included here.

Listen to selections from this list on our Spotify playlist and Apple Music playlist. Storming from the stoops of Harlem to the bustling storefronts of Canal Street are the gaptooth spitfire Wiki and the languid daydreamer Hak, whose relentless banter never loses steam.

In the late s and early s, plenty of indie bands sprang up with crystalline guitars, cryptic lyrics, and an aversion to sharing basic biographical details. Who could sustain such intensity; who would want to? But despite their differences, they complement each other perfectly, whether rapping or producing. That balance carries over to their wide array of guests who all rise to meet their energy.

Some 21st-century death metal acts embraced digital technology and the clarity it brought; imagine listening to a jackhammer busting through concrete in hi-def. That modern crispness is nowhere to be found in the eruptive music of Portal, who instead update old-school death metal by making their music sound not like just one tsunami but dozens of them.

All the band members are anonymous and perform masked. There are glints of familiar metal tropes—epic guitar solos, sci-fi-homage lyrics—but by boiling these elements into a tarry, punishing brew, Portal bring metal back where it started, as the sound of something terrifying, exciting, and new. With true punk fury—and the occasional stellar use of saxophones— Downtown Boys clear themselves a space to rage: Joey L DeFrancesco cracks bedrock with his guitar chords, while drummer Norlan Olivo agitates the whole band into breakneck urgency.

With Full Communism , Downtown Boys established themselves as the harbingers of righteous frustration at a system that keeps people pinned down in a cycle of exploitation. As the rhythm section storms along, Stickles screams himself hoarse about accepting your given lot in life and the folly of using spite for fuel.

Hellboy was released while Lil Peep was a teen, just a few years before he died. Listen: SoundCloud. When Kelela debuted with Cut 4 Me , she solidified an experimental bass movement into something that felt human, as if a team of extraterrestrial scientists finally made contact. And she does so wide-eyed and full-heartedly, even painstakingly. It's music that rewards close attention in an age where that is increasingly rare. Huerco S. Churning loops bubble up into a fizz of tape hiss, sounding like a lo-fi cassette dub of Berlin ambient-techno pioneers Basic Channel; bell tones and tinny synth riffs stumble down a delay-pedal hall of mirrors.

For the first half of the decade, Miranda Lambert was a country superstar with a string of radio hits, a recurring spot on The Voice , and a picture-perfect marriage to fellow singer Blake Shelton. But when they divorced in , the breakup encouraged her to go down a darker, more existential path. Its songs are torch ballads and highway anthems with a live band that feels borne of late night jam sessions, raw and unglamorous. For Lambert, redemption comes from buying a cheap pair of plastic sunglasses, by spending late nights alone at the bar, in knowing that she alone controls her destiny.

And the music says it all. After the breakup of the Clipse, his duo with his brother, Pusha-T spent this decade trying to find his footing as a solo rapper. Daytona is the full realization of Pusha as a star. And yet, for all the storylines and drama that surrounded Daytona , the music rises above. He was only 18 at the top of the decade, when he and his childhood friends were dubbed the Next Great Punk Band, and across four albums and countless shows, they put in the work needed to uphold the claim.

This is the latest, greatest Iceage: a bit more romantic but as fiercely droll as ever. Enigmatic and patiently unfolding, Mono No Aware stands as an argument for appreciating everyday subtleties in an era prone to bombast. Reissues of obscure albums ran rampant this decade, thanks in part to labels following the YouTube algorithms that guided listeners to styles they may have otherwise never found. But the MP3 blog-turned-label Awesome Tapes From Africa bucked that trend, diligently digging through physical artifacts to discover true gems.

On it, Mergia still sounds spry and roving on piano, accordion, and synthesizer, his melodic sense as acute and mesmerizing as ever. With Mergia at the helm of a jazz trio moving as a crackling, telepathic entity, Lalu Belu astonishes not by being a nostalgia trip but by sounding triumphantly in the present. Clean is a breath of fresh air that will also knock the wind out of you. Nashville singer-songwriter Sophie Allison was far from the only former home-recorder making bittersweet indie pop in , but she did it her own way, and with impressive craft.

As the bubble for mass-market electronic dance music was about to burst, this individualistic approach distinguished Crampton as a renegade on the rise. Inflamed and incandescent, lead singer Sadie Switchblade's yowl scorches anyone who would tell her to shut up, stay docile, wait her turn.

Continuing in the riot grrrl tradition of flashing sharpened teeth at embedded patriarchal violence, G. Each track is an ode to one of her inspirations, most of them women of color.

They make bright, shiny synth-pop that is entirely self-written and self-produced, but is so immaculately constructed, it feels like it was built by a team of scientists. And yet, in , The Bones of What You Believe served as the ideal wake-up call for those stumbling blearily out of the chillwave daze.

On their debut album, Chvrches ushered in a new era of dance pop with an indie soul. A thousand Spotify-core bands bloomed in their wake, but none could ever capture the same magic. Two EPs, sparse cover art, conceptual experimental music—at first, this is all we knew. Black Up is drowned in murky instrumentals and bombastic, introspective rhymes. The sounds flirt with jazz, but also root themselves in a firm understanding of silence, or the sparse magic of simplicity.

From great mystery exploded an album of impossible vision. The post-punk hero of the decade wore pink stilettos onstage and made monogamy sound as appealing as anthrax. Jehnny Beth, frontwoman of Savages, sang with a sinister and a heavy-lidded hauteur, adding omnidirectional disdain for all things patriarchal and vanilla. Below her, terse, voluble bass and severe toms also nodded back to another era, one more restrictive to women as bold as the ones in this London band.

But Silence Yourself carries every bit of that adrenaline; in its coiled, sparking guitars and rabid screams, it warns of the dangers of technology while weaponizing its potential.

Suddenly, the alternatives sounded ancient. Margo Price toiled for years to become an overnight sensation: Her acclaimed debut Midwest Farmer's Daughter , released in on Jack White's Third Man Records, came out after she had spent more than a decade in the Nashville trenches. But that album was a Trojan horse for the thornier sentiments she would smuggle onto the airwaves and stages with her follow-up, All American Made.

He had nothing to prove. But even at 62, Scott-Heron still had his ear to the ground. Over 15 tracks of wry philosophizing and solemn reflection, Scott-Heron honors everything in his rearview, from the strong women who shaped his character to the many mistakes that cost him dearly.

Arriving at the same time as industrial-strength belters like Adele and Florence Welch, fellow UK singer-songwriter Jessie Ware was an anomaly. Much of Devotion went on to soundtrack TV dramas and romance movies, which feels like a badge of honor: Ware provided a masterclass in mining the ups and downs of romance with an artful, featherlight touch.

She claws the walls off every word. Her fourth album, Are We There, was the first to rise from classic soul more than indie rock; the faint organ licks and slow, patient drums are designed to center a torrential voice, the kind that stands pleading at the footlights. That is Van Etten, and her performance is transfixing, exhausting, cleansing.

Small Town Heroes consists mostly of traveling songs—reflections on life as a touring musician—but also the thoughts of a woman who has spent most of her adult existence in transit. She's seen jubilation, tribulation, and cold-blooded murder, but Segarra keeps wandering, as though she can't wait to see what's over the next hill or around the next corner. Together, they jump from silky love ballads to grind-ready bangers.

Just as great are the moments when Popcaan fuses the rich sounds of his home with traditional pop bounce, like the scintillating title track. But through all the genre bending and lane-switching, Popcaan is clearly, deeply proud of his dancehall roots. Sometimes he spits with aggression over an airy instrumental ready to be embraced by the SoundCloud community, other times he scream-raps about Tinder and political figureheads over noise music. But keep listening, and Compro becomes more complicated.

The German producer uses the last 20 years of electronic music as a massive sandbox from which to create textured tracks that are familiar enough to be enjoyable, yet mutate enough to constantly surprise. Maybe modern Paramore feels as urgent as old Paramore did once because the confusions of young life have lingered longer than expected; maybe no one really ever grows up at all.

Arriving early in a decade that would find other young artists drawing inspiration from the once-maligned New Age genre, the album represented a shift in how the underground could embrace the celestial. As the world was getting louder, Barwick was building her own sanctuary, full of light and space and strange enough to feel like home. Alex Giannascoli could never be called a frugal songwriter. DSU , his fifth proper album as Alex G, changed this.

Self-recorded in his Philadelphia home, the characters in its 13 songs are often bleak—lovesick fatalists, regretful junkies, and self-proclaimed emotional voids—but in his hands, they transform into slightly haunted, subtly profound stories.

His songs are built around catchy, intimate melodies evocative of Elliott Smith at his poppiest, with disorienting flourishes of freakiness, like a pitch-shifted baby voice or sharp blasts of dissonance. On her third studio album, The Pinkprint , Nicki Minaj came closest to putting it all together: rapping and singing, EDM and hip-hop, seriousness and ridiculousness.

The songs represent a dizzying crash course in everything that makes the genre great. Listening to Frances Quinlan fray her vocals is like watching someone rip a gnarly run in their black tights: Instantly, the whole outfit is rendered punk. Being able to wring emotion out of any word is a gift, but then Quinlan has to rub it in by being one of the most compelling storytellers of her generation, too.

Frank , alluding to tragic moments from his biography and invoking the general unfairness of life with a metaphor about horseshoe crabs. In a decade where the lo-fi solo project often dominated indie music, Hop Along made a strong case for honest-to-goodness rock bands, one pummeling performance at a time.

In May , Meek Mill effectively broke the rap internet: Dreamchasers 2 caused the mixtape site DatPiff to crash en route to becoming the most downloaded release in its history. Create a free account. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The Crying Book. Heather Christle. The Trees The Trees. Only 2 left in stock more on the way. Jenn Ashworth. Strange Hotel. Eimear McBride.

Outline: A Novel Outline Trilogy 1. Rachel Cusk. Weather: A Novel. Jenny Offill. Customers who bought this item also bought. Time Lived, Without Its Flow.

Apr 05,  · “Sjohnna McCray’s blunt, rapturous poems make me think of Dinah Washington singing, ‘Maybe this world is not so bitter after all.’ Despite the debris of his life, time has made Sjohnna McCray tender, too. I will always remember the sweetness on these pages, mixed up with Stygian darkness, like a little hope for humankind.”―Henri ColeReviews: 5.

8 thought on “Depression Maniatica - Rapturous Grief - Rapturous Grief (Vinyl)”

  1. Shazil says:
    Dec 03,  · Confront Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and Loss Through Poetry. Are the usual depression books helping you find a path to healing? No? Try this poetry collection especially for those dealing with mental illness and for people closest to them. Create hope for the future. Paloma is faking it. On the outside, she’s A-Okay.4/5(6).
  2. Megis says:
    I have no problem with slow films, I love period pieces. I cried a lot at the resignation and depression made apparent in Effie gray's character as interpreted by Dakota fanning. I think she does an excellent job revealing grief and extreme depression while outwardly maintaining the polite and dutiful manner required to survive in that era/5.
  3. Akisho says:
    Explore releases from Rapturous Grief at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Rapturous Grief at the Discogs Marketplace.
  4. Faelrajas says:
    Oct 08,  · To survive, he makes depression, debt, and self-destruction into sublime cosmic jokes at his own mopey, myopic expense. It was the last time Berninger’s lyrics .
  5. Megal says:
    Dec 03,  · Poetry to Confront Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and Loss. Are the usual anxiety books helping you find a path to healing? No? Try this collection of poetry specially crafted for those dealing with mental health and the people closest to them. Poetry meets mental health. Paloma is faking it. On the outside, she’s A-Okay.4/4(6).
  6. Goltitaur says:
    What We Have Lost by Necrotekk, released 06 April 1. Kingdom 2. Dog With Two Bones 3. Torn 4. Dark Dark Dark 5. The Way 6. To Find Someone 7. Kassandra 8. Shiny, Black .
  7. Maulmaran says:
    He eventually returned to Manchester, but just days before Deportation Blues was released, his father died unexpectedly. From grief-stricken vulnerability to armoured bravado, from the black dog of depression to gallows humour, he processed his grief with comedy and it elevates the album to a heightened plateau.
  8. Mezil says:
    Nov 10,  · Much of Reed’s self-titled solo debut consists of reworked material from Loaded, and he was crushed by its tepid clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfo David Bowie loved the Velvet Underground, and helped remold Reed into gender-bent demi-urge for the budding glam era with ’s Transformer, on which Mick Ronson’s opiate womb-style production and Reed’s amphetamine-drip emotionless vocals formed a .

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