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The Storm From The East - Pathogen (2) - Forged In The Crucible Of Death (Cassette, Album)

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Can stormwater BMPs remove bacteria? Detecting an unstable space-time manipulator which disturbed the very existence of the universe, the Doctor used the TARDIS to pursue it in a race through time and space against the Daleks , Judoon or Slitheen , each of whom wished to acquire it.

Ultimately, however, after chasing it through from the Time Vortex to New Earth , the lunar surface , and the London Blitz , the Doctor finally caught the space-time manipulator back in the Time Vortex before destroying it. When an ancient alien parasite inhabited his mind, the Doctor lost his memory and took up residency in a boarding house owned by the Manns family in Working with Robert Mann , the Doctor discovered the parasite had inhabited the oak tree in the village and sucked it into the time vortex, regaining his memory and control over his mind.

Afterwards, the Doctor had dinner with the Manns and the local villagers. He discovered a sonic screwdriver hanging from the tree and a note for him with the screwdriver, which thanked him for saving the family's life on Christmases in the next nine decades. With this, the Doctor travelled to every Christmas between and , protecting the Wake family. As time passed, the Doctor grew closer to Tom, his wife and their children and grandchildren. Eventually, the Doctor and Tom reached Christmas and discovered it was Tom who left the note for the Doctor, instructing him to protect his descendants.

The Doctor talks to the Extron. The Doctor went on the trail of the Extron , a galactic criminal, after the alien parasite kidnapped Violet Hopley , a nine-year-old girl. He located the Extron on the desolated planet Onla-toch in the Dogron system , which the Extron devastated many years prior. After re-capturing the Extron, the Doctor returned Violet to her parents on Earth.

Intending to brush up on his language skills, the Doctor's lesson was cut short when he became trapped in the News Factory, a virtual world of crystalline matrix populated by journalists, including married couple Ray and Boudica Royce , whom the Doctor allied with to destroy the aggressive SubEds and the News Factory itself by distrupting the crystalline matrix.

Landing in a cavern next to a pool of superheated water, the Doctor came under attack from flying aliens called Shrikes. He was rescued by a youngster called Kaze , who led him to a village and the villager's leader, Genji , who invited him to the Ceremony of Choosing, when warriors to defend the village against the Shrike were selected.

After the ceremony, the Doctor and the rejected group were thrown from a cliff and came across a crashed spaceship which had used up all its energy shielding itself from the Shrikes. The Doctor joined him on his quest and, after battling giant scorpions and escaping various traps, he discovered a group of humans had been turned into gorillas by the kings centuries prior.

Finding and sealing the kings' tomb, the Doctor left Mason to lead a revolution on Skarab. The Doctor was summoned to 19th century China by an old acquaintance, Chan Chiu , and learnt that immortal spirits were operating at the temple of Qingyange. Taking Chan's nephew, Li , to investigate, the Doctor found the spirits under the command of a stone monkey and his governor.

Taken prisoner, the Doctor challenged the stone monkey for the future of Earth: they both had to defeat a dragon to seal their power over Earth. The Doctor won the challenge, defeated the dragon and drove the stone monkey and his spirits away from Earth. Leaving, the Doctor travelled to the future and visited Li in his eighties, as he was telling his grandchildren about their adventure. The Doctor stumbled onto Majenta Pryce 's operation in the Hotel Historia , a chain of time-travelling hotels that had been destroyed in the Last Great Time War, while confronting the Graxnix in 41st century London and used the faulty tech to travel back to the hotel.

The Graxnix followed the Doctor and started to kill people at the hotel. Majenta quickly decided to leave with her bills unpaid, but the Doctor prevented her escape. He used her time travel technology to imprison the Graxnix outside time, and then ensured she was taken to debtors' jail. Whilst looking for his copy of It's a Wonderful Life , the Doctor accidentally released the Wire , who he forgot to tape over after their previous encounter.

He tracked it to a small suburban house, where Alice Wu helped him to recapture it. The Doctor then joined Alice's family for a Christmas dinner and a movie.

After finding the corpse of Dr. He was saved by Rachel Barlow and allied with her to unmask a sabotuer who was distrupting the team's work. After an attempt was made on their lives, the Doctor and Rachel discovered a medical officer, Jennifer Arden , was responsible due to her disagreement with the methods of the team's leader, Mick Hogan.

When Jennifer infected herself whilst fighting with Hogan, the Doctor used samples collected by Kaleb Loss to cure her. The Doctor found a giant creature called Zzazik was responsible for a storm in Switzerland , and trapped it in sparks of electricity.

Afterwards, the Doctor encountered Mary Shelley , who had been knocked unconscious by the sparks of electricity. However, he left without revealing his identity, inspiring her to write Frankenstein. Tracking a Sea-Rah that had fallen through a hole in time, the Doctor ended up on a beach in England , where he saved a young boy called Lewis from the Sea-Rah. Visiting the Vienna State Opera, the Doctor found the great tenor, Anton Mordillo , was actually a member of the Thieves' Guild of Kardol, a group of alien con-artists wanted in seven star systems, but allowed him to continue his opera career.

The Doctor and Donna witness the departure of the Adipose. TV : Partners in Crime. While investigating Adipose Industries , the Doctor was reunited with Donna Noble , who had spent months searching for him as she had come to regret rejecting his offer to travel with him. With Donna's help, he used two Adipose Industries pendants to prevent a million Londoners from being killed and their organs and skeletons converted into Adipose babies. The Doctor tried to save the life of Matron Cofelia , the foster mother to the few thousand Adipose that made it through before the birthing stopped, but the Adiposian First Family 's ship dropped her as it took aboard the incomplete harvest of Adipose, killing her due to her being a liability to their crimes.

Deciding to take Donna on as a companion, the Doctor and Donna were both quick to rule out the possibility of a romantic involvement, making their companionship dynamically different from those of Rose and Martha.

He flew the TARDIS to where her grandfather, Wilfred Mott , was looking at the stars through his telescope, waving to him along with Donna before heading off into the stars. While Donna was lost in the TARDIS, the Doctor decided to turn over the mattress of the bed William Shakespeare had given him to prevent the psychic hole in the bed from seeping through the memory hay. Wanting to test the bed, the Doctor found Donna and pushed her onto bed to see if there were any side effects.

After nothing happened, the Doctor told Donna the history of the bed. For her first trip in time, the Doctor accidentally took Donna to 79 Pompeii , where they discovered Mount Vesuvius was on the verge of its historical eruption. Initially determined to escape to avoid tampering with the fixed point in time , the TARDIS was sold to the marble merchant Lobus Caecilius before the Doctor could return to it.

Despite trying to leave when he reunited with it, the Doctor took an interest in the stone circuits the augur Lucius Petrus Dextrus had designed for Caecilius to make. The Doctor discovered Pyroviles were attempting to take over the Earth after losing their own world by converting humans into their own kind by using the circuits as an energy converter.

Having the choice between the death of the entire world or of the thousands in Pompeii, the Doctor made Vesuvius erupt, with Donna's help and support. Per Donna's request, the Doctor saved Caecilius and his family, becoming their household gods.

TV : The Fires of Pompeii. Upon finding a dying Ood, the Doctor was shocked to see it display red eyes; worried that he may run into an old foe , the Doctor decided to investigate. They soon discovered that Oods were born with secondary brains, which gave them individuality; however, they were lobotomised and had the translator put in its place. TV : Planet of the Ood.

At Donna's request, the Doctor took her to Hollywood in , where they discovered Amelia Hubble , a creature capable of sucking thoughts and ideas out of the brain, had brought the town to a standstill.

After falling under Amelia's control himself, the Doctor stopped her from destroying the last talent in the city, Alan Crawford , and allowed her to draw creative plasma energy from the internet, saving the celebrities she already claimed and restoring Hollywood.

The Doctor and Donna returned to Hollywood a year later to find that Amelia and Alan had got married. The Doctor and Donna stopped the anti-robot Cult of Shining Darkness from carrying out their plans, but at the cost of the cultists being caught in an explosion. The Doctor encounters Sontarans. TV : The Sontaran Stratagem. After finding and freeing the real Martha, the Doctor used an atmospheric converter , built by the students at Rattigan's school for gifted children, to ignite the atmosphere, destroying the gas.

The Sontarans' next plan was to simply conquer Earth. Rattigan, having been betrayed by the Sontarans, sacrificed his life to destroy the flagship with the converter, swapping places with the Doctor at the last minute.

Initially critical of the girl due to her predilection for violence and being a reminder of his lost family, the Doctor came to feel for his daughter after much persuasion and help from Donna. After the Doctor activated the Source , a terraforming device that had become a subject of mythology, Messaline became inhabitable and the war between humans and Hath on the planet ended. Heartbroken, the Doctor was tempted to execute the detained general, but overcame the urge, and used his resistance in order to help found a new society on the planet.

TV : The Doctor's Daughter. The Doctor and Donna watched the courtship of the Zyglots , ran from intelligent dogs in a flying house, joined forces with a survey team to escape a living swamp, witnessed "something" bring time to a halt, saw the Beatles perform " My Bonnie " at The Cavern Club , chased after " vampire goth cannibals ", saw time get meddled with while being chased by Cossacks , and got infected by a reality-altering psychic parasite.

The Doctor next took Donna to a leisure planet called Splendorosa , where they visited a floating city called Coral. Intrigued by the city, the Doctor went undercover at GeoCorp, the company responsible for the city's position in the sky.

He came into conflict with the company's CEO, Volsairius Trefgar , after he and Donna uncovered a plot to "steal" Splendorosa by Trefgar and the war-like Sarriflex , who intended to transport the planet to a galaxy at war in order to use it as a weapon. The Doctor stopped them by disrupting their ships, bringing Coral City back to the land in the process.

However, he and Donna, instead of being honoured for saving the population from a deadly war, were chased out of the city by a lynch mob, as the population had grown fond of "living in the sky". Answering a distress signal in the Arctic Circle, the Doctor and Donna met Professor Renfrew and joined him and his team in their search for the corpses of ten miners.

However, they were all killed by the Spanish flu themselves. With his army dead, the Doctor returned Issaxyr to Mars to help rebuild the Ice Warrior civilisation. The Doctor and Donna visited China during the Qin dynasty , where they were thrown into a crater for being foreigners and faced a robotic soldier made of ceramics. Donna defeated it by disrupting the control signal with her mobile phone. Donna was threatened by the Emperor's general, Meng Tian , who was really an alien gangster, and Meng remotely awakened the soldiers of the Terracotta Army and shut down Qin Shi Huang.

Donna made a call on her mobile phone, stopping the signal that paralysed Qin Shi Huang, waking him up again. While Qin Shi Huang and Meng were fighting each other, Meng shot at the warp converter , which shut down the Emperor and the Army, while also burying the whole palace in an explosion.

The Doctor and Donna escaped the exploding palace. The Doctor was reading a collection of short stories when he realised that the words of one of them, Variations by David Banderson , changed each time it was read. The Doctor and Donna broke into Banderson's house when there was no answer at the door, and they discovered he was being influenced to write stories by a creature in the computer screen that was kept alive by stories.

Donna was nearly caught in the creature's trap too, but the Doctor intervened. He pulled Banderson away from the computer and began typing at a speed that drew the entire creature into his words. The Doctor then printed the first pages of the story, with the creature trapped in its pages, and deleted all the text from the computer file.

Banderson was freed from the creature's influence, and as a result, every time Variations was read, the reader was reading their own version of events. The Doctor then imprisoned the entire Family in the event horizon of the black hole, and returned Nancy to her grandfather Timothy. The Doctor searches for Charlemagne. TV : The Unicorn and the Wasp. Deep in the Ardennes, the Doctor rescued Charlemagne from an insane computer.

Working with Agatha Christie , the Doctor became embedded with a murder mystery at Eddison Manor in Donna threw the gem into the lake, drowning Golightly, who went after it; the link damaged Agatha's short-term memory. The Doctor dropped her off at the Harrogate Hotel. Whilst dealing with a small dinosaur situation, the Doctor found the time to give William Shakespeare a hand writing The Tempest.

In Scunthorpe, the Doctor and Donna encountered a robot duplicate of Martha Jones, who had been created by one of the Doctor's enemies to entrap him.

However, the Doctor reprogrammed her and left the robot to live a peaceful life on an alien world. At a performance by the thief Fergus Antelect , the Doctor used the telepathic abilities of Antelect's Ood, Ood Delta , to manipulate the minds of the audience into thinking he had confessed to the crimes.

Delta told Special Agent Ratner that though it was true that Antelect had not committed theft through manipulating chronometers, he was guilty of thirty-seven counts of theft, ninety-two counts of misleading the public through illegal telepathic manipulation, and one hundred and thirteen counts of cruelty to a sentient life form due to his abuse towards Delta.

Delta projected memories of what actually happened at every one of Antelect's performances into the minds of the people in the room. The Doctor advised Ratner to check the security videos for the shows Antelect performed at, and Antelect was arrested.

Arriving on the International Space Station in , the Doctor formed an alliance with researcher Truman Truss to battle space insects called the Mange Mites.

Visiting the 22nd century, the Doctor investigated the deaths of a gang of criminals after seeing their car explode with them inside, interrogating Laura Efston. He targeted Donna, who, in her possessed mind, attacked the Doctor.

Resisting the Zenith, the Doctor was transported to the Zenith's lair, and fled back to London to set up a firewall to stop their conquest. The Zenith ordered him to stop interfering, threatening to kill Donna if he didn't. However, the Doctor activated the firewall nonetheless. With the Zenith signal cut, Donna and the rest of London were freed. Info from The Name of the Doctor needs to be added. The Doctor and River try to figure out the mystery of the Library. TV : Silence in the Library.

The Doctor received a message on his psychic paper instructing him to go to the Library in the 51st century , where he met Professor River Song , a "very important" woman from his future, who had called him to help a team of archaeologists representing the Felman Lux Corporation to investigate the planet, which had been sealed off a century prior with the message " saved.

No survivors. TV : Silence in the Library The Doctor realised that the four thousand and twenty-two people being "saved" meant they were also inside the core. River also gained his trust by revealing to him that she knew his real name, which deeply shocked the Doctor. After the Vashta Nerada had consumed the last of River's team, the Doctor intimidated the swarm into giving him a single day to save the people in the Core before the Library detonated.

Knowing he would not survive the process, River knocked the Doctor out and handcuffed him to a railing, sacrificing herself to boost the Library's memory, returning the people who were saved in the Library's core, including Donna. However, the Doctor saved River by preserving her data ghost , saved in River's sonic screwdriver by his future self , into the core's virtual reality.

TV : Forest of the Dead. The Doctor and Donna visited Shadow Cay on Earth , which was really a disguised Sycorax spaceship occupied by a group widowed by the Sycorax invasion which hypnotised humanity into believing the "island" had been discovered by Columbus. After being separated from Donna, the Doctor discovered the Sycorax had been animating zombies.

The Doctor broke the control of the zombies, but the Sycorax had a curse put on the phage abstracts that boarded a nearby plane. The phage abstracts intended to release a virus on humanity that would leave humanity in immense agony and prevent them from dying in revenge for the loss of the Sycorax widows' husbands once it landed in London.

Though unable to stop the phage abstracts himself, the Doctor controlled the abstracts outside the Church of the Sycorax to make the Sycorax ship overload by recreating the whole of Earth with the ship's magma-sculptor. Donna, having stowed away on board the plane with Norah , flew the plane back towards Shadow Cay, and the Doctor caught Donna duplicating hands from a "drowning giant" sculpture with the magma-sculptor.

The Doctor, Donna, Jean and Norah escaped the ship after the Doctor set its controls to take off before it exploded. The Doctor prevented the Mandragora Helix from spreading influence through the internet, and then sent it out into space, confused and with memories missing. Caught up in a raging waterfall themselves, the Doctor and Donna were saved by Jeb , a fisherman from Zentos 3.

Taking Donna to the ancient Acropolis of Xentha in Galaxy 12 , the Doctor encountered the Titanoleum Army and foiled their plot to convert holidaymakers into Teglatrons. The terrified and catatonic Doctor unintentionally repeats Sky.

TV : Midnight. The Doctor and Donna visited the leisure planet Midnight planet Midnight , where Donna stayed at the Leisure Palace , whilst the Doctor took a four-hour ride on the Crusader 50 bus to the Sapphire Waterfall. However, the bus was attacked by an unknown entity , which possessed one of the passengers, Sky Silvestry , causing her to speak at the same time as others around her or repeating them.

The creature eventually appeared to have passed into the Doctor, causing him to become catatonic, as Sky was, while repeating Sky's words.

She incited mass hysteria among the other passengers, though it was she who the creature was still possessing. Before the creature could trick the passengers into throwing out the Doctor, Sky was dragged out into the X-tonic sunlight by the bus' hostess. After a turbulent ride in the vortex, the Doctor crashed the TARDIS at a science convention, where he and Donna witnessed Professor Eustace Krosson invent a wave-time vector detector that unleashed the Imago , parasites from the fourth dimension that devoured people's personal timelines.

Show me the answer. George would be a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. The winds are spiraling clockwise in towards the center. Stop and Think 1: Which side of a Southern Hemisphere cyclone will experience the higher storm surge? Draw a diagram of a hypothetical storm to illustrate how you came to your conclusion.

The band, then promoted the demo through the underground tape trading network. This demo CD-r was heavily circulated in the underground demo trading network which garnered them much acclaim by fans and fanzines alike.

Plans of recording the first full-length album went underway in early Originally released in a D.

Pathogen discography (all) Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations () Lust of Evil The Storm from the East (loading lyrics) Side B - The Omega Ravaging Diabolical Virulence (loading lyrics) 8. Forged in the Crucible of Death (loading lyrics) Band members; Nino Jerome Aranza: Bass Vic Jarlego: Drums Erwin Javier: Guitars.

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    Apr 24,  · Pathogen - Forged in the Crucible of Death () Album Photo by rag Format: CD. 12 likes. 필리핀이라는 나라에 존경심이 생김!!. 6 Pathogen Album Photos.
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    a storm involving thunder and lightning often accompanied by heavy precipitation; form in cumulonimbus clouds. lightning a sudden spark that occurs when positive and negative charges jump between parts of a cloud, between nearby clouds, or from a cloud to the ground.
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    May 31,  · Pathogen - Forged in the Crucible of Death () Album Photo by 똘복이. Format: CD. 14 likes. 와 이 밴드 잘하네요.. 6 Pathogen Album Photos.
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    Pathogen was formed in the early days of January , at the apocalyptic city of San Pablo, Philippines by Willie Desamero (Guitar/Vocals) with the idea of forming a death metal.
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    Pathogens are considered biological hazards that produce disease, therefore the removal of pathogens in waterways, especially through stormwater discharge systems is essential. Pathogens in water sources can have serious, negative, health impacts on people with compromised immune systems and on certain species of fish and wildlife.

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