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Lilywhite Lilith - Genesis - Diamond Collection (CD)

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Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Composed by Genesis. Release Year incorrect year? Song Genres. All Genres. Song Styles. All Styles. Song Moods. All Moods. The Return of the Giant Hogweed. The Fountain of Salmacis. Seven Stones [DVD]. Harold the Barrel [DVD]. Harlequin [Audio][Multimedia Track]. Watcher of the Skies. Get 'em out by Friday.

Can-Utility and the Coastliners. Watcher of the Skies [DVD]. Time Table [Audio][Multimedia Track]. Get 'em out by Friday [Audio][Multimedia Track]. Supper's Ready [Audio][Multimedia Track]. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight. The Battle of Epping Forest. Firth of Fifth [Audio][Multimedia Track]. Aisle of Plenty [DVD]. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Cuckoo Cocoon 5. In the Cage 6. The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging 7. Story of Rael 1 8. Back in NYC 9. Hairless Heart Counting Out Time Carpet Crawlers The Chamber of 32 Doors.

Disc 2 1. Story of Rael 2 2. Lilywhite Lilith 3. Apollo, Glasgow, 9th July During the late 70s and early 80s members of Genesis made several appearances on Capital Radio to give interviews and play demos and rare tracks. These occasions, hosted by Capital DJ Nicky Horne a staunch supporter of Genesis, included original demos, studio live vocals over backing tracks and live songs supplied by the band.

The live material was taken from Glasgow 9. Interview topics include their forthcoming 1. No rare live material aired. Interview conducted by Nicky Horne includes a competition to win a tour jacket. Interview topics include Phil's musical influences and his attitude to bootlegs. Phil also sings live over backing tacks and plays songs from Glasglow Album cuts are played from Duke and Smallcreeps day.

Interview topics include the composition and recording of Duke, the demo process, Phil's forthcoming solo album. An interesting discussion about the demand for tickets to see the UK tour of small venues culminates in the announcement of a special extra gig at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on 5. In the event it didn't turn out as planned, as explained in Rare material aired: Misunderstanding original demo, words not yet written Tommorrow Never Knows Phil solo, original demo 3rd February Phil is interviewed by Nicky Horne about Face Value with much of the album being aired.

Mixed in with these are some original demos. Mention is made of the demo version of Tommorrow Never Knows, played in the previous appearance, but the version actually played is from the album. Topics include the reason for the word "Three" in the title; validity of live albums as products; the changing nature of Genesis music and its fan base; the Beatles "Seargent Pepper's" album, which had then been released exactly 15 years earlier.

The Capital radio appearances have spawned many compilation bootlegs over the years, some on commercial bootlegs labels, which tend to be rather unsatisfactory in terms of sound quality, supporting documentation and completeness - usually with none of the surrounding interviews to provide context. At the end Nicky Horne can be heard saying he'll be back tomorrow with "Six Of The Best": this refers to a Capital Radio program, not the famous reunion concert!

A much better representation of the broadcasts to be found in CDR trading circles is a recent four CDR set AV04, an anthology containing some of the most complete availalable recordings of the various programs.

Capital Radio's master tapes of some if not all of these appearances are now held in a collection donated to the National Sound Archive , though details catalogued are extremely sketchy. Moving on from our digression into the Capital Radio appearances, an early release of Glasgow show was in the form of a film recorded in quadraphonic and imaginatively entitled "Genesis In Concert".

As indicated in the film credits, some footage was shot at the Bingley Hall, Stafford 10th July Instead of the usual cinematic widescreen format, the Night Flight broadcast of the film featured a full screen version. At some point Night Flight also broadcast the half hour Seconds Out promo video filmed in Dallas For quite a while now the widescreen footage has been available in Japan on both video and laserdisc and some good bootleg DVD transfers are around.

Apart from the Capital Radio programs and the In Concert film the material has been heard in an assortment of other forms. Phil's introduction which can be heard on the Capital Radio version is ommitted on the offical release. Just as well, since the introduction is an apology to the Scottish crowd for having praised them the previous night as being the best audience in England!

The soundtrack of the laserdisc is faithfully reproduced on a rare vinyl bootleg release sporting black and white sleeves; copies pressed on crystal vinyl and about 50 copies on different coloured and multicoloured vinyl. According to director Tony Maylam the entire uncut film footage and multitrack recordings of both Stafford and Glasgow gigs are still intact. Rainbow Theatre, London, 2nd January Following soon after the release of "Wind and Wuthering" Genesis began the album tour with the first three days of at the Rainbow Theatre.

Capacity at the Rainbow ran to fewer than seats yet the Rainbow was a well known and important rock venue. The Rainbow reopened that night after a period of closure; appropriately this was the occasion Genesis played their first concert with Chester Thompson on the first night of Tony Banks said that if it had not been for the Rainbow reopening their venue of choice would have been the Hammersmith Odeon on account of better acoustics.

An excerpt attributed to the second Rainbow concert was made into a radio show by King Biscuit and distributed as a "British Biscuit" program. Whether the King Biscuit recording really was made at this concert is not certain. The KB announcer claims the venue be Rainbow Theatre, but then King Biscuit date and venue details very often prove to be innacurate. All we know for sure is that the show was recorded during the first UK leg of the tour and is not from a venue represented by a bootleg recorded from the audience so it cannot for example have been recorded at the first night at the Rainbow.

Of the recordings circulating from this show, the majority are sourced from the various King Biscuit broadcasts, provisionally sent out on 20th March For the best version around seek out a CDR sourced from a digital transfer of the British Biscuit reels.

Squonk is significant on this compilation, being the only available digital source of any of the Rainbow Theatre recording. Gaumont Theatre, Southampton, 20th January If ever there was a good time to be in a Southampton hospital, it would have been on this day! A full Genesis concert went out live to 8 hospitals in Southampton and Winchester. Southampton Hospital Radio has been broadcasting to listeners in local hospitals since They started with football commentaries and then added music programmes in , initially on tape and from January 2nd , live by landline.

Before Carpet Crawlers, Phil announced that the concert was being broadcast to the hospitals. An independent recording made from the soundboard has recently been unearthed; previously hidden for decades, copies were unexpectedly and illegally offered on Ebay. Recently the balance has been somewhat redressed with 90 minutes of the set appearing on the bootleg CD "Chicago On The Air" [LaXious ], though the recording is cut short during Supper's Ready just after Willow Farm and then, inexplicably, augmented with bonus tracks from Chicago There are some very good tapes to be found on the trading circuit including one which claims to be recorded on DAT direct from the WKQX master reels: this is gradually becoming more common on CDR.

Maracananzinho Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, 15th May This show must be a strong contender for the worst ever live recording to be aired on radio! Evidently the sound engineers had trouble with this one; there is an ever-present background roar and the band sound distant, as though recorded from the back of the stadium.

Acoustics at the Maracananzinho Stadium were notoriously bad and I understand that transmission conditions were also poor on that particular date. A superior version has recently been circulated on CDR which features all the songs broadcast in stereo; while the quality of the original recording is dubious, this version is likely to be close to the original.

Previously the best copies around came from 90 minute tapes sourced from the Eldorado broadcast with songs rearranged; the last few songs were missing but could be found on tapes from the AM broadcast from Dance On A Volcano to the end of the concert. It is possible that the full stereo version was obtained from the archives of one of the radio stations by a disaffected employee, but this is an unsubstantiated rumour. Local radio and TV spent several days trying to find an explanation and one of the touring crew blamed the water, a hot topic at the time as there was discussion about the supply being contaminated with bacteria.

Amazingly recordings of these Porto Alegre gigs were made by local FM radio stations in southern Brazil, though they were never aired. Legal suits were threatened should any part of these concerts ever be aired. The sound characteristics of this recording are close to broadcast quality, leading to some mistaken rumours that the show was taped from FM radio.

In a Record Collector article it was pointed out that live albums from this era were sometimes falsely described as having been recorded in Paris as a tax evasion, Thin Lizzy's "Live And Dangerous" being quoted as a prime example. A few brief words in French from Phil are the main evidence we have that Seconds Out was indeed recorded in Paris and it is plausible to suppose these may have been spliced in to satisfy the tax man.

A French radio station broadcast 45 minutes from the 13th, including some songs which do not appear on Seconds Out. None of the songs which Seconds Out has in common with the broadcast were recorded on this night. A fair amount of overdubbing occurred during the mixing of Seconds Out, so this item is interesting for having the performance in its original form as well as some of Phil's song introductions in French. Sadly the broadcast was AM, so sound quality suffers from being mono and having compressed frequency range.

There has long been a rumour of a French TV broadcast from these four shows - a rumour which lack of credible evidence suggests is probably false. As a concession to the concert the program was specially extended by 20 minutes and Capital's hourly news bulletins were suspended. Capital is a commercial station and the broadcast was punctuated by adverts which interfered with the music in several places, the worst of these being during Supper's Ready, where the concert was left before Willow Farm and not rejoined until the prelude to Apolcalypse!

Mercifully Capital repeated the show soon afterwards possibly twice without the intrusive adverts and interruptions. This must have been sourced from the original broadcast as the cuts in the encore songs correspond to when presenter Nicky Horne spoke over the music. While Before Riches remains difficult to beat it does have a few defects: for example the sound during Supper's Ready is muddy at times and there is some volume distortion during In That Quiet Earth.

As is becoming increasingly common these days, there's a CDR version which improves on all commercial bootleg releases traded as SAB01, sympathetically remastered from a cassette recorded direct from the Capital broadcast.

Standard guidelines for broadcasting live concerts in the UK around this period stipulated that the recording be destroyed within an agreed time scale, a policy promoted by the Musicians' Union.

It is therefore probable that Capital Radio have long since erased their master recording, however as with their reels Rainbow there's an outside possibility that the master lies undocumented as part of the Capital collection donated to the National Sound Archive. Nicky Horne, now at JazzFM , has fond memories of the occasion but has kindly indicated that he did not retain a personal copy of the concert.

The BBC master of this initial broadcast was a 90 minute edit of the show on quad reel-to-reel tape, though no subsequent broadcast has been in quadraphonic sound. The next full BBC rebroadcast went out on WIOQ Philadelphia in the states also made an early full 90 minute broadcast. More than sixteen years on from the rebroadcast, on It was advertised and indeed introduced by Janice Long as having been recorded at Knebworth in despite the fact that Genesis did not appear at Knebworth that year and had they done so half the musicians and the vocalist would have been different!

Full marks to the BBC for giving air time to live Genesis, but no marks for accompanying research. A corresponding recording did eventually appear on bootleg CDR thought to be from late or early , but strangely the broadcast somehow managed to go unnoticed by many expectant fans including me. Another rebroadcast was made by "The Hawk" on Toronto A concert by Joe Jackson was broadcast earlier in the program.

These reels are among the rarest of Genesis live radio shows: I first heard about the double Knebworth show in early Compared with the original BBC broadcast the running order is changed, with Deep In The Motherload and One For The Vine transposed so as to fit the music within the two 60 minute show format including adverts. The first consists of highlights from the 90 minute show, featuring introduction and credits by Richard Skinner and adverts between songs from Columbia Pictures.

They were unhappy about their sound at the Stadium and so returned to play a small venue - the Uptown Theatre - in the later stages of the tour. This memorable gig was broadcast live on the air by WXRT Chicago and the 2 hour 30 minute set was rounded off with an interview with Phil. A key feature of this performance was that an almost complete Dancing With The Moonlit Knight made a brief return to the set.

There is also a trader's tape which claims to be sourced from the WXRT reels, missing half of Ripples but otherwise complete, including Phil's post-concert interview. Highland's "Master Of Chicago" is so far the definitive commercial bootleg release, being based on the alleged reels tape and with the second half of Ripples seamlessly supplied from the older "Follow You Follow Me" CD. The Uptown Theatre show makes a strange and fleeting appearance during the "Soundcheck" interview - see section 40!

According to a source at WXRT-FM the station still have their master reels of old concert; moreover they do occasionally rebroadcasts their archive recordings, so let's hope this gets another airing one day. Hofheinz Pavillion, Houston, 22nd October One of the last dates of the tour occurred in Houston and King Biscuit took this opportunity to obtain their recording. If King Biscuit's 50 minutes are anything to go by, this was a really good performance: Cinema Show stands out as a classic version.

King Biscuit do not receive a credit, so perhaps the recording is owned by Genesis and was donated for broadcast. Roughly half the dates I have seen quoted for this show state 19th rather than the 22nd and I cannot say for certain which is correct. However the Genesis Archives 2 box set unequivocally quotes the date as 22nd so perhaps we should go with that.

To add to this confusion, King Biscuit announce that Genesis were recorded at the Hofheinz Pavillion in Houston though an eye-witness account and gig listings contest that they performed at the Summit.

The box set insists on Hofheinz Pavillion. Until the 90s this show was completely ignored by bootleggers and was one of the most difficult to find Genesis broadcasts; it is now available in good sound quality as "Coming Down From Houston" [Highland HL - CD]. Surpassing the Highland bootleg, another version is now available on a CDR bootleg having been transferred from Canadian broadcast reels originating from King Biscuit.

No adverts or commerials were present on the Canadian reels, but some CDR versions have these supplied from a tape recorded from one of the King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcasts. The Canadian pre-broadcast reels mentioned above have no adverts, there's also a transfer of bona-fide King Biscuit reels with adverts, but there are also versions traded taken off air which have additional announcements and different adverts.

All off-air and pre broadcast versions have tight editing to the point where some songs are a little clipped at the beginning or end. This materialised in in the form of a 40 plus date tour of small venues all over the UK. Hallam Radio captured Genesis at Sheffield's City Hall and broadcast the show over a specially extended edition of their "Hallam Rock" program.

Hallam, Sheffield's local station, recorded many artists in the early 80s including Steve Hackett, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman but their recordings did not have the budget necessary to compete sound-wise with the likes of the BBC or King Biscuit.

Many versions of this show seem annoyingly slow and lethargic, but this may have been so for the broadcasts. Despite this, Hallam's recording is valuable documentation of the intensity and intimacy of this tour and comprises the complete show, stories and all. It is possible that Hallam no longer have their master recording, due to Musicians' Union regulations as explained in section Finding a definitive version of this broadcast has proved difficult, with a number of great remastering efforts of various low generation source tapes somehow always stopping a little way short of perfection.

Suspected speed problems on the original broadcast masters do not make the task any easier. Genesis played four nights: 4th and 5th at Drury Lane; 6th and 7th at the Lyceum Ballroom. Three nights were recorded: Drury Lane on 5th May audio only and the two Lyceum shows audio and video. The recordings were then edited and mixed to supply various broadcasts and official releases, creating a tangled web which took some time to unwind.

All songs were taken from 7th except One For The Vine from 6th May, since the song as performed on 7th contained flaws on the basis of which it was deemed unacceptable for release or airplay. Say It's Alright Joe and most of Phil's song intros were omitted from the broadcast. Capital having advertised their broadcast as to be from Drury Lane failed to deliver on time, but then suddenly produced a show claiming it to be Drury Lane which they broadcast in two parts one week apart and there may have been a Capital rebroadcast too.

In fact the material was the same as subsequently appeared on "The Friday Rock Show". One theory is that Capital were responsible for the incorrect venue attribution because they had already committed to Drury Lane in their adverts.

However, it may be that whoever mixed the material on the band's behalf was responsible: the show was notionally taken from the three recorded dates and the fact that, in the event, none from Drury Lane was used may not have been noticed or considered important. Three songs from the Lyceum followed by 50 mins from the Invisible Touch tour video.

Friday A bootleg video of a full pro-shot multi camera film of Lyceum 6th May has been circulating amongst traders for a good few years, it is this which enables us to identify the source of One For The Vine on the BBC broadcast.

The video is complete except that the majority of Ripples is missing; Knife was not played that night. The BBC have not had access to the film of 6th so we must conclude that it was leaked by someone connected with the band. Not long ago a surprise shook the Genesis trading community when a full single camera video from 7th May appeared on Ebay in DVD form. Frustratingly the camera spends long periods of time displaying dimly lit or completely dark views, but it does give us our only chance to hear the flawed 7th May performance of One For The Vine and Phil's song intros.

DVDs of the videos from both nights are now circulating widely among collectors. Several official releases have been taken from these recordings. Comparing these two with the bootleg video of 6th May finally confirms the date and venue of the video beyond reasonable doubt. Nick Davis, who's incredible restoration skills gave us the archive box sets, has indicated that the live Lyceum songs for the release were from 24 track analog recordings.

Seventy minutes of the live Genesis are supplemented with the usual announcements and adverts. Nassau Coliseum, 29th November Recordings of this material turn up all over the place, and it is difficult to collate the information with certainty. It is the source of material used for the "Three Sides Live" album; the album has a subset of the material available on the various radio shows. Man On The Corner is the same performance as appears on the radio shows and video, but No Reply is different.

The material was recorded at two or more performances and correctly attributing the songs to venues and dates is problematic. Other songs likely draw from the following venues: Nassau Colisseum, New York. As claimed by radio announcers and stated on the video. Genesis' new official site www. In an interview in Chicago, The official site mentions that the last night There's a section on the video when baloons descend from the auditorium ceiling, an event which occurred on each night at the NEC.

The Spectrum, Philadelphia. Outside shots from the video showing the staduim area and parking lot are from South Philadelphia. A small edit swaps a few words of a chorus towards the end so that the words sung match the album lyrics. The radio show versions of Firth Of Fifth have an annoying cut in the closing vocal section, so you will need to get one of the official sources to hear this song without the splice: the best version is on the compilation CD "Best of " [Vertigo - CD].

Troublesome though venue attibution is we're now beginning to make headway and get some general consensus, though details remain uncertain and sketchy. Abacab audio: NEC video: Nassau???

Lilywhite Lilith guitar tab by Genesis with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal.

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    Genesis - Lilywhite lilith lyrics. Lilywhite lilith by Genesis. He stands by a middle-aged woman, with a very pale skin who is quietly talking to herself. He discovers she is blind and asking for a guide. "What's the use of a guide if you got nowhere to go" asks Rael. "I've got somewhere to go," she replies "if you take me through the noise, I Missing: Diamond Collection.
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    Analysis of "Lilywhite Lilith" has yet to be edited but, is coming (just like her! All the things I felt in high school listening to the album for the first time came rushing back to me. and the Tibetan Book of the Dead provide the framework with which Gabriel wrote of his pending decision to leave Genesis. Add onto that the visual Missing: Diamond Collection.
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    Lilywhite Lilith by Genesis. Facts. Total Plays times by 12 Artists; From the release The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Album) First Played in Concert March 7, by Genesis at Ferme V, Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe / Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium; Most Recently Played November 9, by Geneses at Pavillon, Hanover, Germany;.
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    Lyrics to 'Lilywhite Lilith' by Genesis. The chamber was in confusion - all the voices shouting loud. I could only just hear, a voice quite near say, 'Please help me through the crowd' Said if I helped her thru' she could help me too, but I could see that she was wholly blind. But from her pale face and her pale skin, a moonlight clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfog: Diamond Collection.
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    Lilywhite Lilith, She gonna take you thru' the tunnel of night. Lilywhite Lilith, She gonna lead you right. When I'd led her through the people, the angry noise began to grow. She said "Let me feel the way the breezes blow, and I'll show you where to go." So I followed her into a big round cave, she said "They're coming for you, now don't be.
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    Lilywhite Lilith This song is by Genesis and appears on the double album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway () and on the box set Archive ().Missing: Diamond Collection.
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    Lilywhite Lilith Lyrics: The chamber was in confusion / All the voices shouting loud / I could only just hear a voice quite near say / "Please help me through the crowd" / Said if I helped her Missing: Diamond Collection.
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    It’s a mean little ditty called ‘Lilywhite Lilith.'” There is a short delay with one of the guitars and Collins quips, “for £3, it has to be working, right?” It follows seamlessly into “The Waiting Room” and ends with “Wot Gorilla?” from the new clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfog: Diamond Collection.
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    Mar 21,  · Lilywhite Lilith, She gonna take you thru' the tunnel of night Genesis; Album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway [ Remaster] Genesis - Lilywhite Lilith (Live) - .

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