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Kalipso - Various - Outer Space (Part One) (File, MP3)

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As with government applications, confidentiality is very important in healthcare. Kalipso provides full data encryption. Database Independent. Create applications to use these technologies in a fast and easy way. Complement your ERP. Online or Offline Applications. Create online and offline applications using an integrated synchronization engine. Control technical and Commercial teams. To get rid of the square brackets, you can modify dataframe after reading file:.

You could also try opening with io. Learn more. Asked 2 days ago. Active 2 days ago. Viewed 38 times. It looks like the error is happening in line 7? Our Case Studies. Now that I am trying to create my first real-world application, I am starting to find my way around the IDE and learning what I can do. Like any new product, there is always a learning curve and this is the time when I will ask the most questions from support until I learn things for myself.

I still think I have made the right choice in going with Kalipso instead of coding in Xamarin from scratch or other tools like GeneXus, etc. Kalipso Studio is a nice tool to create mobile applications in a very simple, fast and efficient way. Because of the stability of the scanner applications, we only require a 3-month license once in a while to incorporate more features.

This licensing model works perfectly well for our business needs. We have Kalipso Pro as distributor and developers at the same time - we make our own live demos to prospects and have good success, also the training to them, online as well as the technical support. We have very few bugs, and if so, Sysdev team solve it quickly. Kalipso is stable to use and to develop: all features are documented, predictable, and very powerful and even though a lot of new features will come very soon.

The object-oriented way of parametrization is simple to apply to set up quickly an app and to support it, even after months. Sysdev Kalipso is a great approach to mobile technology and a wonderful tool that enables us to handle our projects with simplicity and robustness. It doesn't require much from you and from your programming skills since it is so easy and intuitive to develop and build applications and that reflects itself on efficiency and productivity rates.

Also, its support is simply amazing and friendly. Eros now believes humans are too immature and stupid "You see? You see? Your stupid minds. He threatens to kill Paula if Trent and the police try to force him to go with them. Officers Kelton and Larry arrive and see zombie Clay holding the unconscious Paula near the saucer.

Realizing that their weapons are useless, they sneak up behind Clay and club him with a length of wood, knocking him out. Eros sees this and says Clay's controlling ray has been shut off, which released Paula. A fight breaks out between Eros and Jeff, but the saucer's equipment is damaged during the struggle, starting a fire aboard. The humans quickly escape, and Tanna and the unconscious Eros fly away in their burning saucer, which finally explodes, killing them both; their zombies quickly decompose to skeletal remains inside their clothing.

The film combines elements of science fiction, Atompunk , and gothic horror. Science fiction remained popular throughout the s, though the genre had experienced significant changes in the post-war period. The Atomic Age , heralded by the development of nuclear weapons and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , had inspired science fiction films to deal with the dangers of unrestricted science, while space flight and the existence of extraterrestrial life and civilizations more "traditional" elements of the genre , seemed to hold new fascination for audiences at the beginning of the Space Race.

On the other hand, Gothic fiction had enjoyed the height of its film popularity during the s and s. It was in decline by the s and was viewed as old-fashioned. By s standards, the combination of dated and modern elements gives the film a rather anachronistic quality. Plan 9 ' s script seems to aim at being an epic film , a genre typically requiring a big budget from a major film studio.

That Ed Wood made it with minimal financial resources underscores one of the qualities of his work: His ideas tended to be too expensive to film, yet he tried to film them anyway. As Rob Craig argues, Wood's failed efforts give the film a peculiar charm. Craig finds that Plan 9 has much in common with both epic theatre "grand melodrama on a minuscule budget" and the Theatre of the Absurd characters acting as buffoons, nonsense, and verbosity in dialogue, dream-like and fantasy imagery, hints of allegory, and a narrative structure where continuity is consistently undermined.

The film opens with an introduction by Wood's friend, psychic Criswell : "Greetings my friends! We are all interested in the future, For that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives! This line appears in the narration for the General Motors ' "Futurama" ride and its accompanying film, To New Horizons , that were part of the New York World's Fair —years before Criswell's own television program.

The introduction could be an allusion to the opening lines of his show a Criswell Predicts title card appears at the start of the scene , but since no episodes of the television show are known to survive, a comparison is impossible. Craig suggests that Criswell's public persona was based on the style of a charismatic preacher, perhaps influenced by early televangelists.

Criswell addresses the viewers repeatedly as "my friends," as if attempting to establish a bond between the speaker and the audience. The line likely derives from his show, and would not be out of place in a segment where a televangelist addresses his congregation.

Another phrase of the introduction, "Future events such as these will affect you in the future", served as a signature line for Criswell. He used it repeatedly in his newspaper and magazine columns, and probably his show as well. Another line asserts that the audience is interested in "the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable," probably assuming that the film's audience will have a fascination with the paranormal. The narrator starts claiming that "we" the filmmakers are bringing to light the full story and evidence of fateful events, based on the "secret testimony" of the survivors.

The narration seems to emulate the style of sensational headlines in tabloid newspapers, and promises audiences access to "lurid secrets" as if following the example of True Confessions and similar scandal magazines.

The notion that a film or show could be based on true incidents and testimony would be familiar to a s audience, because it was used in contemporary police procedurals such as Dragnet.

Changing the tone, Criswell delivers the sermon-like lines: "Let us punish the guilty! Let us reward the innocent! The introduction concludes with the dramatic question: "Can your heart stand the shocking facts about graverobbers from outer space"? The latter phrase was simply the original title of the film, but the rest of the line again seems to emulate the sensationalist press. The film's afterword , also narrated by Criswell and delivered in an identical tone to the film's introduction, provides the audience with a challenge " Can you prove it didn't happen"?

Through Trent's initial conversation with his wife, the film introduces the notion of a government and military conspiracy to cover up information on documented UFO sightings.

This notion was clearly influenced by the emergence and increased popularity of a UFO conspiracy theory. The implications concerning the public's distrust of the government were however atypical for a s American film. Anti-statist ideas were to become more popular in the s, which is when the subject became "safe" for mainstream cinema. In this area and perhaps others, the film was actually ahead of its time.

The film contains a cautionary message from the aliens. The earliest use of this concept in film was probably in The Day the Earth Stood Still , and it had since seen frequent use in science-fiction films.

The idea was that humanity's self-destructive behavior was the real threat, not any external source of danger. The "iconic" flying saucer of the film has been variously identified as a paper plate or a hubcap. According to the documentary Flying Saucers Over Hollywood, The Plan 9 Companion it was actually a recognizable model kit produced in by toy manufacturer Paul Lindberg.

Lindberg Line model kits had introduced a flying saucer kit, roughly matching the popular image of UFOs of the time: "a silver disc-shaped craft with a clear dome on top. Both a regular version of the assembled model and a modified version appear in the film. Footage of Los Angeles is used to ground the otherworldly events to a realistic setting. As a resident, Wood was probably familiar with the locations. The scene where the military fires at the flying saucers is actual military stock footage.

The Rev. Lynn Lemon, who plays an unnamed minister, was one of the Baptists variously involved in the production of the film. Edward Reynolds was a leader of the Southern Baptist Convention in Beverly Hills, California , and Hugh Thomas was one of his associates from the church; both play gravediggers, while Reynolds was also the executive producer of the film.

At the time of the film's creation, David De Mering was the personal secretary and alleged lover of fellow cast member Bunny Breckinridge ; his inclusion in the cast was probably a result of this association.

She recalled insisting that her part be silent, as she did not like the dialogue that Wood had written for her. This recollection might be inaccurate, since the undead of this film are generally mute.

She contributed to the film a "regal presence" and theatrical mannerisms. Her performance is reminiscent of a silent film actress; she credited Theda Bara as her main influence. The male alien Eros is apparently named after Eros , Greek god of love. Craig suggests that the female alien's name, Tanna, invokes the name of another Greek deity: Thanatos , god of death.

The same map appears in Baghdad After Midnight , which was also filmed at Quality Studios; it was probably a standard Quality Studios prop.

May 25,  · WORT FM Madison · Who Owns Outer Space Most science fiction espouses one of two very different visions of the future. In the utopian visions of classic “golden age” sci-fi, humanity grows wiser over the years to come, with social, political and economic advances keeping pace with technological change.

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    Reviewer: sand - favorite favorite favorite - August 30, Subject: Space About minutes of nice outer space pics, set to a very slow and neat-o cover of Blue Danube.
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    With Kalipso we just develop the solution they need, only focused on what would be best for the customer. Kalipso sorts out all the hard stuff like drivers, libraries etc. The same code works with many different devices so for those customers with a mix of Windows and Android we supply the same code, simple for us and for the customer.

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