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G-3 Kolordu - S.O.S (14) - Self Servis (CD, Album)

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She takes Rue on a tour of her go-to destinations for vintage decor, travel necessities, and the best Scandinavian fix this side of Copenhagen. The kicker? A wall-mounted Cartier scarf cohabits with antique maps and framed canoe paddles. T0JT "! Foo dogs, ceramic garden stools, Hermes boxes used as decor.

Go-to paint color? Gray in any shade. Biggest design pet peeve? Art hung too high. Marc Jacobs. Or maybe William Rast. Favorite scent? Pink used to be my favorite color. But I think I can make one this year: to go to Australia and finally meet Jo. Describe Jo in one word. Imperial Trellis, grain sacks, painted furniture though I am guilty of this , and patchwork sofas. Not fair! How can I narrow it down?

Your style in one word? Retro interior design books. Matchy-matchy furniture sets. Easton Pearson. But I have just bought two pink kilims from Uzbekistan so perhaps it will creep in without my realizing.

If I did, it would be to be more slow, gentle and quiet. Describe Kim in one word. I started decorating rooms when I was a child!

When I married my architect husband Steve, I decorated our home, filling it with unusual pieces that I found at flea markets. It was only when Leila, my yearold daughter, started kindergarten that I began helping Steve with larger projects. My business has revolved naturally as my children have grown up.

Clients who love our store have found me and given me the opportunity to fill their homes with the things I love. I walk my clients through my home and my shop to get their opinions on fabrics, rugs, and furniture. I seem to be selling a lot of pieces from the shop as well as from my own home! My blog has been incredible for many reasons: it exposes my work to people who love what I love, it gives me a place to share my favorite resources, and it allows me to write about what inspires me.

My husband has exposed me to the beauty of industrial design and worn leather. My goal is to help my clients create the house of their dreams. But my approach to decorating for myself and decorating for others is similar. I ask a lot of questions and collect as much inspirational imagery as possible. Then I write what I love about each image on a post-it. All of the pictures help me build the room in my head.

I also spend time thinking about how the space is going to be used. How often are we going to use the dining room? Can it also be a library?

A study? Then I create a furniture plan for the space. Once a few key decisions are made, the rest of the room seems to fall into place quickly. Steve and I love the process of shopping for unique pieces for the store. We also now offer Giannetti Design online services to clients around the country. That should be a real design experiment because we always test out new ideas on our own homes!

Take a walk with Steve and the pups. Make breakfast for the family. Take my daughter to school and set aside a couple hours for paperwork. Pick up my daughter and start the family routine! I write my blog post while the kids do their homework. Lauren DiCioccio 2. Jane Mount 3. Aaron Straup Cope 4. Amy Stevens 5. Youngna Park 6. Jessica Snow 7. Christian Chaize 8. Lisa Congdon 9. Jonathan Lewis Photo: Paul Costello. While design stars make over interiors, Jess Constable has been making under hers—and inspiring others to do the same along the way.

Following the advice she gives readers, she designed it with intention. Chevron curtains add whimsy and an arm chair offers a punchy spot of citrus in a charming print. In addition to the lightness, she injected femininity with hot pink graphic art in the bathroom and soft rosy flowers in the bedroom—both pieces she created from old canvases.

Other items that were repurposed include her coffee table and nightstands, which she found abandoned in the trash.

Although L. In GO. Most cars. No other discounts apply. March 24 7 a. Prior sales excluded. Cannot be combined with any other pricing or discounts beyond the pre- season home exteriors sale offers.

Limit 1 per customer. Offer expires 4. The jour nalists said they wer e captur ed when their dr iver mis- takenly dr ove into a checkpoint manned by Libyan for ces on Mar ch The Times said Libyan sol- dier s had thr eatened to decapi- tate Hicks. Hicks said the sol- dier s tempor ar ily put handcuffs on Shadid so tightly that he lost feeling in his hands.

The Libyan gover nment initially demanded that a U. The Libyans allowed the Tur k- ish Embassy to act as an inter- mediar y, the newspaper said. The jour nalists wer e r eleased on Monday and taken to Tunisia. Accor ding to the Committee to Pr otect J our nalists, an advo- cacy gr oup, 13 jour nalists ar e missing or ar e in gover nment custody. The missing include four fr om Al-J azeer a. Six Libyan jour nalists also ar e unaccounted for, the gr oup said. The Isr aeli militar y acknowl- edged civilians wer e killed but said it was aiming at Palestin- ian militants who had launched seven mor tar shells against Isr ael ear lier Tuesday.

They exploded in open ar eas causing no injur ies. On Tuesday evening, an Isr aeli air str ike also tar geted a gr oup of militants about to launch mor tar shells.

Islamic J ihad said thr ee of its militants wer e killed and another was injur ed. A select group of Federated Insurance Marketing Representatives are awarded membership in the prestigious Leadership Council for providing superior service to businesses and individuals. Leadership Council Member Philip A. Saraceno Jr. Scarborough, ME A new look for an old friend. Same great people, same great service, just a shorter name.

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Prices exclude all prior sales. Sale ends 3 days after publication date. Offers may not be combined with any other offers. All vehicles subject to prior sales. Customer must present ad at time of sale to receive advertised pricing. All prices include all applicable incentives and customer must qualify for all rebates. We reserve the right to correct any typos in pricing, information or photos. Lowest Price in New England! See store for details. Customer must present this ad at the time of sale to receive advertised pricing.

All prices include all applicable incentives and doc fees and exclude sales tax. Offers expire 3 days from ad publication date. Join us on Facebook at: facebook. Summer s declined to go into detail about the new secur ity featur es, but said it would be har der to duplicate the IDs or use them for identity theft pur poses. The new design was selected by for mer Secr etar y of State Matt Dunlap, who signed the latest contr act for license and ID car d pr oduction in , when the pr evious contr act expir ed.

The new contr act lasts until There also are vertical formats for cardholders below the age of Rates for such plans have been going up r apidly for year s. The last incr ease, about 15 per- cent on aver age, took effect in October. Many people who spoke blast- ed Anthem for the year-after- year r ate hikes when its par ent company pays executives mil- lions of dollar s in salar ies and bonuses.

Many said the costs ar e killing small-business and job gr owth. Susan Gold and her husband own a small website pr oduc- tion business in Biddefor d and Por tland. We do whatever we need to for the kids. My wife and I delay tr ips to the doctor. Hulit said the Affor dable Car e Act, passed by Congr ess one year ago, will help small busi- nesses over come such cr ippling health insur ance costs. As insur ance costs r ise, fewer healthy people keep cover age.

As the pool of policyholder s gets sicker, the pr emiums r ise even faster, he said. Saving for retirement is not just important. You can elect to contribute weekly, monthly, quarterly—as often as you like— through automatic transfers from your Savings Bank of Maine checking or savings accounts.

Stop by any of our 32 branches from York to Fort Kent, call or visit www. Rates after April 15, , are variable and subject to change. Rate is applicable up to the maximum IRS contribution amount. Non-transactional fees may apply; see account disclosures for details. Limited-time offer. Member FDIC. It seems that teacher s seldom wr ite to newspaper editor s discussing things that might impr ove education. They only seem to wr ite when they want mor e money.

Gr igsby laments the r etir ement system for teacher s, but their month- ly r etir ement checks ar e much lar ger than the Social Secur ity checks that the r est of us will have to sur vive on. In fact, my teacher fr iends who have r ecently r etir ed ar e making mor e in r etir ement than I am while I am still wor king. Lastly, Ms. Many homeowner s have been un- able to keep up with these gr eedy demands and have lost their pr oper ty. Wor k most weekends and holidays.

Wor k over night shifts and enjoy Tuesday and Wednesday as your days off. Fast for war d 30 year s, r etir e and as- sume that you will collect the pension pr omised to you that, based on the economy, may or may not contain a cost-of-living adjustment. Now sit back and wonder if your past r isks pr otecting your community wer e wor th it or not.

Wonder also wher e all of this is heading. Michael G. We chose a living wage and secur ity. Dummy us. Pamper ed never came up. Pamper ed. I never knew. James G. Murphy Gorham Hearing today on coverage for infertility treatments Infer tility affects 7.

My husband and I ar e one of them. In I was 29, newly mar r ied and wanting to star t our family. Over the next decade we sought ever y possible medical inter vention — invasive tests, costly dr ug ther apies, sur ger ies, in vitr o fer tilization and gamete intr afal- lopian tr ansfer. At the end of that 10 year s, we found the wisdom to gently place away our fer tility icons and adopted a baby gir l fr om China.

As a life coach wor king with women tr ying to conceive or adopt, I see tr emendous str uggles ar ound af- for ding even basic medical tests and inter ventions. Today, Maine r esidents have an oppor tunity to change this. Gar y Knight, R-Liver mor e Falls, has pr oposed legislation that could make Maine the 16th state in the nation to mandate insur ance companies to cover infer tility tr eatments.

A public hear ing on L. Couples str uggling to conceive need to come out in for ce, to impact the passing of this bill. If not you, then someone in your life is touched by infer tility, you just may not know it.

Suppor t them, by sup- por ting this essential landmar k bill. Longer ones may be edited for length. Letters are published online.

Letters that are libelous, obscene, deal with personal or private matters or that have been overtaken by events will not be published. P r esident Obama may not think he had to ask Congr ess befor e appr oving a militar y inter vention in Libya. Fir st among them ar e, what is the goal of this oper ation and how does it end? We in Maine ar e r epr esented by a bipar tisan delegation in Washington, whose member s have access to the administr ation in a wide r ange of ways.

And we would not be the only ones watching: Ever y other dictator and pr o-democr acy movement would also be paying close attention. And clear ly ar ticu- lated goals ar e the key to developing a successful str ategy. In his letter to Congr ess, Obama laid out mor e than one aim. He said the initial motive is humanitar ian, with the goal of pr otect- ing Libyan opposition member s fr om slaughter.

Chellie Pingr ee and Sen. Olympia Snowe ser ves on the Senate Intelligence Committee and has been a sought-after vote fr om the administr ation on a var iety of domes- tic issues. Mike Michaud also has shown a willingness to speak up when he disagr ees with the pr esident.

All four should pr ess these questions befor e these unfocused goals give us an ambiguous r esult. As an ever-incr easingly en- titled society, we seem willing to do little mor e than sit and wait for our gover nment to solve the cr isis. The fact that 40 per cent of ever y dollar being spent is bor r owed — or that the U. And per haps Gov. Yet our ener gy dependency pr oblem cannot and will not be solved by the gover nment. And the issue ur gently r equir es our attention, as it has so many times in the r ecent past.

Whatever the cur r ent cost of fuel, Maine is using 1. This does not include expected electr icity cost in- cr eases and water cost incr eas- es in some municipalities. Yet saw that the 10 top- selling autos included thr ee full-sized pickups and not a single hybr id or clean diesel or any car aver aging over 35 mpg.

The landlor d who installs a solar hot water system and natur al gas monitor heater s can r ent at lower cost and at- tr act better tenants.

The family that invests in solar power or an Ener gyStar- r ated woodstove will begin tak- ing back fr om that 20 per cent of gr oss income the aver age Mainer is cur r ently spending on ener gy. Good examples alr eady exist. Thr ee year s ago, the Or vis Outlet in Manchester, Vt. The savings will be mor e pr onounced as the pr ice of oil r ises.

Oakhur st Dair y states that it is saving 5, gallons of oil per year thr ough its solar installation. For those families and busi- nesses willing to make the in- vestment, solutions for ener gy independence exist now. Our futur e competitiveness will, in par t, depend on what investments we make now towar d ener gy independence.

As the candidate, Richar dson is ulti- mately r esponsible, and he paid a pr ice by ending his campaign for the Blaine House. If a candidate is r unning for the Maine House, the number is If he is r unning for the Senate, it is Both ar e achiev- able by a single dedicated campaigner.

But if he is r unning for gover nor, the number is 3,, or mor e than any one over booked candidate could gather on his own, meaning that he has to r ely on an ar my of volunteer s.

If the Clean Election concept is going to wor k in guber nator ial r aces, Maine needs to make these contr ibutions har der to fake and easier to tr ack, so campaigns can monitor the wor k of their own volunteer s.

Exper ience dictates that it will change no minds, inspir e no r econsider ation among those who disagr ee. It will sit on the computer scr een or the newspaper page taking up space, affecting nothing, until another column r eplaces it. If the wr iter did not wr ite it, you see, ther e is a gr eat danger his head would explode.

But in some states, blacks ac- count for up to 90 per cent of all dr ug offender s in pr ison. OnLine, J ean and Dr ew would doubtless pr otest that they ar e not r acist. Per ish the thought. They would doubtless tell you they ar e simply being objective. Which is funny, given the ease with which they bat aside objective fact. And on this subject, what many people alr eady believe could not be clear er : Black equals cr ime. If a white per son is mur der ed, what ar e the odds the assailant is black?

Hands — ever y hand in the r oom, it seemed — bolted into the air. Most of them belonged to black kids. For the r ecor d, the actual number is Not that it matter s. This is a futile column, r emember? And when people ar e deter mined to believe a lie, ther e is nothing mor e futile than the tr uth. The author will be chatting with readers from 1 p. Leonard Pitts is a Washington-based columnist for the Miami Herald.

Depar t- ment of Ener gy to r educe costs to consumer s. Utilities acr oss the countr y ar e installing 40 million meter s using similar 21st-centur y tech- nology. While we ar e pr oud our company is able to make these investments, we accept that contr over sy often accompanies pr ogr ess. Some customer s ar e pas- sionately opposed to the installation of new meter s with advanced communication and infor mation management technology.

They object to having moder n meter s installed at their homes or even in their neighbor hoods; some object to the use of any digital technology, such as a digital clock, insisting instead we should use only electr ome- chanical meter s, as we have for the past year s.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission staff has encour- aged us to wor k with var i- ous par ties to deter mine the feasibility and cost of addr ess- ing these concer ns without compr omising the smar t meter system. To date, CMP has r eplaced near ly , meter s. A small number of customer s have asked to keep their old meter s pending a r esolution of this case by the PUC, and we have done our best to comply with those r equests. Our employees and contr actor s have pr oven themselves to be honest, thoughtful and har d- wor king.

Time and again, they have ear ned the r espect and admir a- tion of our customer s. Their har d wor k has ear ned CMP the No. Power and Associates in cus- tomer satisfaction among lar ge Easter n utilities for each of the past four year s. Given the scope of this pr oject, I acknowledge the possibility. Had the OPA br ought these concer ns dir ectly to CMP, we would taken steps to make sur e we ar e giving ever y customer the best ser vice we can.

That would have been an appr opr iate and constr uctive r ole for the public advocate. Instead, his staff seems intent on attempting to under mine the smar t gr id policy objectives of the Maine Legislatur e. Burns is president of Central Maine Power www. With Democr ats and Republicans locked in a str uggle for supr emacy, both ar e guar dedly optimistic that cur r ents ar e blowing their way.

Republicans alr eady ar e over r each- ing, Democr ats say, badly misconstr u- ing any mandate fr om last November. Thus, many believe the pr esident is mor e vulner able than he appear s.

When fr amed that way, Republi- cans believe they win. Republicans also see a win-win on a gr adually impr oving economy. The jobless r ate on Nov. Tying extr aneous measur es like abor tion and funding for envir on- mental pr otection to the basic spend- ing bill may ener gize the conser vative base while tur ning off swing voter s. Mor e than a few say the most for midable candi- date, if he could win the nomination, would be Indiana Gov.

Mitch Daniels, but many doubt he will r un. A few Democr ats ar e smar t enough and exper ienced enough to r emember that in politics it sometimes pays to be car eful what you wish for.

Four year s ago, mor e Republicans hoped against hope that an Afr ican- Amer ican could knock off the Demo- cr atic fr ont-r unner, Hillar y Clinton; after all, they r easoned, Obama would be easier to beat.

Hunt is a columnist for the Bloomberg News Service. But as militar y action contin- ued Tuesday, Republican Sen. She said she believes the U. Snowe said that although U. Snowe said Obama also should ask U. Democr atic Rep. I am, however, pleased that U. Pr esident Obama, meanwhile, sought to shor e up suppor t for the inter national mission, saying that the U.

Since the bombing began Satur day, U. Navy Adm. Samuel Locklear, commander of the al- lied task for ce char ged with en- for cing the U. But he conceded that the air- str ikes have been unable to halt attacks by Libyan gover nment for ces against civilians. A doctor at a Misur ata hos- pital said about 80 people had been killed in the city since the adoption Thur sday of the U.

Among the 12 said to have died Tuesday was a family of six, killed when a tank shell hit their car. China, like Russia, abstained fr om voting on the U. How do we get out of this? What happens next?

Visit www. This card is only valid at participating pharmacies. No membership fees. Please visit www. Edward C. Along with the game, there were activities to encourage the youngsters to eat healthful foods, stay active and keep learning.

The Pirates lost in overtime, and will have to wait at least one more game to try to clinch a playoff berth. Until the council appr oved a r equest for pr o- posals Monday, vendor s had been allowed in the town-owned par k only dur ing special events.

For the thir d, the per mit will be for the entir e six months. The pr ogr am is par t of an effor t to gener ate r evenue at the par k. Residents r ejected a plan for par k- ing fees in an advisor y r efer endum in J une, and r ejected a differ ent par king fee plan in Pr oposals ar e due by 2 p. Per mits will be awar ded ar ound Apr il Sightseer s come by the car load to snap photos in fr ont of Por tland Head Light, and a str eam of tour buses deliver s visitor s to the par k thr oughout the spr ing, summer and fall.

Permits will be available as part of an ongoing effort by the town to raise revenue. MaineToday Media has obtained copies of the infor mation pr ovided to the committee. Committee member s fr om both par ties said they had not yet r e- viewed all of the new infor mation, but none said they had seen evi- dence of lawbr eaking. State Sen. Mike Thibodeau, R- Winter por t, Senate chair of the pan- el, said he was upset by the par tisan natur e of at least one email wr itten by an MGEA employee.

And he was the key to the U. Parents, students protest transfer of PHS principal Superintendent Jim Morse declines to address claims that the reassignment is due to test scores and graduation rates.

Sever al students and par- ents voiced their suppor t for J ohnson as a r espected, father ly administr ator who has led Por tland High for a decade. While some students wiped away tear s, other s said they wer e disappointed that Su- per intendent J im Mor se had decided to move J ohnson without consulting the school community. J ohnson. His ex- per ience and passion for the school cannot and should not be r eplaced.

Collins is expected to tour the plant and meet em- ployees. The com- pany oper ates spr ing sour ces in sever al other Maine towns. Poland Spr ing employs near ly full-time and seasonal wor k- er s in Maine. He r ecommends that the city in- cr ease taxes by 4. The City Council may decide to lay off some employees to avoid r aising taxes.

Some councilor s have alr eady discussed alter native options for cost saving and r evenue pr oduction. Chr istenbur y said ther e was City Administrator Rick Michaud recommends raising property taxes by 4. Savings could come fr om con- solidating emer gency dispatch oper ations. Lovell said the council has also discussed self-insur ance for the city, as well as ways to save in var ious municipal depar tments. In the last school construction funding cycle in , 22 projects were funded by the state.

The time before that, about 10 were funded, Connerty-Marin said. The search committee, chaired by Councilor Cheryl Leeman, and a consultant will meet with various groups during the day and then get input from the public tonight. The city has set an application deadline of April 1 and is expected to hire a new manager by the end of June.

The daytime meetings begin at a. The evening public session will be in the council chambers at City Hall beginning at p. Police search for man who robbed Congress St. The man entered the store, pulled out a knife and yanked the telephone away when the owner tried to call for help, police said.

The man smashed a case and stole a number of rings, police said. The owner ran to a nearby store and called police. The suspect is described as about 6 feet tall, pounds and wearing blue jeans and a navy blue jacket over his sweatshirt. Corns, who is 33 and works as a social media consultant in Portland, will be featured on one episode. The series will premiere April 6 at 9 p. Planning to remodel?

The clinic is offered to homeown- ers and business owners who are considering when and how to use an architect for a project or want design guidance. The Portland Society of Architects has held seven of the sessions. There will be more than two dozen Maine-based architects available for consultation at the design clinic.

Preregistration is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome. To sign up and for more information, visit portlandarchitects. At issue are two bills sponsored by Rep. Privacy Policy About us Contact us. E books. Share on Facebook. Features Of the Book Full coverage of all syllabus content.

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