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Am Start War Pearly Spencer? - Various - Pop In Germany, Vol. 2 (CD)

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City in the sun Fancy party Land of make believe Wolfchild Hotshot Eingestellt von Musiktruhe um Labels: Silver Convention , Tolle Frauen. Lena Philipsson: Collection 1. Fly Me Over The Rainbow 2. Boy 3. Dansa i neon 7. Om igen Talking In Your Sleep I'm A Fool Jag kan, jag vill Teach Me Tiger Standing In My Rain Why My Name Taking-care Day Macho Male Murder Preacher Give Me Your Love Vila hos mig I Believe In Miracles. Labels: Lena Philipsson , Tolle Frauen.

Ma Che Sera 2. Rumore 3. Far l'Amore Comincia Tu 4. Fiesta 5. Forte Forte Forte 6. Male 7. E Salutala Per Me 8. Satisfaction 9. Quando Quando Quando Io Non Vivo Senza Te Domani Romagna Mia Copacabana Drin Drin Non Dobbiamo Litigare Piu Sono Nera Din Don Dan Felicita Ta Ta [Versione Spagnola] Felicita Ta Ta Tanti Auguri Mi Sento Bella Mi Vien Da Piangere Mi Spendo Tutto Ci Vediamo Domani Bamba Parole Guerriero Pedro Lluca Torna Da Me She's Lookin' Good Rumore - Get Movin' [Versione Inglese] En el Amor Todo Es Empezar Festa [Fiesta- Versione Italiana].

Marianne Rosenberg Fremder Mann - Remix '90 3. Lieder der Nacht - Remix '90 4. Ich bin wie Du - Remix '90 Maxi Version 5. Benefit Compilation For Japan. However, hopefully when you do decide to purchase this Kompakt compilation, you will get the added bonus of ghostly ambience from Marsen Jules and Ezekiel Honig, playful, offbeat house from Efdemin, eerie minimal house from SCSI-9 and Nick Hoppner, and Anontelli's playful electronic pulses - as well as feeling good about supporting a beleaguered nation.

Kompakt Total The Field - "No. Amazingly, this latest installment is the 14th volume in the series. For those who enjoy Kompakt's generally positive approach to electronic music - think tactile techno, ambient pop and skewed, synth-laden house from the likes of Michael Mayer, Thomas Fehlmann, Partial Arts and Gui Boratto - there's much to admire, including a slew of previously unreleased cuts.

These include Superpitcher's "Delta", a sublime chunk of hypnotic e-tronica that's almost too melodic for its own good. Yet very little writing in English has discussed the Peasants' War in detail. This volume traces the war through contemporary documents, both published and original, for the English-speaking reader in translation.

It gives generous coverage to the causes and course of the revolt, and to its ideological mainsprings and forms of organization. At the same time it illustrates the authorities' response, the role of towns in the revolt, and the sociological variety of the participants.

The main political theories inspired by the revolt receive full treatment, and the volume concludes with detailed coverage of the attempts to suppress the insurrection and its political and social aftermath. Accompanying the selection of documents is an extended introduction, which traces the main issues facing historians in seeking to understand the revolt: it also provides thumbnail sketches of the course of the Peasants' War in the five main areas of rebellion.

The volume includes eight maps for convenient reference and a select bibliography for further reading. This study will be of particular interest to undergraduate and graduate students of history, politics, religion, sociology, and anthropology taking courses on early modern Europe, revolutions and social movements, peasant studies, the transition from feudalism to capitalism, and the Reformation. Read more Read less.

Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Michael G. Walker Brothers: The sun ain't gonna shine anymore 7. George Harrison: My sweet Lord 8. Manfred Mann: Do wah diddy diddy Bee Gees: New York mining disaster Procol Harum: A salty dog Kinks: Dandy Yardbirds: For your love Four Seasons: Rag doll Creedence Clearwater Revivel: Hey tonight Del Shannon: Runaway The plywood collapsed under them — it wasn't built for 40 — and all the guys fell down into the pit.

I heard them screaming. They were all climbing on top of each other trying to get out. Nobody could help them. All of those guys drowned in the toilet. It was Christmas in one camp and we had a little tree in our barracks. It was a foot-and-a-half, made of twigs, and had decorations we made ourselves out of bits of paper. He was mean, a communist fanatic.

With one hand he knocked the tree over: "You pigs don't need a tree! His wife, a pretty blonde, liked me. She wanted to escape with me. I was cleaning a barracks and she said, "You want to run away.

Take me along to Germany. I want to leave my husband. He is no good. I can hardly walk, and there is no place to go. I was in another prison camp along the Volga, a little one of not more than 50 guys, and had an escape plan worked out. I was cutting wood outside the camp, up to my waist in snow. Every day for a long time I came back a little bit later, and the guard thought: That's him, he's going to be late. The day came that I took off. I had two hours' head start.

My plan was to get to Lake Ladoga, not that far, and then Finland. I had to go over the frozen Volga to Kuybyshev. I begged some people for potatoes. I asked a Russian soldier for a streetcar, told him I'm a German prisoner, a specialist, and had to pick up a tractor. I was lying, but he wasn't suspicious. I ran after the streetcar but it disappeared, and I asked the soldier where the railroad is, and he pointed the way. I went around three soldiers on horses and saw there was one house with a light, and I looked into the window and there was a family who had a Christmas tree with lighted candles and there were children around it.

I looked at it a while. It made me so sad and homesick. Then I made it up to the railroad and got on the last wagon of a freight train, on a platform outside it in the back, and rode it.

I was standing there and the wind was blowing and it was so cold. Through my pockets, the potatoes were frozen like glass balls, so I couldn't even take a bite of them. The train made a lot of stops. A guy — there were only two guys on the train — he chased me around the wagon when we stopped, but he didn't get me.

After 20 miles on this train, I got off to take another one. I went to a house at the railroad station and hid underneath it — all the buildings were on stilts. A boy saw me and called the police, and the policeman said, "Come on out, I know you're in there.

They caught me. They took me back to a camp with German prisoners in Kuybyshev, and I was dirty and full of lice. They put me in a nice clean room and I took a bath and they gave me decent clothes, then I had to come out after a couple days. There was a bunch of officers and some women, all sitting on a bench and I was sitting in front of them.

They said, "How many bridges did you blow up? How many women did you rape? One woman was really sexy, and she sat there in a way I couldn't avoid looking at her, and an officer sprang at me and hit me and said, "Where do you look?

You got good food, otherwise you wouldn't look at the woman like that. Then one day, a guy came from the old camp where I worked. He was to bring me back. He gave me his pack and I was carrying it, and he was a big guy. I was only 5 foot 4.

He took one step, I had to take two steps. We were crossing the frozen Volga. I threw all his stuff down and told him he was responsible for me, and if anything happens to me, that gets reported to Moscow.

And he was scared. He took all his stuff and carried it himself. On the other side of the Volga, we stopped at a house of his relatives. He left me alone in a room. An old woman came and she reached on the shelf for a bowl of milk to feed the cat. I was exhausted. As soon as she turned around, I grabbed the bowl and drank the milk.

When we came to a camp, a big one a little farther from my old camp, the guy went into the guardhouse with me and started kicking me around. He ran and kicked me really hard and I flew against the wall. The next morning they put me back in with the other prisoners. I had to be punished. I had to work all night long peeling little potatoes, and in the day I worked in the mountains breaking stones. I didn't get any sleep. I don't know how I did it, but it wasn't for too long. There was another camp I went to.

It was in the forest too, and we had to cut trees down, and the main part from the trees had to be cut exactly so it fit on the trucks. The work was too hard, and we didn't have anything good to eat. In one camp I met a German doctor who lived near my hometown. He was sent home, and in he wrote a letter to my parents that I was alive. My mom cried over that. It was the first time they heard from me after three years. In order to carry a strange album track like "The Days of Pearly Spencer," Warren Entner needed to be as big a personality as an Ian Hunter, and he isn't.

Heck, even Dale "Buffin" Griffin and Peter Overend Watts from Mott had more name recognition in rock circles, and it's that lack of personality which held back a band with over a dozen hit records. As creative as these Steve Barri-produced 11 tracks are, more hit songs were necessary for this LP's survival.

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9 thought on “Am Start War Pearly Spencer? - Various - Pop In Germany, Vol. 2 (CD)”

  1. Samugami says:
    Nov 11,  · Various Artists: Pop in Germany Vol.2 1. Karel Gott - Schwarz und Rot (Paint It Black) 2. Buddy Caine - Tränen im Gesicht (A Whiter Shade Of Pale) 3. Heidi Brühl - Mein Weg mit Dir (Spicks And Specks) 4. Bill Ramsey - Yellow Submarine (Yellow Submarine) 5. Peter und Alex - Wir wollen nach Haus (Sloop John B.) 6.
  2. Kagall says:
    During the war they toured military bases and hospitals around the world, and released some of their best material too- for example "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". Anne Shelton Anne Shelton's career started in the middle of the war, when aged 19 she started performing at .
  3. Samugal says:
    Oct 31,  · Germany didn't have access to the resource base at the start of the war that it did half way through when it had overrun most of Europe. Also, it took time to fully integrate the occupied nations (primarily France) into the war effort. It's not like you can just flip a .
  4. Zulubar says:
    Various - Pop in Germany: Pop in Germany Vol 1-CD with page booklet, 25 tracks, playing time minutes. Am Start war Pearly Spencer (D. McWILIAMS) HAGEN, Tom: Pop in Germany - Pop in Germany Vol.2 CD 1. 01 Schwarz und .
  5. Tojora says:
    Most psych fans at this point are familiar with the A-side of this single, "Days of Pearly Spencer", at the very least because it was featured on the second/international Nuggets box clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfoans in general and our British friends especially might well know the song from various versions which charted, including the original by McWilliams himself in
  6. Doulmaran says:
    Jan 30,  · avanzi beat vol.3 - *27 shakin’ beat ‘n’ pop from the past* 01 roby serafin - vulcano () 02 mina (baby gate) - la febbre dell'hula hoop () 03 soluzione due - quel tram 2 .
  7. Duk says:
    From the soulful sounds of Otis Redding's 'Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay' to the bubblegum bounce of The Archies' 'Sugar Sugar', this four CD box set contains of the greatest songs of the '60s, a decade that was optimistic and hopeful when it began but was war-torn and filled with uncertainty by the time it /5(17).
  8. Shazil says:
    Nov 22,  · The war forced on Germany was too much for Germany. Faced with having to occupy defeated Europe, with the threat of an American invasion, faced with a Russian front, and faced with having to rescue Italy in Greece and North Africa, German resources, despite the magnificance of the German Army, were too thin to prevail.
  9. Kazik says:
    Jan 30,  · The First World War S1 • E9 Germany's Attack On The Western Front | First World War EP9 | Timeline - Duration: Timeline - World History Documentaries , views

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