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The Rustler - Various - An Hour Of Temptation (CDr)

18.01.2020 Yozshukora 8 Comments

He showed significant musical talent as a young child and started playing at a local job, reportedly a barber shop, in slow business hours. This gained him a quick reputation and he moved on to traveling black minstrel shows.

He was one of the first performers to cross the race barrier, largely using comedy and song as a vehicle. To say this was not small task, is a monumental understatement! It meant that, even as a black man, he had to perform in black face. His involvement in Minstrel shows and his penning of several songs that stereotyped black people has been a source of criticism, especially in modern times--though his body of work taken as a whole is far less controversial than others involved in the same line of performance.

Nonetheless, he was huge talent of his time and was a multi-talented performer and an excellent singer--he was also wildly popular. I think I will probably do some reading in bed instead. Ideally I should get to sleep very soon as I fancy getting up very early and taking another walk around the park while it is quiet. That assumes that the morning turns out to be bright and sunny.

So I'll finish for now with happy birthday to Kathy and Kevin, and good morning to all the revellers. It started with being in a pub with Bob, Roger and Kevin. The pub was in Southend I think , and we were there so Bob could get his home made wine either filtered or distilled using some elaborate apparatus owned by a Frenchmen.

For some reason we also had a load of electronic stuff with us that was in partial states of dismantlement so that memory cards, and other stuff, could be easily swapped between them. As the day progressed more and more of this stuff was stolen. I kept wandering off to try and find the stuff.

I was getting fairly angry at not finding it and must have been looking very fierce when I discovered that the pub had a public bar that I had not previously noticed. When I looked in there, over what looked like a bar that is bar as found in a pub I saw all our stuff piled up. One young joker immeadiately confessed that they had done it for a laugh and would have soon brought it all back to us. I remarked that it was lucky that he didn't get his legs broken for a laugh. To make amends he offered me a drink and suggested that I should stay and have a chat with his friends - who were all girls!

Very soon after he made a strategic exit and left me with these girls. I was not very interested in any of them as they all seemed a little young, but one took an interest in me. She had slightly Indian features, and was dressed in t-shirt and jeans. She started kissing me. Things were looking up until the bar staff changed shifts and she announced she had to go, and disappeared behind the bar. It was not the sort of climax I might hope for, but it was a very good second best.

As in real life I was broke and a fiver is a fiver!! Duck on The R. Although the angle is slightly different they are of the same path as it makes it's way to the western boundary of the park.

Finally, one more picture. This is the stray cat that I have been befriending. I must remember to buy some tuna fish when I am shopping next. It is an excellent lure, and last time I offered some a few days ago I got within 6 inches of the cat before it skittered away.

Yesterday was my second to last session at The Programme Centre in Greenwich. Today will be my last one there. It was not a very exciting morning, and the afternoon was none too thrilling either.

With nothing on TV in the evening at I was half way through the first short story by Isaac Asimov when Bob phoned to see if anyone was going to the pub. I might possibly have joined him if I wasn't already in bed. I finally turned the light out shortly before I woke again at That served me right for eating a big bag of peanuts late in the evening. After a drink of water and a quick pee I was able to get back to sleep again.

I was woken up again by Nelly at She woke me from a dream that was both strange and not strange. The strange part was that I was in India. The not strange part was that it was like real life. I think I was on holiday, but I don't know if I was part of a group or acting individually. I was investigating a railway station to see whaat the train service was like, and what time the trains were due to run.

The station was quite basic and rather shabby. I was just leaving there when a train pulled in. To my amazement it was an old British Southern Region slam door train. I knew I just had to get on it. So I went straight back to the hotel to get my stuff for some reason I expected it to stay in the station for about an hour.

To get back to the hotel I had cross a road or two. The traffic was very light. In fact I can only recall about 4 cars. At least one of these was a Morris Minor traveller, and the others were other late 's - early 's type cars. They were all in excellent condition but driven most erratically with little regard to driving on any particular side of the road.

I got back to the hotel safely and announced that I had found the perfect train to continue our journeys. Unfortunately someone was having a tantrum and had locked themselves into the room where all our baggage was. It was as we were milling around waiting to get into this room that Nelly howled at me to get her breakfast. So I never did get a chance to travel on that old train. I fed Nelly and went straight back to bed and was soon asleep again. I'm sure I dreamed again, and I think it was about telephones, or telephone exchanges, but I cannot recall anything of it.

I awoke again at about One thing I can recollect now was that for some reason I woke up at around Whenever it was, I did note that the eastern sky was beginning to lighten. This reminded me that it is less than a month away to midsummers day, and yet it is still often rather chilly. As I said at the beginning I am doing my last session at the Programme Centre today. This afternoon I have no idea what I will be doing, but tonight is pub night.

I even have a spare tenner to spend there! I am slightly annoyed this morning. Yesterday I upgraded Nvu the html editor used to compose this page to the most up-to-date version I could find after Iain suggested the version I was using was a little outdated.

Now I find I can't change the colour of the text, and I can't turn on fully justified text placement. Admittedly the version I downloaded was a pre-release candidate, but it seems more buggy than a piece of Microsoft software. So I have had to resort to using the Mozilla html editor to write this mornings entry. It seems a lot of things broke yesterday. For a lot of yesterday not a lot happened that was worth recording, but in the evening things got a tiny bit interesting.

It started with me pondering why my DVD writer on the Windows machine upstairs can no longer write to DVD's without generating an "internal target error" failure message. Previously I had installed new burning software to see if that had anything to do with it. It didn't, so last night I decided to flash the internal firmware of the drive.

I found some software that changed the drive from a Teac who made the badge on the front to a Pioneer who actually built the drive. That worked in as much the drive is now reported as a Pioneer, but it would still not burn a DVD even in simulation mode. My next bright idea was that maybe something had become corrupted in Windows. So I put in a CD with what I beleive is s slightly later release of Windows and selected "upgrade". It seemed to install OK, but after the usual couple of reboots it announced that a driver loader module was missing and gave me the BSOD - blue screen of death.

So it seems I have terminally broken my Windows PC in the studio. Today I will have to find time to re-install windows instead of just upgrading it. This morning I am at the Programme Centre in Greenwich. I am now in week 13, and that is the final week. So just another 12 hours to go and then I'll be free again. Free to do what? If you have been following the saga of the stray cat in my garden there is some news.

I have now managed to get up very close to it. Even to the extent that it has almost sniffed my hand. It is still very jumpy and will not come for food until I have stood well back out of the way. It is a voracious eater for such a small cat, and once it starts eating I can then slowly creep up on it. We have to play a little game where I pretend not to be interested in it, but day by day I get a little closer.

If it had been just a little warmer this morning, and I had more patience, I might have got close enough to stroke it. It will happen in a few more days, and then my troubles will start, or perhaps it would be more true to say that Nelly's troubles start. Within a few weeks it may be brave enough to venture into the house. Nelly will be disgruntled, and I'll have to start worrying about fleas and the like.

Time now to shower and get dressed. This morning I have the luxury of new socks to put on. I finally remembered to see if Tesco had any in stock, and judged that my finances were good enough to pay for them. I can now pension off several pairs that are holier than the pope.

It looks quite simple, but there is far more to it than meets the eye. For instance I had to cut out and overlay the picture of the spacecraft over the background picture of the nebula. Unfortunately my printer has run out of yellow ink, and the other inks are a little streaky, so I have not been able to see the finished product.

It should take seconds to do there instead of the 10 minutes my printer would take at maximum resolution. Maybe tomorrow night I will see the results of my hard work. Besides slaving over a hot computer and Paint Shop Pro I spent a few hours in my studio.

I don't think I did anything else for the rest of the day, but it seemed to be a fairly usy day. Today I will definietly get to Greenwich for After that I may go and see Ivor and Iain at work prior to going for a quick drink with them.

I'll decide on that later depending on how I feel and what else happens during the morning. I may opt to come straight home and have a nap. I think I had a terribe night last night. I slept through most of the night, but I am sure I was tossing and turning all night. It feels like I was dreaming for most of the night instead of getting deep sleep. The dreams were all mixed up and did not follow any sequence.

I can't really remember enough to describe what was going on. There were odd things like going through an access door in some toilets somewhere and finding a stone or concrete spiral staircase going up into something like a very large tower block lift room. The staircase was covered in unused thankfully toilet paper, and toilet rolls, and it was difficult climbing the stairs because of it. I woke up for some unknown reason at I then slept for another 90 minutes approximately.

I don't recall dreaming for that 90 minutes so maybe that was my deep sleep for the night. Given the choice I would probably go back to bed again right now, but there is no time for that. Maybe I'll feel better after a good hot shower and a shave.

This morning I spend another four hours at the Greenwich Programme Centre school for wayward job seekers! After that I am not sure what I will do. Some possibilities are to do some shopping in Tesco and to spend another couple of hours in my workshop. It would be sensible to do the latter as I am getting close to finishing my project in there. Once that is out of the way I still have an idea for some original design work to experiment with. All the worst noise has been caused by this piece of machinery hopefully pictured on the left of this writing as it breaks up the running track.

The vibrations come right up the foundations of the house. This is sort of surprising as it is working at least yards away from my house. Between me and it are half a dozen houses, a road, a two track railway formation, and the east side stand at the stadium. The item behind the machine is the old scoreboard. Even though the stadium has been closed since xmas or possibly even before that it has still been lit up at night. In fact many lights have been alight during the night in and around the stadium.

Maybe this has been to deter vandals, although as the place is being demolished it can hardly have been worth it. Apart from the sporadic vibrations from the machine it has been a pleasant sort of day. I have still not done anything in my studio, but I have been fairly productive in my workshop.

After my late night early morning! I do anticipate some trouble getting to sleep so I'll be doing some reading, but I will not get carried away again like in the early hours of this morning. Provided I can get seven or eight hours of sleep in, and still wake up at MAY Weather - slightly hazy, but dry and bright. Yesterday's rain slowly fizzled out, and by Monday 30th May bank holiday. Weather - raining. It's a bank holiday - It's raining! Weather - very cool, but dry and calm.

I've recently got back from the party I attended. Saturday 28th May Weather - bright and sunny, but very windy. Just for a change I have added an afternoon update. This morning I went out to the park with my camera.

It was very pleasant out there, but an hour or so was enough in that bright sunshine. Any more and there is a chance I could have started to burn, although that was not my prime consideration. The park was looking nice and green, but there seemed to be far fewer photo opportunities than last time in April or read about it here.

Last time I made seperate web page for those photos, but this time I'll show them here. Strange looking tree. Woodpecker activity. Click on any image to see a bigger view You will need to your browsers "back" button to come back here. View looking west - May. View looking west - April. Weather - dry and cool, slightly cloudy. Yesterday was hot, very hot! This morning it is surprisingly chilly. I am sure it must have been a very clear night that let all the heat escape into space.

Yet it is cloudy this morning, and the interior of the house is still very warm. Although the temptation of an afternoon in a beer garden was very strong, and would have been irresistable had I realised how hot and sunny the day would turn out, I decided that I could not afford to go out. There were two parts to that equation. First the lack of ready cash, and then the opportunity to correct that problem in the future.

So I elected to stay in. It was very hot and uncomfortable in my workshop, but I managed to make some headway, but progress was slow. Until then I had not opened any windows in the house apart from the bathroom window. When I had finished in my workshop I decided to go out and buy New Scientist, some fags and some tobacco. I opened my front door and was greeted by an almost furnace like blast of hot air. My porch, although not enclosed, can trap the heat of the sun even on cool days, but this was no trapped heat.

All the air outside was baking hot. It did feel good to be out in it for just the 15 minutes it takes to walk to Tesco and back again. There was just enough air movement to keep sweat to a minimum, although some of the air movement was just from walking.

It was probably a mistake to open several windows around the house when I got in. The air outside was a lot hotter than indoors, Yet I did open some windows, and soon the temperature of my upstairs front room was as hot as outside. Prior to opening the window is was almost comfortable up there, but afterwards put paid to any idea I might have had of spending any time in my studio.

In the end I spent most of the afternoon, and part of the early evening flitting between reading, the PC and TV. I read for perhaps 30 minutes, and it was only just dark outside when I fell asleep. It was too hot to actually get into bed. So I just fell asleep on top of the duvet.

It was My plans for today are to get back into my workshop for at least a couple of hours although I will probably go back to bed for an hour or two once I have finished here. After time in my workshop I have a blank space in my day until Dr Who at A little while after that I have a social appointment.

I am not really looking forward to the social engagement. It will be "OK", but these things promise so much and deliver so little. It is true that you get out of them what you put into them.

I guess I just don't have the knack of enjoying these things properly. Maybe I just don't like crowds I don't , but there is always the fantasy optimism that this one will turn out differently. The most attractive thing about this one is that it is close enough to home to duck out anytime I get too bored. Friday 27th May Weather - bright, sunny and almost warm.

It feels strange on two counts this morning. Firstly it is starnge that I am up so early considering how late it was I went to bed this morning. Secondly it feels sort of strange that I no longer have to go into Greenwich three times a week. I may as well add one more strange thing. It is strange to be able to sit here quite comfortably while the the window is open. The draught coming in is fresh, but not the icy blast that would have happened in recent times.

I can't actually remember when it was last warm enough in the morning to do this. At the end of my session at Greenwich I asked what my score had been on the literacy test we all took on the first day there. Presumably this was done to find out who couldn't get jobs because they could not read 'n' rite proper. I was most gratified to learn that I had scored 10 out of I wonder what happened to the other 10 questions I answered.

In reality it is not much to boast about. The test was barely above plus standard as measured when I was that tender age. By today's schooling standards it was probably equivalent to an "A" level! During the afternoon I made a deliberate attempt to be very lazy. I spent much of the time watching TV, reading, sleeping and eating far more cheap ice cream than is good for me or probably good for anyone but it was very nice!

Unusually I was the first one there. It felt very warm when I got into the pub. I presume the air conditioning had failed again as the front door was left wedged open. After a pint of cold Stella Artois I cooled off a bit.

I think the beer could have been a little colder than it was, but it was still delicious. We had a good chat and about 4 or 5 pints before last orders when I went home again. I then watched The Bill while eating some revolting low fat roast potatoes.

I don't think they liked the very long low teperature roast I subjected them to. The "Aunt Bessies" one I did the wek before were perfect cooked like that, but these Tesco's ones were hard, dry and pretty nasty! When I subsequently went to bed I was not sure how tired I was so I tried a little reading.

At first I was feeling fine, but after 4 or 5 pages it quickly became apparent that I was knackered. Within minutes of putting the book down, and turning off the light, I was fast asleep. I seem to recall that was at This morning I feel fairly alert, but I may go back to bed for an extra hours snooze. After that I have several options. One option is most likely - Tesco's for tobacco and a copy of New Scientist.

After that things become more complicated. I could spend a long time reading New Scientist, or I could start on a little project that should bring in some drinking vouchers.

One complication is that I would like to go for a long beer in the beer garden of The Herne. It should be a beautiful day. Just the sort of day that beer gardens are made for. The problem is that I have spent my beer budget for the week and future weeks until I obtain some more money.

Iain says to just come anyway, money or not, but it is a delicate situation and one that challenges my morals. Is it better to upset people by sponging beer from them, or better to upset people by ignoring them? Either way seems a losing option. I could certainly get to the pub. The fares are prepaid by the weekly bus pass used fo getting to the Greenwich Programme Centre and paid for by them.

I could also afford just one pint from the loose change in my pocket, but I dare not get money from my bank account. For the last two months it has been in the black, but my account is finely balanced to pay my monthly bills and leave a little left over for emergencies like food or tobacco.

The simple answer is that I should knuckle down and do the neccesary to gain drinking vouchers, but that sunshine does look very enticing Thursday 26th May Weather - hazy sky with weak sunshine, mild. First off, apologies to Bob who went to the pub last night. Kevin warned us in advance that he could not make the pub last night so we recheduled for tonight. Wednesday 25th May Vini Vici - The Tribe 6. Coming Soon - Keeping The Faith 7.

Sean Tyas - Reach Out Lee Osborne feat. Symbolic - Insidious Simon Patterson - Brush Strokes. Aug 13 62 mins. This week Simon returns with the biggest tracks for him on the road at the moment!

Aug 06 53 mins. Jul 30 60 mins. This week a producer set from Block Device on Open Up radio! Block Device - The Lazer [Unreleased] 2.

Block Device - Stoned [Starlight Records] Jul 23 60 mins. This week Simon combines two recent live sets in this episode of Open Up radio… Block Device vs. State Azure - Hex Magnus Remix Jul 16 58 mins. This week a guest mix from Mad Maxx - expect full on Psy at a firing tempo.

Jul 10 60 mins. Jul 02 61 mins. Simon Bostock feat. Casey Rasch pres. Second Sine - Ipanema Girls Vendace Jun 26 64 mins. This week Simon is back at the helm for OU…. GMS - Al Capone 8. Jun 18 60 mins. This week we have a guest mix from Reaky on Open Up! Reaky - Never Say Never Again Reaky - Magnum Orca Activa Remix Haldolium - Subfile Reaky - Surprise In The Woods Reaky - History Repeating Bad Boy Reaky - Orgia De Primavera. Jun 11 62 mins. This week a deep, dark and driving set from Simon…..

Gary Beck - Hentzi [Bek Audio] 5. Natalino Nunes - Sky A. Paul Remix [ONH. CET] 6. Joseph Capriati - Solar System [Drumcode] 8. Jun 04 61 mins. This week Simon invites collaborator and friend Magnus into the guest mix fold.

Jonathan Allyn - Lightwave Magnus remix 2. Intelligence - Glitch Drama 3. E-Clip - Enchantment 4. Danny Stubbs - Voices in the Dark Magnus remix 5. Namarrkon - Torodial Core Eclipse Echoes remix 6. Azure State - Hex Magnus remix 8.

Microlin - Soul to Heaven 9. Ticon - Ether May 28 61 mins. May 21 59 mins. Remix 4. Push - Strange World Edit. May 14 55 mins. May 09 58 mins. This week John Askew is at the helm! Apr 30 63 mins. Welcome to Open Up , this week a studio mix from Simon. Sonic Species - Flying Saucers 9. Paul Miller - Oasis [Vandit] Apr 23 61 mins. Open Up with Simon Patterson Danilo Ercole - Moving [Coldharbour] 4. Flegma - Rotation [TesseracTstudio] 6.

Gaudium - Open Your Mind [Iboga] 7. Gareth Weston - Trojan [Tytanium] 9. On3 - Elevance [HOMmega] Suntree - Renunion [Iono]. Apr 20 60 mins. This week Freedom Fighters takes control of Open Up radio! Simon Patterson Feat.

Apr 10 60 mins. Welcome to Open Up with Simon Patterson 1. Victor Calderone - Burden [Drumcode] 2. Coming Soon - In and Out Freedom Fighters - Hybrid Sub6 ft. Jahnatan - Unation Dottex Remix [Hommega] Apr 02 60 mins. This week on Open Up we have an exclusive guest mix from Greg Downey! Komytea - Lost In Kioto [Komytea] 2. Matador - Mambo [Minus] 5. Activa - Magnetic Dub [Monster Tunes] 6. Mar 27 60 mins. Electric Universe - Star Cluster [Dacru] Mar 19 61 mins. On guest mix duties is Psy genius Waio!

Simon Patterson - Smack [Reset Rec. Heatbeat - Rocker Monster [Armada Rec. Mar 12 65 mins. Welcome to Open Up. This week a studio mix and Simon announces his forthcoming Trance Nation compilation for Ministry Of Sound - available now to pre-order on iTunes!

Axel Karakasis - Gripped [Remain] 4. Paul Remix [Sub Cult] 5. Axel Karakasis - Strange Ways [Remain] 6. Mar 05 60 mins. LFCs - Psycle [Evolution] 2. Markantonio - Yho [Analytic Trail] 3. Sian - Autogamy [Octopus] 7. Axel Karakasis - Gripped [Remain] 9.

Simone Tavazzi - Abuse [Alleanza] Axel Karakasis - Firecracker [Rhythm District] Fukuda - Emerald Splash [Octopus] Klaudia Gawlas - Percy [Kombination Research] Andres Gil - Distroy Axel Karakasis - Strange Ways [Remain] Axel Karakasis - Flounder [Rhythm Distrikt].

Outside The Universe - Other Dimension 6. Feb 19 60 mins. Welcome to Open Up with Simon Patterson! Will Atkinson - Sharpshooter [Subculture] 7. Killerwatts feat. In the words of Simon "Take the next day off OpenUp Mindfold - Modulators - Waio Remix 8. Feb 05 61 mins. Jan 29 57 mins. Blazer - Obsidian [Neom Recordings] Timelock - Muto [Blue Tunes] Jan 22 61 mins.

Sonic Element - Evolve 9. Freedom Fighters - Million Little Pieces Jan 15 61 mins. This week a guest mix from Casey Rasch! Dec 31 60 mins. Dec 23 60 mins. Merry Christmas! Dec 18 60 mins. Next stop Digital, Newcastle. Dec 11 60 mins. Welcome to Open Up - Simon is back at the helm Shelter - Rock Steady [Yin Yang] 5. N] Dec 04 60 mins. Solar Kid feat. Solar Kid Original Mix [Iboga] 6. Tangle - Sahara Original Mix [Damaged] 8. This week we welcome Bryan Kearney with a guest mix for Open Up!

Will Atkinson - Sharpshooter Subculture All bases covered. Nov 06 59 mins. Welcome to Open Up - Simon plays some of the biggest tracks from the past couple of weeks touring. Oct 30 59 mins. Welcome to Open Up - this week a stunning guest mix from Freedom Fighters! Captain Hook - Mr. Gold Iboga Records 2. P Records.

Oct 22 57 mins. This week Simon is back at the helm with a studio mix! Oct 16 59 mins. This week a guest mix from Activa live at Open Up in London! Protonica - Greece Atmos Remix Suntree - Private Guide Zyce Remix Avshi - Inner Sun Original Mix Oct 09 61 mins. Oct 02 60 mins. Welcome to Open Up - this week Simon returns to the airwaves with a studio mix! Deadmau5 - Pets Original Mix [mau5trap] 2. Unknown 5. Vertical Mode - Computer Music 9. Unknown Sep 25 61 mins. Lyctum feat. Will Atkinson pres.

Sep 18 61 mins. Sep 11 64 mins. Function C pres. Talla 2XLC vs. Thomas Datt feat. Martin Duckworth feat. Sep 04 57 mins. Cirez D - Bauerpost [Mouseville] 5. Freedom Fighters - MLP 8. Bryan Kearney - Say Nothing Will Atkinson - Harvester.

Aug 28 64 mins. A takeover by Neptune Project this week! Factor B - Stratos Galaxias 6. John Askew vs Andy Hunter Feat. John Askew - Mechanism of the Witch Outro. Aug 21 68 mins. Welcome to Open Up - This week a full on Psy mix!

Kopel - Angel Original Mix Subliminal Codes - Hemija Original Mix Symbolic - Insidious Original Mix Magnus - Sinelock Original Mix Spirit Architect - Newborn Original Mix Sulimina - Orbital Locator Original Mix Ananda Shake - Blade Original Mix.

Aug 14 64 mins. Fehrplay - Everywhere You Go [Ultra] 2. Darren Porter - Transformer Aug 07 59 mins. Jul 31 54 mins. Welcome to Open Up featuring some of the biggest tracks of summer so far! Vertical Mode - Alien Rock. Jul 17 63 mins. This will be the last guest for a while! A dying art Dousk - Sensual Poke Orignal Mix 4.

Stephen J. Kassey Voorn - Voices Orignal Mix 7. Jul 10 58 mins. Uakoz - Homen Yin Yang 5. Alen Milivojevic - Dementio Yin Yang 7. Miquel - Dirty Redhead Yin Yang. Jul 03 57 mins. Jul 01 57 mins. Apologies for the delay uploading last weeks show! See you Uppers soon. Phaxe feat.

Jun 19 60 mins. ID - Crushing 2. ID - Shapeshifter 5. ID - Derealization Will Atkinson - Isolator [Subculture]. Jun 12 63 mins. Jun 05 60 mins. Sulima - Orbital Locator. May 29 58 mins. Welcome to Open Up with special guest Magnus! Magnus - am [Perfecto Fluoro] 4. Silent Sphere - I'm Not Sick 6. Magnus - 2nd Born Jirah Remix [Borderline] 9. May 22 59 mins. ID - High Voltage Arnej - Zero Hour Clouds - Articles Arnej Rework Arnej - Fusion [Black Hole Recordings].

May 15 57 mins. May 08 60 mins. Perfect Stranger - No. May 01 58 mins. Welcome to Open Up where normal service is resumed with Simon back from a week away at Radio 1. Axel Karakasis - Incense [Remain] 4. Phase - Disturbed 8. Astrix - Gayatri 9. E Clip - Troublemaker Astrix - Mir Silver Sky - Unknown. Apr 17 63 mins. Sharpside - Wave Cruising Rotation Records 2.

CBM - Recoil Recoverworld 5. Techyon - Fountain of Light Digital Freedom Apr 10 63 mins. Uppers 1. Apr 03 58 mins. To Be Forgotten For a duke and a commoner, marriage would be pure scandal. Yet nothing has ever felt as right as having Meredith in his arms…and in his bed.

Soon he must choose—between a duty he never desired, and a woman he longs for, body and soul… Show book. Governess Gone Rogue - Dear Lady Must be nice, brainy, and fond of cats. Clair, the Earl of Kenyon, knows his wild young sons need a tutor, not a new mother.

They need a man tough enough to make his hellions tow the line, and James is determined to find one. Miss Amanda Leighton, former schoolteacher and governess, knows she has all the qualifications to be a tutor. If Lord Kenyon insists on hiring a man, then she has only one option.

An unconventional, outspoken, thoroughly intriguing woman. Yet Jamie, too, is learning surprising lessons—about desire, seduction, and passionate second chances. Are you sure you want to continue? Cancel Accept. There was an error reconnecting.

Small folk wandered the fields here and there, pulling up the worst of the weeds and checking the health of the plants. The ground here was the best in the area, better even then the fields near Moat Cailin. The swamp crept up from the south in places, but they were at least a half-hour ride from the castle here.

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