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Serene - Black Light Discipline - Against Each Other (CD, Album)

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They surely have faith in Matthijs Kouw. I think we even shared a 'stage' on one of those long afternoons of free laptop improvisation. Later on, he moved out of sight but since some two years, he's back and actively releasing music. His partner in crime is Radboud Mens, with whom he has an ongoing relationship exploring drones from modular synthesizers Kouw and long-string instruments Mens.

Here we have Kouw in solo mode and the cover lists no instruments or sound sources; just the five titles, that Jos Smolders did the mastering for and the artwork is credited to Xia Gui.

I understand from information from the man himself that this CD is made with guitar and e-bow, which in turn has been manipulated with software and that there is no modular synthesizer used here. In Kouw went to the Wudang Mountains in China to study meditation and martial arts and that is what inspired this album, along with his interest in Daoism.

According to the press release, "Daoism teaches us that the foundational cannot be named and identified, but rather has to be experienced first hand. This album is an invitation to the listener to dwell in this space of the unnameable and the mysterious, and to embrace it wholeheartedly", and listening to this music it is very easy to see how that works out in the music Kouw produces. The D-word is obvious, just as A for ambient. The drones Kouw produces have that all immersive character that good drone music should have, regardless if you play this very loud, or very quiet, if you care to devote all your attention to it, or play as some background music.

I tried it all and it works on all of those levels. One's attention is of course drawn to different aspects of the work. I preferred a sort of medium volume, which allows for all the sounds to be heard, with that fine, rich amount of detail, but without forcing itself too much upon your ears.

It is not easy to single out any field recordings in this music, so we have to take his word for it that they are in there. The music becomes a fine physical presence in my living room, without taking over my complete environment.

When I put up the volume there is a fine layer of mild distortion pressing through the music, which is fine, but for me a bit too much, and when it's too soft the details are not there enough for my taste. This is an excellent release. The next riff is awesome and reminded me of early 70s alternative rock, particularly the riff of Toyah's 'Neon Womb'.

There is a manic lead break heard over a cacophonous blast of music with all instruments turned up to The intensity is jarring and there is no room for instruments to breathe exuding a type of musical ferocity.

The vocals are like vintage 70s psychedelic bands, and there is an infectious melody on the line "the city of the dead. A radio controlled voice is heard as the sound grows powerfully. The dystopian city is given a voice as the music spins wildly out of control, chaotically bent out of rhythm until it is mercifully brought to a halt, capping off a sensational track.

The melody follows an odd time sig. As soon as that series of chords is heard on piano and later guitar it will jolt the memory. The serene peaceful atmosphere drifts on a wave of piano drawing the listener in deeper.

The Hammill-esque vocals continue and then a sax sound adds a new colour to the tapestry. Interwoven in the music is the jazzy hi-hat cymbal tapping of Dzendzel. The piano plays in isolation for a while, joined by a clean melancholy guitar. The cymbal splash signifies the floodgates of sound are about to break open. The sound suddenly intensifies and a very dense and moody atmosphere ensues. It feels dark and ethereal as the violin begins to slice out the sounds of anguish and pain, like it is being tortured with knives.

The violin is genuinely spine-chilling with its serrated cries of agony. Ominous guitar tones continue in a seductive hypnotic structure and cymbals splash accenting the next chord progression. A mellotron fills the soundscape that is evoking a sense of loss or regret. The haunting measured cadence is made all the more alarming when it suddenly cuts off after a cymbal splash.

This was undoubtedly a mesmirising piece of music; a 7 minute coda that has genuine emotive power. The last track is a colossal 24 minute multi movement suite in 10 sections, 'Rogue'. It begins with a lulling gentle acoustic picking guitar. Parmenter's vocals are multi tracked and sound jarring after hearing the extended music previously. The lyrical content is dark and brooding; "lest they smother you and break you in two.

There is a vocoder effect on some vocals providing a psychedelic effect. The Hammond organ begins a staccato embellishment and then the signature spirals wildly out of control. The tension and release of the music is astonishing. A piano returns with a guitar and crystalline high octave vocals. A new shift in meter begins as a spacey string pad mellotron chimes in. As you drift along on this wave of ambience suddenly the time sig transforms again throws you off, as Bouda's guitar rocks hard.

It feels more like Dream Theater or Riverside at this stage. Just as you lock into this groove, the time sig changes again and there are loud screaming wails generating a disconcerting apprehensive emotion. The music draws you in deeper down an abyss of sonic resonances and then you hit the bottom as the guitars are amped up with a Hammond organ grinding out a 70s vibe.

Bouda's lead break is exceptional with uplifting soaring string bends and sweeps. A fractured two note crash down signifies a new change and Parmenter's vocals return "every memory scar and fantasy leads me back should I stray, and on and on. You can make your own mind up.

A church organ and angular lead guitar fire up and draw this epic to a satisfying musical conclusion. At the end of Discipline's latest release I was left quite overcome by the intensity of the music. The band generate very organic music; at times technical and daring, but always inventive and unified. The massive epic may become one of the all time great epics along the lines of classic 70s prog or the more recent work of prog metal artists.

The prolific fusion of symphonic tones and heavy guitars is an amalgamation that works and the band are able to move from mesmirising beauty to a cacophonic ferocity with alarming technical precision. This is one of the best albums of and is certainly making an indelible impression in the prog community, and will continue to do so as the band become discovered for the awesome music they generate.

It settles with piano as the bass and vocal melodies help out. It's building and the sax comes in too. Killer stuff. Ripping guitar after 4 minutes then the vocals return a minute later. It kicks in quickly though. So good. Such an emotional track. The guitar solos after 2 minutes as the background becomes intense, then back to the earlier sound with vocals.

It kicks in before 5 minutes. A dark calm arrives a minute later. It's building then we get mellotron after 7 minutes. Violin 9 minutes in and the repetitive rhythm continues to the end when it stops abruptly. Acoustic guitar to start then electric guitar and vocals take over just before a minute.

Drums then piano as it becomes very VDGG-like. It settles after 5 minutes until it kicks back in before 7 minutes with power. The guitar solos after 10 minutes tastefully. It's building then here we go 12 minutes in. Huge bass follows that is ground-shaking.

It's so good here as they seem to jam. Prominant guitar after 15 minutes. A calm 20 minutes in and reserved vocals join in. Lazy guitar follows then organ as the song eventually fades out. This album is an absolute pleasure to listen to. This is MY music. The piano passage adds depth alongside some vocals. Lead guitar and saxophone trade off over heavy riffs in this raunchy rock opener.

Were Van der Graaf Generator a heavy progressive rock band, this would be what they would sound like. Track Listing. King Crimson. Coda: Marine Walking on Air. Inner Garden, Pt. Radio, Pt.

One Time. Bathe in its blood, its lifeless touch wallow in misery. Longing for release. Drowning in false peace. Wandering through ashes. Guided to the grave. Invert being. Absent purpose. Scalded soul. Mourn what you could have been. Scorn what you would have been.

Scorn what you should have been. Reduced to tears fears. Dragged down, submerged in malice revoked forever. Disfigured by self-deceit revoked forever. Reproach, beseech liftoach revoked forever. Brought to your knees. No more fleeting pleasures; grieving. Servant of weakness.

Cascade cascading surrender forever. Innocence erodes. Impermanence Dead god. Constant prison. Endless schism. Forced division.

Bereft humans. Conflict constant. Brother slaughter. Blood-stained fist. Blood-soaked reason. Hate as creed. Vomit your sins. Fall - become the killing blow. Alienation; self. Horse of Turin Raining fallacies. Bereft, hallowed drifter. Inward detachment. Distance craved, distance given. Anodyne nostrum. Panacea denied. Wretched leper. Misanthropic rot.

Prayers unanswered foundations lost. The body unclean. The struggle erased. Always unwhole. Raining falsehoods. Inward withdrawal. Flee in limbo.

Deficient sanctuary; lost. Undone reciprocity denied. The whip overtakes the caress. Surrender - I reach for you. Through your pain I am remade. Overlaying an image with text is a very popular choice when it comes to designing an album cover. An image can convey a lot about what the album means and helps to give an artist a unique identity.

The text in the design is clear and vivid, easily standing out against the darker background. The dark red background provides a nice contrast to the radiant white petals, which brighten up the entire design. This cover template would suit certain musical genres very well. For example, you could create a great design for a folk or pop singer.

Here we see a very modern piece of album artwork. In the design, large grey cubes sporadically jut out from a wall to form an uneven surface. The text, which has been created to suit a dance-themed album, suits the overall design perfectly. This abstract style is popular with many alternative dance acts that want to do something different with their imagery. Some album cover ideas on this list manage to be energetic, but also reserved.

This is one of them. The jumping sound bars that convey motion in the design are thoughtfully placed over a clear, tranquil sky. In this scene, rolling waves cascade over a sandy beach. It has the potential to catch the attention of a passerby and hold their attention. Such is the beauty of the picture it could almost be a painting.

This album cover idea is casual and laid back, which could be used as a representation of the music on the CD. It gives off chilled summer vibes, which might make it suitable for a light-hearted pop or rock album. By clicking on the template, you can start editing it and then replacing the text with your own words. This image is layered with parallel rectangles to give the album cover design more depth. The thoughtful arrangement of the shapes serves to draw attention to the artwork.

The black and white photo is partially revealed, hinting at an album that may comprise of more than it seems. Add a splash of colour to your album art to make it stand out, even if that colour happens to be black! The red background in this design creates a really eye-catching contrast that will get your album noticed. Album cover ideas like these are usually good for creating designs for different genres of rock music. Sometimes you might just want to focus on the music and forget about creating memorable album art.

They will probably only take up a small portion of your time to create the design. This cover is a prime example. The serene image of the beach is completely transformed by the vibrant colour scheme. Yellow and turquoise are probably the two colours you think of first when it comes to summer days at the beach.

This design uses the colour combination very well. The album cover would be really suitable for a tropical house, electronic dance or ambient house record. The image in this design instantly demands attention, shouting out at anyone who sees it. White space is used as a background for the text in the design, which makes it easily noticeable. The CD cover could be used to hint at dark and moody themes that might feature on the album.

The woman in the white dress easily stands out against the pink background, and you could too! With Design Wizard, you can easily personalise the CD cover and replace the image with a photo of your own.

This black and white album cover has a sleek, metallic appearance that will look as good as your music sounds. These type of album cover ideas would be great for a rock band, but it could just as easily be used to create album art for a pop record.

A vibrant burst of purple pulsates through this graceful image, wonderfully complementing the black and gold in the design. Energetic white lines race through the cover, suggesting that this will be an up-tempo album. Some album cover ideas are perfectly suited for certain genres of music and this image would look great on an electronic dance album. A strong shade of red is emblazoned over a grey cityscape, instantly invigorating the image. The vertical rectangle in the design is complemented by the structure of the buildings, which are also rectangular in shape.

The thin red border that surrounds the text adds a nice finishing touch to this album cover. Borders are a common feature in album cover ideas and they can really enhance the overall design. Get your listeners flocking to the dance floor with a groovy album cover that matches the sound of your music. This image of a dancing woman could provide a very good representation of the types of songs that you have on your album.

The underlined text is easy to see and you can change the message to suit what you want to say. As the text suggests, this album cover would be very suitable for an acoustic CD. The mellow appearance of the cover is created through its soft color scheme and the floral design that features on it.

A blue diamond shape surrounds the centre of this album cover, highlighting the number in the centre of the design. The designer uses this diamond to display the text in an unusual, but intriguing way. The curved lines behind the diamond shape are included to add some depth to the design of the album.

Apr 24,  · Released back in , Janet's 5th studio album came off of the most gritty and profound album of her career, the eclectic opus that is "The velvet rope". Just like previous albums offered each a different vibe, similarly "All for you" presents a more playful and sexually charged JJ, sounding raunchier than ever/5().

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  1. Vosar says:
    Sep 03,  · A world without light, soundtracked by washes of oxidised piano, growling basslines and guitar licks distorted beyond recognition, Mezzanine is, and always will be, the best Massive Attack album.
  2. Akinolkis says:
    Several years later, his collaboration with Roine Stoltreturned Anderson to full-on prog, essentially reclaiming his Yes roots. Now with 1, Hands: Chapter One we have a genuine Jon Anderson solo album, his voice ever-stronger and even seeming to reach higher peaks, if .
  3. Dair says:
    Nov 02,  · Avec Against Each Other, les Finlandais de Black Light Discipline viennent rappeler qu'il existe pourtant des alternatives en la matière. Ce second album est ainsi l'occasion de découvrir un métal industriel énergique où les influences électro sont d'abord à chercher du côté de la trance/5(2).
  4. Shaktisar says:
    Sep 19,  · This list of the best album cover ideas for has lots of superb examples of how you can create an eye-catching album cover. It’s packed with a variety of impressive design styles that could look great on your own CD cover.. We’ve split the list of album cover ideas into Design Wizard’s CD cover templates and video templates, iconic album covers, .
  5. Tora says:
    By like my 7th listen, I bought the color merge vinyl from Translation Loss. I'm on my 16th listen in about a week and I also bought the shirt haha. Aseitas are that good - true artists who follow their individualistic sound down into this black hole of an album. Favorite track: Behemoth's Dance.
  6. Daitaxe says:
    Chaque album est une étoile de plus dans l'univers onirique de son auteur, monde stellaire où la science-fiction est reine. Holozayss, titre de cette nouvelle galaxie TIRAO à la pochette une fois de plus magnifique, nous emmène aux frontières lactées d'un cosmos musical où les ondes d'un Métal, d'un Rock et d' Electro.
  7. Nigore says:
    Black Light Discipline - Empire Black Light Discipline - Against Each Other Black Light Discipline - Death by a Thousand Cuts Blues Pills - S/T Bob Malmström - Tala Svenska Eller Dö Bob Malmström - Punkens Framtid Bob Malmström - Vi Kommer I Krig Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Black Earth Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Dolores Cause for Effect.
  8. Zulkizshura says:
    Nov 27,  · Folk music in has kept the poignant storytelling elements so intimately knit into its fabric while introducing layers of new sonic and global influences.

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