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My Darling Partridge - Musiko Polytropo, Iannis Kaimakis - The Cycle of Life (CD)

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Twenty random, blind images were taken for each condition and the percentage of LL labeling in the membrane and in the cytosol is indicated. These data reveal for the first time that LL can gain entry to the cytosol of P. However, intracellular LL was visualized in only a subset of cells. At lethal concentrations, LL readily interacts with the septum of diving cells [47] ; therefore active replication may also play a role in LL gaining access to the P.

Several models have been proposed to explain how AMPs interact with bacterial membranes, but accumulating evidence for LL supports the Shai-Matsuzaki-Huang model [28] , [48] — [51]. In this model, peptides carpet the outer leaflet of the bacterium and integrate into the membrane.

This is followed by a transient pore forming stage, where lipids and peptides are transported to the inner leaflet, resulting in collapse of membrane fragments and disruption of the membrane. In some cases, transient pore formation results in diffusion of peptides into the cytosol, where peptides can then interact with intracellular targets [48].

At sub-inhibitory concentrations, transient pore formation may occur without significant disruption of the membrane or loss of cell viability. It was observed that upon the addition of increasing amounts of LL a threshold concentration was reached where no migration of DNA was observed, instead of a step-wise migration, a phenotype that has been observed for other short DNA binding peptides [41] , [52].

To investigate how LL may interact with DNA and whether DNA binding is necessary for mucoid conversion, a structure-based search of LL revealed homology to eukaryotic transcription factors containing basic region leucine zipper bZIP motifs. A three-dimensional model of LL bound to DNA suggested that the amino-terminal basic residues of LL occupy positions suitable for interactions with the negatively charged phosphate groups of the DNA backbone Figure 5A.

A, homology modeling of LL bound to B -DNA was performed manually on the basis of the backbone atomic coordinates of the homologous protein, sterol regulatory element binding protein, bound to DNA. In B , amino acid sequences of native LL and synthetic derivatives are represented and the putative DNA binding region is indicated in yellow. Red: positive residues, blue: negative residues.

In C , the percent of DNA bound by LL derivatives was calculated from electrophoretic mobility shift assays representative images in Figure S4 , where densitometry was performed on each image using ImageJ. D represents the mucoid conversion frequency after treatment with LL derivatives. Experiments were performed in triplicate on three independent occasions and statistical analysis was carried out using an unpaired two-tailed student's t -test C or Mann-Whitney test D.

Herein, we show that LL induces mucoidy but it is unknown if this conversion provides P. We observed a fold increase in survival of two mucoid isolates derived from LL treatment when compared with parental non-mucoid PAO1 Figure 6A. These data demonstrate that conversion to the mucoid phenotype provides P.

These data demonstrate that alginate overproduction contributes to protection of P. The survival of P. Experiments were performed in triplicate on three or four independent occasions. Collectively, these data provide evidence for an additional role for LL beyond the antimicrobial, anti-biofilm, and immunomodulatory functions previously described.

We demonstrate that at sub-inhibitory levels, LL promotes bacterial mutagenesis, which may contribute to evolution and pathoadaptation during chronic infections.

Importantly, LL induced mutations within mucA mimic what is observed in mucoid P. Furthermore, LL induced mutagenesis of mucA leading to mucoid conversion was modulated exclusively by the error-prone polymerase DinB. We were intrigued by the stringent dependence upon DinB in this process, particularly since previous studies demonstrate DinB is not required for spontaneous or UV-induced Rif R [15].

Moreover, LL did not increase the expression of DinB under these conditions demonstrating basal levels of DinB are sufficient to promote mutagenesis. Typical translesion DNA synthesis occurs when the replisome stalls upon encountering damaged DNA or a challenging template and low-fidelity polymerases like DinB will displace Pol III in order to perpetuate replication [53]. Therefore, an alternative hypothesis could be that LL perturbs effective DNA repair by binding to repair intermediates.

In this regard, Overhage et al performed microarray experiments with sub-inhibitory concentrations of LL and identified changes in expression of genes involved in alginate regulation and DNA repair [26]. However, differences in the conditions utilized in these experiments and a lack of convergence upon a single pathway do not support any one hypothesis.

Additionally, sub-inhibitory levels of LL have been found to stimulate expression of the capsule synthesis operon in Group A Streptococci [56]. Together these studies suggest additional functions for sub-inhibitory levels of LL impacting the expression of virulence genes. While the current study identified stable variants generated by mutagenesis, it is interesting to speculate how transient gene expression may impact their generation and selection in the host environment and further studies are clearly warranted.

At sub-inhibitory concentrations, LL can penetrate P. Alginate overproducing bacteria are then protected from lethal concentrations of LL and mucoid variants are selected for and persist in CF. While data presented here demonstrate PMNs can promote mucoid conversion in the absence of an oxidative burst response, it is likely that mucoid conversion in the CF lung results from a combination of non-oxidative, oxidative, and nitrosative stresses. Moreover, other chronic pneumonias, such as COPD, are also characterized by elevated levels of PMNs, generally on the order of two to three-fold higher than healthy controls [57] , [58].

Mucoid P. Bronchial alveolar lavage fluid recovered from CF patients can have up to a fold increase in PMNs recovered compared to healthy patients, even in patients without symptoms of an active infection [60]. Moreover, elevated levels of PMNs are detectable in CF newborns, which persist and undergo cycles of exacerbation throughout the life-time of the patient [61].

We therefore hypothesize that persistent exposure of P. Future investigation of how these inflammatory factors function in combination to promote P. Aggressive antibiotic and anti-inflammatory use over the past decade has drastically improved the life expectancy and disease outcome for CF patients. However, increased acquisition of antibiotic resistance mechanisms is presenting a significant challenge for future treatment options [62].

Many are turning towards cationic antimicrobial peptides as a promising alternative for developing antimicrobials, as they are thought to be relatively insusceptible to the development of resistance mechanisms by mutations [63]. This study demonstrates that some antimicrobial peptides may instead act to promote mutagenesis and the acquisition of resistance at sub-inhibitory levels.

These data reinforce how important it is to consider the impact of current and novel treatments and the host immune response on evolution of microbial communities during chronic infections. Human PMNs and serum were obtained from healthy adult human donors according to the protocol approved by The Ohio State University Biomedical Sciences Institutional Review Board H , where informed consent was obtained from all donors. For children between the age of 9 and 18 an assent form was also obtained.

Human PMNs and serum were isolated according to previously described protocols [64]. Mid-log phase P. PMN treatments were performed according to previously described protocols and are described in detail in Supporting Materials and Methods Text S1.

The mucoid conversion frequency was then determined by dividing the number of mucoid variants by the total number of CFU. Samples were then centrifuged 10 min; 15, g to pellet the remnant cells and bacteria. For immune-depletion of LL, sputum was incubated with 1. Genomic DNA was harvested from the mucoid variants isolated in the mucoid conversion assay using the Wizard genomic purification kit Promega. Bacterial growth was removed from plates with phosphate-buffered saline PBS and the optical density at nm OD of the bacterial suspension in PBS was measured.

Alginate was isolated and measured by a standard carbazole assay as previously described [66] , [67]. Overnight cultures were diluted into fresh M63 media for P. Cells were then washed twice and resuspended in media for an overnight growth recovery period. The Rif resistance frequency was then determined by dividing the number of Rif resistant variants by the total number of CFU. For quantification, cells were chosen at random and intracellular and membrane-associated peptides counted and averaged by two readers blinded to the treatment conditions.

Free aldehyde was quenched by the addition of 0. Samples were embedded in LR white, cut into ultrathin sections Leica EMU 6 ultramicrotome 60—90 nm and collected into formvar-coated nickel grids.

Twenty images were chosen at random and intracellular and membrane-associated peptides counted and averaged by two readers blinded to the treatment conditions. A structural based homology search was performed using the DALI server. Homology modeling of LL bound to B -DNA was performed manually on the basis of the backbone atomic coordinates of the homologous protein, sterol regulatory element binding protein, bound to DNA, whose crystal structure is known pdbid: 1am9 [68].

Results of mutagenesis studies presented significant variation including spontaneous untreated controls in accordance with previous observations [69]. Therefore all mutagenesis studies including rifampin resistance were performed in triplicate on at least four independent occasions. For all statistical analyses, data were tested for normality using Prism Version 5. Peningkatan kesejahteraan personel Polri 6.

Penataan kelembagaan dan pemenuhan proporsionalitas anggaran serta kebutuhan minimal sarpras 7. Penguatan harkamtibmas 8. Membangun kesadaran dan partisipasi masyarakat terhadap kamtibmas 9. Penegakan hukum yang lebih profesional dan berkeadilan Penguatan pengawasan Quick wins Polri program yang ditetapkan Polri agar masyarakat dapat merasakan dampak pelaksanaan pembangunan nasional. Sebelas program prioritas dalam Polisi Promoter itu kemudian dijabarkan lebih detail dalam 61 program teknis.

Perincian program dalam Polisi Promoter ini tentu saja sangat diperlukan mengingat luasnya cakupan atau wilayah kerja Polri yakni dari Sabang sampai Merauke. Saat ini diketahui Polri mempunyai 33 polda, lebih polres dan ribuan polsek. Ini merupakan tantangan tersendiri bagi Jenderal Tito untuk menyosialisasikan dan mewujudkan tagline Polisi Promoter kepada seluruh aparat kepolisian di Indonesia, termasuk bagi aparat kepolisian di dalam Kepolisian Resor Kota Besar Polrestabes Medan.

Kota Medan adalah kota yang multikultural dan multireligi. Kota Medan kota yang indah, penuh warna-warni dari sisi komposisi penduduknya, namun rentan mengalami perpecahan akibat provokasi dari pihak-pihak tidak bertanggung jawab yang ingin menjadikan Kota Medan kisruh. Kapolrestabes Medan Kombes Pol Sandi Nugroho SH, SIK, MHum tentu ingin mewujudkan tagline Polisi Promoter agar masyarakat Kota Medan tidak melihat polisi sebagai momok yang membuat tidur tidak nyaman, melainkan polisi yang mengayomi masyarakat, mempunyai kapasitas, kapabilitas, kualifikasi dan kompetensi yang unggul dan mumpuni.

Etiologi autoimun myositis dengan Kemasukan dianggap sebagai hipotesis yang dominan, memandangkan sifat myopathies radang dan persamaan klinikal dengan polymyositis. Walau bagaimanapun, perlawanan berbanding dengan imunosupresif terapi dan kehadiran tidak dijangka beta-amyloid, berpasangan filamen berkerut dan protein tau hyperphosphorylated dalam gentian otot menunjukkan bahawa patogenesis myositis dengan Kemasukan mungkin sama dengan patogenesis penyakit Alzheimer dan metabolisme amiloid yang diubah suai boleh menjadi faktor utama dalam patogenesis.

Walau bagaimanapun, walaupun pada hakikatnya myositis dengan Kemasukan - myopathy yang paling kerap tua, gabungan penyakit Alzheimer dan myositis dengan kemasukan jarang diperhatikan. Lebih-lebih lagi, apabila Rangkuman myositis gentian nonnecrotizing dimasuki oleh sitotoksik T-cells terdapat dalam beberapa kali lebih besar daripada gentian dengan Kemasukan amiloid congophilic.

Di samping itu, perubahan dalam Rangkuman otot myositis tidak benar-benar tertentu - vesikel membran dan Kemasukan berserabut digambarkan dengan okulofaringealnoy distrofi. Oleh itu, tindak balas autoimun masih kelihatan lebih cenderung faktor memulakan membawa kepada kerosakan otot daripada khusus gangguan metabolisme amiloid yang menyebabkan kerosakan kepada neuron dalam penyakit Alzheimer.

Allele DR3 telah dikenalpasti dalam kesemua tujuh pesakit. Dalam kajian yang lain, yang diterangkan dalam penggunaan yang lebih terhad Va- dan Vb-keluarga reseptor T-sel dalam otot, berbanding limfosit darah periferal, menunjukkan bahawa homing tempatan terpilih dan percambahan T-limfosit di tempat keradangan di myositis dengan Kemasukan. Terdapat juga peningkatan pengesanan paraproteinemia Walau bagaimanapun, dalam gentian otot myositis dengan Kemasukan membentangkan banyak komponen plak amiloid ciri penyakit Alzheimer, yang, sememangnya, memerlukan penjelasan.

Pemindahan protein-amyloid gen pelopor protein langsung dalam budaya gentian otot normal manusia boleh membawa kepada kongofilii penampilan, filamen beta-amyloid-positif dan Rangkuman tubulo-filamen nuklear.

Ini menunjukkan bahawa peningkatan amiloid boleh mencetuskan litar patologi. Selain itu, telah ditunjukkan bahawa kebanyakan protein yang terkumpul dengan MB termasuk protein beta amyloid dan tau hadir dalam sinaps neuromuskular pada manusia. Hipotesis yang menghubungkan perkembangan myositis dengan inklusi dengan proses autoimun dan pelanggaran metabolisme amiloid tidak mengecualikan satu sama lain. Ada kemungkinan bahawa tindak balas autoimun memulakan proses patologi, yang kemudiannya dikuatkan oleh amyloid overexpression.

Kami menggunakan prinsip programs follow money. Moneynya sudah disiapkan, otomatis program dengan output sasaran di kami akan kerjakan berdasarkan anggaran-anggaran ini," ucapnya.

Sementara itu, Kepala Pusat Penerangan Kemendagri Bahtiar mengatakan ada usulan terkait kenaikan dana partai politik. Bahtiar mengatakan Kemendagri juga pernah membuat kajian kenaikan dana partai politik.

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