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Montreal - Various - Electronic Beats Compilation 2013 (Vinyl)

04.02.2020 Kajisida 1 Comments

Retrieved 20 March Retrieved 7 February Edmonton Journal. Resident Advisor. The Quietus. Retrieved 19 March View Your Wish List. Released: May 1, In stock, shipping now. Bleep is a celebration of ten years of music on Bleep. A decade of enjoying and working with some of the best artists and labels, and hopefully conveying our love of the vibrant music community we are a part of.

For this fourteen track compilation we have sought out new and unreleased gems from some of our favourite artists, all of whom continue to shape the direction of the Bleep store. Together they represent different labels, scenes and genres that are important to us. We open the compilation with an enveloping, never before released track from Wolfgang Voigt's revered Gas project. Shackleton turns in a relentless track of rough and thrilling techno, while Autechre's contribution 'SYptixed' is a dark and precise piece of heavy electronic experimentation.

Oneohtrix Point Never and Nosaj Thing provide moments of ambient respite, while Dabrye's playful beat track 'Click Clack' is the first solo production to be released by the artist since If you're looking for an entertaining listen and like the more danceable aspects of the band, this might be the album you find yourself coming back to most frequently.

After years of songs dwelling in Kevin's head until he fleshes them out on a computer mostly relying on his own instrumentation, of Montreal once again became a band. The result is a record that sounds like it could have just as easily been recorded in as What makes this record such a standout in the catalog isn't the newfound sound however, it is the superb songwriting, not reliant on production or expansive instrumentation.

It may have turned off some fans of the mid's sound, but to me, it was a welcome break to showcase one of the best melody writers of our time at his best. The two most intriguing songs to me that could be major jumping-off points for the next album are "ambassador bridge" and "nursing slopes", both combining the different sounds of the rest of the album very effectively into low-key and catchy tracks.

The future is bright and I couldn't be happier with the new record, critics be damned! This is where it all began, and stands alone in the catalog as the only album that really sounds totally raw and unpolished. Kevin Barnes had spent years writing catchy, pop-jingles and decided to record them however he wanted to and in the process, made a should-be indie rock classic. And that is just naming a few of the 14 incredible songs that opened up an amazing career that sounds little to nothing like it for the most part, outside of the humorous and pop-sensible songwriting.

If you're a fan of the later classic oM albums but could never get into the early sound, try again and start here. When it came out, I really didn't like it. Then, a few years later, it was one of my all time favorites. As for now, well it still remains closer to the top. It has some of my all time favorite of Montreal songs, like "Spiteful Intervention" and "Dour Percentage", but it also has songs like "Exorcismic Breeding Knife", which are long and fail to really develop or catch my interest.

All things considered, the sound that Kevin developed on here is absolutely outstanding and is unlike anything else he has ever done. It might just be the best album you've ever heard. The point at which of Montreal became less of a band and became more of Kevin Barnes' therapy sessions with himself recorded that us fans are lucky enough to here.

This is where the layered vocal harmonies all singing whatever the hell they want to began "Lysergic Bliss". This is where Kevin showed that he could produce an all-over the place song, but keep it catchy enough to have it be a single "Disconnect the Dots". He showed that he could still write a nice slower acoustic song "City Bird".

Basically, he showed that there is nothing he cannot do, and is one of the all time greatest musicians. There might be more compelling singles on some other albums, but overall, this is one of his most consistently amazing albums.

I will never understand how the first reviews of Skeletal Lamping were anything but glowing. Kevin Barnes perfectly emulates his two biggest idols, Prince and Bowie, and makes a glam-funk masterpiece. Most of the songs are actually different songs slapped together, with unexpected twists and turns every couple of minutes, yet somehow flowing as a single piece start to finish. The Georgie Fruit character is in full force, with songs like "St. Retrieved December 10, Complete Music Update.

October 29, Retrieved December 7, Resident Advisor. December 6, Retrieved 6 December

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