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Квiти - Various - Золотой Генофонд Украины - 2 (CD)

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Altanerova, V. Altanerova, J. Ban, R. Kettmann [et al. Andersen, T. Dairy Operations, United states department of agriculture; Artemev, D. Artemev, E. Krasnikova, A. Krasnikov [et al. Bai, L. Bai, H. Otsuki, H. Sato [et al.

Bai, S. Takeshima, E. Isoga i[et al. Balic, D. Identification of a new geNo. Balic, I. Lojkic, M. Periskic [et al. Bartlett, P. Bartlett, B. Byrem [et al. Benavides, B. Benavides, D.

Quevedo, M. Bezditko, L. Boris-Lawrie, K. Boris-Lawrie, V. Altanerova, C. Altaner [et al. Brym, P. Brym, A. Rusc, S. Buehring, G. Buehring, H. Shen, D. Schwartz [et al. Shen, H. Jensen, Y. Choi, D. Sun, G. Jensen [et al. Buehring, S. Philpott, K. Burgu, I. Burgu, F. Alkan, T. Karaoglu [et al. Burny, A. Burny, Y. Cleuter, R. Burny, C. Bruck, V. Cleuter [et al. Burridge, M. The zooNo. Thurmond, J. Miller [et al. Camargos, M. Camargos, A. Pereda, D. Stancek [et al. Camargos, D. Stancek, M. Rocha [et al.

Copeland, T. Complete amiNo. Copeland, M. Morgan, S. Coulston, J. Coulston, H. Naif, R. Brandon [et al. Quantification of Cell TurNo. Barez, A. Carpentier [et al. Demirhan, I. Demirhan, V.

Altanerova, A. Diglio, C. Diglio, J. Dimitrov, P. Dimitrov, K. Todorova [et al. Dimmock, C. Dimmock, Y. Chung, A. Donham, K. Donham, M. Van Der Maaten, J. Cancer Inst. Donham, J. Berg, R. More, A. B0tner, A. Butterworth [et al. Evermann, J. Transmission of bovine leukosis virus by blood iNo. Evermann, R. DiGiacomo, J. Ferrer [et al. Faquet, C.

Virus TaxoNo. Classification and Nomenclature of viruses. Faquet, M. Mayo, J. Maniloff [et al. Elsevier Acad Press, Felmer, R. Felmer, G. Zuniga [et al. Ferrer, J. Ferrer, S. Kenyon, P. Ferrer, R. Marshak, D. Abt [et al. Gotoh M. Ivanov N. The purpose of the current study was to compare the distribution of some cytoskeletal proteins in cells of marine invertebrates mollusks and echinoderms before and after freezing.

The cytoskeleton is a dynamic structure that provides the support of cell shape and cell adaptation to extracellular changes due to cytoskeleton reorganization. The correct cell specialization is controlled by extracellular signal molecules among which are the major adhesion receptors, integrins.

Given that integrins are the proteins mediating environmental signals through cell membranes and cytoskeleton, the expression of cytoskeletal-bound proteins may be used for assessing the cell state after freezing. Using the advantages of an in vitro approach, we have evaluated cell adhesion disturbances after cryopreservation in mussel and sea urchin cells cultivated for 24 h on fibronectin-coated glasses. No cell spreading and integrin-positive cells were detected in molluscan cultures cryopreservated in the presence of only non-penetrating cryoprotectants trehalose and polyvinylpyrrolidone , while cells cryopreserved at the presence of both penetrating DMSO and ethylene glycol and non-penetrating compounds were looked as the control unfrozen cells without adhesive disturbances.

Sea urchin cells demonstrated a more pronounced cryoresistance as compared with mussel cells. We assume that due to the use of optimal markers for cell state assessment, the effective methods of cryopreservation will be designed which significantly reduce the loss of cell physiological activity after thawing.

The development of this field has not only environmental significance but offers a great potential for marine biotechnology. Thermal Adaptation in Biological Membranes. Is Homeoviscous Adaptation the Explanation?

Hughes A. Longhurst C. Storey K. The inclusion in the composition of mediums for cryopreservation of sperm of the boar, the liposomes of the glycoproteins nature allows increasing the cryoresistents of spermatozoa and fluidity of their plasma membranes.

The effect of fishes sterlet, silver carp different hormonal stimulation types on the quality and cryoresistance of its sperm was studied. It was found that there are no significant differences in motility between different types of hormonal stimulation for silver carp. The sterlet has significantly lower sperm m sperm quality after Nerestin stimulation.

Stimulation of silver carp by mixture of Sufagon and Metoclopramide showed higher cell concentration in semen than after stimulation by drug Ovopel or carp pituitary. For the sterlet it was higer for mixture Sufagon and Metoclopramide stimulation in comparation with Nerestin. The concentration have to influence on sperm quality due to lower ions loss in sperm with higher concentration.

Popescu A. Popescu, M. Fetecau, C. Mirea, V. Cristea, M. These environments were tested on animal tissues and organs liver, kidney, heart, brain at ordinary temperatures, without cryopreservation.

They allow keep the tissues and organs of animals for extended periods of time, up to 7 days. In addition, a number of methods for control of safety and activity of the cellular tissue by measuring the enzymatic reactions and the integrity of intracellular organelles by spectrophotometry, fluorescence spectroscopy and optical microscopy were established. Silani V.

Kimura Y. Gosden R. Forsline et al. This methods expanded resources and capabilities of cryobanks significantly. Thereby, more than 30 years ago, A.

Popov on the initiative R. At present, this cryobank includes four collections of cell cultures, strawberry apices, seeds of rare and endangered plants and orchid seed collection of species. Vysekantsev I. Popov A. Lower rate of gata2 and ido genes expression in FLC if compared with FLC prior to cryopreservation was demonstrated. After cryopreservation the expression of assessed genes was reduced in FLC but it was significantly higher in FLC Tipping A. Munn D.

Hall S. The normalization of frozen-thawed stromal cell proliferation as well as stimulation of frozenthawed leukocyte phagocytic activity and energetic metabolism after CBF influence were shown. The experiments open a perspective for creation of commercial rehabilitating media based on the fraction cord blood below 5 kDa for different cell types.

Owen M. Cell Science Suppl. It was shown that unlike native erythrocytes resealed ghosts with and without low concentrations of cryoprotectants largely maintained their barrier properties in relation to these marker substances and morphological characteristics. Since the principal between resealed and native erythrocytes consists in hemoglobin amount and physico-chemical state, the facts observed may indicate to significance of disturbances in supramolecular organization of hemoglobin for cryoinjury mechanisms of erythrocytes.

Lovelock J. Acta, Mazur P. Supporo, Meryman H. Steck T. Gamble, D. Pfitzer , Phalaenopsis hybr. Practical recommendations were given for the cooling regimen selecting for each medium. Schrag S. Lopez R. The pneumococcal cell wall degrading enzymes: a modular design to create new lysins? Synthesis and accumulation taurine, phosphoethanolamine and phosphoserine, which is specific to low temperature, carried out in extreme survival situations only starting from a certain stage of phylogenesis.

The afore named substances reflect progressive complication of biochemical organization of animals and indicates that low temperatures caused the revolutionary changes in the central nervous system poikilotherms. This review is an attempt to identify one of the branches of the hierarchy, which was a gap in comparative biochemistry.

Benyajati S. Chown S. Climate Research. Churchill T. Graney R. Biochemical Adaptation. Mechanism and Process in Physiological Evolution. Oxford: Oxford University Press. New York, USA. Genetics and Genomics. Phadtare S. Current Opinion in Microbiology. Vance J. Biochim Biophys Acta. Yamanaka K. It has been shown that in the winter, and when exposed to cold shock, is intensive accumulation of phosphoryletanolamine.

On the contrary, taurine in both conditions lowers its level. It is expected that accumulation of PEA is the change in the status of phospholipids membranes at low temperatures. Chang M. The effect of temperature-and oxygen-acclimation on phospholipids of goldfish Carassius auratus L. Furuya S. Lipid Res. The differences between our method and the earlier version proposed by Persidsky are considered. The version of our method that aims to vitrification not crystallization of water that contained in a biological object is discussed in more detail.

Further cooling may be carried out already at a lower speed to a temperature at which the relative stability of vitrification state of water is reached.

The practical implementation of the adiabatic vitrification method probably may demand of its combination with other methods of biological objects vitrification, including the use of traditional and specialized cryoprotectants.

It is noted the desirability of more detailed experimental and theoretical study of the problem of vitrification glass-transfer of water in order to build a detailed theory of this process. Persidsky M. Semen of spiny mouse was obtained from dissected epidydimus in fertile males of different age. Epididymal spermatozoa of asian hamster Phodopus sungorus were used as control samples. Mixture based on raffinose and nonfat milk was more preferable for cryoprotection.

Some species-specific features in motility and viability of spiny mouse epididimal spermatozoa were also observed. In the present study, we investigated the fraction of the acetic acid extract 1—10 kDa obtained from unfertilized and fertilized eggs of sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius that influence the development of fertilized eggs of sea urchin. We suggest that some factors in this fraction might participate in the regulation of hypometabolic states. Amorese D.

USA, Hypometabolic and hypothermic factors from small intestine of hibernating ground squirrels Citellus undulatus. Pandalai S. Kerala: Research Signpost, This effect is especially manifested in variety of vegetative reactions changing functional possibilities of regulatory systems and certain organs, totally determining general high positive therapeutic outcome.

Petersburg, Russia. Level of mitochondrial activity in native oocytes was significantly higher than in devitrified oocytes before cultivation, however, after 44 h of cultivation no significant differences in the studied groups were not found.

Pereira R. Kuwayama M. El Shourbagy S. Zhang W. The results of experiments on the freezing of horse embryos by slow and ultrafast processes in media of different composition are reported. The first foals after transfer of vitrified embryos were obtained in Russia.

Gillard Kigma Se, Betteridge K. Squires E. Hochi S. Pregnancies following transfer of equine embryos cryopreserved by vitrification. Eye Color. HEAD 35 Shape Eye Shape Eye Color Profile BODY 35 Tail Schitaete li vi, chto u takoy integracii est bolshie minusi? Prechislite ih pozhaluysta. C'est la vie. Valeo, GT, Andrey, To, chto Vy pishete - vlijaet na umy. Pishete li Vy pro rusinov? Pro rusinskix buditelej? Golodomor Sergey, Vopros o revolyucii Moshin Sergey Yur' evich,

Профессор В.Е. Брусиловский великий клиницист, педагог, ученый,который впервые докзал, что при бронхиальной астме имеет место алергическое воспаление. Часто выступает оппонентом на защите диссертаций в.

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