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Крэк / Район Моей Мечты - Один (Cassette, Album)

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In Yours Eyes Ghetto Rmx Feat. G And 2pac Wath Your Movements Feat. Lonely Bad Remix Exclu Soul Survivor Feat Lil Wayne Gun Session Survivor Feat. Big Pookie Interview 2. Breaka Breaka 3. Straight Up - Trick Daddy, 4. Commentator 5. Bet That - Chamillionaire, , Trick Daddy 6. Tuck Ya Ice 8. Booty Doo - Trick Daddy, Weebie 9.

Born a Thug TDD Lights Off Tonight - Jaheim, Trick Daddy, You Damn Right Chevy - Trick Daddy, That's Right - with Lil Jon 2. Like A Boy 3. Evolution Of Music, The Interlude 4. Promise 5. I Proceed 6. Can't Leave 'Em Alone - with 50 Cent 7. My Love 9. Evolution Of Dance, The Interlude Make It Last Forever Bang It Up Get Up - with Chamillionaire Evolution Of Fashion, The Interlude Get In, Fit In Evolution Of C, The Interlude So Hard I'm Just Me Trick Daddy 6 - Rewind 7 - D-Boy feat.

Juelz Santana 16 - Weatherman feat. Jim Jones 17 - 4 Corners feat. Rick Ross 32 - Laced Up feat. Intro With Us ft. J Carter We Crazy ft. D-Masty 6. D-Masty 9. D-Masty skit Loc-Dog Nas - War Mobb Deep - The Gold Snoop Dogg - Almost Fucked Fabolous - Da Boss Styles P - The Animal Jadakiss - Ugly Thug It Out RA Present 3. Thanos of Brotherhood 4. MAD-A 6. Oooh Baby Superstar Jay - Intro Jadakiss - Cops Like Bunking feat. Styles P. Young Jeezy - Freestyle Cam'ron - It's Whateva feat.

Juelz Santana Storm P. Prodigy - I'm On My Shit Writer - Freestyle feat. Mobb Deep - Gimmie That Beanie Sigel - Liberty Bell feat. All as new. Price — 20 Euro. Collection at own expense. The price 50 Euros each. Price — Black colour. Very positive! Size S. Reasonable price. Tel: 99 Paid Euro, will accept reasonable offers. HYLA makes breathing an experience! New sales representatives are welcome! In our opinion, the first two bullets are always combined in practice. This article specifically focuses on issues of elimination therapy and education of patients in the field of preventing AD as elimination activities are mostly carried out by patients themselves.

Besides, as majority of AD particularly, perennial allergic rhinitis PAR and bronchial asthma BA are etiologically caused by so-called domestic allergens DA , this article will address possible ways of preventing contact with them. We are convinced that today the main allergenic agents which people contact in everyday life and which are capable of causing AD both in the first and in the second case are house dust mites, microfungi micromyces , epidermal agents, waste products of insects, animals, etc.

According to B. Many authors point out that allergenic ombativeness of house dust depends largely on number and species composition of mites inhabiting it which belong mainly to Dermatophagoides genus of Pyroglyphidae family. The mites D. By now, about species of mites have been found in house dust. They are called dermatophagoides or pyrogliphidae. Dust mites life cycle lasts for 10 weeks.

Females lay anything from 40 to 80 eggs during this period. Taking into account that house dust mites defecate 20 times per day, one dust mite female and her offspring will defecate 8 min times during their life cycle.

The mites quantity a species sized 10 to 40 micrometers per 1 m3 of air is thousand species. This number may increase thousandfold in the unaired dwellings. It has been proved that DA exposure of house dust is a significant factor evoking onset of BA, especially in new-born and babies.

Moreover, expressed sensitizing role of fowl feathers used for stuffing pillows and feather beds has been proved, geese feather having the most antigenic activity.

Sensitization to feathers of parrots, pigeons, hens and ducks often causes not only BA, but also exogenous allergic alveolitis. Bogova, It is also very important that birds' contactants often contain the same components as DA of house dust.

This results from long use of things made of feathers inhabited by micromites of Dermatophagoides genus. DA of insects dwelling in human habitat also act as allergens. In recent years, many researches turned their attention to house cockroaches and their waste products as a cause factor of human sensitization. Sensitization to DA of cockroaches is a Significant risk factor of BA pathological process in countries with warm tropical climate and in indoor environment with central heating.

These DA have the highest level in kitchens and in bathrooms. Some authors point out that children with BA sensitized to cockroach DA are hospitalized 3 times more frequently with relation to this disease if apartment has a large population of these insects. The abovementioned fact proves an important role of on-going exposure to cockroach DA in progress of BA. So-called epidermal DA may be a part of house dust or have independent meaning. They include dandruff from humans, horses, pigs, hair of sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, etc.

Perhaps, we underestimate the role of sensitization to epidermal DA as we do not completely understand their nature. Thus, animal hair itself is not DA. However, particles of animal saliva, epidermis, sometimes urine have significant meaning in body allergization. Allergy to hair of dogs and cats occurs more often. There is data about higher sensitizing activity of these animals saliva in comparison with hair: for cats it is the main source of DA.

Their high concentration is a true SA risk factor. Male cats unlike female cats produce DA with urine and are more harmful in terms of allergy pathological process. Even when cat is removed from the room, DA will remain in it up to 24 weeks. DA of dogs have been found in dandruff, saliva, urine and serum.

Dogs of different breed have different allergenicity. It is important how often animals are walked and washed. Dandruff of horses also has significant meaning in progress of allergy as horsehair is used for making mattresses, felt and carpets. Medical serums that are made during hypersensitization of horses also should not be forgotten.

Fur of sheep and goats is used for making clothes, blankets, carpets increasing its role in pathogenic mechanism of allergy to these animals. Epidermal DA get into body by different ways: inhalation, contact when contacting animals, wearing respective clothes, hats, footwear.

Human sensitization to microfungi populating indoor environment in abundance is very important. Fungi Aspergillus,Penicillium, Alternaria, Mucor, Candida, Aureobasidium, Cladosporium are pointed out more frequently in samples of house dust and air of indoor environment. Species composition and the number of spores in the air are affected by the nature of indoor environment or industrial. Such spores of fungi growing indoors as, for example Aspergillus and Penicillium are found in great concentration in the air in the autumn or in the summer.

Currently there is no generally accepted ratio of fungi content in the air of indoor environment. Some scientists consider a conditional dosage to be about spores per 1 m3. Crumbling particles of parquet varnish are extremely harmful. Flour dust, harmful due to its allergic reactions, may be found in the kitchen; microfungi may be found in the bathroom.

In houses where there are many books and paper, paper dust is abundant producing specific allergy often affecting librarians. A person loses around 1 gram of skin per day and grams during the night totaling 28 grams per week adding to composition of house dust. It has been proved that humans breathe in about two table spoons of dust with the air per day, and the smaller it is, the deeper it penetrates into the lungs.

Particles of dust damage walls of alveoli violating immune barriers and opening the way for infections and DA. Among many directions of treatment for AD, one of the least studied but potentially the most efficient is elimination therapy. The main ways of eliminating the abovementioned agents contributing to removal or at least minimizing their sensitizing action on human body are as follows: 1.

Using fabric and materials unacceptable for persistence of mites and microfungi in them in household and at manufacturing facilities. Applying chemical agents such as insecticides to eliminate mite population.

Elimination of agents capable of sensitizing humans from the air and from things by mechanical means mainly with air-sucking devices and subsequent adsorbing in the water. However, considering modern state-of-the-art appliances, even the most advanced conventional vacuum cleaner equipped with expensive stage filter has drawbacks of its predecessors: in its operation, it runs the air of cleaned room through itself for many times, throwing current of air filled with harmful dust microparticles and fungi spores at the outlet.

Thus, it is important not only to gather dust but also to keep it in the vacuum cleaner. As you know, in conventional vacuum cleaners filters are bags or containers for collecting dust, various cartridges that have to be replaced regularly. However, conventional filters intercept only dust and big dust particles. The air containing its smallest particles gets back to the room.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning also do not solve this problem. When cleaning up the room with wet and dry vacuum cleaner, in addition to filters, various chemical solutions are applied which are impossible to remove completely afterwards.

Scientists from Mechnikov Research Institute of Vaccines and Sera RAMS have conducted researches to study efficiency of operation of different types of vacuum cleaners and proved that number of mites and concentration of guanine, which defines content of mite DA, was substantially reduced when the room was cleaned with HYLA device. As for fungi spores, their number even increased after room was vacuumed with any vacuum cleaner.

KG Stuttgart, Germany well-known in more than 60 countries of the world. In its essence, HYLA is a multifunctional ecosystem ensuring cleaning of various surfaces and air from dust, bacteria and viruses in house and in the office. This system allows people to create comfortable and ecologically clean conditions of staying in indoor environment thus increasing their life quality and duration. HYLA vacuum cleaner construction is designed according to separation concept.

Coming through separator, which revolves with speed of 25, revolutions per minute, the air is intensively mixed with water, cleaned and returned into the room clean and ionized. Boiling water filter is capable of absorbing the smallest dust particles sized anything from 0. Degree of air cleaning at the outlet of HYLA vacuum cleaner makes up It is interesting that these vacuum cleaners were named after frogling which is generally considered to be means of sanitation for marshes and lakes eating great numbers of various parasites such as gnat and blood-sucking insects.

Studies of HYLA capability to absorb microgerms Lviv Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygieology showed that bacterial content was reduced times after cleaning with the vacuum cleaner.

The Institute specialists recommend using these vacuum cleaners in households of people particularly children who suffer from BA and chronic bronchitis. It is worth pointing out that this vacuum cleaner or more specifically HYLA system allows to adsorb other various agents chemicals, xenobiotics, etc. Most probably, this is explanation for so quick manifestation of efficiency of HYLA ecosystem in patients suffering from BA.

While selecting dust-separating home appliances capable of reducing house dust mite population and their metabolic products, spores of fungi and other agents producing sensitizing effect on humans or triggering allergy, all the patients having symptoms of BA and PAR may be and need to be recommended HYLA vacuum cleaner. Reference: Clinical immunology. Pukhlyk, MD. Adjustable size from 25 to 29 EU.

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The lyrics written by D. But he is bothered by the way she is not replying him and at that moment thinks that he had hope because of his childish stupidity and naive ness. But he realizes that without her everyday is like hell for him, but there was nothing he could do, so he just decided to put an end to everything. But inside him he still waits for a phone call from her. He only has dreams now and his broken heart, but remembers her sweet voice, and realizes just how important she was to him.

In the chorus they talk about: how long minutes drag when people break up, and how heartbreaking it is because one of them gets a prize without even doubting. In the end all dreams and hopes gets forgotten I would want to meet him and tell him how I got touched and moved by his words, because I went through a very long break up once. But truly, mos def, I really feel him D. I hope I will get a chance to work with him and Fury Motions again.

I really feel that he D. Overall it was really inspiring working with Sava and Ser. G on the music video. G, you are the greatest friend anyone can ask for.

Nov 23,  · "Район Моей Мечты - это грязные ублюдки с отвратительными манерами, завышенной самооценкой и неумеренной.

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    Часть 3 - YouTube × - 14k - jpg clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfo Русский Рэп - Район Моей Мечты (РММ) × - 27k - jpg. Текст песни: Баста карапузики, кончились танцы. Помирать, так с музыкой. Запевайте братцы Белые братья!
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    Крэк / Район Моей Мечты - Один download free. Label: RAP Recordz ‎– RRCD Type: CD, Album Country: Russia Date of released: Category: Hip Hop Style: Jazzy Hip-Hop, Hardcore Hip-Hop, Conscious.
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    Sep 09,  · Короли дискотэк (Disco Kings) Район Моей Мечты (Rayon Moey Mechty).
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