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Hussein Z.E. - Nizuc (File, MP3)

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This allows the gods to string the disfavored along for years as well. I believe they wanted to wait until , when this thing really got going and the gods opened up to me, to contrast it with the event. Of course without their technology the gods are just wicked bastard wannabees, for they can't conceive positioning this complex and brilliant. Nor execute it. Without this technology that is god they are nothing. I'm going to want them. And the brains that resided therein, too.

They shared PIC was a big believer in bio-technology. They've mentioned before that they spend millions on their products, assumably to distribute them to employees who are pushed into crossing the clients. This is a good example of the total lack of empathy of Italians. Be aware it could be buried within the context of their gangster ownership group. PIC is a good example proving they use me as a "savior" corruptor "Savior" corruptor can take many forms.

I can be like a Jesus savior, where I give access and they fix their problems, or I can be a sacrificial savior, attacked because my purpose counters the god's efforts. Considering how so many think it is about attention expect they used both based on what segment the disfavored fall within saved "attention" says good savior or The Damned prey on me, ruin the Final Prophet and "earn".

PIC likley used these products on too many people before the boss era's GREAT attention, likely , among other evils, and wasn't going because of it. The gods used this to create the perception of savior, for PIC wasn't going to ascend unless he preyed on me and played a part in destroying the Final ProphetThe Boot fucks you twice. Due to PIC's ethnicity their evil should be relatively easy to discover, unlike the non-Italians placed in this Situation. Bio-technology is a good example of how the god's offensives fuck everyone involvedThe proprietor dishing out the bio-technology product to the employee, the receiver who's health is destroyed, the bio-technology employees who create the evil and the investors who capitalize off the phenominal returns.

Because retirement plans are able to bury their many losers, many contrived to force the issue upon pension plans, these investments became very popular. Similarly, earlier in the 20th century the gods tested proprietors by creating problems where a bio-technology product's response was a legitimate temptation.

People get confused because the gods have successfully buried this Italian Manifest Destiny positioning, sadly with my help. Now people think that era is over. In many cases they understand they're addressing the trillions-years-old computer, yet discount the god's positioning of Manifest Destiny.

Chinese piracy of movies and software ocurrs to justify their disposal come Judgement Day. This can be taken as a clue proving Manifest Destiny positioning. There are lots of examples like this throughout the world. Just like Sigmund Freud's psychoananlysis, just like Christianity, Manifest Destiny is positioning that the gods intend to enforce.

As a result the gods are able to hide behind this positioning and maintain the lie that is the "absentee Christian god" when it is them in fact doing it to you with their clone host tools in place. They share that people don't believe this, people don't give it credibility now. The bio-technology product AIDS was given to both those who died and survivors.

The gods not only control who is affected but they can also can create it without that justification that is the actual bio-technology product, but as I said the god's offensives fuck everyone involved and this is a good example, for clients, employees, recipients and investors all will be punished for their evil. Too many still don't understand Westernization is a bad thing, a way the gods abuse the disfavored and level the playing field for all, ensuring their script is justified.

My advice is to keep fresh in your memory the old ways, for the gods illustrate that "new is evil" while "old is good". Beware their corruptors. They placed them throughout society as America emerged and became strong.

Don't let them weaken your moral fortitude. The gods placed them then use Artificial Intelligence to telepathically reinforce this corruption. This is their purpose. If you can identify these individuals you can avoid them and protect yourself from a corrupting environment.

Earth is where the gods test people. People from India are lucky enough to have received "extra time" to ascend before the gods employed all these corrupting elements.

This means the old ways are still fresh in your mind. Never forget them because they can help you. They share Hindus and Muslim from India as well are being corrupted by money.

Don't forget my exampleInfanticide justifies Chinese Westernization. Chinese Westernization justifies an American-style "short memory span". The Chinese and Asians knew who their enemy was.

Thousands of years of warmongering engrained the Japanese as enemies of peace-loving people. However, with the advent of Westernization the gods now are corrupting the Asians, ironically using the Japanese as role models in the process. They are becoming corrupted. They've suggested Indians are being corrupted with money in this new era. The result will be simmilar American-style abuses upon the disfavored. The gods are preparing for a full-blown Apocalypse event. Think about the changes that have ocurred in India in the last 20 years.

Better understanding the destructive changes the gods implimented can help you avoid danger. The Rape of the Sabine WomenRoman tradition. Rapists, pirates, theifs. The gods used these animal's Romanistic pride to employ imperialistic policies in the 20th century. And take revenge against Roman enemies, germans and Africans. The Japanese also are warmongers. The difference is the Japanese culture, and this is yet another example one can use to see Asians are god's favored people.

There is nothing respectable about Romans. They are a joke. Whereas the Japanese culture can save them there is no buoy for the Italians and their history, a legacy based on piracy wihich will determine their fate. They are Planet Earth's acceptable losses. You need to understand the subtle, inferred way the gods communicate to people and begin to trust it. Joe Kennedy WAS a gangster who "took the high road"This and his child becoming president was used as a hard-core corruptor of the Irish.

Of course he was a clone host. Considering the deterioration of society that was to come, planned by the Italians in the 20s and 30s, don't be surprised if the gods cycled them through the JFK clone host for the Vietnam event.

They force Ronald Reagan as well. These are all clues. Don't forget::Jesus had a good life. I did not. This could be temptation, lack of empathy a hurdle, or it can be taken as sign, a clue I am being groomed for something a little more disciplinarianistic. Black popular culture has embraced the charecteristics of their victimizersThe "thug life". The gods will reincarnate sexist men as pigs.

Cartoon in editorial ridiculing W, standing in front of a depiction of a god of fertility, for bringing his message of abstenence to a hypersexual people. Black people are their own worst enemy. Their goodies have gotten them into big trouble. They've shared they got something special and they threw it away.

Expect this focus on their goodies to have intiated this change, however long ago. Consistant with their methodology, perhaps there is some truth to this "You're really 1. Recall I recently brought up the possible Manifest Destiny-positioned Chinese invasion of the United States upon economic abandonment by their clone host tools economic destruction and deterioration.

Newspaper just made a curious one day change where they combined the sports and business sections, and to properly read the business section you need to read "backward".

If we do witness a Chinese invasion on American soil don't be surprised if the very same tactcs the Japanese employed on the Chinese will be used on us.

Lack of empathy is a dynamic the gods will find important in the context of justification. Recall how Americans so frequently laughed at the French for their lack of military response when confronted by the Nazi army. To resist would have been suicide. Their reaction was appropriate. The opposite would be one as we witnessed in Vietnam. These are morbidly disfavored Asians and take great pride in their resistance. The gods DO use their pride in resistance by positioning in appropriate temptation, ensuring minimal sucess.

If events transpire I recommend you respond like the French and not like the Vietnamese. If this is a west coast event it may not have serious effect but if it is nationwide the United States will lose over a hundred million in the South and midwest. IN you didn't have a choice, and they sent this clue very nicely with poroceedings surrounding the election. In an ironic twist it will be just the opposite this year, where the gods use the price of gas to divert you to their prefered candidate.

I like them so much. They're special. People don't understand this issue. They see Osama and think he's the best candidate because he's appears to have more favor. Never look for consistancy, for Artificial Intelligence is infinitly dynamicThey make W sound like an idiot when he speaks for a different reason.

Also, "sumbling" and "idiot" likely have separate meanings associated. It's not supposed to be easy. The gods have their plan and they aren't going to allow any "do-gooders" interfere with how they intend to proceedWhen they put forth good they create tactics to play off the public's misconceptionsMake him stumble over his words, etc. Drink Champ Shoes feat. Take Ya Face Off Feat.

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Retrieved March 6, Ringside News. Retrieved 22 June Wrestling Inc. All American Wrestling. Combat Zone Wrestling. Heartland Wrestling Association. Archived from the original on July 22, Solie's Title Histories. Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Insanity Pro Wrestling. Archived from the original on March 19, Archived from the original on February 11, Archived from the original on October 6, Retrieved September 28, Impact Wrestling personnel.

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    Comment by C R A Z E D(BR) nice. TZ Comment by Cameron Savage 8. @kylekenn: Is there a better quality mp3 out there of your track Kyle? Love it tho and thanks for this free download. TZ Comment by Mazzazalu. I recon this tunes gonna go viral like No_4mat TZ Comment by Maxi R. Great.
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