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Got Myself Together Now - Slim Stickems aka Fly Mar - Return Of The Fly (CD, Album)

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I would have rated it a bit higher if the ending hadn't just seemed so abrupt and thrown together. Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review I'm selecting this review as a highlighted one because the reviewer did like the book more than I did. We all read a book differently View all 11 comments. Feb 24, Josie Jones rated it it was amazing. A fun read,well written about two very endearing old ladies with Alzheimer's who decide to go on vacation from their nursing home!

May 21, Carla Johnson-Hicks rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-fiction , drama-chick-lit , netgalley. Meet Audrey and Lillian, two ladies with alzheimers who feel like prisoners living at "Tranquil Meadows" nursing home on the locked floor.

Lillian hatches a plan that they need to escape and go on vacation without telling anyone. They get their hands on scissors to cut off the arm bands that monitor their whereabouts, get their hands on a car Lillian kept a set of keys to her car when it was sold to the neighbour boy , get some cash and head off. Lillian is not the best of drivers, so when they Meet Audrey and Lillian, two ladies with alzheimers who feel like prisoners living at "Tranquil Meadows" nursing home on the locked floor.

Lillian is not the best of drivers, so when they meet a nice, young man, Audrey is able to convince him to drive them to B. It takes a day or two, but "Rayne" finally figures out these are not just two nice old ladies on vacation, there is definitely something wrong with them, and so the fun begins. When they do not want to get caught they decide to call themselves Lucy and Ethel, of course the youngsters they meet do not realize the irony of that. They become like a little family complete with a dog they find along the way.

They share information about their lives with one another in between their stops, overnight stays and funny situations. This is a great road trip story. We gain some insights to the world of dementia as well as the life of someone living in a nursing home that really does not want to be there.

We also gain some perspective on the struggles of someone young trying to make their way in the world. The pain and anguish Lillian's family must go through not knowing where she is or if she is hurt was apparent in the brief glimpses with phone calls. This story gives us an appreciation of what it is like to get older and lose some of your faculties.

It also reminds us to be gentle and kind to others, do what you can to help them and sometimes it is important to slow down, admire your surroundings and take a vacation. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jan 24, Catherine rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. Meet Lillian and Audrey. Two women who live in Tranquil Meadows Nursing Home - called The Home by Lillian - suffering from Alzheimers and yet they have a thirst for adventure and leaving their mundane and monotonous everyday routine. Queue the clever scheme by Lillian to coerce a way to get scissors through craft-making, breaking out, taking a taxi, stealing a car, and driving off into the sunset.

Does that sound like a classic road trip book or what? Except, it isn't. The story is told through L Meet Lillian and Audrey. The story is told through Lillian's POV and although I said they are suffering, they truly aren't as they have bursts of energy and spunk.

And yet, don't expect this to be a happy-go-lucky read. It's riddled with truth and can be quite sad at times, especially if you have any aging parents or grandparents. Expect this to hit home. You will forget that the two have Alzheimers as Hepburn trails on and explains in vivid detail what Lillian feels, hears, and sees, and then all of a sudden Lillian will be in her 30s, surrounded by her children and husband, and the happy thoughts get tinged with sadness and disorder, not from Lillian, but yourself as a reader.

Hepburn wrote a lovely tale and that which I suggest to anyone who wants to read a story about adventure, heartache, and the meaning of ageing but staying young at heart. Mar 16, Susan Earle rated it really liked it. This is a very touching first novel. The story line is that two ladies with Alzheimer's escape their "secure" retirement home, to take a "vacation".

They manage to get their hands on a car Lillian kept a set of keys to her car when it was sold to the neighbour boy , get some cash and find a nice young man to drive them. It takes a day or two, but "Rayne" finally figures out these are not just two nice old ladies on vacation. And so the fun begins. Along the way we This is a very touching first novel. Along the way we get to know Lillian and Audrey and Wayne. We gain some insights to the world of dementia.

We gain some perspective on the struggles of someone young trying to make their way in the world. There's a beautiful line at the end of one the chapters that I think defines this story. Feb 19, Karen rated it really liked it. I very much enjoyed this book, in spite of the fact that both main characters suffered from Alzheimer's. It's laugh-out-loud funny in places, and heartwarming, despite knowing there can be no real "happy ending".

I guess it's the same as in real life - we need to find the laughter and love in the journey and just live each day to the fullest. I really enjoyed this book about two elderly women with Alzheimer's who break out of their nursing home and take a road trip across the country.

It did not give in to the enormous temptation of making them into cute, twee, feisty Manic Pixie Dream Seniors, but instead made them interesting, grouchy, funny, smart, and sometimes pitiable. You know, like real people. May 17, Rhonda Lomazow rated it really liked it. A road trip extraordinary. Two elderly women tired of the rules and regulations of their retirement home make a grand escape.

Fleeing on a road trip the only catch they have Alzheimer's. A touching hilarious wonderful novel. Apr 28, Barbara A. Insightful and mordantly funny picaresque novel. Jun 18, Kathryn added it. Very good - but made me quite sad Apr 14, Ann Douglas rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction , novel , canadian-fiction , read-in This book features a delightfully unreliable narrator she has Alzheimer's and a Thelma and Louise -style adventure.

Simply delightful. Oct 21, Carolyn James rated it liked it. It follows the same concept of elders being upset that they are in a nursing home and eventually escaping. The only change in this story is it gets darker due to the fact that the two ladies in this book who escape have full blown Alzheimers. I felt like with every forgotten detail or wild adventure, I was supposed to feel like this was lighth This book would fall into the same vein as other silly senior escapades like the Little Old Lady series or The Year Old Man Who Jumped Out the Window.

I felt like with every forgotten detail or wild adventure, I was supposed to feel like this was lighthearted and funny. It brought the opposite out of me. What does Andre write onto the erased board? How does the movie end? Who provided the voice for the fly screaming, "Help meeee! Has this movie been colorized? Wasn't it first released in black-and-white? Is it possible to read Langelaan's short story online? Favourite movie endings. Favorite Films of Share this page:.

The flies were all parts of me, insecurities, hang ups, issues. I saw myself as a fly buzzing insistently around people, annoying them, and I wanted to squash myself. None of the animal totem experts seemed to want to tackle the meaning of the fly, and I almost gave up looking, but then I found the very brilliant work of Ravenari , hostess of Wildspeak. Do you think of yourself as annoying, disgusting, unimportant or worthless?

Do you attach negative words to your own view of yourself? Fly tells you to stop this behaviour and replace it with positive reminders of your beauty and inherent worth in order to find your way to health and nourishment. She wrote a magnificent interpretation of fly as a totem and messenger , all of which made sense to me, but these words in particular struck at the heart of the matter.

I decided to retreat from the world, for a while, into myself, to heal this wound. I was using others as a weapon to hurt myself, to keep the wound open. This was not fair to them, and it was not fair to me. Why must we insist on being so cruel to ourselves, when all we really want is love. We give it to others, why is it so hard to give it to ourselves. I deleted my Facebook. Flymageddon ended. The flies disappeared, and I thought I had understood their message. I moved on. The past couple of days the flies have returned.

I wondered if perhaps this was triggered by an email I sent to someone I am fairly certain finds me incredibly annoying. I am very curious, and I often ask people questions about themselves which to me seem fairly basic, but later I realise they might have been a bit too prying. These flies are bigger than the previous ones, does this make a difference, are they telling me the same thing or is this an evolution of the previous message. I cleaned it, applied some ointment, and a bandage.

But I think that the bandage was a bad idea, so I have removed it, and am exposing the wound to the air, and the light. For all to see. So… I thought that choosing a cockroach as a totem was taking the piss. I also contradict myself regularly. Change my mind about things and such. Or something of that sort. Past me versus Present me. Weird off! In regard to flies, particularly bigger flies, I believe that they are meant to be messengers or a sign of warning that someone either in your family or some you know is nearing death.

It feels a bit awkward in bringing this out, but I was scrolling through to see if anyone else felt the same. Like Like. They had searched online for the meaning of the bird and found that it meant death. However the bird was a regular visitor, it nested in their chimney every year, so they felt that death was not the correct meaning otherwise every time they saw the bird it would mean a death.

They decided that the meaning of the bird was to be found in the experience had with the bird and in the thoughts and feelings that the experience inspired. I like this view. Our ancestors decided at some point in the past to assign a meaning to each creature based on an experience they had with that creature. Many of the meanings that animals have fit the times and life our ancestors had, the further back in time you go, the more humans relied on animals to give them guidance, for finding food and water, knowing the weather, and warnings, such as if there was a dangerous animal or a fire or some other threat.

Many of these interpretations do not fit our modern lifestyle. Looking through the literature available on animal meanings, pretty much every animal is considered a harbinger of death.

Also because of the fear of death we would like to have the power to predict it, to be prepared for it, perhaps even avoid it, so we look for omens which may warn us. I suppose because flies feed on and swarm dead creatures, there is a connection with death, but also a connection with life, because flies lay their eggs on dead creatures, those eggs eventually become new flies, so flies could also be an omen of new life.

The big flies in particular are usually filled with lots of eggs, so they are bursting with the potential for new life. There is usually logic in the myth connected to animal meanings, and some of it makes a lot of sense, but I think that using what the animal means to us in the moment often reveals more about the situation and ourselves. It opens up an inner dialogue. Hi — my experience below will sound strange to most.

Life is a strange experience and journey for all of us, with much pain and pleasure along the way. When there is a lot of pain, we find solace and meaning in the small things because they have a way of explaining the big and sometimes overwhelming things for us. Treasure them and follow their inspiration. The mysteries of life, and of death, are a part of everything. Not everything can be explained, sometimes it is just something we need, something for us, and no one else can understand it.

I started looking for the spiritual meaning behind house flies. For some reason I began to think more deeply on them. Like they are kids. They are gross, the do gross things, and when you get irritated, they persist to irritate you more. Though I saw a young fly. It set itself down by the keyboard on a book. I swatted at it but all it did was jump down.

Then it groomed itself. For a moment, I thought it cute. Alternatively, the Fly symbolism could be reminding you that your persistence in reaching your goals will bear fruit sooner than later. In other words, you do have the ability to accomplish your goals. Like the Koi , Fly totem people can multiply their endeavors, ventures, and prosperity at enormous rates. These people are quick to act and never miss an opportunity, however remote when it presents itself. Folks with this spirit animal always have the determination and strength to get what they need as they need it.

Similar to the Cardina l, occasionally, they will need to remind themselves that they need to balance self-importance with humility. These folks also have a knack for finding beauty and worth in strange places.

Like the Chameleon , a Fly dream often symbolizes your ability to adapt to the situations in which you now find yourself. Similar to the Bat , something within you has changed, and you are reborn into something new. Alternatively, if one of these insects is red and persistently buzzing you in your dream, it is a warning.

There is an unusual and unpleasant event in the works. In other words, expect the unexpected and be prepared to stay grounded while you deal with it. I too, where ever i go, there always a bunch, a few, or at least one fly flying near me. No mattet how often i clean myself and my surrounding they always came. I kept having bad feeling about it.

Help me. I have currently six flies trapped inside my window. This post actually makes a lot of sense to me, during these hard times in my personal life and in the world. Hi many of you are very spiritual. You experience the power of the God of the Universe. He is all love, infinitely loving, so very gentle, but also a tumult of power which we see in the universe and He is deliverer of justice to those who walk in His ways.

Seek Him in mediation. When you let the unsullied world of matter that we live in, penetrate your being, and feel the vibration of the spirit, you are experiencing God. This can grow and become a powerful energy which can only be used for good.

You can speak to God and hear. You can have a wonderful relationship with God too so that you can be perfected and rest in heaven forever with Him. There is also evil in the world, and in the supernatural. So you must learn to discern. This can only be done by being one with our God who is spirit. I will tell you, kundalini yoga will lead you to Him. But He wants you to all know a His name.

His name is I Am, the one who was, who is and is to come. He came in the spirit of redemption, in the flesh, to bring people through the veil, to know Him. He is most holy and He asked us to purify ourselves to be worthy of a united relationship with God. This is done through Yeshua. His name in Greek became Jesus, He is real, all loving and will guide us through the process of purification and perfection of our soul.

To help us withstand all evil. Following the chakras is the path to spiritual and emotional health. This is exactly what Yeshua would work though with us as spiritual guide.

When you are filled with the very holy spiritual essence of God it is complete ecstasy. Nothing compares to the resonance of pure unadulterated love pouring through your being. He gives us free will, to accept Him. Then, with this profound change you will feel complete in the world. Know your divine purpose. You will not fear anything. You will feel Gods gentle touch on your life as He brings you on your life journey, resting by gentle waters, shading you from the hottest sun, softly wiping any tears from your eyes and telling you, I forgive you and remember this no more.

He asks us to not look back on anything in our life that was, and to look forward and step into our divine purpose. He tells us to not be proud of to feel unloved. He repairs our soul of all hurt. For what He has in mind for us is bigger than anything we could ever imagine. Then you will understand, that we are the clay the Potter has formed and put his spark of light into. He gives us the choice to chose Him, goodness and love, or to chose evil, the flesh of man.

When you chose Him, you will understand that our body was designed to hold a His spirit. We are complete. You must seek Him with your heart and soul. Ask to know Him. Talk to Him about your life and how you wish it could be different. How you must fill the space in your soul that is empty with love. Then ask to meet His spirit of redemption, yeshua.

He will set you free. This is not a religion. This is Revelation. This is divine purpose. This is a revolution of the spirit world for you. Then you will feel complete and at peace. Thank you so much for sharing, would love to learn more if you would mind directing me to learning more of what you shared. From what I see in my life — bugs are pointing at our problems, bad events, frustrations, anger, phobias — and so on.

But sometimes it is just about thinking about them and paying too much attention. Which in such case is probably helping you facing your fears to overcome them. If you are a person of strong symbolism they might be some specific message for you.

Try to take your own interpretation and think strongly about it when you face them. If it will be wrong they will somehow point at it — and you can try another interpretation.

The Universe is a conscious force of balance, Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti, masculine and feminine. Please remember this. I have scoured the internet for an answer. I was sitting in my van today waiting for my partner to return from inside the store. I look out the window and there on the window staring into my soul is the biggest 1inch blackest fly I have ever seen in my life. I have never seen one before.

The size and darkness of this thing alone was absolutely terrifying not to mention the huge mandiables it had! I hope that it still has a positive meaning. But my gut tells me it was some sort of warning or bad omen.

Anyone have any idea? Am I just freaking myself out for nothing? Please respond! Thank you. I have always understood black flys to be a very negative omen, however, if the fly was not dead or acting aggressive the above meaning may apply. I always pay attention not only to the animal but also their behaviour. Except spiders. Everyone will tell you they are good luck, for me they are always a negative omen.

Put two and two together and I get this. In this case it was a big fly, so it could mean a big problem. Also the fly is very persistent and can move quickly and quietly but again, in your case the fly that you had seen was a big fly. Unordinarily big. The fly keeps to itself and goes almost unnoticed by anyone or anything sometimes until you really start to look for it but sometimes it could be right in front of your face.

Now the horse. A horse represents freedom of movement. It represents power and strength and is also not held down when it comes to being wild and adventurous. Now put two and two together and this is what I have come up with. Someone or something is stopping you from being free and continuing to move past a certain point in your life. Be free and love life. But they come around me for three days then leave without seeing them for awhile like that… They come in and out of my life… Please help me understand why they do come.

I have been feeling fly with me every where since i think it could be black magic. But look up what the metaphor for flies means, seek it out and the message will be shown to you. Trust your inner voice, meditate on this and you will figure it out.

Your higher self is always wanting you to remember who u truly are. Do u pray? Many blessings my friend. A tiny fly landed on my IPad today. I kept very still, not wanting to disturb it. It turned its head to face me and then crawled down my screen and flew away after landing on me a few more times. What does this mean!? For the past 3 months, a fly or many different ones has been coming into my room and waking me up every morning.

Does anyone have any suggestions? For the past year, I have been waking up with a very negative state of mind, as I have been unemployed and still am very confused about what route to take in life.

And yes the fly knew the risk everytime but, I had to while it was still alive. Ultimately it comes down to mindset but, one things for sure is that the world is actually a really nice place. Have no fear and live bro, well except in G-D of course. Having these experiences now for the past week.

I have one sometimes 3 flies that come into my room. I let it out and watch it fly out the window. Late that day I come back and there it is in my room flying around. Sometimes even landing on me or letting me touch it. I am going to meditate and let any messages come to me as I believe it to be more than just a random event.

These flies could be our spirit animals and maybe sent to tell us something, we just need to connect to this maybe. If I move to the bedroom the fruit fly will follow me there, to the bathroom, and so on. It is just the one fruit fly, not multiples, and my roommates see it too. This could just be in my head though. Same thing has been happening for last week just 1! Did you ever figure out if there was some meaning to it?

In other words…I manifest flies. No, i am not dirty and bathe regularly. Sometimes, they appear on my arm. I have also had other things seemingly manifest from my body. And yes, other people can see these flies…so its not a waking hallucination. There are christian mysticisms that overlap with alchemy and alchemist concepts that have derived from christian,jewish kabala and muslim sufi concepts.

Just so u know not all christian theology is bastardized american bullshit and to try n keep a open mind assess case by case instead of dismiss anything christian related.

Even a certain pastor told me they kept shit on my head in the spiritual realm. Please know that you are in certainty unconditionally Loved by God, Almighty in Love for each of his creations, all of us inherently blessed.

You are so worthy and good, beautiful sister, and may this prayer encourage you and strengthen you to know that you are perfect as you are: I am the soul and servant God, All- Beautiful intended me to be. He is with me throughout my earthly journey, Guiding me to value the incomparable Gift which is my Life, Guiding me to know my worth, my resilience, and all the ways in which I honor Him.

I honor Him by loving myself always. Please also know, sister, that God is always with you and that He loves you dearly. You are loved. It can be used as a bug repellent.. There is no shame on you for this, there is only shame on anyone judging you about it. God loves everyone no exceptions remember that ok. I have no advice to offer about the flies problem but according to this website there saying it related to a theme of persistence.

Like the following commenter said dont give up. Maybe try contacting an entomologist bug scientist for advice check at a university near you or email a department of entomology. Good luck. I havent seen flies but spiders and a single gnat is always disturbing me at dialysis. At home I keep seeing spiders. While asleep I heard a buzzing sound of a fly around me.

I keeped swatting it away until it stopped. My uncle passed away this year. One has even went inside of my ear a few times. I hate them so I keep killing them but more show up. If you are afraid of them — you are wrong. By creating a phobia for yourself you are forced to fight that phobia in order to free yourself from untruthful generating fear. You need to stop paying attention to them and stop being afraid of them. But on the other hand. Because if not it will only get worse until you will learn to do it anyway.

Several years ago my father passed away sitting on the toliet in sticking hot wheather few days before and after death got flies around me and stinky toliet smell like rotten gas as my family and I knew it was to do with my fathers passing however now my cat usually flies like blow flies all in the home some just dying on the floor in toliet and around home can you tell what you think please been spiritual myself I have done many medium readings in the past but this thing with flies argh.

So, my experience with a fly was an apiphony to me… I would have normally passed or off as being annoying and bothersome, simply because at the time I had an encounter with a fly, in typical fashion, I wanted to swat it and exterminate it.

During this time when I had this encounter, I was sitting and writing about my reflections of my life. It became clear that this was a sign of some sorts and instead of swatting it … in come across this site.

The funny thing is when I read what it meant… that is when the fly stopped annoying me. Now I know it was a sign. I was in France and alone in the place we were staying. Then I noticed a 3 flies come close to me. One seemed still and watched me from a distance, one seemed to be flying around me and the other actually landed on my fingers and arm, my knees and my hair.

Then when someone else entered the room and I was no longer alone they all left and only came back when I was alone again. Thank you so much for this!!!!

Your post is helping me to see them in a new light. Ok, guys! Got the awesome message! You can go outside now. Some strange things have happend in my life recently. I have lost a person that was very close to me. We hung out almost every day in high school… 5 years later we still found ourselves getting into trouble when we were free from work.

We had the same car, we drank the same beer, we even cried about the same things…. It was safe to say that he was my best friend, my keeper. One day he took off his shirt while we were fishing and I noticed that he got an eslovic symbol tattooed across his heart.

He started to worry me. I saw him less and less and his dark cloud above his head got ahold of him and unfortunately he died. The pain I feel from losing him is hard to describe but it follows me everywhere. Even in my dreams. I hear the music we listened to over and over in the most random places. It comes on the radio at work… it even plays in my dreams as well. I mentioned we got the same car but my car is a newer year and I keep it as clean as possible. Since he has passed away I always have a fly sitting on my passenger seat about every single day.

This morning I was awoke by a fly while I was in the middle of a detailed dream about him. It was crazy because in the dream I saw my him walking to school and I started crying in my dream because I knew he was dead and I was just imagining his presence.

Is this him following me, is he telling me somthing? Am I crazy?! I lost my BFF guy in high school. Wish him light and tell him you are ok. Appreciate it and dont feel bad when it stops…he will have to move on pray him to the light. Love atcha and keep your face to the light! Liz that was truly beautiful!! You seem like a super enlightened individual. Where are you from I would love to meet you just to talk if you are interested sometime, I live in LA….

I figure it must have felt my love for living things, and permitted my touch, but its eye..? When we die, and our spirits are free, in search of the afterlife entry, we are instantly judged by Life itself to determine if Life itself wants us in the afterlife in the rest of itself.. If we hold a track record of bullying and harming life, Life smells us as excrement, and we are instantly rejected..

Fly, fly, fly away We didn't get to say goodbye, goodbye No need to tell me why, my baby Maybe it's because you'll fly back home to me one day Baby, when you're in the clouds, please keep a lookout Maybe, darling, find a hideaway for you and I, you and I And I'll see you fly, fly I'll be your alibi, my baby Fly, fly, fly away.

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    Sep 13,  · Fly Together Lyrics: Whatelse! / So when I fly, you fly, we fly together / And when I shine, you shine we shine forever / Shakedown yeah / I'm a boss so I need a boss chick / And we can boss up like.
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    and Fly Away From Here anywhere yeah I dont care we just fly away from here our hopes & dreams are out there somewhere we wont let time pass us by we just Fly do you see a bluer sky now you can have a better life now open your eyes cause no one here can ever stop us they can try but we wont let them no way maybe you & I could pack our bags.
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    Jul 21,  · That it's time for me to go The winds they blow I gotta fly fly fly away I'll make it home again someday But you can't keep me down Hold my feet to the ground I gotta fly fly fly away A pair of broken wings can make me stay It's hard to leave this town But I'll circle back around I promise some day But I gotta fly fly fly away Yeah.
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    Lyrics to 'Fly Away' by Guy. Yeah, there's comes a time in your life You wanna get away from the stress and the drama Baby mama, baby papas, bad dreams, [Incomprehensible] Seems like I'm the only one who feels this way.
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    Fly Away Lyrics: Some people ask me, where I've been lately / They thought I fell off, nobody can save me / They play in the background, I don't back down / So don't get it twisted or try to play.
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    Fly Away Now Fly Away Now Fly Away Fly Away Now Fly Away Now Fly Away Fly Away Now Fly Away Now Fly Away Fly Away Now Fly Away Now Fly Away Fly Away Now Fly Away Now Fly Away Fly Away Now Fly Away Now Fly Away You'll never find a better time Make a sound, you'll be fine You know the game and all it holds Watch it now as it unfolds Now Fly Away.

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