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In the beginning was chaos. Then along came Quaoar with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. He danced and whirled and sang the Song of Creation, and thus the Universe began.

It was simply the discovery that our solar system has yet another planet orbiting the Sun, confirming the existence of what Alan Stern describes as a third class of planets, the dwarf planets. Considering they are the authority on the subject, acknowledging their definition would seem like the sensible thing to do. Regardless of your feelings towards them, their rulings are pertinent to our reporting, and will be included. Quaoar is a dwarf planet because it is in hydrostatic equilibrium and orbits a star, regardless of whether or not the IAU recognizes it as such.

Brown did not lead them like one leads a donkey with a carrot. They are all listed as co-discoverers. This should end now. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Retrieved 27 February Minor Planet Electronic Circular.

International Astronomical Union Circular. Bibcode : IAUC. Archived from the original on 19 July August The Astrophysical Journal. Bibcode : ApJ December The Astronomical Journal. Bibcode : AJ Retrieved 8 January Bibcode : Icar.. July October September The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Northern Arizona University. Archived from the original on 1 September April Asteroid Lightcurve Database.

Lowell Observatory. Retrieved 2 December Bibcode : Natur. November January Journal for Occultation Astronomy. It is almost certain that Quaoar is larger than all objects of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It orbits the Sun in an almost perfect circular orbit at a distance of about 6. It takes Quaoar My general method is to take some aspect of the planetary symbol and apply it to symbols differentiating the moons, usually the initial of the moon's name in the appropriate writing system.

I offer these symbols up to the public domain, for use by future astronomers, future astrologers, and anyone else who's interested. Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos.

The symbols for them are based on the lower-case versions of the Greek letters Phi and Delta, which begin those two names in the original Greek, with the arrow from Mars's symbol added on. The Jovian gas giants each have a large number of moons at least 13 for Neptune, at least 63 for Jupiter. It's not really feasible to include them all, but some are larger than others. I've chosen an admittedly arbitrary threshold of 10 Zg 10 19 kg and created symbols for any moon larger than that, which lets in Saturn's moon Hyperion but not Jupiter's largest non-Galilean moon Amalthea.

This is also near the point at which moons become non-spherical - there are some non-spherical objects above this line, but no spherical ones below. Jupiter has four "large" moons - the four Galilean moons. For their symbols, the Greek letter beginning their names is combined with the cross at the bottom of the symbol for Jupiter.

Archived from the original on 19 July Retrieved 14 March Moons of likely dwarf planets. Hidden categories: Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements.

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Two Hubble WFPC2 observations of Quaoar and Weywot taken on March 20 and 28, show the pair of Kuiper Belt Objects moving against the background of stars. These are two of the observations that were used to determine the mass of Quaoar from the size of Weywot's orbit. Most NASA images are in the public domain.

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  1. Nikus says:
    Jun 05,  · In Tongva mythology, Weywot was the sky deity that originated from the singing and dancing of the creator Quaoar. According to recent estimates that assume an equal albedo and density to Quaoar, Weywot is thought to have a diameter of about 74 km.
  2. Mudal says:
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  3. Dira says:
    An artist's conception of Quaoar and its small moon Weywot. (Image: © NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC-Caltech)) Quaoar is a planetoid that lies beyond Pluto's orbit in .
  4. Fenos says:
    Weywot, officially () Quaoar I Weywot, is the only known moon of the trans-Neptunian object and possible dwarf planet Quaoar. Discovered by Michael Brown and T.A. Suer using images acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope on 14 February , its existence was announced in an IAU Circular notice published on 22 February
  5. Dubei says:
    Weywot is visible directly above the bright image of Quaoar. (b)–(f) Median combined WFPC2 images at each epoch. The central region in which the subtraction residuals are apparent has been masked to make the image of Weywot apparent. Weywot (marked with arrows in the WFPC2 images) can be seen as a spatially.
  6. Nem says:
    Nov 12,  · Weywot was created by Quaoar when he sang the song of creation. The name was chosen by the Tongva tribe." Who are the Tongva? They are the native American tribe whose ancestral lands are now mostly paved over by the sprawling city of Los Angeles. There's an interesting story about the naming of Weywot here. Weywot, the moon of Quaoar, is.
  7. Zugal says:
    Here we present new adaptive optics observations of the Quaoar-Weywot system. With these new observations we determine an improved system orbit. Due to a day alias that exists in available observations, four possible orbital solutions are available with periods of ̃, ̃, ̃, and ̃ days. From the possible orbital solutions, system masses of ± × .
  8. Goltirisar says:
    One of the first deities to be called into existence by Quaoar, he helped to create the Universe and now looks after all sky-related matters. His partner is Chehooit, the Earth Mother. Legend tells that Weywot guided the Tongva people from their birthplace in the chilly north to the sunnier climate of California. Just follow the Great Eagle.
  9. Yodal says:
    osu!» player info» Weywot. player info Toggle navigation. Guest home news team changelog download search beatmaps listing featured artists packs rankings performance spotlights score.

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