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The Safety Net - Mon Electric Bijou - Backstabber Blues (CD)

31.01.2020 Mezizshura 5 Comments

This guide will help shorten the learning curve! You'll also get sent my 1 top free training series called "Jazz Standards Mastery Formula. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Jazz Standards Blues. Bb Blues. For full functionality of this page it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

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Griff, all I can say is that the time that have been putting into this is very important to me and I need a few weeks to recuperate my funds that you are one of the best. Loved this pedal video…… really helps us old guys step into the new age!

Your explanations are excellent and crisp. However when you play I get a little depressed since that shows me how far I have yet to go. Seriously I enjoy hearing your riffs and am really working hard on the blues course. Had them a long time….. My daughters call this a mid-life crisis. Its been 25 years since my band days…. I like the effect the bluesdriver has on the tone. His comments on reverb were a bit queer.

I had a Fender 65 deluxe reverb amp and the reverb was superb. In bare feet too….. Hi, I bought a Blues Jr. What is the purpose of the microphone in front of the amp… did you turn it off before the demonstration? Howdy Griff.. Nice job with the pedals! Frankly they have always been a mystery to me… needed someone to do the comparison and you just did it! Cheers for that. If you were to start today buying pedals, what would be your first purchase, second etc? I would like to start building my arsenal.

Also, I would love to hear your take on various pickups and possible upgrades to Mexican Strats to get them to the American standard. Cheers CJL. Really appreciate your info. I will find it easier to play when I start on some songs that I know. Today in Calgary its minus 15 celcius,take care,Len. Thanks Griff!! As an electric novice it is helpful have someone show what exactly the different effects are.. Great Job!! You Griff, That walk through pedal lane was fascinating!

Just starting to plug back in aafter years of acoustic. If I was plugged in before it was strumming chords mostly. After 20 years of mostly being a strummer taught me to be a quality rhythm player nonethless just learned what Minor Pentatonic First Position means. And starting to care about making different sounds. I wonder if anyone really does use large multi effects units as a standard set up to gig with……I have a Line six Pod which I have to say is great and has some wicked sounds, but I think it would just be so difficult to use smoothly and fluidly during a set………..

Wonder what your thoughts are on this and what you honestly think on these multi type units…. Should I seriously just save and buy, as you have done, a good line up of stomp boxes, and daisy chain up what I need? I certainly love reading all that is written on your website. Keep the aarticles coming. I loved it! For me, we have our, Gain, Volume and Master at the Amp.

We then have the Vol. Knob on the instrument. What is to be gained from a volume pedal on the floor? Hey, I just found this article through Yahoo. I like the briefing assumed by the article. OH YAH!!! Je vous invite sur mon blog : blog-moto. I loved the little video about the pedals. I just enjoy listening to you play. Do something on guitar setup, strings, pickups, etc sometime.

Thanks, Marshall. Stagg 15w. Looks tiny on stage but I use it as a practice amp and for the open mike sessions I go to with my Yamaha LP. Griff thanx great video! Your im wondering is that like or have you ever played a Epiphone Lucille? Got a chance to buy one from a friend who quit after 4 lessons,any opinions of it?

My fav vid so far. I have the same amp, though not the Texas Red version. Thanks a bunch for that invaluable lesson.

God bless u! Thanks, Griff! Interesting shoes ya got there. You gave me some ideas about my pedal set-up, though. Like a video of those! Thank you for sharing your preferences and your knowledge. Great Effects Griff explains alot and i broke out my DOD supra distortion FX55b New talent showed up sat at a wedding solo Harp player what a boost and my jam lead guitarist says his heart surgery is delayed until august.

I knew she played piano but just heard about the sax. Looking for bridges online for that guitar. May build a custom body for it Engineering background thinking hard plastic graphite composite to lighten up that LP Dup.

American ingenuity. Crates only flexwave 15 something for the future fix that watt. Good Luck have a good week Aron. Great video! Otherwise, yikes!

Griff great work, but how do you keep everything so quiet. When i hookup my gear to my blues jr the hiss and hum are loud. Much thanks Griff. The amp sounds better now than it did when it was new. Giff your teaching and explaining of pedals and also your teaching methods are so down to earth,very easy to under stand for us novice guitarists.

Great work,thank you. Great work,thankyou. Thanks for everything Griff. I agonized over whether i could afford the course or not. Thanks for all the tips!! Maybe one day I can afford the lessons… I have a Fender Champ amp I bought in , used , any idea what is worth? Aloha, Tom. Great tips, Griff. I have about a half-dozen different guitar instruction sites that come in my e-mail and I learn more from you in one minute than all the rest of them put together. Your email are great and I am considering purchasing the Blues Guitar Unleashed.

Question with the blues jr — where is the microphone hooked up to? PA system? Griff, you are a monster bro, thatks for the demo and for the lessons. I am a song writer not really a lead player. Thanks again…. Griff, Thank you for explaining how you get those great sounds.

I have a Crate MX20rc,and use a Zoom mixer. I think I can get a few of your same sounds,but the problem is I have to turn up the volume to drive the amp. Am I correct,or am I doing something wrong?

I have a Strat also. Thanks, Mike. I am trying to be a good student but none of my stuff turns my attemps into music. I will try Pratice maybe that will help. I was also lookin for something a little easier to tote around than my old blackface twin. I love the little blues jr and use for my main amp now but still hook it up with the twin when I really need to get some crazy volume!

Incredible — thanks so much, Griff. Gotta check out the Blues Jr. ThankYou Griff…. What a Great demo…you are sooo inspiring. Hey Griff…great video. Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time. Just shows the duality of tone and preference, I think it sounds great. When I bought my firest electric guitar last year, the shop did not have an amp so my wife bought me a little pignose.

I saw one at a pawn shop the other day. Thanks again. Thanks for the video. Great tips Griff… Just getting back to playing after a long time away. Have you played through any of the Beheringer twins.?? Hey Griff, thanks for the demo.

Lots of questions, though. What speaker is in your Junior? Do you use it for gigs and mic it, or use something else? Also, wondering if the Keeley mods on your pedals included true bypass. What kind of pedal board are you using, and is it powered? And yeah, the whole rig seems to be extremely quiet, no hisses or hum. How do you accomplish that? Griff , I have had a blues Junior for years now , how often should I change the valves?

Love your tutorials they really inspire me to practise. Hey Griff, great tips. I have a tweed Blues Jr and never considered backing of the treble that far. What a great tone. Thanks for that. I have a lot of the same pedals, and am going to try some of your other tips.

Same volume pedal too, but my wah is a Vox. One thing I was surprised not to see was a tremelo, a pretty common blues effect. Do you just not find a need for one? Usually blues guys who use effects use one. I use a Electro-Harmonix nano trem, which makes some cool sounds.

The trem on that gets kind of univibe-ish. I do have to agree with the guy who said the DD-5 sounds kind of sterile. EH and Boss both have good reverb pedals. But the Boss has a good plate sound, which would be a little more authentic.

Great playing. How about a demo with a really cheep guitar into a really cheep amp. Something with a reputation for being junk. Show everyone that it is more about the skill of the player than having all the latest equipment. I know this but somethmes we forget. Great job Thanks. Hi Griff a truly awsome demo you make me feel as though i should give up you are one awsome guitarist. Carl Sheryn Gloucester England.

Griff, I have wanted to play the Guitar my whole life. It hurt my fingers whan I was young, Whaaa. So When I blow out a knee from flying past the landing ramp, or break ribs, cause I was to good to quick on a snow board. Have you heard of anyone burning the tips of their fingers, to speed up the process? What I wanted to tell you Griff, is first, you are the best at teaching online, I have found.

I love the blues, and jam on the Harp, straight from the heart. Again, you make it simple, and my friends, that shred, hear me playing one of the scales say, ya bro, that the stuff, keep it up, you will be great in no time. Hit me up if you can trade. Thanks Bra, later. I have enjoyed your blues vids as well michael.

S what srat do you play? Hey thanks, what a great demo!! Hi Griff, Could I ask if your guitar feeds into the Katana boost first. I have tried effects after a boost pedal but the sound always seems a little mushy. What is your secret? With the Boss BD2 on what setting do you use for the boost? Oh and your video was really well explained.

Rgds Dave. Excellent demo. Loved it. Do more! Your vids and info are very much appreciated. Grabbing my guitar…. Ya sorta, kinda skipped over any detail on it I think, unless I missed it. Great demonstration. You are the first to show how to put the pedals and amp together. Great sound…someday I hope to play just a fraction of your talent.

I will Forget the stupid amp and pedal show. How in the world did you get those pedals so noisless? I have had a blues junior for years i bring it as a backup for my boogie lonestar special wich i use with a carl martin quattro pedal its bitchin but now that i saw your video im thinking about using a similar setup to yours nice and light and plenty for the gigs i play hmmm, cool and thanks.

The Blues Junior looks pretty good, and I believe that the guy I jam with has one. I just hate like hell to part with that great, punchy Twin sound. Ah, these decisions. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Very Nice!! It nice to see setups. When I get better on playing, my Strat needs Fender tube amp like the blues junior! Thanks alot! Griff , your stuff is the best! His crap is no where near quality of your stuff!!

Again thanks for helping me down the road to the blues. I am trying to learn it… I am having trouble with Lick 3 in which you play a bend. In the video, you do it so effortlessly, but I struggle trying to exicute bends, on acoustic is hard and a little easier on electric, but I still have to stop, get my fingers set in place, then try and do the bend. I either slide slowly up to the next note Full or my finger slips off the string….

I have always struggled with different outlay and use of pedals…. Also I accidently erased the first email the one you sent right after I purchased the program. It has a video which explains how to work the program. Griff, Thanks for sharing your new toy with us. Personally I like the tweed version.

Ok Griff, I agree with Russ above…please post a schematic, specific list of pedals brand names and models , and specific settings for each pedal. I have now viewed this video 10 times…but cannot see clearly the information requested…. Those effects sounds great. Just an awesome demo on how to get the tone you want. As well as what peddles to use. You are a great teacher keep up the excellent work. Oh, and my new practice amp is a Champ Griff Great to see how different pedals sound.

Dave Clarke 5? Great job on the video, the sounds were amazing! I really enjoyed your video. You are very tasty player. I am not a great blues fan, but your playing is great to listen to. I own a made in A couple of things come to mind that I have not got a clear answer on. When i pick a note and try to move my hand left and right i end up pushing the string up and down in order to get the sound. Hey Griff, great video.

The Fender pro Junior is also a cool 15 watt amp. I want one now. And theat SRV info great. Keep it up dude you are an inspiration to all of us out here in Bluesville. Thanks for sharing a great tone seminar. For me it puts a synthetic sheen on everything and spoils the natural rich tones.

Can you show us what a few simpler set ups can achieve? I liked how you talked about the setup of the pedalboard and what goes where. Nice little tidbit about the volume pedal.

Great sound off the overdrive pedals! On the youtube…. I like it…I like it alot! I really appreciate the blues amp youtube! The youtube gave me some excellent insights! Thanks again Griff, Great Demo, advice and nice guitar work.

The amp and guitars sound very nice and very helpful info on your pedal setup and uses. I am sure that it will inspire the odd trip to the music store, and more practice. Fantastic Griff…. Your amp sounds awesome and now I have a clearer idea of how to get those great blues tones too.

Super guy…super demo…. I have spent countless hours on Youtube, and have never got this kind of demo in one showing! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Malcom Hewitt November 11, Jeff Province September 3, Oliva Dobrasz April 13, Lora January 4, Alex Sawtell December 2, Reynalda October 3, Claim Your Own iPhone 4S!

Details Apply. February 27, I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post… Reply. Accessories Strings. Banjo Heads. Tuning Devices. Instrument Parts. Gift Cards. Contact Us Contact Us. Our Story. Catalog Archive. Blog - All Strings Considered.

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    Mar 12,  · For a very new starter, you make it simple, hat’s off to you bra, I’m and old local boy surfer from HB, so I’m hip on where your at. I love the blues, and jam on the Harp, straight from the heart. Blues are in my soul, as soon as I can get .
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