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Smell The Snarl - Various - NWN Fest Volume 1 (CD)

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It smells like disappointment plus the promise of bacchanalian abandon. It smells like springtime, and mud bugs, and vinyl rain coats, and wet hair and the air freshener in the Uber ride home. It smells like stuff you probably never even heard of. Read on. Apparently certain dirt-dwelling bacteria produce spores that smell like a biological chemical called geosmin.

According to a story by Joseph Stromberg on the Smithsonian magazine website , "because these bacteria thrive in wet conditions and produce spores during dry spells, the smell of geosmin is often most pronounced when it rains for the first time in a while, because the largest supply of spores has collected in the soil.

Stromberg points out that our noses are exquisitely sensitive to the bacterial odor. Note: those are beets at the bottom left of that gardening tattoo that was found at a previous, sunnier Jazz Fest. These bubbles then speed upward, like bubbles in a glass of champagne, before breaking the drop's surface and releasing microscopic particles that carry the rain-like aroma.

And if it's not raining, bubbly little cups of Champagne actually Prosecco are available at Jazz Fest, for a mere nine bucks. Prosecco smells like elegance and frivolity. Kristen Wiig At-Home Monologue. Let Kids Drink. Eleanor's House.

Lighthouse Keeper. Zoom Church. Zoom Catch-Up. Digital Exclusive: Message to the Girls. Boyz II Men ft. Digital Exclusive: The Last Dance. Beer Money. Danny Trejo Song. Another MasterClass Quarantine Edition. Hair Vlog. Dad Prank Video. Quarantine Cooking. Quarantine Delivery. Musically, there isn't a big difference between the two bands, it's doomy death metal made the Australian way.

If you're an Incantation fan, especially a fan of early Incantation, you definitely need to pick up this release! The music here is predominantly mid-paced and expansive and laced with passages both heavily melancholic and misanthropic.

The visionary art of Alex Brown was selected to impart the visual aesthetic accompaniment to this haunting masterpiece, and the result is magnificent.

Impurity continues to prove that they are among the very few bands especially among their Brazilian peers that have been able to maintain such a high level of quality over so long a period of time.

Released on Kristian Olsson's obscure tape label, Bolvark. Due to the praise immediately heaped upon it, the "Grave Ekstasis" tape sold out rapidly. Thus, when NWN! Katechon's sound is an amalgamation of Black, Death, and Thrash metal, but played with a precision and authenticity that avoids dilution.

Helmkamp Order From Chaos, Angelcorpse, Revenge , those familiar with his work will find familiar traces in the vocal and bass performance on this EP, but will also witness the unfolding of new dimensions within his work.

Kerasphorus demonstrate a groundedness in their approach to Black Metal that is peculiar and engaging. The disbandment of Kerasphorus in June of only ensured that the recorded output of the band would remain untainted.

The "Necronaut" LP develops a richer dynamic approach while still retaining the same sound that defines Kerasphorus. Kerasphorus is a conglomeration of esoteric visions manifested through innovative compositions, Helmkamp's bizarre observations of reality and Devil Joe's viscous hypnotic rendition of the Necronaut.

The band is clearly heavily influenced by the darker elements of Death and Black Metal, the more vicious strains of Grindcore and Punk, and the brutal nihilism of Harsh Noise and Industrial Music. Consequently, the three tracks on the band's second album, "Insignificance," bare the markings of each of these sub-genres of extreme music.

Listening to the band's third full-length, "Trespass," it is clear that Knelt Rote executes these more nuanced strains of extreme metal with a rare sense of precision and focus. A composite whole that is more than the sum of its parts, "Trespass" is unique without sounding forced and more pertinent and forward-looking than much of the current underground metal output.

For many, primitive bestiality and technical virtuosity represent the opposite ends of a spectrum. Martire, however, reconcile these two extremes to tremendous effect. Indeed, listening to this record now it sounds as if, by delaying this release for so many years, Martire were simply giving the rest of the scene a chance to catch up.

Considering the strength of Martire's catalog, it must have been daunting for the band to take up the task of recording a full-length album that could live up to the promise of their earlier releases, but "Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse" meets and surpasses any and all expectations that one could have developed in the many years since Martire's last emanation. Hailing from the fiery depths of Australia, Martire deliver bestial death metal of the most extreme and sadistic form.

Martire's songs on this EP are driven by evil thrash riffs played with demonic intensity and murderous accuracy, tormenting and depraved vocals, and a relentless drum performance that lays to ruin everything in its path. Furthermore, the pure analog recording of this EP is among the highest quality ever produced within this subgenre of metal. Every instrument is clearly audible and perfectly mixed.

In short, there is nothing meek about this record; every riff, vocal snarl, and drum onslaught manifests strength and superiority in the true Australian tradition. Regular version on heavy gram vinyl in a gatefold jacket and includes a poster. After releasing several demos in the late 's the band focused its sound into the cataclysmic masterpiece known as "Ola De Violencia" 12" EP followed by the "Ola De Violencia" 12" EP.

Although it comes nearly a decade after their last full-length, it is arguably the most fully realized manifesto of these generals in Neal Tanaka's army. The omnipresent intonations of the words Heavy Metal are all you really need to hear in order to grasp the purpose of this album. Nuclear War Now Records Morbosidad continues with the savage sound achieved on the recent split releases with Pseudogod, Perversor, and Witchrist.

For years, Morbosidad has departed somewhat from the near-grindcore approach of the early albums, instead focusing and tightening the sound and this album is a culmination of that trajectory. Recorded in Mexico with a new line-up, the third Morbosidad album is heavily influenced by Brazilian deathrash masters such as the mighty Sarcofago, Sextrash, and Holocausto, yet is still undeniably Morboso Metal. One of the most sacrilegious and blasphemous records in the NWN! And finally, the only artist whose dark visions are sufficiently unholy to adorn such a long-awaited release, the notorious Chris Moyen was summoned by the Morboso Kult to produce another masterpiece of goatworship for the cover.

An album so significant with the catalog of both the band and the label as well as broadly influential should remain available. Regular version black vinyl with gatefold jacket and A2 poster. One of the first records NWN! Die Hard version colored vinyl with gatefold jacket, A2 poster, sticker and patch. This LP features new cover art by Chris Moyen and comes with an 8-page zine style booklet and A2 sized-poster.

Domination LP Although Singapore's Nechbeyth has been active for over a decade, the band has just a few releases credited to its name, chief among which is its debut full-length album released in With a style that evokes the controlled attack of Black Witchery combined with the frenzied intensity of Revenge, Nechbeyth are contemporary masters of the Bestial Black Death Metal sound.

The rhythm section is furious and out of control. Vocals, like distorted howls, saturate the sound when present. Brought together, the effect is alcoholic and unholy. Necrobutcher's music is about sensory destruction and, as such, must be felt to be appreciated. Nocturnal Graves' songs on this split seethe with a madness and insane deathlust that drenches the air.

Sharing in this bloodbath is Finland's Hell Spirit who cover much the same ground. Finland's Hell Spirit who cover much the same ground, yet their driving attack and the impenetrable evil of their riffs render them an ideal and complementary selection for this split LP. Nonetheless, it is a great honor to be able to put these recordings on vinyl. If you are a true fan of metal then you need no description of the mighty Pagan Rites.

For over 16 years Pagan Rites have been playing some of the most Satanic traditional black metal ever heard on this side of the river Styx. Playing thrashing black metal in the style of the old masters such as Bathory, Venom and others, Pagan Rites are among the most sinister acts to have ever been exported from Sweden. This particular recording, the first ever made by the band, has never before been released.

Furthermore, one of the tracks has never been heard in any form on any subsequent Pagan Rites release. Lest one should believe that this recording would be suitable for nothing more than its historical value, one listen demonstrates that this is actually among Pagan rites' finest output.

Combined with this ancient dark masterpiece is a demonic onslaught by Canada's Evil Wrath whose incinerating and raw anti-human blitzkrieg serves as an appropriate modern accompaniment to the legendary Pagan Rites. Comes on black vinyl with pro-printed insert.

Incantation fans look no further than Belgium's PEK. Drawing influence from obscure South American acts such as Pentagram and Death Yell while also giving a nod to bands like early Demoncy, Perversor offers a deadly combination of true black metal while maintaining a foothold in the sounds of Satanic deaththrash that will evoke the primal instincts of all who have the guts to listen.

Includes full color A2 poster and double sided lyrics insert. All jackets printed reverseboard for a matte finish. Call it whatever you want, but it is Black Metal in its purest, rawest and most brutal form since Blasphemy's Fallen Angel of Doom The abrupt and evil riffing style of Blasphemy is ever present on Advent of the Black Omen. This style has since long been recognized by the masses of Black Metal kids as genius and pioneering with its satanic black grinding atomosphere.

Tried and copies by many but only few have succeeded in sharing the same evil feeling. Bands such as Beherit, Impurity and now Proclamation are the only few that succeeded in capturing the same level of blackness.

Co-releaesd in conjunction with the infamous Ross Bay Cult label. For most, little needs to be said of Proclamation.

For the uninitiated, Proclamation arrange and rearrange the structures advanced by the legendary Blasphemy making no attempt to conceal their reverence for the desecrators.

Improving with every album, on "Execration of Cruel Bestiality" Proclamation demonstrate once again their ability to concoct seemingly endless permutations of the archetype, each one more potent that the previous. This is perhaps the finest offering Proclamation has yet delivered. Recorded entirely using analog equipment, "Messiah of Darkness and Impurity", Proclamation exceeds even the bestiality they attained on their last album.

Few bands working within this subgenre have so successfully delivered such aggressive and violent onslaughts and few have remained so faithful to the blueprints established by Blasphemy, Beherit, Impurity, Sarcofago, etc.

This is not a "retro" album, however. This release easily stands alongside the classics produced by those masters. Among the seemingly endless tide of Bestial Black Death bands released each month, few can be as favorably compared to the pregenitors of the genre.

Proclamation is one of the few that can. Perhaps this is because Proclamation have studied the masters so thoroughly and refuse to be influenced by anything other than the unholiest of bestial black metal. You will hear no heavy metal influence. Released in conspiracy with Ross Bay Cult. Blazing a trail of blood that is both new and fresh, yet a harkening howl to the classic moons of old. Prosanctus Inferi's 2nd full length album births forth 8 new beasts of pulsating and nightmarish black death metal.

The sound here is more immediate and extreme than their debut LP from last year, but still retains the characteristic idiosyncratic musical syntax that characterizes Prosanctus Inferi's approach. Total cult metal that was hidden in the tombs of only the most dedicated vinyl fanatics is now readily available again! A must for all evil thrash maniacs and black metal historians. Officially distributed by Nuclear War Now!

Limited edition of copies all on black vinyl. This is for fans of old death metal and early 90's Greek black metal like Varathron and Necromantia. This is for fans of old death metal such as early Incantation and early 90's Greek black metal like Varathron and Necromantia.

The gram heavy vinyl comes housed in quality gatefold jacket and includes an A2 poster. To augment the material on "Attack. Great voodoo chile lyrics too - "She's got a mouth full of rasor teeth, and claws so needle sharp, she'll set you off like fireworks, and tear your flesh apart"! Poetry is it's own reward for the Fuzztones, which is just as well really, because bands as giddily gifted as this seldom get rich.

Then there's lead vocalist Rudi Protrudi, who gives a tough, arrogant preformance. If elected, I'll put two bands like this in every garage. The Fuzztones fall somewhere between? Kenny and the Kasuals' masterpiece of mystical musical madness "Journey To Tyme" is next under the Fuzztones' choking grip:"I don't care if I never come back! Man, who would ever wanna return from something this good? Ghoulish production, superb songwriting, and a lead snarl all delivered by Rudi, that're guaranteed to give you psychedelic nightmares.

I dunno if the masterin' got screwed up or what, but this blows. Absolutely first rate. Chris Wodskou - NERVE Fuzztones worshippers shouldn't delay snapping up this well housed with lavish gatefoldsleeve and nicely recorded live set from their '85 European Tour, especially as the first include a free flexi with Rat Scabies and Doctor and the Medics helping out on "Gloria" - such is the power of the band that they can even some live back into this ol' chestnut.

Tan solo lieva una cancion. Listen carefully in your head to a meaningful song in your past and then throw that same record on your turntable. The real differs from the imagined, doesn't it? That's what makes the Fuzztones special - you can feel the spirit of the Sixties and Fifties in their music, but instead of being true to form, they're true to rememberance. In fact, if you want to pick it apart, the Fuzztones could only exist in the 80's. Take the title track of this four song EP, for instance.

With it's spooky riff and singer Rudi Protrudi's unrepentant wail, "Nine Months Later" explores the haunting after-effects of a one-night stand - certainly taboo subject matter odd years ago. The organ on "Girl You Captivate Me" may be straight out of '66, but there's a lyrical twist, that would have gotten the song banned in the Sixties.

The Fuzztones are like any living entity - a some of it's past, enlarged to fit the present. This neat and all-too-short EP is guaranteed your musical memory. Why the hell these killers weren't ever released on vinyl is totally beyond me cos they're way ahead of most of the current crop of "psychedelic" bands Single and compilation tracks are intersperced with demos neanderthal stomps through "The Witch" and the otherwise unavailable "Fabian Lips" really stimulate the adrenal glands and deadpan interviews from sources as unlikely as The Larry King Show.

Although an energetic performance is captured, this soundboard recording suffers from a terrible mix -vocals way too prominent, guitars too stifled. Not recommended. Free with Glitterhouse magazine. The songs and the recording are the same as "13 Woman and the Only One Man," the gatefold sleeve album believed to be put out by Music Maniac head honcho Hans Kesteloo.

Although this mixing board recording captures a energetic perfomance, the mix is awful - vocals way too loud, guitars way too low. Not recommended! Zwischen den vielen, teilweise schlechten Garage - Samplern ein Juwel mit vielen dem Kundigen bekannten, teilweise von andere gespielt.

Der absolute Knaller ist der mit etwas uber einer Minute kurzeste Song "Green Slime," Soundtrack zum gliechnamigen, japanischen B-Movie, 60's trash pure. Even better than the soundtrack to the classic film Werewolves on Wheels This is a man who, with one thrust of his spandexed!

This is the man who will probably die with loons around his ankles, a bottle of Jack in his hands and a broad smile on his face. Comienza por "Nine Months Later. The title song is overrun with enchanting keyboards not unlike "Ward 81," with the chorus picking up in the vein of "Hang on Sloopy. THE BOB Jonathan Richman set the pattern for the subject matter, all those adolescent firsts - kiss, drink, guitar, and each and every variant on the boy-girl tangle.

This one is a little too real for Jonathan, the girl returning nine months later to deposit a newborn on the boys door. Power ish pop. En la cara B nos encontramos con la grandisima version del "Down on the Street" que ejecutan junto a Ian Astbury.

This 80 minute DVD includesnights of fuzz a documentary, featuring interviews with key bandmembers, along with promo videos from 17 of the top Garage Revival bands. CD Freebie included with issue of Ansia de Color fanzine. If this version was released instead of the sterile Talmy production, the critic's would have surely had a different response. The Gurus of Garage Grunge at their grungiest! To be released january 28th, ! A dozen new originals!

Apr 08,  · One of the best benefit shows at THE SMELL so far this year! WHO GIVES A FUCK FEST! *no band footage. my bad guys (-_-) SUPPORT THE BAND, CHECK THEM OUT!

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  1. Bagami says:
    ground zero entertainment cd $13 various-"myx metal assault" 12 (2 each from 6 bands) death, black & power metal from singapore $15 various - "nwn! fest - volume 1" various cd $13 various-"orchestrated chaos" sixteen song u.s. black & death metal comp. $
  2. Nikinos says:
    Sep 28,  · In the first of our Five Senses Songs we explore the sense of smell with ‘How Does A Red Rose Smell’? We’ve included 6 easy verses, but once kids get the idea, they’re only too happy to come up with their own suggestions – and they tend to like the ‘pongy’ ones the best of course!! Five Senses Songs – How Does A Red Rose Smell?
  3. Kadal says:
    Smell The Snarl – Morbosidad: Culto A La Muerte Various: NWN Fest Volume 1 ‎ (CD, Comp) Nuclear War Now! Productions: ANTI-GOTH US: Sell This Version: ANTI-GOTH , IBP Various: Nuclear War Now! Festival Compilation /5(18).
  4. Gurg says:
    Villains “smell the snarl” Morbosidad “culto a la muerte” Embrace of thorns “holiness expired” Ignivomous “the burning equinox” (Album session recording) Terrorama “apocalypsa” Notes Red vinyl version. A1 recorded in april/may Remixed in July at "Marà Cave".
  5. Kigakora says:
    Jun 19,  · At a big festival, you can eat tacos, teriyaki bowls, burritos, artisinal popsicles, and more. But at the end of a long day, chose the salty and savory melting cheese pie.
  6. Kigajas says:
    This CD version features a slightly different tracklisting than the LP version. It is missing both Bone Awl tracks; instead it features the Blasphemophagher track "Nuclear War Now!" (track 2) and the Midnight track "Berlin Is Burning 5/5(4).
  7. Bashakar says:
    Weekend Update Rewind: David "Big Papi" Ortiz (Part 1 of 2) CLIP 04/16/ This Day in SNL History: Diner Lobster. CLIP 04/14/ SNL Presents Easter Sketches. CLIP 04/12/
  8. Gagrel says:
    It smells like lots of stuff. Baton Rouge. New Orleans.
  9. Grotilar says:
    Smell - Arte e cultura olfattiva - via san nazaro 25, Verona, Italy - Rated based on 19 Reviews "Amazing festival.".

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