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Plis Infinis N°4 (Super Eagles Mix) - DJ Mochizuki - Golden Week Loop Bash 2000 (CDr)

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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Necessary. Illustration by David Tazzyman. Totally badass! Cover photo: Vincent McDonald. Styled by: Reece Sandell. Tony De Vit wears suede suit from a selection at Paul Smith. Contact us with E's at: info rephlex. He never! Oh crikey! What a to-do! But is it any cop? Adam Freeland, Cal Gibson. Seamus Hail, Nick Hanson.

Marlin James, Bob Jones. Steven Double. Martyn Galllna-Jones. Thanks to Darren Halford. Chris West. London No part of this magazine may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form without prior permission. Prices include pap. Tel: Or old lace.

Mouth Off. Kings Reach Tower. Ore-mailusat"muzik ipc. Mainstream shite like The Verve should never be considered acceptable in a good nightclub. DJs and producers always have and always will accept lucrative remix work from major labels because it pays so well. Who are we to question the ethics of the people who did so much to develop house and garage? Besides, the results are occasionally very good. But since giving up Class A drugs four years ago, I find myself slowly losing interest in going to clubs.

Still, loved the CD though. Yup, two decades of pure bliss. And for me, a head full of the best memories a year-old male could have. It just seems the friends I share all those memories with have moved on, settled down and lost all the energy we shared not so long ago. Are there people around the country feeling the same? I think so. So to all the younger generation, make the most of it.

Keep the faith. Both he and Marc Cohen played wicked sets and they continued to play an eclectic mix of old school house and funk at the after party that followed. Keep taking the trips, love. Were you there? It would be brilliant if you could support our research project by sending any of the above to us. All items will be returned if necessary. If s incredible. But the thing that makes it truly exceptional are the bonkers sketches he does over the music.

Talk about sick! How long can it be before Morris crops up playing the backrooms of Cream and Bugged Out, maybe even doing some of his comedy routines over the top?

It would sure put a smile back into clubland instead of all that dark, moody techno we get battered with most of the time. We are not all anorak-wearing Eddie Stobart spotters, nor do we think the only way to get into high profile clubs these days is to spray our hair silver and wear the duffest looking shirt we can find.

Music is my life - breakdowns from hell, beautiful vocals, moody house, great atmosphere. Does this sound like heaven or what? From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, it felt as though somebody was actually caring for a change. While queueing to hang up my coat, somebody from the club came bounding up with a smile and offered everybody sweets and fruit to munch on while we waited. Everybody seemed to be smiling, and at Once on the floor, I was hooked.

Too many DJs try and educate their crowds instead of entertaining them. Not here. This was hard and funky, and later on turned beautifully trancey and uplifting. There were goosebumps down my back all night. It was wonderful. Never did the club become over- crowded.

As the night turned into dawn, the vibe was somehow quite magical. Well done. You had almost redeemed yourself. Derrick May may be one of the forefathers of modem techno, but we all know that JeffMillsisGod. This is the second time you have made this mistake.

Please Muzik, redeem yourselves by printing a centre page spread of the man Mills himself not necessarily naked, but it would be nice. I might buy your magazine again.

Otherwise, it would be against my religion. It is the same setting in which Orbital played in , converting hordes of rock types to the sound of techno.

Underworld have also been confirmed as headliners on the NME stage at V They play Chelmsford on Saturday, then Leeds on Sunday. The concept is that the tracks are very deep, with lots and lots of textures, and therefore really consuming for the listener. Worry no more, as Muzik launches its very own Box Office, a hour phone service set up to let you buy advance tickets for hundreds of clubs and events around the country.

Whether you prefer losing it on club podiums or dancing the weekend away in a field, just look out for the Muzik Box Office logo alongside many events in the magazine. Simply call 1 any time of day or night to speak to a real live operator who will sort out all your ticket hassles! He got his barnet cut, then embarked on an impromptu rhyme session. Then we can make sure the trance scene keeps on getting bigger. Awards, protesting that the Clan and not Puff claiming that aliens made him do it.

He had 15 of the pills in his possession just before his death, but only two have beenfound. Having supported Cornershop on tour. Believe it or not. Currently in production in Liverpool, itturns outthatthe movie will seethe junglist don teaming up with his showbiz mucker David Bowie, who also plays a gangster Running from May 2 to Dirty Beatniks and Outcaste He flew into a screaming rage after discovering his stint on the decks had been shortened by half an hour. As there was no music playing at the time and many of the 2,strong crowd, including Masters At Work, heard his outburst.

And the answer could very possibly be any of the following dance music high rollers, whose prediction for Hash motors is presumably causing sleepless nights with their bank managers.

Better start getting a few more remix commissions in, eh lads? Box office is 01 71 Well the clever fella won it, too. Also lastmonth. Skint and Wall Of Sound will be co-hosting a tent on the Sunday He plays a Cardiff club promoter.

You only have to see him doing an interview on TV to realise he can control himself in front of the camera. Protracted negotiations with local residents and the council meantthey were unable to getthings moving in time forthe May date originally proposed.

The council decides this month whetherto grantthem a license for the August date Audioweb and Deejay Punk-Roc. Ha ha, gotcha, etc. Interviews will last 10 minutes and be completely confidential. Everyone who meets the selection criteria will receive a T-shirt and a National Drugs Helpline goodie-bag.

Telephone , ore-mail crdresearch compuserve. Loads of banging choons every Friday and Saturday night - great stuff, indeed. Oh yes, and those already legendary one- liners, too. So, no comments, quibblings or criticism from us; just this innocent little run- down of recent classics from the Judge. Club Vision, a minute Friday night show, will be starting at the end of May and will be broadcast on the entire ITV network. See promotional packs for details.

Except that his party was actually in an alley outside the club and had been closed down by the cops half an hour before. Cheers, mate. Minus its head! Probably be seen on all the catwalks this summer as the new essential fashion accessory, then. Thankfully, in spite of offers by each to step outside, violence was just avoided.

Dear dear. Is this really the best way to represent British garage abroad, boys? A few minutes later, the whole venue flooded, leaving us ankle-deep in water and having to evacuate the club while firemen pumped it diy.

To call his mum? When he tried to drunkenly crash out, the other two simply went into his bathroom and shagged loudly all night. It took a ten-man search party hunting all over Reading city centre to finally find him, dazed and confused, and bring him back. Melody Maker. Nor are you likely to find your Auntie Sheila humming a Swayzak number in the shower.

A record of simple ambition and bottomless emotion. Deep house that stirs the body as much as it excites the mind. Deep house you can dance to. A mish-mash of Detroit techno, Basic Channel grooves and trip hop with a luxuriously spatial approach that could only come from too many hours spent skinning up to Lee Perry dub records. Mirren Broon. Stop looking at the camera. Are Swayzakthe most laid back people in deep house? A chance meeting with another ex-Island colleague, Nick Patrick from Medicine in New York, in a record store led swiftly to the album and a growing number of excited musos hurling praise their way.

The name: how did it come about? Tears For Fears and vintage hip hop along with the new school electro. See you down the front! Not to mention bloody Blur. It's the old wanking dust, innit?

Both of Scotland's national drinks in one go. It's still Opal Fruits. Bloody rubbish. Leave the wailing to the Norwegians, know what we mean? Coming soon - wearing your shoes on your ears.

Do you know where I can get some X? Do you like my tent- sized pantaloons etc etc. A-hole more like. Just leave it out. I used to go to clubs like Dorian Gray and The Omen wearing a full rubber wetsuit, lead weights on my belt, flippers and a mask. Ha ha! When I took Ecstasy, things really got out of control. I was nuts, but so was everyone else in those days. Twice I was so out of it I collapsed from heat exhaustion and had to be rescued from the suit.

How fucked up is that?! They were absolutely right, of course! Making records, for instance. With Red Light District in particular, anything can happen and it probably will! And what better place to play than England, the motherland of pop music.

I am so excited, this is an absolute orgasm for me! Will Taucher ever wear it again? Pressure builds, valves burst and static sputters from the radio. With no drums. Techno without a thumping ? Burn, heretic! But wait. Produced by T Power, it's an awesome display of electro, funk and hip-hop for the retro connoisseur. Merging a huge spectrum of sounds, this double cd cleverly switches gears, from jazzed-up techno, to Latin and African infusions, to funk injected vibes that bring together an album of striking diversity.

Ohmigosh, gee! You hear Method Man on Westwood last night? Yo, word. He be on some straight-up sun-up-to- sun-down ill dope thug lyrical science tip! That Rawkus shit be wicked too. I be running that twenty- four-seven too. And some homework shit, you know? Deeper than the time my man Tristan got taxed for his sneakers outside Scratch at the Crossbar.

You probably never heard of it. Stressing me about the volume of my shit. Out Now. Recordings of Substance Delve into the dark regions of the Icarus psyche All these fine albums available at the following stores Even his accent, a bizarre slalom of French and Irish is slightly disconcerting. Living in France since he was 1 2, Liam stumbled through various dodgy rock groups until the militant rhythms of hip hop swept through the streets he grew up on like a zephyr.

Before that most of the music industry in France was copying the Serge Gainsbourg sound of the Sixties. Songs just provide a format but beyond that you can experiment and fuck around with samples in a way which makes it a universal language. But this is where any similarity between them and the way-out soundscapes of Dr L ends.

My trip starts with music from the beginning of the century and explores the space between. Pussyfoot A Hip-Hop masterpiece - "Damn near perfect Dobie drops the bomb. Silver Planet veryone who knows Zaffarano's work has been album of the freshest most hno. One bonus album of MZ ;ics. It's also the motto of local label and production outfit Rainy City whose soulful interpretation of deep disco grooves is currently soaking discerning dancefloors across the country.

Muzik talks to the Rainy City collective spokesman. Manchester, 1 I started out collecting records at the end of I had accumulated about records before I started DJing so I already had good variety.

The technical side was all about practice and I practiced real hard. I was 1 6 and I knew all the best black music DJs in Manchester. I go to Piccadilly Records and Hot Monkey. And I also know record shop owners worldwide who send me lists all the time. I also play sets of Latin, jazz or funk that need more careful programming. I had weaknesses when I first started 1 1 years ago, but once you learn to constantly assess yourself, you begin to eradicate the mistakes.

If I feel stimulated musically then the crowd will hear it and feel it. The majority of UK DJs just play too fast for a quick fix. I also believe in using authentic instruments. It gives you a much wider audience. We got on pretty well after that and swapped adresses.

Now people just want to drink late. I love his films because the scripts are so wicked. I also help run and produce Rainy City Music. Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire, UK.

The U. Saturday 23rd May: Midday-6am. Pussyfoot Featuring: djs Spacer, Sie. Mike Benson, Pam Hogg. Uranus Comedy: Full Comedy Line-up to be announced. Sunday 24th May: 1 pm-1 1 pm. Mars Deep U. Calls cost 49p per minute. Service provider: Broad System Ltd. RAD O do Us 3 tape! It really sounds like a drum ft bass record, and could easily pass as a Roni Size track or something like that. Is drum 8t bass the new jazz? No, not really. Drum ft bass takes the good bits from jazz, but then, what is jazz?

The first time I heard it, it stirred me. This is quite an unusual version: apart from the Buffalo Springfield original, the Sergio Mendes cover is probably the most commonly known version, but this is a funkier take on it.

Not that I was there, of course. Volt was a subsidiary of [Sixties Southern soul label] Stax. Our house is divided into Dionne Warwick and Dusty Springfield fans. This has got an absolutely mega break on it as well. The winner will be picked at random from a large, red.

East Sussex. Pure rude boy rock for dancers! They failed, for obvious reasons, but this tune is a definite hit! Totally showbiz, kit-off-down-the-beach stuff. Brazilian music is so camp, so carnival and over the top. And those are the reasons I love it so much. I really want to get more of his music. A gorgeous song. This is an an exquisite song delivered over some classic Lee Periy production, and it includes the sound of whipping.

Ken Parker has got a beautiful voice and the reggae take on the song adds an extra sweetness. The song is incredibly beautiful and I could listen to it all day. Everyone knows who Terry Callier is these days, but a couple of years ago, virtually nobody had heard of him outside the jazz scene.

Haunting vocals, and really beautiful in a fragile way. A strange pairing, but it works. There was a house cover version of it a couple of years ago that my friends and I really got into. This is the original. To be played LOUD before going out. Look at the pot. Besides, Hooch have just launched a new range of stylish sunglasses. Call for stockists traineruiatch: modern sole nike aqua socks In America, a country overtrodden by huge, camper van-sized basketball boots, less is always going to equal more.

Hence the popularity of the Nike Aqua Sock. Meant for wearing while swimming or reef running as you do , these minimalist slip-ons are the nearest you can get to bare feet without suffering rusty nail paranoia. Clearly a wanky idea because blokes keep things in their pockets, not in dinky little bags like birds do. It will never catch on. Except in Belgium, perhaps. Still, this handbag for fellas by Maharishi is mighty cool, no? This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Are there any scree shots you can send me. I am not very technically minded as you can probably tell. Could the issue be a windows problem?

I need to try to sort this before an event next month. Try the same file with an.

Apr 06,  · This compilation has some great old school d'n'b tracks, the problem is Goldie can't really mix that well. He may be the 'godfather of drum n bass', But as a dj I can hear almost all tracks are off beat when the tracks are mixed together. Seems like he struggles to get the beats on cue. Overall it's a great showcase but sloppy mixing.4/5(87).

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