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Night Shift - Sandra Lockwood - Shell (CD, Album)

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Who knew she had a soft spot for anyone other than herself? According to FadedYouth blog :. The Oscar-winner has been a low-key volunteer on the night shift at the Jenesse centre in Los Angeles for years, but has spoken out for the first time about how she can relate to the victims she works with.

Pop legend Madonna and her beautiful daughter Lourdes graced the red carpet at the New York premiere of Nine at the Ziegfeld Theatre yesterday. Last week was moving day for disgraced serial cheater Tiger Woods whose wife, Elin Nordegren, threw his things out on the lawn and told him to come get them after discovering he slept with 14, and maybe as many as 16 skanks. Woods sent a moving truck to collect his things and he is reportedly living on a multi-million dollar floating mansion, his yacht "Privacy" in Palm Beach, Fla.

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And while all children need their father, a wife can only take so much public ridicule and humiliation. Clearly Tiger Woods, who has serious emotional and substance abuse problems, wasn't thinking about his kids when he was sowing his seed all over the world.

The sad story unfolded when the city's budget ran out and bodies began piling up in the city morgue. The financially strapped Detroit city government could not even provide potter's burials for the unclaimed bodies.

Without the funds to bury the dead, and facing a crisis because space at the morgue was filling up rapidly, Detroit reached out to the local media for help.

But financial help is still needed to bury the rest. If you would like to donate to the burial fund, visit www. I would be too if I were pregnant with a girl child. In fact, I never got pregnant or even laid up under a man for that matter because I never wanted to bring a girl child into this world. There is too much evil and depravity in the world. You're all better than me, including pseudo singer Christina Milian who tells OK!

First-time mommy-to-be Christian Milian is excited about welcoming her bundle of joy, revealing exclusively to OK! Christina and her pals had a blast on Saturday for her baby shower, where guests were treated to a decadent day filled with manicures, pedicures, and makeovers provided by Valerie Beverly Hills. Attendees also noshed on delicious Asian inspired goodies from Philippe West Hollywood and bite-sized cupcakes from Famous Cupcakes.

Well, that didn't take long for OK! Hank Randall Baskett IV came into the world at a. Daddy is former NFL player Hank Baskett who is currently unemployed and shamelessly living off his wife's ends. But money talks and these Hollywood moms will sell their baby's souls, er, I mean first pics to the highest bidder, which really is a shame.

I guess bloggers such as myself only make matters worse for these Kodak babies by posting the first pics. A black ban d w a s pres ente d to the mal e stud ents duri ng the Cap ping C erem ony.

Th e band was w orn on the left slee ve of the stud ent clin ical u n i form. The nam e of the cere mon y w as chan ged to Cap ping and B a n d i n g to recogn i z e both grou ps. Visits are weekly, and this develops communication. Students must keep a diary of these visits, and in Level II, the student must terminate this relationship as often 'a nurse must d o in a regular nursing. Resources and facilities used by PLU nursing majors are usually local hospitals and clinics.

Madigan, St. Following two years. Health Center for three to four years as a staff nurse," Ann said. In November of she passed Nurses American the. Ann enjoys her work as a Nurse Practitioner. She feels she can relate to her patients on a di fferent level. We handle 85 percent of the problems, without need of further care: directly at the Health Center. Everything is in unlocked and set up preparation for the students that will come in that day.

Throat cultures are read and interpreted, and laboratory reports are reviewed. The Health Center is closed from noon until one o 'clock. The Center often. She will be working more hours until the end of school, due to the resignation of John Murphy. An advantage she sees in her job is that she is working with a basically "well" popUlation.

One important option for female students is that they now have a choice of seeing a woman health care provider. Stethoscopes , fl a s k s , b ed s , and human models add to the effect that suggests a medical situation. The first hospital experience is in Level III, usually the fall of the j unior year. Nurse hopefuls work in obstetrics. Since; this is the first possible contact with ill patients, it. Level IV forms the most structural experience so far in the program.

Six weeks of the semester are spent in medical surgery while the remaining six weeks are spent in psychiatric. She have believes parents established the basics in reference to health but that most students will not be around their parents after college. The student- supervises health Care. Olsen, D i a ne C. David son, Carol J. DeFraites, Colleen A. G i llespie D utton, Holly S. Hutton Edgecombe, Den ise L.

Wolff Ei sert, Shannon M. Robinson Ellis, Joyce L. Erickson, Loi s M. C hristian Eshi lema n , Diane L. Jung, Sharon L.

Knapp Klingberg, Kristin A. Knapp, Debra L. Stark Knoper, Terri L. D uppe r Knudtzon , Debra S. Maki Kri ste nsen, Anne E. The phYSical, mental, social, and spiritual health of people is of universal concern, and those prepared to maintain their good health are in constant demand. The School also offers. Graduates from either program are prepared for continuing their formal education at the graduate level.

Under the direct supervision of its faculty. S tudents seeking admission to either the generic program or the special program for registered n urses must make formal application to both the university and the School of N ursing.

Applications for admission to the School of N u rsing are to be su. When there are more qualified applicants t han the School can accept, selection is made on a competitive basis. In making the selection, the School of Nursing Admissions Committee uses grades as the major means of evaluati.

Generic s tudents are admitted to begin t heir n u rsing program in either the fall or spring semester, and selection for both terms is made the previous spring, generally by May 1. Insofar as possible, students are admitted for the term of their choice. When there are too many desiring a given term, determination of which students will be admitted for fall and which for spring is made by random selection.

Time normally required to complete requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is six semesters from the time of enrolling in the first nursing course regardless of the number of college credits earned previously. The School of Nursing reserves the right to request withdrawal of a n u rsing student who fails to demonstrate competency or who fails to maintain professional cond uct.

Minimum criteria for admission to or continuation in the School of Nursing are as follows: 1. Admission to the university. Applicants must have been admit ted to Pacific L u theran University prior to March 1 of the yea r in which they wish to have their application processed. However, admission to the university does not guarantee admission to the School of N u rsing. The remaining courses will be completed after enrolling in the nursing program.

Completion of a minimum of 26 semester cred it hours. Some of these may be in progress at time of application. A minimum grade of 2. A student receiving a grade of less than 2. A minimum cu mulative g. Physical health and stamina necessary to withstand the demands of nursing. Emotional stability sufficient to cope with the st resses inherent in learning and practicing nursing. Registered nu rses are admitted to begin their n ursing program in the fall semester, and are enrolled full time for a total of sixteen months.

The registered nurse student must have completed all non-nursing course prerequ isites and a minimum of 24 semester credits of the core requirements and electives for a total of 56 semester credits.

Other minimum criteria for admission to or continuation i n the n u rsing program are as outlined above for the generic student. The registereJ nurse who is considering making application for admission to the n u rsing program is advised to contact the School of N u rsing for advice about prerequisites to be completed, other requirements to be met, and the program to pursue after admission. The nursing student is responsible for maintaining optimal health and is a teacher of health.

Physical examination, x-rays, and immu. Each student must carry personal health insu rance. In addition to regular u niversity costs, students are to provide their own transportation between the university campus and the clinical laboratory areas beginning with the first nursing course.

Available public transportation is limited, so provision for private transportation is essential. Students are required to carry professional liability insu rance d u ring all periods of clinical. This is available under a group plan at a nominal cost to the student. Educational S taff Associate Certification for school n u rses is individually designed through a consortium consisting of a school district, related professional association and Pacific Lu theran University.

Additional information on this program can be obtained by contacting the Dean of the School of Education or the Director of the School of Nursing. Hamry, M. Commanding 0ffictr Colonel Beverly A. G lor. Ch ief. Depa rtment of. Admini5trator Harriet H uffman, R. Director of Nur5ing Veterans Administration Hospital.

Rynearson, B. Pat ricia Picket t, R. In addition to the n u rsing requirements, the student is expected to meet university requirements. N u rsing courses are sequential in nature and aU have prerequisites. A s t udent interested in the Bachelor of Science in N u rsing degree should contact the School of Nursing and begin the course sequence upon entrance to the university.

For spring semester enrollment the curriculum generally follows t he fall semester format with modifications as necessary to assure completion of all prerequisite courses by the time they are needed. A schedule of courses is developed individually with each student who begins the n u rsing courses in the spring semester. N u rsing courses must be taken concurrently and in sequence as indicated in the sample c u rriculum. Admini5trator Lee Judy, R. Director of Nur5ing S I.

Joseph Hospital, Tacoma. Admini5trator Hazel H u rst, R. A55istant Administrator for Nur5ing. Herron, M. Tacoma-Pierce County. Pritchard, M. Admini5trator Karen Lynch. A55i5ta nt Admini5trator for Patient. Bjornson, M. Admini5trator Ann Bertolin, R. Director of Nursinil Service. Includes selected. Prerequisites: Nursmg , , and and concurrent registration in Nursing Clin ical application of professional and technical skills in primary or secondary nursing settings.

Each student is expected to function in a staff nurse role and progress to a. Prerequisite: Nursing , , and , leadership and concurrent reg istration in Nursing Drug and diet therapy and theories of physical and psychosocial development are included. Prerequisites: Biology and and Nursing , and concurrent registration in Nursing Medical-surgical problems of a less stressful nature and appropriate nursing actions to facilitate adaptation. Incl udes expe rience with a pregncmt family through the.

Prerequisites: Biology and and rsing , and concurrent reg istration in Nursing EmphasIs IS placed on the pathophysiolog ica l and situations. Prereq uisites: Nursing and , and concurrent registration in Nursing and Psychiatric and medical-surgical problems of a stressful nature with the appropriate nursing actions to facilitate adaptation or restoration to a higher level of wellness.

Prerequisites: Concurrent registration in Nursing and Clinical applica tions of Nursing and Prerequisites: NurSing , , and the nursmg , and concurrent registration in Nursing and Bradford, C. We will explore new and old horizons in food and nutrition. We will learn to plan and prepare foods for various life styles- the student.

We will grind grain; bake bread: dehydrate fru its and vegetables: prepare backpacking foods: make tofu. Students will be expected to participate in scheduled classes and laboratories. Nutrition Almanac; Sue Williams. I N-1 Lab A a. T; Lab C a. Gough P Lab A P Lab B The n u rsing care req uired for patients u n dergoing surgical intervention will be the focus of th1is patient-centered study.

This cou rse should help the student to develop knowledge of aseptic technique and goals of surgical care as they relate to the patient i n su rgery. Opportun ity to apply aseptic technique will be given. Students will spend th ree hours in class before their c l inical experience. Medical-Surg ical Nursing.

IN1 1 1 D ; thereafter: Lab A a. Introduction to nursing actions appropriate to stressful medical, surgical and psychiatric problems and to the newer parameters of nursing. Issues in nursing and changes in health care systems are examined. Prerequisites: NurSing , , and , and concurrent registration in Nursing and Johnson, C. Klein, Mason, Novak, L.

Emphasis is placed on complex pathophysiological and psychopathological aspects and their i m p l ications for t h e n u rsi n g process. Prereq u is i te : N u rs i n g , a n d , and concu rrent registration i n N u rsing a n d Classes are sched ufed to meet on Mondays 8 : 00 a.

I n t roduction to n u rsing actions a ppropriate to stressful medical, surgica l a nd psychiatric problems and to t h e new parameters of n u rsing. Issues in n ursing a nd changes in health care systems are examined. Prerequisite s : Nursing , and , concurrent registration i n Nursing anu C l a ss willi meet on Mondays 1 0 : 00 a. C l in ical application of pathophysiological a n d psychopathological concepts i n cri tical c a re n u rs i ng , i nc l u d i n g u t i l izat ion o f i n terpersonal and soph isticated tech nical s k i l ls.

Prereq u i s i tes : N u rs i ng , and , and concurrent registration i n N u rs i n g a nd Section A: Tuesday 7 : 00 a. Sect ion B: Tuesday 8 : 00 a. Preparation for future professional roles of the n u rse in the health delivery system. Emphasis i s o n leaderS h i p a n d manageme n t s k i l l s, professional judgmen t , decision m a k i ng, and the n u rse as a c h a n ge agen t.

Prereq u i sites: Nursing , and , and co ncurrent registration in Nu rsing I n i t i al class meeting for all secti ons w i l l be held on Monday, June 1 , 1 0 : 00 a. Section A : 1 : 00 p. Section B: 1 : 00 p. Section C : 1 : 00 p. Each studen t is expected to function in a staff nurse role and progress to a leadership role. Prerequ isites: Nursing , a nd , and concurrent registration in Nursing Susan Boots, 1 , I nstructor o f N u rsing, M.

Constance Kirkpatrick, 1 , ' nst ructor of N u rs i n g , M. Susan Schmitt, 1 , I nstructor of N u rs i n g , B. Susan Shumaker, 1 , I nstructor of N u rs i ng, B. Continuing education. N u rsin g. Long estate. PlU n'J fsing faculty, M iss Johnson has served fi rst a s su pervisor in the ski l ls laboratory.

Course instructors are Dr. N u rsing stude nts today. Like her reti ring colleague. Lynn Stein, who hosted a Chi nese student in his home several yea rs ago, Miss Johnson is presently hosting a C a m bodian fam i ly. The refugee fa m i ly.

Further into the future, M iss Joh nson p l a n s so me t r a ve l. Cau ses Treatment I n d i cati ons for su rgery Rehab i l itation C. Lecture , Tran spa rencies. I d entify growt h pattern a n d frequency. I denti fy two hypot het i al ca u ses. L,st t h ree treatme n t regi mens. Describe su rgery i n d i cations, proced u res, and p recau tions. Instructor Phy l li Pa I t ruetor. A:nd, tha:t fuLs rno. AnJrl'Ws Rt'btaa J. Through providing of network the school can more effectively as a unit, Page, nursing school advisor, of our goals is to become involved with the community , " suggested that this can be wough offering services such as.

In order to be recognized for. PLU nursing students achieved their initial goal, and called the group Delta Iota Chi, or "power to heal through Christ. Jay recognizes that membership "will start out slowly. People need to realize that we are 'real' now. There are hopes that SWAN will help to organize fund raising ' to help alleviate the financial burden on students.

She hopes that SWAN will provide the opportunity for all nurses to get together and compare notes. SWAN will not only provide a network for nursing students within the. Pre-nursing students are eligible for membership in Delta Iota Chi, as well as those students already established in the nursing school. Students interested in membership should contact tht School of Nursing. Ingram Hall for further infor- : mation.

D u ring the seven years she served on the PLU n u rsing facultv prior to her retirement last May. J o h nson served first as su pervisor i n the skills la boratory and later. Born in Argyle, M i n n. She served as a U. Army staff n u rse in Europe from 1 and later taught in M a rgaret, N. She also spent 1 7 years teaching at Wayne State U n iversity College of N u rsing i n Detroit after earning her master's degree i n n u rsing education from Columbia U n iversity. She recently returned from a n extended trip to the East C oast.

Miss J o hnson is su rvived by four sisters and a brother, Li llian Joh nson of M ad rid , l a. Monden, Nancy T. Munsey, CharI L. Nelson, Maurine K. Nepsund, Elizabeth A. Empey Norton, Charles R. O'Hara, Constance M. Fletcher, Michelle F. Novak Forbes, Tami L. Sinderson Gabler, Suzanne M.

Bowman Garabato, De borah A. Geatz, Susan M. Giles Giske, Teresa K. Gollofon, Janet K. Dressler Graves, Cherie F. Gray, Linda S. Hampton, Jeanne M. Hanson, Catherine O. Harris Henry, Annette C. Peterson Hinz, Sharon A. Hoover, Carla J. Hoyt, Linda J. Deason Huggins, Lisa D. Klein, Mason, E. Meehan, Novak, L. Tate, Linda F. Gromer Taylor, Susan G. The Schoo l also offers. Willbee, Jeanelle E.

Russell Williams, Judy C. Wood, Darlene M. Wood, Deann J. Lisa A. The emphasis will be on the younger child birth to six years ; however. Included will be genetics and etiologies of handicapping conditions. The student will study the handicapped child as a person, as a family member, and as a community member. Assignments will include seminar responsibilities, weekly logs. Students should not plan to takE' other courses due to the nature of the participation at clinics.

L Eugene e d. Peppe, Menta! Sociology, Physical Education. Two texts are required both softcove rl. School of Nursing students have the Powell text. The course s hould help the student to develop knowledge of aseptic technique and goals of surgical care as it relates to the patient in surgery. John "Jagger" Cates Antonio Sabato, Jr. Karen Wexler Cates Jessica Ann Friend Cari Shayne Jennifer Hammon Marie Wilson Lewis Cates Tex Weiner Michael Sutton , 10 Michael "Stone" Cares Cameron Boyce 08 Mr.

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    now earn $ per hour for the day shift and $ for the night shift. High turnover in nursing personnel is not unique with St. Peter, Mrs. Bertolin noted. It is being experienced by hospitals.

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