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My Heads Keeps All Walking - Wagstaff - 2 x LP (Cassette)

23.09.2019 Voodootaur 8 Comments

Just follow the instructions that came with the cleaning tape. Demagnetize your Heads. To fix this problem, buy degaussers from an electronic parts and supply store. Put in the degausser into the cassette tape deck and play the tape.

Allow the tape to run its course, which should take a few minutes. Warped tapes. Also, if I remember what I've read, an optimum record head has a wider gap, where an optimum playback head would have a smaller gap to capture the high frequencies Location: de soto, kansas. I also have a 2 motor 3 deck and it records real well but dropouts and inperfections in the tape shows up more often.

I would go for three motor three head. Location: Maryland. OcdMan , Apr 17, Re: what about 2 motor vs. Actually all cassette decks have azimuth adjustments, but normally they're hidden away from prying hands. In my opinion if you want to do serious cassette listening or dubbing you must adjust have access to the azimuth adjustment.

Hint: If you decide to go in with a screwdriver, make sure it is not magnetized! Location: aotearoa. Non-magnetic screwdriver and a good set of test tapes unless your deck has an on-board calibration system. Tapes with difference in Level more than 0. GennLab Standard Alignment Cassettes. Click on the picture for product description and order. Handling of Alignment Tapes. They will not last forever, However careful use will ensure the anticipated lifetime is achieved.

Unfortunately one of these cassettes is Ampex problem brand with a history of "drag". I removed the tape and put it in a new cassette case, but it wasn't a complete "fix".

I suspect the tape composition used by Ampex is at fault. I would like to get a reply from someone who actually had this problem, if you "fixed" the problem, what technique did you use? Thanks in advance, Brad Before you type your password, credit card number, etc.

Oct 3, 2. Wow, thanks for all this incredible info you guys. Very educating. Now about CD's. That's all I listen to and that's all I make.

But there's something about a mixtape meaning a cassette Especially when it comes to mixes and artwork. I know that's it's been discussed before so no more talk about that. Basically, I was thrift browsing and I saw an older Denon deck All I remember is that is was 3 head, single cassette, and it originally sold for about I forgot the model number.

I have to find it. Also, I found a bunch of my dad's old tapes that will never ever make an appearance onto the digital medium unless I make them digital. Another use for the cassette deck. Now it looks like I'll just be patient and look around for a good deck. I have no problem with that. Otherwise, keep all the cassette deck advice coming. I'd like to learn as much about this medium as I can. It's now become an interest of mine.

Sep 29, at PM. Could also be their player; those have issues too. But, one would think that the buyer would check it with a different cassette first before blaming the cassette. Very easily. Heat, cold and age can all contribute. I would personally refund and move on. They can spontaneously wear out for any number of reasons. They can play fine for years then one day without warning squeak hideously. The little felt pads that hold the tape against the play heads can fall off.

In terms of low probability of customer falsehood, I would say this one is pretty low and also audiobook listeners are in my opinion less likely to scam than the average person.

Aug 24,  · On some tape decks, you can extend the head to make it easier to clean by pressing the "Play" button. Step 4: Repeat Keep cleaning the head with new alcohol-dipped swabs until a fresh one comes away clean. Step 5: Clean guides and pins Clean all the tape guides, rollers and plastic and metal pins the same way you cleaned the tape head.

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  1. Dazshura says:
    Sep 29,  · If is a ferrite head the chances that is worn are less, this head lasts for life, on an steel heads if is a used one, don't expect more than a year or two even on the hardest permalloy heads, my advice do not get them, all old machines with steel head mostly are going or clubexandalynewlapeconmembspanat.coinfo used regularly don't lasts for more than two years, if you still insisits in getting a tape deck, (CDs exist, you.
  2. Gardataur says:
    May 31,  · Either you have a worn cassette, or most likely the player's mechanisms (like all moving things) need cleaning, refurbishing, drive belts replaced blah-blah-blah. Just like a garage door.
  3. Kigajora says:
    Nov 29,  · Even on a modest system, an LP dubbed to cassette can sound just about as good as the vinyl; and as others have mentioned, it's fun. My favorite was Maxell II-S but I rarely bought those. I would wait until a pack of TDK SA90 was on sale for about $16 at Harry's Discount Department Store. That usually held me until the next sale.
  4. Kagashura says:
    A cassette deck is a consumer electronic tape machine which plays and records audio compact cassettes. It is called a deck to differentiate it from a tape recorder which is generally a portable unit. A cassette deck usually has its own power amplifiers and most often speakers as well. A cassette deck is usually part of a stereo component system.
  5. Gumi says:
    Jan 09,  · This reduces scrape flutter and prolongs head wear. I've had my 3-head Nak CR-3A since new in and it still works and sounds as good as new - using metal tape exclusively to archive hundreds of record albums. So if yours still sounds good, all I'd recommend is regular cleaning, and regular exercise.
  6. Mora says:
    If you’re still using a cassette deck in this day and age, you need to be familiar with the many moving parts of the cassette deck. Cassette decks are motor-powered devices that play music that is stored in magnetic tapes, commonly called cassette tapes. There are magnetic heads inside your cassette deck that reads the information stored in th.
  7. Tesar says:
    Byron Statics Cassette Player FM Am Radio Walkman Portable Cassette Converter Automatic Stop System Protect Cassette Tape Mic Recorder 2 AA Battery or USB Power Supply Belt clip with Headphone, Teal. out of 5 stars 1, $ $ Get it as soon as Wed, Aug
  8. Arashitaxe says:
    Dec 13,  · How to clean the head, pinch rollers and capstan of your Digital Compact Cassette player? In this video we explain how to do this for almost any DCC player, like .

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