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Freedom Come, Freedom Go - The Four Ways - Gettin Around (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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So why was most of the film music missing, and what would and would not have been included on that minute long original OST?

Here is our speculation. It certainly would have consisted of much the same music later released on the OST of The Keep in , which contained the original material composed for but not used in the film.

This was music the TD wrote for the film and recorded for the OST during post production, but TD had long moved on to other projects by the time the final score mixing was done, and that is when the film was shortened, thus removing some of the composed music.

Edgar Froese stated at that time those were all tracks originally recorded for The Keep. The basic music for Night in Romania, Canzone , and the first few minutes of Supernatural Accomplice were also used in the film.

Challenger's Arrival bears little resemblance to the film version, but the synth chords and ascending tones from the middle section minus drums and guitar were used in the scene where Cuza makes his bargain with Molasar. I believe each of those tracks the original un-tangentized versions were from the cancelled soundtrack.

Edgar played selections from the unreleased OST in the and radio broadcasts, including nearly the same version of Gloria that later appeared on the TDI release. Annoyingly, and typical for TD, this was a very different re-recorded version of what was heard in the film, not the actual film music. The original composers would have gotten a cut of TD's soundtrack royalty, which is one reason this music may not have been included. Securing the rights to use this music in the film did turn out to be difficult, so there also may have been soundtrack issues with the company that held the publishing rights through CBS for Walking in the Air.

Howard Blake granted permission to use his music in the film, but CBS already had a publishing rights deal with Highbridge Music and Faber Music for the song. Paramount or Virgin would have had to negotiate a royalty deal with them if they intended to use it on a soundtrack released by Virgin, and it would probably been expensive, as the CBS single for The Snowman was a very good seller in Paramount already expected the over-budget film to perform poorly, hence the practically non existent ad campaign and limited theatrical release for The Keep.

It is likely they would not have been interested in spending even more money for soundtrack rights, considering the film bombed and was gone from most theaters only two weeks after release. I'm sure he was well aware by that time which sections of music from The Keep were fan favorites, but he did not play any of that music, other than Gloria.

This is another bit of evidence to us that those fan favorite tracks were never part of the unreleased OST. TD composed and recorded most of the film score and the OST when the film was in post production in February , when the film was far from being complete. Wally Veevers died February 19th, causing a six month delay in completing the film. The final sound mix and music editing of the film soundtrack was delayed until around July-August.

They likely were unaware that most of the music they composed for The Keep was not used until they saw the finished film - If they even saw the finished film at the time. Read on. The Keep had no theatrical release at all in West Germany, where the TD members lived and recorded, and was not released on video there until May of It only had a small release in the US, to mostly negative reviews, and did not make its money back.

The release in the rest of the world was spread across , with very little promotion. TD member Johannes Schmoelling was not even aware the film actually got a release!

In an interview several years after the film he was asked asked why no soundtrack was ever released and stated "As far as I know The Keep was never released in the cinemas, so there was no demand for us to release a soundtrack. I'm sure the film's failure, the fact that a large portion of the music in the film was not on the soundtrack tapes TD gave to Virgin, and the limited theatrical release, contributed to Virgin not having much interest in releasing an OST.

There were also other possible reasons there was no OST. Virgin may have had rights to release an official soundtrack, but much of the actual music in the film was taken from previous TD albums already released on Virgin. Since most of the music TD actually composed for the film was not used, and that is what TD's OST tapes likely contained, this may have contributed to the licensing issues. Every previously known track on the official soundtrack released by TDI had been re-recorded or altered, presumably to get around the licensing and copyright issues.

The exact nature of the 'disagreements' has not been revealed publicly. Ownership rights are complicated and the companies are changing hands or merging every few years. Most people interested in this music have already paid for the official releases that contain pieces of it, but the rest of the music is only available in bootleg form. For the record, I am completely against bootlegging or counterfeiting an official release.

That is no different than stealing another person's property, but that is not the case here since there has never been an official release of the actual film music, and there appears to be no intention to do so in the future.

I have no problem if fans put together and share the music amongst themselves as long as no one is trying to make money from it. With modern file sharing, there is no reason to have to pay a bootlegger selling copies illegally. If you just want the actual music heard in the film, the The Keep Original Soundtrack, the Complete Recordings - 30th Anniversary Edition Restoration Project is by far the most complete version, includes every music cue heard in the film, and is probably far better and longer than what any official release of the film music would have included.

The Keep: An Alternative View from the semi authorized Tangerine Tree series is also another good compilation of just the film music, but is incomplete. If you are looking for all of the related music, The Keep Ultimate Edition Buster Cat Productions bootleg is probably the most complete compilation, although very repetitive. It includes some music from the film not all , alternate versions, and music created for the film but not used.

Note that it also includes music from Tangerine Dreams official releases. The first one I found was in , and eventually I wound up finding seven or eight different bootlegs there are over twenty different bootlegs now of The Keep music, and borrowing or finding the others through online file sharing.

Many of the tracks on the various bootlegs were simply repeats of the same tracks from earlier bootlegs, often with confusingly different names and running times.

In an effort to sort and compile all the unique tracks onto a few CD's, I started making a list of them in It was a simple cross reference of which were original tracks, which were simply repeated tracks, which were not from the film at all, and the original sources. After several years, and several more bootlegs, it got to be quite long, if not a bit obsessive, but some may find it useful.

I later found two websites doing the exact same thing as I was doing, one with better track comparisons than what I have links to follow. The pages that follow are my track comparisons and notes of the different bootlegs and official releases to help in finding the best available tracks used in The Keep , and my pick of the absolute best bootleg at the top of the list the Restoration Project release.

I do not have it the LP release It is rumored that s ome of the early bootlegs were originally sold as LP's, but most were in CD format, all of which are very difficult to find now, but you should never pay for those anyway.

Tracks of Disc 1 1. Farther Than Imagination 2. So in Love 3. Set You Free 4. Dance Sing Along 5. Summer Memory 6. Know You Better 7. Wake Up Your Mind 8.

Jason Mraz — Freedom Song Lyrics. I picture something is beautiful It's full of life and it is all blue I've seen the sunset on the beach, yeah It makes me feel calm, when I'm calm I feel good When I feel good I sing And the joy it brings makes me feel good And when I feel good I sing And the joy it brings [Chorus:] Come on along, I know you really want to feel our song We've got some life to bring We've got some joy in this thing Come on along, I know you really want to feel our song We've got some life to bring We've got some joy in this thing I see birds fly across the sky, yeah And everyone's heart flies together Food is frying and people smiling Like there is no other way Share lyrics.

Freedom Song comments. Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel. Long Way from Home. Let's Stick Together. Follow You, Follow Me. The Man Who Sold the World.

Making Plans for Nigel. That's the Way I Like It. Another Time, Another Place. You're My Everything. Boogie Oogie Oogie. I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet. No Doubt About It. More Than I Can Say. The Whole of the Moon. Walking on Sunshine. Save Your Love. This Is Not a Love Song. Love Is a Battlefield. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes. Letter from America. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now. Walking in the Air.

Eyes Without a Face. Running up That Hill. In the Heat of the Night. When the Going Gets Tough. I Just Died in Your Arms. Shattered Dreams. Love Changes Everything. Don't Worry, Be Happy. Here It Comes Again. That Same Old Feeling.

You've Got Your Troubles. More Albums. You've Got Your Trouble. You've Got Troubles. Everything Is Out of Season.

Nov 22,  · It’s a slightly genius way for four bands from L.A.’s s psych-pop/Paisley scene to pay tribute to those roots, by each recording one cover each from the three other groups’ catalog.

8 thought on “Freedom Come, Freedom Go - The Four Ways - Gettin Around (Vinyl, LP, Album)”

  1. Grozahn says:
    Freedom Come, Freedom Go Lyrics: Freedom come, freedom go / Tell me yes and then she tells me no / Freedom never stay long / Freedom moving along / Freedom want, freedom stay / Freedom .
  2. Vugami says:
    That freedom train is rollin', we got to get on board Rollin' strong, singin' a song of freedom. Got to sing a song of freedom, got to sing a song of freedom Sing a song of freedom, of freedom, of freedom. Sing a song of freedom, can't stop this song of freedom Gonna sing a song of freedom, can't stop this song of freedom.
  3. Kazihn says:
    Every track on this album is good, but I am going to name three standouts - 'Over and Out', 'Virginia Moon', and 'Razor'. Yes, this is an album of tunes and melodies that will hold my interest for a long time to come. Overall, 3 stars for the first album and 5 stars for the second one/5().
  4. Akinokinos says:
    Freedom come, freedom go Tell me yes and then she tell me no Freedom never stay long Freedom movin' along Freedom want, freedom stay Freedom love and then she flies away Freedom never stay long Freedom movin' along Daddy is a doctor, mother is a debutante Pillars of society Living in a mansion somewhere in the country And another Chelsea.
  5. Meztihn says:
    "Freedom Come, Freedom Go" is a pop song by The Fortunes. It was the third of three releases from their That Same Old Feeling album. The song became an international hit in , reaching the top 10 in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand. It was less of a hit in Australia as well as North America, where it was released as "Freedom Comes, Freedom Goes".Genre: Pop.
  6. Tygotilar says:
    1 day ago · Founding Deep Purple drummer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Ian Paice talks about the group's latest Bob Ezrin-produced album 'Whoosh!' and looks back on more than 50 years of .
  7. Got says:
    Gettin' Around released Boot Records Originally the cover was supposed to be a collage of pictures of the band taken around the world (getting out of a London taxi in England, standing around a rick-shaw in Hong Kong, that kind of thing), but the powers that be at Boot Records decided to go with the above image of an old-time car instead. The photo was taken at the Roadmates Car Club in.
  8. Arashisida says:
    Freedom Come, Freedom Go This song is by The Fortunes and appears on the album Storm In A Teacup (). Freedom come, freedom go Tell me yes and then she tells me no Freedom never stay long Freedom moving along Freedom want, freedom stay Freedom love and then she flies away Freedom never stay long Freedom moving along Daddy is a doctor, mother is a debutante Pillars of .

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